Friday, January 11, 2013

End o' week musings

It's been a odd week.... Warmth, rain, warmth, chill.... and that's just the weather!

I had a weekend that was errand busy, but adventure quiet and most of my week followed suit. My highlight was interviewing artist Eve Kessler ( ) at her home and meeting her lovely dogs Tusker and Stella.

Tusker is a big part lab goof of a pup who will squeak his squeaky toy furiously if he doesn't feel you're giving him enough attention. He wants to play, play, play and tummy rub and play some more. Stella is a Chihuahua mix Minnie Me of Tusker with a humungous heart. She is full of kisses and love and will leave her favorite spot on the chaise lounge in the sun to come say hello with her super waggly tail, patiently waiting for you to pet her. Of course Stella sat on the chair behind me like a little cushion during my chat with Eve.

I also spoke with Grammy Award winning recording engineer Al Schmidtt. He will be participating in a drum recording workshop at LAMA in Pasadena in February.

This weekend I'll be dancing and playing percussion with Ad Hoc Consort for the Upland Mason's Lodge. They like us to provide background music for some of their ceremonies and always treat us well. I will also check out the new art exhibit, "The Wild Flower,s" at the Sturt Haaga Gallery at Descanso Gardens ( ). It should be interesting, as the preview images were gorgeous!

In rotation this week: Incubus, Terrible Things, Owl City, Britney Spears and Dethclok.

Photos we got 'em: A pic of Stella sitting at the table that I snapped with my phone and two photos from the web.

Thought o' the week: Don't assume.  Yeah, you've heard it a billion times, but it bears repeating... at least in my world. Don't jump to conclusions, as what you think is so may not be.

We are often too quick to decide that because someone doesn't seem friendly they don't like us or because things are changing in the office it's bad news or  so on and so on. But it's better to take a step back or a deep breath and wait. Usually the truth isn't as awful as you think.  That person may be having a bad day or just stressed out, that change could actually streamline your work and make things more organized... that news could change your life for the better.

We waste sooo much time and energy on worrying about what may be or what was intended instead of asking more questions or waiting for more information. When in doubt, don't be a pessimist. I'm not saying you shouldn't be a realist, but rather you should pause and see how things play out... yeah, yeah, don't assume.

Keep on rockin'

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