Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Aluminum Marshmallow musician needs your help

Greetings Friends,

As you may have heard, a few months ago one of my best friends and guitar played in the Aluminum Marshmallow was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. He's been undergoing chemotherapy and determined to beat it. He is fortunate to have a strong and supportive family and a network of close friends.

In addition to your prayers and positive thoughts there is a fund raising project going on to help Greg and Diane Pineda deal with all their medical expenses. It's been put together by our friends The Sheds (band) and their parents Colleen and Harold, called Gig4Greg.

So I'm helping get the word out by contacting all my friends, romans and countrymen.

We are asking for a minimum donation of $10. In return you'll receive a guitar pick inscribed "Gig4Greg" hung from a leather necklace or bracelet. You can view them at:


If you'd like to participate, you can send check or cash to me and I'll gladly ship the pick.


Tom Behrens
678 Mariposa Av
Sierra Madre, Ca. 91024
Sue Behrens
670 Mariposa Av
Sierra Madre, Ca. 91024

Upcoming concerts at the Fret House

Upcoming Concerts @ The Fret House

Sat Oct 11th
Steve Trovato & Carl Verheyen

Sat Oct 18th
Bluesapalooza Downtown Covina

Sat Oct 25
Richard Gilewitz

Sat Nov 15
Jeff Linsky

Sat Nov 22
Laurence Juber

Sun dec 7th
Guy Van Duserall

shows 8pm

The Fret House
309 N Citrus
Covina 91723

Lukas Haas' debut EP is out today

Singer/Songwriter/Actor Lukas Haas will release his debut EP on September 30th, 2008 with Pulse Recording. The self-titled EP, to be sold online, was produced by Tim Anderson of Ima Robot. The song “We’re All the Same” will be offered as part of a free promotion on Amazon.com from October 21st – 27th. A full album is due out in early 2009 and features collaborations and guest appearances from artists such as Ben Harper, Chris Cester (Jet) and Blake Sennett (Rilo Kiley).

Haas’ music is defined by lush melodies and orchestral elements that draw upon his influences that include the Beatles, who his father introduced him to as a child. While many know Lukas as an award-winning actor, he is also building a faithful following for his music after a series of shows in NY and LA. The EP will feature 4 original songs, including “Kemp”, “We’re All the Same”, “Feel” and “My Shooting Star”.

Haas sees each song as a narrative or mini-movie drawing on “scenes” from his own life. “Kemp” tells the story of a chance meeting with a girl who he says “in a moment struck him” inspiring him to write a song about the one innocent night they shared. “My Shooting Star,” Haas explains, “is about getting older, looking back on life and then looking forward…it’s a hopeful song that encompasses my past.”

Haas is an award-winning actor who has starred on Broadway, in films and on television working with such directors as Steven Spielberg (Amazing Stories), Peter Weir (Witness), Mike Nichols (Waiting for Godot), Tim Burton (Mars Attacks!), Woody Allen (Everyone Says I Love You), Gus Van Zant (Last Days) and Rian Johnson (Brick). He regularly plays music in both his own and others’ films such as “Gus Van Sant’s Last Days”, David Arquette’s horror satire, “The Tripper”, “Breakfast of Champions” and in Leonardo DiCaprio’s environmental documentary “The Eleventh Hour.”

“Playing music is when I’m most myself,” says Haas. “I’m not acting. I’m talking about my loves, my losses, experiences that have affected me, and the things that are most important to me.”

Haas received his first drum set when he was 10, a keyboard at 11 and was writing his own music before he was 18. After moving from Austin, TX to Los Angeles, he played in several bands eventually forming the band Bunny with director/musician Vincent Gallo. Since then, Haas has collaborated with a number of different artists. He has opened for Macy Gray and played piano on her albums. After befriending OutKast’s Andre Benjamin, Lukas appeared in the rap duo’s video for “Roses,” going on to perform with the group on Late Night with David Letterman and MTV’s Total Request Live.

Additionally, Lukas’s passion for raising awareness about environmental issues has connected him with Causecast, a powerful online social medium that connects nonprofits, leaders, celebrities and brands to those who want to make a positive impact on the world. Lukas will work closely with the newly launched website (www.causecast.org) on various promotions and events.

About Pulse Recording:
Pulse was founded by Josh Abraham, Jason Bernard and CFO Scott Adair as a multi-faceted entertainment company complete with a management unit, record label and a recording studio. The innovative one-stop new model music company expanded its management operation with the addition of noted music industry veteran Marc Pollack and longtime manager David Surnow. Pulse recently signed an exclusive distribution deal with Fontana, the independent distribution arm of Universal Music Group, the world’s largest music company.

About Causecast:
Causecast is a powerful online social medium that connects nonprofits, leaders, celebrities and brands to those who want to make a positive impact on the world. The site educates and entertains using original content and – most importantly – inspires people to get involved with the issues they want to support, in the ways they want to support them. Only on Causecast do media, social networking and philanthropy all converge in an unexpected and unparalleled way. Causecast helps make it easy for you to give back and make doing good your own. Causecast is also the only outlet that provides real-time daily coverage of cause-related news from around the world.

For more information and updates please visit www.myspace.com/lukashaas

The EP will be released 9/30/08 by Pulse Recording

The So So Glos on tour

The SO SO GLOS are four brothers who play the punk rock and roll that they believe in.

Originally from Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, they now live at the Market Hotel in Bushwick- a space they founded that is both their home and community. Brews, smokes and music blasting, the J train crushing along the tracks outside, non-stop. That is their music: aggressive, urgent, and immediate- political and poetic because it has to be.

But these Brooklyn kids aren’t just touting the same old punk; Graced with electro MPC breaks, surf sounds, gang vox, and a little tambo it sounds fresh. Still though, after the rubble settles and the smoke clears, its unmistakenly punk rock in its spirit.

They started the infamous Market Hotel venue with promoter Todd P because they felt, with the DIY scene getting stronger; Brooklyn needed a larger all ages DIY venue. They were right- The Hotel has gone to host some of the best bands of now (No Age, The Black Lips, Dan Deacon) and some of the most legendary NYC parties in recent memory. Never content to play hometown heroes The SO SO GLOS self-released their S/T full length in 2007 and supported it with DIY touring at house parties and punk clubs all around the US.

In August The SO SO GLOS recorded "TOURISM / TERRORISM" at Staten Islands SOR studios with Adam Reich producing and mixing done by Spidey (Ghostface Killah).

At 27 minutes long, the record is somewhere between an EP and an album. It was made a shortplayer "for the trigger happy iPod generation" half-jokes 21 year old lead singer Alex Levine with a grin. These guys are for real.The SO SO GLOS will begin a new tour in October, with dates lasting until everyone f@cking gets it.

US Dates
Sep 26 2008 8:00P Park Avenue Armory (FREE, ALL-AGES) New York, New York
Sep 27 2008 8:00P Fordham University w/ Des Ark, Bad Credit No Credit The Bronx, New York
Oct 9 2008 8:00P TBA w/ The Nymphet[te]s! Aretha Snakes! Amherst, Massachusetts
Oct 16 2008 8:00P SMOG @ Bard College Annandale, New York
Oct 17 2008 8:00P TBA Bronxville, New York
Oct 18 2008 8:00P The Market Hotel w/ Titus Andronicus Brooklyn, New York
Oct 21 2008 8:00P Santos Party House New York, New York
Oct 22 2008 8:00P Shambles Haus Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Oct 23 2008 8:00P TBA Grand Rapids, Michigan
Oct 24 2008 8:00P 1624 N. Harrison St. Fort Wayne, Indiana
Oct 25 2008 11:00P Prop Thtr w/ TBA Chicago, Illinois
Oct 26 2008 8:00P TBA Chicago, Illinois
Oct 27 2008 8:00P Reggie’s Rock Club (17+) Chicago, Illinois
Oct 28 2008 8:00P TBA Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Oct 29 2008 8:00P TBA Minneapolis, Minnesota
Oct 30 2008 8:00P TBA Des Moines, Iowa
Oct 31 2008 8:00P TBA Omaha, Nebraska
Nov 1 2008 8:00P TBA Kansas City, Missouri
Nov 3 2008 8:00P TBA Denver, Colorado
Nov 6 2008 8:00P Josephine w/ The Raggedy Anns Seattle, Washington
Nov 7 2008 8:00P Holy Mountain w/ The Raggedy Anns Seattle, Washington
Nov 8 2008 8:00P The Coop (PC-PDX!) w/ The Taxpayers, Francis Brady Portland, Oregon
Nov 9 2008 8:00P Wedgwood w/ The Rotaways, The Mean Jeans Portland, Oregon
Nov 10 2008 8:00P TBA Arcata, California
Nov 11 2008 8:00P TBA Baybay, California
Nov 12 2008 8:00P TBA Baybay, California
Nov 13 2008 8:00P Pitzer College w/ Pizza! Los Angeles, California
Nov 14 2008 8:00P TBA Los Angeles, California
Nov 15 2008 8:00P TBA Los Angeles, California
Nov 16 2008 8:00P TBA Los Angeles, California
Nov 17 2008 8:00P Crane’s Hollywood Tavern w/ The Lieutenants, Ned Casual Los Angeles, California
Nov 18 2008 8:00PPOP! Boutique San Diego, California
Nov 19 2008 8:00P TBA Phoenix, Arizona
Nov 21 2008 8:00P TBA Austin, Texas
Nov 22 2008 8:00PTBA New Orleans, Louisiana
Nov 24 2008 8:00 Greencup Books w/ p.s. eliot, Spells Birmingham, Alabama
Nov 25 2008 8:00P Drunken Unicorn w/ Pink Police Atlanta, Georgia
Nov 26 2008 8:00P TBA Asheville, North Carolina
Nov 28 2008 8:00P TBA Baltimore, Maryland
Nov 29 2008 8:00P Silent Barn w/ Radiates, Lidia Stone, more Ridgewood, New York


Dirty on Purpose on tour with The Wedding Present and New Year

Dirty on Purpose are heading out on the road with two of their heroes --The Wedding Present and the New Year (ex-Bedhead)!

Check them out at the following dates:

Tour Dates w/ The Wedding Present
September 29 @ Turf Club (St. Paul, Minnesota)
September 30 @ High Noon Saloon (Madison, Wisconsin)
October 1 @ Empty Bottle (Chicago, Illinois)
October 2 @ Pike Room (Pontiac, Michigan)
October 3 @ Lee's Palace (Toronto, Ontario)
Pop Montreal Festival
October 5 @ La Sala Rossa w/ Liam Finn & The Veils (Montreal, Quebec)

Tour Dates w/ The New Year
October 9 @ Johnny Brenda's (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)
October 10 @ Music Hall of Williamsburg (Brooklyn, New York)
October 11 @ Middle East (Boston, Massachusetts)
October 12 @ Living Room (Providence, Rhode Island)

Check out Dirty on Purpose's MySpace for complete details, music and more...

