Monday, January 14, 2013

Milkshake to release fifth studio album

They're back!  After four years of live concert action, groundbreaking independent children's recording group Milkshake celebrates the March 26 release of their fifth studio CD,Got a Minute? 

The disc -- the first new Milkshake CD since the band's 2009 GRAMMY nominated Great Day -- features guest appearances by two-time GRAMMY winners Cathy Fink & Marcy Marxer and singer/bagpiper extraordinaire, Kyf Brewer, of the raucous Irish band, Barleyjuice.

In 2006 Milkshake wrote thirteen brief musical gems -- each just a minute or so in length -- for a series of videos on PBS KIDS.  Challenged and excited by how much artistic punch could be packed into such a short amount of time, Milkshake has expanded on that concept in Got a Minute? -- an album that includes those original PBS KIDS songs, plus 20 more quick hitting "Milkshake miniatures," most of which clock in at two minutes or less.

Milkshake also set out with Got a Minute? to create the next volume in the continuing documentation of the "time of their lives":  watching their own kids grow up. 

Notes Lisa Mathews, "When Mikel Gehl and I began Milkshake, it was with the idea of creating a series of CDs that would reflect our children's journey through childhood.  So our first album, Happy Songs, is just right for babies and toddlers, Bottle of Sunshine suits toddlers to 6-year-olds, Play! is for kids 4 - 7, and Great Day is right in the pocket for 5 - 9-year-olds.  Got a Minute?, because of the childlike naiveté and simplicity of the PBS KIDS songs, combined with the all-over-the-map subject matter of our new songs, provides a retrospective of the childhood years, from toddler to tween."

Known for their pop-rock style that fairly crackles with energy,Milkshake's following spans several generations.  The band is familiar to millions of American households through their colorful, energetic music videos, which have been seen on PBS KIDS, Nick Jr. and Discovery Kids.  Milkshake's live concerts, described by the Baltimore Sun as "a little like magic," bring the same happy, rocking energy onstage to fans across the country.

Got a Minute? will be available at stores nationwide and at,,, itunes, and other online outlets.  Pre-orders are now being taken at

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