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(New York, NY – November 28, 2006) – Platinum superstar and award winning rapper Chamillionaire readies for his highly anticipated sophomore album “Ultimate Victory” releasing on March 27th. Spending all of last year pushing himself to the limit to get revenge at a world that seemed to doubt the once underground lyricist, everyone watched as he crawled from the bottom to the top, taking home trophies and breaking ground with his major label platinum-plus debut smash album, “The Sound Of Revenge,” which became one of the most seminal hip-hop records of the year.

“If success is the best revenge then I accomplished my goal, but in the process I realized that I already won the battle before it even started,” says Chamillionaire. “Winners are not scared to take a different road or move at a different pace and they don’t have to burn themselves out in the beginning to be victorious in the end. A winner is the leader that everyone else seems to follow. A true winner is humble in the time of victory and still humble at the time of defeat. A winner gives his/her best effort and competes to the best of their ability, but still understands that you can’t win them all. The new album will focus on the important aspects of hip hop – lyrics and creativity. No beef, instigating or diss records. This album will focus on living and enjoying life, because life is good, and once you realize that…Ultimate Victory!”

As a thank you to his fans for their overwhelming support and contribution to his breakthrough year as music’s most celebrated debut artist in 2006, Chamillionaire will release the long awaited “Mixtape Messiah 2,” which will be free to download in its entirety off his official website, on Christmas Eve, the day it re-launches. A month later, the DVD portion of the mixtape, which contains exclusive video footage of the entertainer, will be released. Fans will be able to get a glimpse of Chamillionaire’s journey this past year which has been thoroughly documented, from performances center stage, to attendance at award shows and celebrity red carpet events, unwinding at home in Houston, to traveling oversees and interacting with fans, as well as preparations in the studio for the new album.

“I have been so busy this past year with promoting my major debut that I haven’t had the time to feed my underground fans as much as I would have wanted to. I feel like the best way I could say thank you to everyone that has supported my music is to give them Mixtape Messiah part 2 for free. Every artist hates illegal downloading and I know it may seem like I’m supporting it, but I think people are just hungry for some good material. Hopefully they will appreciate my consistency enough to go and purchase “Ultimate Victory” when it releases on March 27th.”

Chamillionaire’s revamped website will be completely renovated on the day of mixtape release. The new and improved site will have 3-D animation graphics, updated photos, downloads, a Chamillitary radio station with exclusive music, new and up to date news and information, which will include updated bio, photos and music from his newly signed artist, Famous to his Chamillitary imprint; as well as autographed giveaways, video footage and updated blogs from the superstar rapper himself.

Chamillionaire is currently oversees, appearing in concerts across Scotland, England and Ireland to promote his debut album, which was recently certified Gold internationally. He will also make an appearance at the upcoming 33rd Annual People’s Choice Awards, airing on January 9th on CBS to celebrate his nomination for the Best Hip-Hop Song for his smash rap anthem “Ridin’.”

About Chamillionaire

Hailed around the world for his major label platinum-plus debut smash album, The Sound of Revenge, the disc has become one of the most influential hip-hop records of the year, with the versatile Chamillionaire emerging as a mainstream multi-platform entrepreneur. The single and video for “Ridin’” became the most requested hip-hop anthem of the year, soaring to the top of the urban, hip-hop and mainstream radio charts, almost single-handedly transforming the 2006 digital landscape. Chamillionaire was recently crowned the biggest selling Ringtone artist ever, with over 3.2 million ringtone sales, and was certified by the RIAA as the first multi-platinum Mastertone artist in history. His Myspace site has exceeded 6 million profile views, earning him nearly 2 million in digital sales, outselling established stars such as Nelly and T.I. In keeping with the outpouring of recognition, the charismatic performer beat out proven superstars 50 Cent, Busta Rhymes and others for Best Rap Video of the year honors for the groundbreaking “Ridin’” video, featuring Krayzie Bone, at this year’s 2006 MTV Video Music Awards. In addition, the Houston rapper won “Rookie of the Year” and the prestigious “Alltell Wireless People’s Champ Award” (viewer’s choice) at the first ever BET Hip Hop Awards, as well as a nod at the American Music Awards for Favorite New Breakthrough Artist.

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