The Rumble Strips to tour in support of debut release

In ‘Girls and Weather’, The Rumble Strips have recorded a truly classic debut album. With their somewhat eccentric origins in Devon, the four young men from Tavistock have fashioned a set of songs steeped with huge, life-affirming choruses all awash with the optimism of youth.

This is a band whose sound and look is entirely their own: thundering drums and piano, brass to stir the soul and singer Charlie Waller’s voice – a thing of rare beauty and power suggesting the arrival of a genuine new star.

Among the band’s most passionate fans is producer du jour, Mark Ronson. Having heard Rumble Strips’ spine tingling reworking of Amy Winehouse’s ‘Back to Black’, Ronson fell in love with the band. He promptly invited Charlie to sing lead vocals at his acclaimed BBC Electric Proms performance at the London Roundhouse last year, with Charlie’s performance widely declared the highlight of the evening.

Further guest appearances have followed as Ronson and Charlie’s relationship has blossomed, including their first American appearance together when Mark flew Charlie out to Coachella to share the stage with him.

”Girls and Weather” opens with Charlie hollering as if his life depended on it, “I ain’t got no soul”. What follows is 12 songs bristling with energy, frantic rhythms, wide-eyed yearning and certainly no little soul.

Indeed, the Young Soul Rebel spirit of the singles ‘Alarm Clock’ and ‘Motorcycle’ is evident on the album, but the record also takes in a range of less expected (but no less profound) influences: the gorgeous harmonies are born out of the band’s love of 1950s doo-wop, whilst the epic nature of Charlie’s song writing recalls the oddball genius of both Adam Ant and Queen (as imagined by the Stax house band).

Elsewhere, the brass on ‘Oh Creole’ is like a rousing, doom laden Van Morrison classic, whilst the E Street holler of ‘Hate Me (You Do)’ owes it’s anthemic quality to Tom Gorbutt’s inspired saxophone opening. Clocking in under two minutes, August single ‘Girls and Boy in Love’ is all hand clap rhythms, Motown piano and gorgeous, bitter sweet melodies - a festival anthem for certain.

Recalling the achingly close, three part harmonies of Rubber Soul era Beatles, ‘Don’t Dumb Down’ is a scathing tale of faking to impress. Key lyrics: “You don’t come from London do you? / But, sometimes you sound like you do / What the hell is that all about?”

The album closes with arguably it’s strongest moment. Built around a huge, Talking Heads-esque piano rhythm, ‘Hands’ is an extraordinary piece of song writing. Charlie’s almost spoken word delivery is like an anglicised Springsteen, as he talks of finding himself, “on the hard shoulder of the motorway / to my feet I tried to complain / but I don’t think they were listening”, as the song build to almighty crescendo.

The Rumble Strips are a truly special group: Pure, sad and romantic. Theirs are songs that strike a chord with the masses, whilst remaining enigmatic and standing alone from the crowd.

The Rumble Strips are:
HENRY CLARK – keys / trumpet
Sam Mansbridge - Bass/ Percussion

2008 US Fall Tour
10/2/2008 Princeton, NJ Terrace Club
10/3/2008 Williamsburg, Brooklyn Sound Fix
10/4/2008 Philadelphia, PA Johnny Brenda's
10/5/2008 Washington, D.C. Black Cat
10/6/2008 Carrboro, NC Cat's Cradle
10/7/2008 Atlanta, GA The Earl
10/8/2008 Orlando, Fl The Social
10/9/2008 Tallahassee, FL Club Downunder
10/10/2008 New Orleans, LA House of Blues
10/11/2008 Austin, TX The Parish Room
10/14/2008 San Diego, CA Casbah
10/15/2008 Los Angeles, CA Spaceland
10/16/2008 San Francisco, CA Pop Scene
10/18/2008 Portland, OR Doug Fir Lounge
10/19/2008 Seattle, WA Chop Suey
10/20/2008 Vancouver, BC Media Club
10/23/2008 Minneapolis, MN 7th St. Entry
10/24/2008 Chicago, IL Abbey Pub
10/25/2008 Madison, WI Der Rathskellar
10/27/2008 Newport, KY Southgate House
10/28/2008 Detroit, MI Magic Stick
10/29/2008 Toronto, ON El Mocambo
10/30/2008 Montreal, QC Zoo Bizarre
10/31/2008 Cambridge, MA TT the Bears
11/1/2008 New York, NY Bowery Ballroom


Grand Ole Opry to honor Little Jimmy Dickens

The Grand Ole Opry® presented by Cracker Barrel Old Country Store® will honor its longest-standing member, Little Jimmy Dickens, with a Signature Show celebrating the Country Music Hall of Fame member’s 60th Opry Anniversary on Sat., Nov. 1 at the Grand Ole Opry House.

Among the artists scheduled to participate in the celebration are friends and fellow Opry members Trace Adkins, George Jones, and Brad Paisley.

Introduced by Roy Acuff in 1948, Dickens-- always decked in his rhinestone-studded suits-- has entertained Opry audiences with a succession of hits such as “A-Sleeping at the Foot of the Bed,” “Out Behind The Barn,” “Take an Old Cold Tater And Wait” (the song that prompted Hank Williams to dub him “Tater”), “May The Bird of Paradise Fly up Your Nose,” “Country Boy,” and “The Violet and the Rose” as well as his trademark comedic timing. The legendary entertainer shares a kinship with the entire Opry family and the country music community, including Adkins, whom he invited to join the Opry from atop a kitchen ladder on the Opry stage in 2003; Jones, with whom he has shared stages for 50 years; and Paisley, who has invited him to appear in a number of award-winning music videos.

“Jimmy Dickens is uniquely and forever tied to the Grand Ole Opry,” said Pete Fisher, Opry vice president and general manager. “He is one of the most beloved and respected people in the history of not only the Opry, but all of country music, and we are thrilled to celebrate this landmark anniversary with him.”

The Grand Ole Opry® is presented by Cracker Barrel Old Country Store®. Opry performances are held every weekend of the year, and the Tuesday Night Opry continues through Dec. 18. To plan an Opry visit, call (800) SEE-OPRY or log on to www.opry.com.

Upcoming concerts around California from Live Nation

On Sale Friday, October 3 at 10 AM:
With Special Guest
The Wiltern
November 17, 2008

On Sale Friday, October 3 at 12 noon:
With Special Guest
The Roxy Theatre
November 8, 2008

Polysics new effort out today and on tour with Jaguar Love

MySpace Records will release the new wave styling of Japan’s Polysics on September 30 with the release of We ate the machine.

Influenced by the sounds of forward-thinking new wavers Devo, Polysics founding member Hiroyuki Hayashi, a.k.a. Hiro, knew he had to form his own band after listening to the avant sounds of the Akron, Ohio band.

“I was shocked by it,” Hiro says of his first experience with Devo. “I thought it was so much more punk than just acting like a gang by greasing one’s hair. I was so impressed, and I thought, ‘I want to do new wave punk dressed in a jumpsuit like Devo!’”

Formed ten years ago, Polysics (made up of Hiro, vocals, guitar, programming; Kayo, synthesizer, vocals; Fumi, bass; Yano, drums) has released half a dozen full-length releases over the years. The band is now signed to MySpace Records, who released the definitive Polysics compilation POLYSICS OR DIE!!!! VISTA in October 2007 which went on to become their best-selling U.S. release.

August 26 saw the release of a vinyl double gatefold album; one side containing Karate House (an older album never released in the US) and the other side with We ate the machine.

MySpace Records will release We ate the machine on September 30. The record will also be available at all digital outlets as two separate albums except at iTunes where the two releases will be bundled together at one low price for two weeks, then available as separate discs afterwards.

Having most recently toured America in support of Hellogoodbye and Say Anything on the first-ever MySpace Music Tour, the band hopes to draw out new and old fans alike on their upcoming North America kicking off October 18 in Los Angeles at the famed Roxy.

We ate the machine is now streaming in its entirety at: http://www.myspace.com/polysicsna


October 18 Los Angeles, California @ Roxy
October 19 San Diego, California @ The Casbah
October 21 Tempe, Arizona @ Clubhouse
October 22 Tucson, Arizona @ Club Congress
October 24 Dallas, Texas - The Prophet Bar @ The Door
October 25 Austin, Texas @ EMO’s Lounge
October 26 Houston, Texas @ The Meridian
October 28 Atlanta, Georgia @ The Earl
October 29 Charlotte, North Carolina @ Tremont Music Hall – Casbah
October 30 Washington, DC @ Black Cat
October 31 New York, New York @ Mercury Lounge
November 1 Danbury, Connecticut @ Heirloom Arts Theater
November 2 Boston, Massachusetts @ The Middle East
November 4 Montreal, Quebec @ Club Lambi
November 5 Toronto, Ontario @ Horseshoe Tavern
November 7 London, Ontario @ Call The Office
November 8 Detroit, Michigan @ The Magic Stick
November 9 Chicago, Illinois @ Abbey Pub
November 11 Denver, Colorado @ TBD
November 13 San Francisco, California @ Bottom Of The Hill
November 14 Pomona, California @ Glasshouse

August Burns Red continues headlining tour

Pennsylvania metallers AUGUST BURNS RED are pummeling audiences every night on their current headlining tour. The fivesome from Lancaster has played to sold-out crowds including Philadelphia, Baltimore, Texas, Los Angeles, and Boise and look to continue their success on the tour’s remaining dates. AUGUST BURNS RED is joined by A Skylit Drive, Sky Eats Airplane, Greeley Estates, and This or the Apocalypse.

Following their North American tour, AUGUST BURNS RED will head out on their first-ever European headlining tour, which includes dates all over mainland Europe, Finland, Sweden, Norway, the UK, and Portugal. The band is also lining up dates in Mexico this December.

AUGUST BURNS RED is touring to support their latest album, 2007’s Messengers, which has sold over 65,500 copies to date. Following their tours, AUGUST BURNS RED will head back into the studio in 2009 to record a new album.


