Monday, April 8, 2013

Linda Lundqvist to release album

Linda Lundqvist is more than just an exceptional singing talent; she is an inspiration to thousands of children in her native land.
but foremost so is Linda a joyful and engagin artist from the Swedish south.
But with the release of her debut album - due out June 2013 - that inspiration is about to spread worldwide. And no one deserves her success more than the prodigiously gifted and hard-working Ms Lundqvist.
She has been performing with bands since she was a young child, growing up in a musical environment in the city of Lund. Linda's talents shone through in bands such as Beautiful Beans and Linda´s Chapell is a Live show touring around will real great musicans from the South, and the ever-popular concept The Singing Train.

The release of her first full-length solo project - precipitated by singles The Best In Me/Which and Today's the Day - shows the extent of her musical gifts. The album is hard to pin to one genre - there are elements of folk, country and pop throughout the collection of songs.The album is the fruit with collaboration with top songwriters around the world, mostly from Nashville Tennessee and around the us and uk. Sweden US and UK are the dominating countries in the music industry today concerning songwriting and producing top quality music.
It is a voice that has been described as 'divine' by one reviewer and it is a voice that is set to captivate the world.
Adding to these sweet as honey vocals, Linda introduces some of the finest musicians in southern Sweden on her stage set and have worked with top local musicians for each sog for the album, to keep the original flavor of each song.
Linda is no stranger to the big stage. She performs in over 100 concerts every year and has participated in the Baltic Song Contest and Malmo Festival and are now aiming  for touring around the world
But with this new album, here is a songstress of the highest calibre ready to show her talents to a much wider audience. 


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