AUGUST BURNS RED headlining (w/A Skylit Drive, Sky Eats Airplane, Greeley Estates, This or the Apocalypse):
9/30 – Oklahoma City, OK – Bricktown Ballroom
10/1 – Joplin, MO – The Foundry
10/2 – Evansville, IN – Boney Junes
10/3 – Chicago, IL – Reggie’s Rock Club
10/4 – Kettering, OH – The Attic
10/5 – Detroit, MI – Magic Stick
10/7 – Toronto, Ontario – Opera House
10/8 – Montreal, Quebec – Club Soda
10/9 – Portland, ME – The Station
10/10 – Worcester, MA – The Palladium – Rock and Shock Festival (w/Children of Bodom, Between The Buried and Me, The Black Dahlia Murder, and more!!!)
10/11 – Lancaster, PA – The Chameleon Club
10/12 – New York, NY – Blender Theatre

Testament offers new album in limited edition green vinyl

TESTAMENT is pleased to offer their award-winning new album, The Formation of Damnation, in limited edition green vinyl NOW at www.testamentlegions.com. Supplies are limited to 2500 copies worldwide, so order your copies today before they sell out! The Formation of Damnation limited edition green vinyl also ships with a bonus poster and band logo patch.

TESTAMENT just returned from Australia and is preparing to kick off a headlining tour with Soilent Green starting October 1. A tour of Mexico with Judas Priest will follow in late October. Full tour dates are listed below.

The Formation of Damnation hit streets April 29 on Nuclear Blast Records and debuted at #59 on the Billboard 200. TESTAMENT has been in the top 3 on Sirius’ Hard Attack since March and were #1 on national metal radio for 12 weeks. The band recently won “Album of the Year” at the Metal Hammer Golden Gods Awards for The Formation of Damnation.


Testament headlining w/ Soilent Green:
10/1 – Oklahoma City, OK – Diamond Ballroom
10/3 – Pittsburgh, PA – Rex Theater
10/4 – Syracuse, NY – The Lost Horizon
10/5 – State College, PA - Lulu’s
10/7 – Lancaster, PA – Chameleon Club
10/8 – Allentown, PA – Crocodile Rock Café
10/9 – New York, NY – Hammerstein Ballroom (w/ Children of Bodom, The Black Dahlia Murder, Between The Buried And Me)
10/10 – Hartford, CT – Webster Theater

Testament Mexico w/ Judas Priest:
10/27 – Monterrey, Mexico - Arena Monterrey
10/29 – Guadalajara, Mexico – VFG Arena
10/30 – Puebla, Mexico - Auditorium Siglo XXI
10/31 – Mexico City, Mexico - Sportspalace

Testament in New Zealand:
11/09 – Christchurch, New Zealand – AMI Stadium – Southern Amp 2008

Mark Burnett tapped for MTV and Sean Combs' "StarMaker"

MTV teams up with entertainment powerhouse Sean Combs and revolutionary, Emmy Award winning producer Mark Burnett for the brand new reality series “StarMaker.” The new series will set out to find the next history making superstars. MTV and Sean Combs have been developing “StarMaker” since fall of ’07 and made the decision to bring Mark Burnett on board this spring. “StarMaker” is greenlit for January 2009.

“StarMaker” will showcase aspiring solo artists who will compete with the added pressure of living together. In the new series, Sean Combs will continue to do what he does best on the hit series “Making The Band,” spot the best talent while pushing them to their limits. But in this new format both men and women will be competing as individuals for the top spot.

Sean Combs’ hand picked team of star makers will put them through the rigors of “StarMaker” boot camp which extends well beyond just a contestant’s ability to sing. In addition to having to perform in front of an audience each week the contestants will be tested on how well they handle photo shoots, deal with paparazzi, physically perform on stage and more.

“It’s a privilege to partner with Mark Burnett on my latest television venture. He is one of the industry’s best. I am confident that we will do great things together with “StarMaker” and beyond,” remarks Sean Combs.

“I’m looking forward to collaborating with MTV and Sean Combs on this new project” said Mark Burnett. “StarMaker will open the door to the tremendous amount of talent out there just waiting to be discovered. We've created a platform that will allow new and emerging artists a chance to showcase their talents to some of the industry’s best.”

“Sean Combs and Mark Burnett are leaders in the entertainment industry and have both been an integral part of MTV’s success throughout the years,” said Tony DiSanto, EVP Series Development & Programming, MTV. “Getting these two titans of media together, with their long history of hits across platforms but especially in TV and music is a formula for spectacle, drama and the unexpected.”

Emmy nominated executive producer for “Raisin in the Sun,” Sean Combs is the ultimate American entertainer and entrepreneur, while wearing many different hats as record producer, CEO, clothing designer, actor, rapper and much, much more. He’s made hit records, huge business deals, designer clothing and founded the chart-topping artists Danity Kane and Day26.

“StarMaker” will join an already impressive roster of television shows that Sean Combs has executive produced including the hit MTV series “Making The Band,”Run’s House” and the most recent VH1 show that he created “I Want to Work For Diddy.”

One of the driving forces behind reality television and a true visionary, Mark Burnett has enjoyed a long history of executive producing Emmy Award-winning television, with “Survivor” (CBS) “The Apprentice” (NBC), “Rock Star” (CBS), “Contender” (ESPN) and “Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader?” (FOX). In 2007 and 2008, Burnett produced the MTV Movie Awards and will again in 2009. Burnett’s entrepreneurial spirit pioneered the success of the reality “unscripted” drama series, garnered skyrocketing ratings and introduced millions worldwide to an entirely new television genre.

“StarMaker” is executive produced by Sean “Diddy” Combs, Mark Burnett and Audrey Morrissey. Co-executive producers are Jim Roush and Lee Metzger and Jane Mun is supervising producer. Tony DiSanto, Liz Gateley and Jacquelyn French serve as Executive Producers for MTV.

Koch inks deal with Rising Force Records and Yngwie Malmsteen

KOCH Entertainment Distribution announced today that it has signed an exclusive physical and digital distribution deal with Rising Force Records and its flagship artist neo-classical metal guitar virtuoso Yngwie Malmsteen. 

Rising Force Records was launched in 2008 with the primary function to release and market new and back catalogue material from the world renowned guitar virtuoso Yngwie Malmsteen as well as signing new talent.

The first title slated for release is "Perpetual Flame," a brand new recording from Malmsteen featuring ex-Judas Priest/Iced Earth singer Tim 'Ripper' Owens to be released via KOCH on October 14th. Additional titles and release dates will be announced by the label at a later date.

"I am truly excited that Rising Force records will be distributed via KOCH, and with our brand new release "Perpetual Flame" as well as future releases of back catalogue materials, this is a very important and exciting relationship," comments Yngwie Malmsteen.

"We're thrilled to have the opportunity to shred with Yngwie on the launch of Rising Force Records," added Michael Rosenberg, President of KOCH Entertainment Distribution.

2008 is turning out to be one of the busiest years of Yngwie's career. In addition to the release of his forthcoming new album, he will be inducted into Hollywood's Rock Walk on October 13th, a new Fender/Yngwie Malmsteen custom shop guitar will be unveiled later in the year (with a limited run of 100 instruments) and there will be a slew of CD reissues of Yngwie classics.

All the while, the accolades continue to pour in: 'Roadie Crew Magazine' organized a poll in which 330 respected rock guitarists were asked to vote for their favorite guitarist of all-time. Yngwie checked in at a lofty number 3 – behind fellow legends Jimi Hendrix and Eddie Van Halen.

About KOCH Entertainment
KOCH Entertainment, founded in 1987, is the leading and fastest-growing independent music company in the U.S. KOCH's operations encompass record and video labels as well as distribution companies in the U.S. and Canada. KOCH Entertainment is the market leader among independent labels and distributors in both the U.S. and Canada and its record label KOCH Records had the largest number of Billboard charting albums among independents for six years in a row (2001 – 2007). KOCH Entertainment is owned by Entertainment One Ltd. which is listed on the London Stock Exchange's AIM market (ticker symbol "ETO").

The Safes to tour in support of new EP

Rolling Stone’s David Fricke aptly described The Safes music as “atomic pop.” That’s what’s in store on The Safes new Sight of All Light EP! Five, frantic fits of extreme melodic energy thrown down hot and live, real and raw! With tunes that will slap you in the face and make you shake your ass while you sing!

The Safes’ style is pure rock’ n’ roll fire with lyrics that cut. Time and time again, The Safes’ songs deliver first-listen hooks, smart lyrics, and clever arrangements. The Safes’ sound is sizzling pop and rock that’s sugar sweet on the outside and snarling conviction on the inside-they’re pop tunesmiths who play with punk rock intensity. Simply, the songwriting, singing, multi-instrument playing, record producing, rock ’n’ roll band The Safes are a music-making machine.

When the boys aren’t busy winning over new fans one town at a time with their vibrant live set, brothers Frankie, Michael and Patrick O’Malley can be found in their Chicago recording studio writing, rehearsing, and recording countless songs! They spend nearly every waking minute working as they live their dream! Stockpiling songs for future records (the next LP is already recorded), at a prolific rate which has The Safes scheduled to be rocking for your children when they go to college, whenever that may be.

Since forming in 2003, The Safes have released their debut LP Family Jewels, a follow-up EP Boogie Woogie Rumble, and 2007’s LP Well Well Well to great success. The Safes first three releases have earned widespread critical acclaim. These features and glowing reviews in such notable publications as Washington Post, Boston Globe, Chicago Tribune, San Francisco Chronicle, Pitchfork, Paste, and Popmatters (to name a few) lead to packed shows in major cities all over the USA.

Tracks from Well Well Well received considerable airplay on such powerhouse commercial radio stations such as KROQ (LA), WFNX (Boston), WTCL (Denver), WTKS (Orlando), WXRT, Q101 and were licensed on MTV, ESPN, and Fuel TV greatly increasing The Safes international recognition. It’s their frantic live show that is moving merchandise and earning the band its reputation as a “must see live band!” Touring coast-to-coast, The Safes have established loyal fan bases across the country on the strength of their live show which is a sweaty explosion of energy and melody.

Halleluiah! Long live rock n roll!

The Safes On Tour:
10/09 Champaign, IL @ The Courtyard
10/10 Carbondale, IL @ PKs
10/11 Saint Louis, MO @ Lemmons
10/12 Kansas City, MO @ Fred P. Otts
10/13 Wichita, KS @ The Anchor
10/15 Austin, TX @ Club 1808
10/16 Denton, TX @ J&J's
10/17 Albuquerque, NM @ Atomic Cantina
10/18 Phoenix, AZ @ Rubyroom
10/19 San Diego, CA @ Brick By Brick
10/20 Los Angeles, CA @ The Cat Club
10/21 Oakland, CA @ The Stork Club
10/22 San Francisco, CA @ The Hemlock Tavern
10/23 Salt Lake City, UT @ Burt's Tiki Lounge
10/24 Denver, CO @ Bender's
10/25 Omaha, NE @ Universe
11/01 Pittsburgh, PA @ Garfield Artworks
11/02 Long Branch, NJ @ The Brighton Bar
11/03 Arlington, VA @ Galaxy Hut
11/04 Richmond, VA @ Rumors Boutique
11/05 Baltimore, MD @ Joe Squared
11/06 New York, NY @ Pianos
11/07 Boston, MA @ O'Briens
11/08 Philadelphia, PA @ Mojo 13
11/09 Danbury, CT @ Larry's
11/10 Sheffield, MA @ Off The Beat N' Track
11/11 New Haven, CT @ Cafe Nine
11/12 State College, PA @ Bar Bleu
11/26 Chicago, IL @ Beat Kitchen

Sight of All Light Tracklisting:
Release Date: September 23rd , 2008

01. Sight of All Light
02. Troublemaker
03. The Sky Is Falling
04. Greed
05. Unlock The Mystery

On The Web:

Bernie Pearl performances in October

Bernie Pearl performances coming up:

Saturday, October 11 -
Dwayne Smith joins him at his monthly gig at the fabulous
Iva Lee's Restaurant, 555 S. El Camino Real, San Clemente.
Reservations (949) 361-2855.
7:00, no cover.

Thursday, October 16 -
Acoustic concert with Mike Barry on bass at the
Coffee Gallery Backstage, 2029 Lake, Altadena 91001.
8:00, $15 cover.
One of the best small (50 capacity) concert rooms anywhere, with superb sound.
Reservations recommended. (626) 398-7917.


Bring Me the Horizon to release new effort and tour

British metalcore outfit Bring Me the Horizon will release their sophomore album, Suicide Season, on November 18th via Epitaph Records.

It’s not often scene kids, screamo fans and metal-heads can agree on a band, but after BMTH’s explosive rise in popularity, culminating in their breakout performances at Vans Warped Tour this summer, fans of all three genres have found their new favorite band. With a wildly-anticipated new album and a full U.S. tour on the way, Britain’s hottest up-and-comers are on track to conquer the country this fall.

Hailing from Sheffield, England, Oliver Sykes (vocals), Matt Nicholls (drums), Curtis Ward (guitar), Matt Kean (bass) and Lee Malia (guitar) formed BMTH in 2004 and began setting the UK ablaze with blistering performances across the country. By 2006 the band had already won Kerrang!’s “Best British Newcomers” award and toured with groups like Killswitch Engage, Aiden and Bleeding Through. Later that fall the group unleashed their debut album, Count Your Blessings, which further cemented their place among the metalcore elite.

In April 2008 the group entered the studio with legendary producer Fredrik Norstrom (Arch Enemy, In Flames, At the Gates) in an isolated area of Sweden, where they recorded their sophomore album, Suicide Season.

BMTH’s experiences over the past few years, for better or worse, have shaped them into more passionate musicians, no longer content with ten tracks of straight up chugging and screaming (although ferociously heavy tracks such as “Sleep with One Eye Open” and “No Need For Introductions…” remain). Instead, the vocals are more varied, guitars more atmospheric and the drums are a pure driving force. BMTH have opted to explore the limits of their sound and abilities, resulting in tracks that will make you think as much as bang your head.

Suicide Season’s opening track, “The Comedown,” foreshadows the album’s brutal intentions with sharp chainsaw riffs, pistol-whipping beats and snarling vocals that will send fans into a windmilling frenzy. The album’s immediacy continues with songs like the moody hardcore meltdown “Chelsea Smile” and the prog-screamo sing along “The Sadness Will Never End,” and doesn’t let up until the last notes of the album-ending title track. Suicide Season is the perfect soundtrack to a life spent on the edge, where the rules don’t apply and darkness rules. November is Suicide Season………..

Suicide Season Tracklisting:
1. The Comedown
2. Chelsea Smile
3. It Was Written In Blood
4. Death Breathe
5. Football Season Is Over
6. Sleep With One Eye Open
7. Diamonds Aren’t Forever
8. The Sadness Will Never End
9. No Need For Introductions, I’ve Read About Girls Like You
10. Suicide Season

BMTH Tour Dates:
11/7 – The Living Room – Providence, RI
11/8 – The Harmony Grange – Wilmington, DE
11/9 – Tremont Music Hall – Charlotte, NC
11/10 – Masquerade – Atlanta, GA
11/11 – State Theater – Tampa, FL
11/12 – The Social – Orlando, FL
11/14 – The Door – Ft. Worth, TX
11/15 – The Java Jazz – Houston, TX
11/16 – White Rabbit – San Antonio, TX
11/18 – Sunshine – Albuquerque, NM
11/19 – Rialto – Tuscon, AZ
11/20 – Juillians – Las Vegas, NV
11/22 – The Troubadour – Los Angeles, CA
11/23 – Slims – San Francisco, CA
11/25 – El Corazon – Seattle, WA
11/26 – Satyricon – Portland, OR
11/28 – The Venue – Boise, ID
11/29 – Avalon – Salt Lake City, UT
11/30 – Marquis – Denver, CO
12/2 – Station 4 – Minneapolis, MN
12/3 – The Rave II – Milwaukee, WI
12/4 – The Metro – Chicago, IL
12/5 – Magic Stick – Detroit, MI
12/6 – Peabodys – Cleveland, OH
12/7 – Mr Smalls – Pittsburgh, PA
12/8 – Opera House – Toronto, ON
12/9 – Club Soda – Montreal, QC
12/10 – Palladium Balcony – Worcester, MA
12/11 – Gramercy – New York, NY
12/12 – Northern Lights – Albany, NY
12/13 – TLA – Philadelphia, PA
12/14 – Ottobar – Baltimore, MD

For More Information:

Escape the Face challenges fans to Xbox Live

In spite of their world tours and legions of screaming fans, Escape the Fate are much like other post-pubescent males: they like to spend their free time teaming up on Xbox Live, killing armies of alien invaders in Halo 3. So much, in fact, that the band has penned two songs about the game – “The Guillotine” from their hit debut Dying Is Your Latest Fashion and “This War Is Ours (The Guillotine Part II)” from their upcoming follow-up, This War Is Ours (in stores October 21st).

On October 2nd, the band is meeting their fans in multiplayer combat on Xbox Live as part of the “Game With Fame” series. From 5 to 7pm Pacific Standard Time (that’s 8 – 10pm EST), the band will be meeting all challengers online on Xbox Live. Look for the gamertags EscapeFate GWF1 or EscapeFate GWF2.

In addition to being able to play their favorite band and their favorite game, Escape the Fate fans will be able to download both “The Guillotine” and the never-before-heard “This War Is Ours (The Guillotine Part II)” for free from the Xbox Marketplace.

The anticipation for Escape The Fate’s new record has been furious. Earlier this month in a unique “social experiment,” Escape The Fate challenged their fans to gather 50,000 people on their Buzznet page to unlock “The Flood,” the first single off This War Is Ours. The response was so overwhelming, the social media giant’s servers crashed for 10 minutes. This Wars Is Ours is in stores October 21st.

For More Information:

Halloween pet tips from the ASPCA

Keeping your pets safe on Halloween doesn’t have to be tricky. The ASPCA® (The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals®) is offering the following tips to help pet parents avoid potential hazards as they celebrate Halloween this October.

“Many of our favorite Halloween traditions could pose a potential threat to our companion animals,” says Dr. Steven Hansen, board-certified veterinary toxicologist and senior vice president, ASPCA Animal Health Services, which includes the ASPCA’s Animal Poison Control Center (APCC) in Urbana, Ill. “So as you start to make plans for trick-or-treating or Halloween costumes, pet parents should be aware of Halloween-related products and activities that can be potentially dangerous to pets.”

Here are just some of the ways animal lovers can keep their pets safe this Halloweensummer:
Skip the sweets. Several popular Halloween treats are toxic to pets. Candies containing the artificial sweetener xylitol can be poisonous to dogs. Even small amounts of xylitol sweetener can cause a sudden drop in blood sugar, which leads to depression, lack of coordination and seizures.

“Chocolate, especially baker’s and dark chocolate can also be potentially poisonous to animals, especially dogs,” advises Dr. Hansen.

Symptoms of significant chocolate ingestion may include vomiting, diarrhea, hyperactivity and increased thirst, urination and heart rate and even seizures.

● Watch out for those wrappers. Cats especially love to play with candy wrappers, but ingesting aluminum foil or cellophane can cause intestinal blockage and induce vomiting.

● Trick-or-treating is for kids, not pets. During trick-or-treating hours it is best to keep pets in a room away from your front door. “Halloween brings a flurry of activity with visitors constantly arriving at the door, and pets may escape the safety of their home. Be sure that your pet has identification tags should he or she accidentally get loose,” recommends Gail Buchwald, senior vice president of the ASPCA Pet Adoption Center in Manhattan. Make sure your pet is wearing a collar with tags and/or is microchipped.

● Careful with costumes! If you dress up your pet for Halloween, make sure the costume does not limit his movement, hearing, sight or ability to breathe or bark. Also check the costume for choking hazards. A smart alternative to dressing your pet from head-to-paw? A simple, festive Halloween bandana.

● Decorations can be dangerous. Re-think putting candles in Jack-O-Lanterns. Pets can easily knock over Jack-O-Lanterns and start a fire, and curious kittens are particularly at risk of getting burned by candle flames. Also take care to prevent your pets from having access to wires and cords from holiday decorations. If chewed, a wire can damage your pet’s mouth from shards of glass or plastic, or deliver a potentially lethal electrical shock.

If your dog or cat accidentally ingests any potentially harmful products and you need emergency advice, please consult your veterinarian or the ASPCA’s Animal Poison Control Center at (888) 426-4435 (a fee applies) or www.aspca.org/apcc. For more information on having a fun, safe Halloween with your pets, please visit www.aspca.org.

About the ASPCA® Animal Poison Control Center
Established in 1978, the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center is the only 24-hour, 365-day facility of its kind staffed by five veterinary assistants, 10 certified veterinary technicians, nine board-certified toxicologists/veterinary toxicologists and 16 veterinarians. Located at the ASPCA’s Midwest Office in Urbana, Ill., the specially trained staff provides assistance to pet owners, and specific diagnostic and treatment recommendations to veterinarians pertaining to toxic chemicals and dangerous plants, products or substances. In 2007, the center handled over 130,000 cases. The center also provides extensive veterinary toxicology expert consulting on a wide array of subjects, including legal cases, formulation issues, product liability, and regulatory reporting.

About the ASPCA®
Founded in 1866, the ASPCA® (The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals®) was the first humane organization established in the Americas, and today has more than one million supporters throughout North America. A 501 [c] [3] not-for-profit corporation, the ASPCA’s mission is to provide effective means for the prevention of cruelty to animals throughout the United States. The ASPCA provides local and national leadership in animal-assisted therapy, animal behavior, animal poison control, anti-cruelty, humane education, legislative services, and shelter outreach. The New York City headquarters houses a full-service, accredited, animal hospital, adoption center, and mobile clinic outreach program. The Humane Law Enforcement department enforces New York’s animal cruelty laws and is featured on the reality television series “Animal Precinct” on Animal Planet. For more information, please visit www.aspca.org.

Afro Funke Thursdays at Zanzibar

Afro Funke' Thursdays
Zanzibar 1301 5th Street @ Arizona
Santa Monica, CA 90401
310.451.2221 / 21+ / 9pm - 2am / $10

THIS WEEK! October 2, 2008

guest deejay:
RHETTMATIC (Beat Junkies)
A major force behind the creation of Southern California's first turntable band, the Beat Junkies, is a multi-faceted musician known to the world as DJ Rhettmatic. Born Nazareth Nirza,his artistic contributions to the music industry have placed him, along with his fellow members of the Beat Junkie crew, at the top of the DJ universe. Possessing unstoppable visions of excelling in this art form, Rhettmatic unites music enthusiasts around the world by sharing his unparalleled skills and talent. His personal discography of musical achievements presents a host of successful accomplishments, and by applying his creativity and dedication, his record of ingenious masterworks will continue to grow.

Rhettmatic began his DJ career in 1983, with Double Platinum, a DJ group based out of Cerritos, CA. As one of the original members of the Beat Junkie crew, he played a major role in introducing Southern California's first turntable band to global audiences. Rhettmatic's unique style encompasses the many elements of a multifaceted Hip Hop DJ. As an accomplished scratch musician, as well as an explosive party/club DJ, Rhettmatic demonstrates his versatility by using the turntable as his musical instrument. His talent and musical expertise also extends into the realm of producing beats that helped him earn recognition and rewards well deserved. www.myspace.com/rhettmatic


JBB will be in the house! Plus lots of giveaways! AMPLIFY, the sixth studio album from progressive reggae band John Brown’s Body, is an explosive release, featuring 12 tracks of drum & bass-heavy, dub-inflected electro-grooves that exemplify JBB’s sound. AMPLIFY has a forward-thinking, fearless approach to tempos, beats and feel that expands the genre of reggae as a whole. JBB went through tumultuous times following the release of their last album on Easy Star, including the death of bassist Scott Palmerand an overhaul of the band’s line up. Emerging out of these changes, the new unit is an astonishingly focused and more experimental outfit ready to rock their fans like never before.

October 9, 2008

guest deejay: DJ PHOREYZ (The Get Back, Las Vegas)

9-10pm + giveaways!

For more information please contact:
Cary Sullivan

Monday, September 29, 2008

Sebastian Bach named winner of CMT's "Gone Country"

Host John Rich tapped rocker Sebastian Bach as the winner of the second season of CMT’s hit series, GONE COUNTRY, in tonight’s season finale. Bach is set to immediately release "Battle with the Bottle" to radio, the song he penned with Nashville songwriters Jeffrey Steele and Vicky McGehee while taping the series. The song is produced by John Rich. The accompanying video, directed by Wayne Isham, is currently available on CMT.com and will debut on CMT on Saturday, September 27.

Bach, who edged out tough competition from fellow GONE COUNTRY contestants Mikalah Gordon, Jermaine Jackson, Chris Kirkpatrick, Lorenzo Lamas and Sean Young, performed his song before a live audience at Nashville’s Wildhorse Saloon in the show’s finale. In the end, Rich dubbed Bach the winner because of his ability to connect to his audience and his lyrics, something that is essential in country music.

"Sebastian put his real life experiences into his song,” says host, Rich. “’Battle with the Bottle’ deals with the challenges he faces in his life on a daily basis, and when your music imitates your life, that's where great country music happens. He truly understands what makes a great country song, and his singing ability is still off the charts. I'm very proud of him ‘going country’!"

Bach, perhaps best known as the former front-man of Skid Row, is an accomplished Broadway actor and television personality. Bach is also a solo artist and most recently released the album, Angel Down, in the fall of 2007 by Merovingian Music, Ltd. For more information, visit www.sebastianbach.com

GONE COUNTRY is executive produced by David Garfinkle and Jay Renfroe of Renegade 83 Productions. Marc Oswald serves as executive producer. Melanie Moreau and Bob Kusbit serve as executive producers for CMT.

Cut Off Your Hands to release new EP

Cut Off Your Hands present Happy As Can Be, the new EP Out on Frenchkiss Records this October. The self-titled single will also be featured on their much anticipated, Bernard Butler produced debut album, You and I, to be released in early 2009.

A carousel of layered melodies and rhyming couplets, soaring over an insistent, cavalry-like drumbeat, Happy… follows the successful Expectations, Cut Off Your Hands’ lead single released in last September.

Expectations has not only received high rotation on Australia’s premier radio station, JJJ FM, but it recently featured as the Australian iTunes Single of the Week (SOTW). The track currently sits as the second largest download in iTunes SOTW history.

This comes as no surprise really. In their short time on both record and stage, Cut Off Your Hands have built both their fanbase and media hyperbole on a slew of melodic and downright memorable offerings. From the romantic naivety of songs like Oh Girl, to the speeding, hyper-love balladry of the pop-paean Still Fond, the four-piece have shown they’ve got what it takes to grab the world by it’s collective scruff and shake them into spinning, lovesick action. Happy As Can Be continues this impressive mode.

Fresh from being nominated for the "Breakthrough Artist Of The Year” Award at the 2008 New Zealand Music Awards - an annual awards ceremony being the New Zealand equivalent of The Brits - the band will be returning to the UK to begin the second half of their current tour as part of the "Freshers" tour.

Buoyed by the flattering opportunity to have been judged alongside the best of their homeland’s artistic peers, such as Flight Of The Conchords and Liam Finn, not to mention the release of their debut album in both New Zealand and Australia, this UK tour will see the band attacking the stage with unparalleled zeal.

1) You Still Love Me
2) Happy As Can Be
3) Shorelines
4) Nostalgia
5) (Hidden Track)

The Delancey (New Zealand CMJ Showcase) October 21st
Cake Shop October 24th
Public Assembly October 25th


Miranda to release debut effort in February

Courtney Taylor from the Dandy Warhols calls my genre ‘Pixie Fairy Dust Chick Music,’” says singer/songwriter Miranda Lee Richards with a laugh. “But I think another fitting description for Light of X might be ‘Psychedelic Chamber Folk Rock’.”

A revered singer and songwriter, MIRANDA will release her Nettwerk debut LIGHT OF X on February 10, 2009. For her new album, MIRANDA composed all of the material, string arrangements, acoustic guitar, piano and Hammond B3 on the disc. It’s an album that shimmers with folk, country, psychedelic and even a slight classical influence, balancing her beautiful, close to the heart vocals, with music that has the wide open, spacious feel of a desert sky or an empty church. LIGHT OF X is an album full of love and loss, desolation and salvation, both moody and comforting.

MIRANDA teamed with producer/engineer/mixer Rick Parker (Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, The Von Bondies) who also contributed the electric and twelve-string guitar arrangements. RICHARDS and Parker assembled a top-notch group of players including Eva Gardner (Mars Volta, Tim Burgess) on bass; main drummer Keith Mitchell (Mazzy Star); Ben Peeler (Wallflowers, Shelby Lynne) on pedal steel; and Josh Schwartz (Beachwood Sparks) on guitar.

The 13-song offering is highlighted by its first single “Early November” as well as preview track “Life Boat,” released last year in England as a vinyl single via Sonic Cathedral and which subsequently received airplay on Indie 103.1 FM in Los Angeles. To listen to “Early November” and “Life Boat,” visit: www.myspace.com/mirandaleerichards.

RICHARDS grew up in San Francisco, the daughter of Ted and Teresa Richards, stars of the underground comics revolution. Her bohemian background led her to play in school bands, but she never considered music as a profession until her senior year of high school. Fate offered a very unique hand when an older best friend started dating Kirk Hammett of Metallica, and Hammett soon taught RICHARDS her first few guitar chords.

MIRANDA recorded her first demo in the basement of Hammett’s studio. Dave Deresinski, the then manager of the Brian Jonestown Massacre, passed the tape along to BJM singer Anton Newcombe, who asked her to join the group. During that time, friend Ondi Timoner was filming the BJM for her seminal documentary DIG! (2004). RICHARDS was only in the movie briefly, but did provide some of the film’s memorable sound bites.

Shortly thereafter, MIRANDA moved down the coast to LA in search of a record deal.

“I played clubs and open mics and worked day jobs while I made demos. A mutual friend introduced me to producer/musician Rick Parker and we’ve been working together ever since.”

Because her debut The Herethereafter received huge exposure in the film and television worlds--its songs were licensed over 40 times for film and television--it allowed RICHARDS the freedom to continue to explore her musical path full time. She collaborated in the studio with Tricky, Tim Burgess (Charlatans), Neil Halstead (Mojave 3), and The Shore. In addition to opening for Neil Halstead on tour earlier this year, she joined The Jesus and Mary Chain for the West Coast leg of their 2007 tour, singing the duet with Jim Reid on "Sometimes Always" and "Just Like Honey."

Following is the complete track listing for LIGHT OF X:

1) Breathless
2) Life Boat
3) Savorin’ Your Smile
4) Hideaway
5) Early November
6) Mirror At The End
7) Hidden Treasure
8) Pictures Of You
9) Here By The Window
10) Olive Tree
11) That Baby
12) Last Days Of Summer
13) Oddity


Gringo Star readying tour

By condensing a palate of swirling and innovative guitar voyages and a sweat-soaked baroque punk ethos that loses itself in carpet-crawling majesty, Gringo Star has emerged as Atlanta’s favorite rock and roll sons. Brothers Nick and Pete Furgiuele, along with Pete DeLorenzo and Matt McCalvin have continually built momentum, crisscrossing the country and honing their chops on rock and roll’s frontline.

Crafting an art-damaged and intense presence, the group’s sound falls somewhere between The Animals, Motown and The Kinks. In person, the group’s soft-spoken demeanor instills a sense of alluring mystery, but on stage, Gringo Star explode. Never ones to hang on to the same instruments for too long, each member of the group sprints and hurdles from station to station, swapping out guitar for bass for drums for voice, keyboard for accordion, kazoo for tambourine.

As a result, the band’s multifaceted musicianship culminates in dense and cerebral rock mantras that are hard-wired to the head and heart. “The band’s music is incontestably real and is delivered in such a genuine manner that can be nothing short of enjoyable” The Savannah Chronicle

“Gringo Star filled the room, capturing the audience’s attention, as they stole the show with their driving Southern garage rock and impeccable rhythm” Golden Gate X Press“Rock ‘n roll with a bit of edge about it…it has enough twists and turns to mark Gringo Star as a band to watch. Wild and free, rock at its finest” Americana UK magazine

Oct 3 - Star Bar - Atlanta, GA
Oct 4 - Star Bar - Atlanta, GA
Oct 8 - Preservation Pub - Knoxville, TN
Oct 9 - On The Rocks - Little Rock, AR
Oct 10 - Sticky Fingers - Little Rock, AR
Oct 11 - Exit/In - Nashville, TN
Oct 12 - Off Broadway - St. Louis, MO
Oct 13 - Day Trotter Session - Rock Springs, IL
Oct 13 - Huckleberry’s Pizza Parlour - Rock Springs, IL
Oct 14 - Beat Kitchen - Chicago, IL
Oct 15 - Southgate House - Covington, KY
Oct 16 - The Matinee - Cleveland, OH
Oct 17 - The Bog - Scranton, PA
Oct 18 - Chameleon Club - Lancaster, PA
Oct 19 - BAR - New Haven, CT
Oct 20 - Mercury Lounge - New York, NY
Oct 24 - Green Eggs And Jam - Boone, NC
Oct 25 - JJ’s Bohemia - Chattanooga, TN

Gilli Moon performances

Upcoming gilli moon appearances Full details at www.gillimoon.com/tours

Tuesday, Sept 30
Genghis Cohen - gilli moon's Songsalive! Showcase
Los Angeles, CA
6:30 PM

World class songwriters in the round, hosted by gilli moon & J.Walker

740 N. Fairfax Ave.
L.A CA 90046
Just Nth Melrose. Plenty parking. $7
Come early. Starts 7pm sharp, till 8.45pm
Great Chinese food after the show. Res: 323.653.0640

ARTISTS with gilli moon www.gillimoon.com
Ecotonic (Jason Ebs & Janea Chadwick Ebs) www.myspace.com/ecotonic
Greg Dormani www.sonicbids.com/gregdormani
Alan Nathanson and Steve Schoenholz
Elliott Samuel www.myspace.com/elliottsamuel
J.Walker www.rhymecology.com
Songsalive! - Supporting and promoting songwriters worldwide www.songsalive.org

Saturday, October 11, 2008 day
Independent Music Conference Los Angeles
at Musician's Institute, Hollywood, CA.

gilli has been sponsoring and supporting this conference since its inception in 03 in Philadelphia. Come participate in one of the nation's most specific and true independent music conferences. The Conferences is from Friday 10 through Sunday 12th
gilli moon will be there from Friday, and runs her artist empowerment workshop on Saturday 11.30am, and is on the Women in Music panel at 1 pm and come participate in the Songsalive! Songcamp on Sunday 12th 2pm
http://www.IMC08.com/LA www.songsalive.org/sponsoredevents

Saturday, October 11, 2008 evening
Artists for a Better World Festival
Celebrity Center
5930 Franklin Avenue
Hollywood, CA

gilli moon performs and also will present the 'Outstanding Contribution as an Artist Award' to this year's recipient (gilli was given this award in 2003).

Wednesday, October 29, 2008
Genghis Cohen - gilli moon's Songsalive! Showcase
Los Angeles, CA 6:30 PM
Moved to Last Weds of mth

World class songwriters in the round, hosted by gilli moon & J.Walker

740 N. Fairfax Ave.
L.A CA 90046
Just Nth Melrose. Plenty parking. $7
Come early. Starts 7pm sharp, till 8.45pm
Great Chinese food after the show. Res: 323.653.0640
Songsalive! - Supporting and promoting songwriters worldwide www.songsalive.org

Sunday, November 02, 2008
The Mint - Matreya Rock Opera
Los Angeles, CA 1:00 AM

The Reading of an Original Rock Opera by Jayne DeMente & Gilli Moon.

Presented By Women's Heritage Project & Warrior Girl Music

1-3pm @ The MINT
6010 Pico Blvd., LA CA - Between La Cienega & Fairfax Blvd.'s
$35 Includes "special venue "Mint" beverage!
RSVP 323.463.2264

Proceeds go towards Women's Heritage Project and Females On Fire series. It's a worthy cause so come support!

Friday November 7 and Sunday November 9
Taxi Road Rally
5400 West Century Boulevard. Los Angeles, Ca. 9004

gilli conducts her "DIY Indie Artist Marketing, Touring and Promotion" workshop on Friday afternoon and Sun morning. Also come visit her at the Songsalive! booth
www.taxi.com www.songsalive.org/sponsoredevents

Camp Freddy appearance and other news

CAMP FREDDY - the Los Angeles-based "jam" group featuring Dave Navarro (ex-JANE'S ADDICTION, RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS), Billy Morrison (ex-THE CULT bassist, current CIRCUS DIABLO vocalist), Matt Sorum (VELVET REVOLVER, ex-GUNS N' ROSES), Donovan Leitch (son of legendary folk singer Donovan), and Chris Chaney (JANE'S ADDICTION, ALANIS MORRISETTE) - will perform a short acoustic set in the afternoon of Saturday, October 4 at the John Varvatos store (3825 Cross Creek Rd., Ste. 9A) in Malibu, California.

In other news, CAMP FREDDY has announced that it has parted ways with Los Angeles' acclaimed Indie 103.1 radio station, which has aired the band's weekly show every Saturday for nearly five years.

Morrison says, "We all want to thank Indie for a great time, and personally I want to say that I have enjoyed doing the show for so many years. It's time for all concerned to change it up, move on and explore new pastures - so big up and massive respect to all at Indie - thanks for a good time, folks. And stay tuned for further radio news-- the 'Camp Freddy Radio' show will be back after these words from our sponsors!!!"

CAMP FREDDY is continuing work on what is expected to eventually be released as the band's debut album. Among the cuts that are set to appear on the effort are "20th Century Boy" (also featuring Steve Jones from THE SEX PISTOLS on lead guitar) and THIN LIZZY's "Jailbreak" (featuring ALICE IN CHAINS guitarist Jerry Cantrell on vocals and Billy Duffy on lead guitar). Other guest musicians include RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS drummer Chad Smith and singer Macy Gray.

NPR to stream Bob Dylan's latest prior to release

NPR Music – www.NPR.org/music – will exclusively stream Tell Tale Signs, the highly-anticipated forthcoming album from Bob Dylan, beginning Tuesday, September 30 at midnight, one week ahead of the album’s release on October 7. The entire 2-CD, 27-song set will be available to hear on-demand at NPR Music for the week leading up to its release.

Tell Tale Signs is the 8th installment in Dylan’s “Bootleg Series,” and features previously unreleased recordings, live performances and alternate versions of songs recorded during sessions for some of his most acclaimed albums, Oh Mercy and Time Out of Mind among them. Also included on the album are Dylan’s recordings for the soundtracks of the films Lucky You, Gods & Generals and North Country, and “32-20 Blues,” his first ever release of a Robert Johnson song.

The complete track listing for Tell Tale Signs and additional information about the album will be available at NPR Music starting tonight, where there is also an extensive archive of past interviews with, and music by, the legend: www.NPR.org/music

NPR Music is a premier destination for music, concerts, reviews and news about both established and upcoming artists, in all music genres. This summer, the site added three industry giants to its already extensive “Live in Concert from All Songs Considered” roster, when the site exclusively webcast concerts from Tom Waits, Randy Newman and Radiohead. All concerts are archived at the site.

NPR Music, marking its first anniversary in November 2008, features content from NPR and 12 NPR Member public radio stations, as well as original-to-NPR Music features such as live performances, studio sessions, interviews, reviews and blogs. Specific sections of the site are dedicated to rock/pop/folk, classical, jazz/blues, world and urban music. The site culls from NPR’s and the stations’ extensive music archives to present thousands of features; more than 240 new features are added to the site every month.

Friday, September 26, 2008

End o' week musings

Sleep... sleep... yeah, I'll admit it, I need some zzzs bad. But it's still hard to sleep when there's so much life out there!

Last Friday I attended the party/wake for Robert "The G-Man" Shields. It was weird because I was sooo flooded with emotion when they began showing clips from our old cable access TV shows. I haven't watched my tapes in a long time and I have to admit that the rapport he and I had was pretty amazing. I miss those days... and they will be a fond memory I will keep in my heart.

Saturday I braved the day and went to yoga at 7 a.m., then my cardio/weight class at 8 a.m. After that I ran errands and got ready for my appearance on "Marty's Corner." I got to be in a skit, then Marty interviewed me and finally I worked as his co-host. After the show I went to the cast party and had a good talk with his producer John Garside. Everyone gathered in front of the TV at midnight to watch the show. It was fun!

On Tuesday I joined the Light Bringer Project for a Doo Dah Parade presentation at the Pasadena Museum of History's garden lecture series for its members. The night was wonderful-- read about it and see some of the photos at my other blog, www.insidesocal.com/doodah

Wednesday I had dance practice for my big gig Sunday:

Tribal LA
Event Noon-7:30 p.m. Saturday, Sept. 27 and noon-6 p.m. Sunday, Sept. 28
Performance 4:36 p.m. Sunday
Glendale Civic Auditorium
1401 Verdugo Road
$10 advance/$15 at the door

I will also be in a parade at the Los Angeles County Fair on Saturday, so my weekend is booked, baby!

Last night I went to Knott's Halloween Haunt and had a blast. It wasn't very crowded so I got to go on quite a few rides, through probably every maze and even caught a show, plus enjoyed the VIP buffet. I didn't hit the pillow until sometime after 2 a.m., but it was way worth it. I highly recommend this event for spooky fans, but I suggest not going on a Friday or Saturday, as it gets so busy you may not get to do everything you'd like. Also wear comfy shoes because there's so much walking I didn't need to work out this morning lol!

Other than my crazy weekend, next week is looking kinda quiet right now, but I know that won't last... Still, it would be nice to have a breather.

Photos we got 'em: As usual I found a couple of cute pet pics that I wanted to share. I'm also sharing some photos sent to me by artist Dave Lovejoy of his outdoor art installation corresponding with his "Circular Logic" exhibition in Pasadena. It consists of 1,000 magnifying glasses suspended by over a mile of galvanized steel wire, strung individually. The installation is up through the month of October, and is just off the 134 freeway at 88 Fair Oaks.

In rotation this week: I Am Ghost, Dave Morrison, Joe Walla, Wicked Tinkers and some other screaming metal album by a band whose name escapes me at the moment, but it really rocks...

Thought of the week: Positivity works. As you know I've been so down lately, but I've been trying to smile and talk about happy things and concentrate on the goals I have. I pray every night for guidance, strength and wisdom and, I'll admit, something personal that I want very much in my life. Slowly, things are beginning to come together and smooth out. I'm even getting a better feeling about my "special request." And slowly I am beginning to feel a little better inside.

No matter what is going on in your life, try to find some happiness. I'm not saying that you shouldn't discuss your problems with your best friend, but don't just dwell on them. And I'm not going to tell you to fix everything because, like in my case, sometimes we just can't control things. But do whatever you need to make that little bit of zen in your world and the universe will ultimately be yours....

Keep on rockin'

Alaska in Winter on tour

Alaska In Winter began when art student, Brandon Bethancourt spent a semester writing and recording music in an isolated cabin on the south coast of Alaska. Upon arrival back in New Mexico, he teamed up with Zach Condon of Beirut, Heather Trost of A Hawk And A Hacksaw and other friends, and thus began work on the album Dance Party In The Balkans. This debut release was released by Milan Records in July 2007 in the US after a release in the UK by Regular Beat a few months earlier.

After his critically acclaimed debut release, Bethancourt decided to quit his job, move out of his house and relocate to Berlin, Germany – a city he had been to before and had always dreamed of living in. He has spent the past 6 months writing and recording this upcoming release Holiday and begins his tour of Europe in late September. Holiday will be released on Milan Records on November 18, 2008.

Bethancourt takes much of his influence from his early years of growing up in the American South West, immersed in the musical low-rider culture of Santa Fe, New Mexico, as well as a slight Arabian influence on the part of his parents and their Byzantine church music. He combines these traditional sounds with programmed beats and use of the vocoder among other new technologies and techniques.

Because Bethancourt is the sole member of Alaska in Winter and does not read or write music, he uses multi-track recording to build his musical layers, using a variety of techniques.

“For Holiday, I recorded everything in my living room on a laptop and an old micro cassette tape recorder and used a German ghetto blaster as my monitor speakers. The only things I brought with me to Europe were my Powerbook laptop, an effects processor, a small midi keyboard, a microphone, and the hand held micro cassette tape recorder,” he explains. “Because I didn't actually have any instruments with me (aside from the elements I recorded before I came to Europe), the album turned out very electronic, very synthy as those were the only tools I had.”

In comparing how Holiday differs from Dance Party in the Balkans, Bethancourt explains, “I've definitely been influenced by Berlin on this album - much more electronic than the last, heavily based on synths, bass, and dancier drums and with hints of minimal house elements creeping in ever so slightly. Even within the album itself I can hear a progression of the Berlin electronic music scene influencing me more and more with the amount of time I spent here. The Berlin techno parties and all night dance marathons were big inspirations for me.

November and December U.S. tour dates are being firmed up for Alaska in Winter.

European Tour Dates:
Sept 25 - Rust, Copenhagen, Denmark
Sept 26 - Musikcaféen, Arhus, Denmark
Sept 27 - Klubb Republik, Norrkoping, Sweden
Sept 30 - Astra Stube, Hamburg, Germany
Oct 1 - Prinsenhof, Groningen, The Netherlands
Oct 2 - Paradiso, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Oct 4 - Ekko, Utrecht, The Netherlands
Oct 5 - Rotown, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Oct 7 - Nijdrop, Opwijk, Belgium
Oct 9 - Feinkost Lampe, Hannover, Germany
Oct 11 - The Kings Arms, Salford, UK
Oct 24 - 93 Feet East, London, UK


Squeeze to appear on "Private Sessions"

Lynn Hoffman, host of the A&E series “Private Sessions,” spoke with Chris Difford and Glenn Tilbrook and confirmed the duo – known as Squeeze – will officially reunite and start working on a new album, their first project together in over 10 years.

Tilbrook said “I would never have thought that we got back together again after the last time we split up I thought that was it for us. In a weird way I was sort of happy with it, I was happy with my solo world and Chris was in his solo world… but it’s so nice to have the Squeeze thing back together again… we are going to work together on a record, a new record, and start writing together again…”

The news from Squeeze comes from a taping of the A&E series “Private Sessions,” a weekly one-hour music and performance series hosted by Lynn Hoffman. The one-hour episode, premiering Sunday, October 5 at 9 AM ET/PT, features performances of their smash hit songs “Tempted,” “Goodbye Girl,” “Pulling Mussels (From the Shell),” and “Another Nail In My Heart.”

“Private Sessions” showcases exclusive performances and conversations with top names in entertainment with a focus on contemporary music ranging from rock ‘n’ roll to pop to country. Each Sunday morning “Private Sessions” explores the body of work of a single artist or group and features current releases as well as career-building, influential or defining projects.

Currently in its second season, “Private Sessions” has featured guests including Avril Lavigne, Goo Goo Dolls, Toby Keith, Blues Traveler, Meat Loaf, Queen Latifah, Heart, Anthony Hopkins, Barenaked Ladies, Seal, Duran Duran, John Cusack, James Blunt, Maroon 5, Ringo Starr, Counting Crows, Cyndi Lauper, Chicago, Alanis Morissette, Jewel, Carly Simon and Sheryl Crow. The website is located at www.aetv.com/private-sessions.

Songsalive! showcase Oct. 3

Songsalive! Los Angeles Showcase

Featuring talented songwriters from around the globe, the Songsalive! Showcases are the best industry secret, a great happening all around the world. Songsalive! Showcases are a very cozy, intimate and acoustic environment where media and music industry representatives often drop by to check out the latest talent. Showcase your music and support our Songsalive! national and international live events and showcases presenting songwriters and artists of original music. Showcases are conducted globally.

WHEN: Friday, October 3 Show starts 7:30 pm

WHERE:Hallenbeck's & Cahuenga General Store
5510 Cahuenga Blvd
North Hollywood, California 91601-2919

On Caheunga Blvd. 1/2 block north of Chandler on the right. www.hallenbecks.net

Light meals available

DONATIONS: $8 cover at the door. Supports the venue and our non profit efforts.As Songsalive! is a 501c)3) non profit charity, it is tax deductible. Ask for a receipt if necessary.

The Songsalive! Los Angeles Showcase features a new venue, a new date, and a new format! Songsalive returns to Hallenbeck's after a couple of years. Hallenbeck's is an well known venue for acoustic Los Angeles Songwriters and performers - they have a small stage with a great sound system, great food and drinks, it is family friendly too, with free parking on the street.

We have four performers who will be doing mini-sets in two rounds - so nice you hear them all twice! And we'll have a short intermission in the middle for food, stretching, and conversation.

Daniel McFeeley
Daniel McFeeley has been an artist of one kind or another since 3rd grade. (Winning a sculpture contest) He’s written and/or illustrated 10 kids books (a few NY times best sellers) , appeared on television shows like Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Cagney and Lacy, and Moonlighting, and now with his thoughtful-slash-comedic songs… Dan has made appearances from the Comedy Store in LA to The subways of Paris. (see daniel’s newest songs… ask questions…make comments) http://www3.youtube.c... www.myspace.com/danielmcfeeley

Jay Matsueda
Jay Matsueda is resourceful L.A. singer songwriter who both performs solo and sometimes with L.A. session greats who he shoots professional photography for. His recorded songs are crafted with lyrical independence in mind, yet each song's meaning is accentuated by elaborate musical backdrops. First album EAT YOUR SAD is scheduled for a mid-September release. Music samples, photos and more at www.jaymatsueda.com

Siuan was born and raised in Dublin, Ireland, but moved to L.A. as teen. When she was a wee girl, she rebelled against her rebel lineage by trying to be practical. Siuan started college at 15 and majored in math and philosophy. After college, she went to work in engineering at NASA (JPL). Siuan also dabbled briefly in visual effects (even moving to New Zealand to work on Lord of the Rings). All the while she painted and fantasized about making music. She soon realized that though she would love to be a renaissance woman and truly do it all- she would always be a hobbyist if she didn't throw caution to the wind and leave practicality behind. She has been compared to Marianne Faithful, Kirsty MacColl, Chrissie Hynde, The Rentals... Her music has been described as completely original, somewhere between the Go Go's meets Bruce Springsteen! The comparisons are diverse and she is flattered by them all. www.suian.com www.myspace.com/suianmusic

David Babich David Babich is an exciting and sensitive performer whose songwriting blends folk, and pop-rock in a deeply personal and unique way. He has been writing for 15 years, but since his move back to L.A. in 2005 he has been in a highly prolific phase, releasing a solo EP and now preparing to produce his first full length. After training in classical voice and composition at UCLA, he became deeply involved in many styles of music including jazz, pop, folk and musical theatre. As an actor, he has performed in over 20 plays and musicals, and this experience as a stage performer is immediately noticeable as he musically tells his story. http://www.myspace.co...

www.songsalive.org for details (click on chapters and then los angeles) and to contact us (from the website). Also check out our Meetup group listed on the website

CALL FOR ARTISTS: - booking for Nov./Dec./Jan.
* You must be able to guarantee a min. of 5 guests.
* 6 song acoustic set
* You must be a Songsalive! member www.songsalive.org
* Showcase application at www.songsalive.org (log in and follow the link for apply for a showcase)
NOTE: Please also come out and support our new Elite Member Showcase in the Round - Hosted By Songsalive! President Gilli Moon, Tuesday September 30 at Genghis Cohen.


Aeromyth shows in Riverside and more

Sat Sept 27th 11pm
AEROMYTH "Aerosmith Tribute"
5225 Canyon Crest Dr #58
Riverside, CA 92506

Wednesday Oct 1st, 2008 7PM to 9PM
Michael Angelo Batio
Neal's Music
6916 Warner Ave
Huntington Beach, CA 92647
Call 714-842-9965 to purchase tickets!

Other Upcoming Shows

Friday Oct 3rd 9pmA
EROMYTH "Aerosmith Tribute"
PYROMANIA "Def Leppard Tribute"
Oceanview Pavilion
575 E Surfside Dr
Port Hueneme, CA 93041

Saturday Oct 18th 8PM
Pyromania "Def Leppard Tribute
Fantasy Springs Resort Casino
84-245 Indio Springs Pkwy.
Indio, CA 92203-3499

Friday Oct 24th 9PM
Pyromania "Def Leppard Tribute
Monsters of Rock opens the show
Arbors Restaurant
6060 Warner Ave
Huntington Beach, CA
call 714-842-5111 for dinner seating

Monday Oct 27th 10PM
Aeromyth "Aerosmith Tribute"
With Steel Panther
The Keyclub
9039 Sunset Boulevard
West Hollywood, CA 90069

Sat Nov 15th 9PM
Pyromania "Def Leppard Tribute"
100 "J" Fisherman's Wharf
Redondo Beach, CA 90277
714-545-3460 - www.brixtonsouthbay.com
Purchase tickets by calling Neal at 714-330-9428

Fri & Sat Nov 21st & 22nd
Disco Freaks "70's Disco Tribute"
Monsters of Rock "Classic Rock"
Aquarius Casino Resort
1900 S. Casino Dr.
Laughlin, Nevada 89029
1-702-298-5111 - 1-800-662-5825

Friday Dec 5th 9PM
AEROMYTH "Aerosmith Tribute"
100 "J" Fisherman's Wharf
Redondo Beach, CA 90277
714-545-3460 - www.brixtonsouthbay.com
Purchase tickets by calling Neal at 714-330-9428

Wed Dec 31st 9PM "Exact Time to be Announced"
AEROMYTH "Aerosmith Tribute"
Fremont Street New Years Eve Party
425 Fremont Street
Las Vegas, Nevada 89101
702-678-5777 or go to http://www.vegasexperience.com/

Sponsored by: www.nealsmusic.com
Neal's Music
6916 Warner Ave,Huntington Beach, CA 92647

AEROSMITH TRIBUTE- AEROMYTH http://www.aerosmithtribute.com/
My Space - www.myspace.com/aerosmithcoverband
DEF LEPPARD TRIBUTE- PYROMANIA www.defleppardtribute.com/
My Space myspace.com/pyromaniadefleptribute
ARENA ROCK TRIBUTE - MONSTERS OF ROCK www.rocknrolltribute.com/
My Space myspace.com/monstersofrockband
70'S DISCO TRIBUTE - DISCO FREAKS http://www.discotribute.com/
My Space myspace.com/discofreaksband

Blessthefall finds new lead signer

Lesser bands might implode after facing the sudden departure of its lead singer mid-tour, but Arizona's blessthefall did anything but, after vowing to keep moving forward when it parted ways with former frontman Craig Mabbitt during a European tour with Silverstein in late 2007.

As one of the highlights on last winter's Rockstar Taste of Chaos, blessthefall proved not only that they could still rock; but that they were rock solid. With bass player Jared Warth and guitarist Eric Lambert filling in temporarily on screams and singing parts respectively, the band rose to the challenge and then some.

After months spent searching for a permanent lead singer, blessthefall finally found what they were looking for in L.A. native (and current Huntington Beach, CA resident)
Beau Bokan. Upon their initial meeting, an immediate rapport was struck with the singer and he was soon welcomed into the family.

As drummer Matt Traynor explains," It was not an easy task finding a singer who can sing well, rock out, and most importantly, fit in with the band and click with the four of us. (Beau) is the nicest dude we have tried out and sings like a beast. "

Blessthefall is expected to hit the studio in November to begin recording the follow-up to its 2007 breakthrough release, His Last Walk (Science Records). Since forming the new lineup the band mates have been bonding while camped out in Costa Mesa, CA, where they are furiously writing new material and demoing tracks.

Starting today, Buzznet.com will exclusively premiere "To Hell And Back", the first blessthefall track featuring Bokan on vocals, as well as new photos of the band. On Friday, September, 26, blessthefall will launch their brand new MySpace page featuring additional exclusive photos.

Visit http://blessthefall.buzznet.com or www.myspace.com/blessthefall for all the latest news on blessthefall.

Monrovia church to offer extreme home makeover

Getting a fresh start and having new beginnings for families in need are certainly welcomed during economically strapped times. New Beginnings Family Church in Monrovia is seeking to give three families an extreme home makeover. Families wishing to apply must live in Monrovia, Irwindale or Duarte, have a home improvement need, and own their home.

New Beginnings Family Church is looking to make a difference for families whose stories are compelling and demonstrate a need. The deadline to submit the application is Friday, October 3.

As part of the church’s Season of Giving for the upcoming holidays, this program demonstrates the love people have towards one another, the willingness to give to others, and the courage to step up and make a difference in the lives of families in need.

“In our mission, we strive to meet people in their comfort zone, with messages that deal with their everyday challenges, hopes and heartbreaks, and in ways they can relate—through movies, books, music and drama,” said Pastor Rob Spina of New Beginnings Family Church. “Our Season of Giving literally opens the door to God’s will. We want to make a difference in the lives of families struggling to get by. Comforting them in their own home by giving them a home remodel is an exciting way to get a fresh start and have a new beginning, a new beginning of hope, faith, and love.”

Businesses willing to be part of the Season of Giving can call the church too and open their doors. Contributing lumber, appliances, home décor, among other things are items welcomed by the church as well as the families who will benefit.

To download the Season of Giving application or to learn more about the Monrovia church, visit www.go2nbfc.org or call New Beginnings Family Church at 626-480-1390.

San Gabriel Valley cancer survivors may apply for award

For a limited time, the East San Gabriel Valley Unit of the American Cancer Society is offering a free Survivors Medal for cancer survivors in West Covina, Covina, Baldwin Park, La Puente, Hacienda Heights, Walnut, Rowland Heights, Glendora and Azusa.
For information, call (626) 966-9994 and choose option three.

Yes to tour beginning November

YES concerts have always been very special events, and this winter’s “In the Present” tour, hitting a total of 30 cities in November and December, will be no different, as Steve Howe, Chris Squire and Alan White play selections from hit albums like Fragile, Close to the Edge, Tales from Topographic Oceans and 90125 along with audience favorites like “Roundabout,” “Owner of a Lonely Heart” and “I’ve Seen All Good People,” some of the enduring classics that have made YES the most influential and groundbreaking progressive group in rock & roll.

The tour will get underway at the Hamilton Place Theater in Hamilton, ON, on Nov. 4 and run through Dec. 17 at the Hard Rock Casino in Miami., featuring guitarist Howe, bassist Squire and drummer White, joined by keyboardist Oliver Wakeman, the son of YES’ Rick Wakeman, and vocalist Benoit David, a Montreal, Quebec, native and vocalist in several YES tribute groups, who was discovered by the band on the Internet and invited on the tour.

The group’s itinerary includes performances at New York’s Hammerstein Ballroom on Nov. 14, Baltimore’s Ram’s Head Live Nov. 16, Cleveland’s House of Blues Nov. 25, Detroit’s Fillmore on Nov. 26, Cincinnati’s Taft Theater Nov. 29, St. Louis’ The Pageant Dec. 2, Chicago’s Chicago Theater Dec. 3, Atlanta’s The Tabernacle Dec. 7, Nashville’s Ryman Auditorium Dec. 10 and Orlando’s Hard Rock Live Nov. 14, with more dates to be announced.

Over the course of a remarkable 40-year career that has time and again redefined the boundaries of rock, YES have become renowned for their live performances since being formed in 1968 by Chris Squire and Jon Anderson, who shared a mutual interest in vocal harmonies and classical music. With drummer Bill Bruford, guitarist Peter Banks and keyboardist Tony Kaye, they became YES, earning a residency at the famed London venue The Marquee Club, where they played with the likes of Jimi Hendrix and Pink Floyd, releasing their self-titled debut album in July 1969.

Guitarist Steve Howe, who went on to play in the popular prog-rock groups Asia and GTR and continues releasing acclaimed solo albums and touring, brought an experimental cutting edge to YES for their 1970’s The Yes Album, their first album to top the UK charts. Drummer Alan White, who had been hand-picked to play on John Lennon’s Imagine and George Harrison’s All Things Must Pass, came aboard in 1972. YES then went on to conquer America and played at some of the largest paid attendance concerts of all time, including JFK Stadium in Philadelphia in 1976 to a crowd of over 130,000 people.

A dominant force in rock music for more than four decades, YES has created some of rock’s most enduring and compelling hits, selling more than 30 million albums worldwide. The group has defined music history with their dynamic instrumental contrasts and abstract lyrics. Their symphonic use of sound and innovative musical styles continues to make them the most successful progressive rock band in history and their amazing career continues to defy many of their rock counterparts.

Says Chris Squire: ‘In the Present’ perfectly describes our experience in rediscovering these songs all over again while performing them in concert, as if for the very first time.”


Nov. 4: Hamilton Place Theater, Hamilton, ON
Nov. 5: Massey Hall, Toronto, ON
Nov. 7: Hampton Beach Casino, Hampton Beach, NH
Nov. 8: Community Arts Center, Williamsport, PA
Nov. 9: Mohegan Sun, Uncasville, CT
Nov. 11: Hershey Theater, Hershey, PA
Nov. 12: The LC Pavilion, Columbus, OH
Nov. 14: Hammerstein Ballroom, NY, NY
Nov. 15: Paramount Theatre, Asbury Park, NJ
Nov. 16: Ram’s Head Live, Baltimore, MD
Nov. 18: Sovereign PAC, Reading, PA
Nov. 19: The National, Richmond, VA
Nov. 21: Borgata Events Center, Atlantic City, NJ
Nov. 22: Theatre @ Westbury, Westbury, NY
Nov. 23: Theatre @Times Union Center, Albany, NY
Nov. 25: House of Blues, Cleveland, OH
Nov. 26: The Fillmore, Detroit, MI
Nov. 28: Taft Theatre, Cincinnati, OH
Nov. 29: Riverside Theater, Milwaukee, WI
Nov. 30: US Cellular Center, Bloomington, IL
Dec. 2: The Pageant, St. Louis, MO
Dec. 3: Chicago Theater, Chicago, IL
Dec. 6: House of Blues, Myrtle Beach, SC
Dec. 7: The Tabernacle, Atlanta, GA
Dec. 9: Palace Theater, Louisville, KY
Dec. 10: Ryman Auditorium, Nashville, TN
Dec. 14: Hard Rock Live, Orlando, FL
Dec. 15: Ruth Eckerd, Clearwater, FL
Dec. 17: Hard Rock Casino, Miami, FL