Friday, July 31, 2009

End o' week musings

It's Friday already! Wow!

Last Friday I went to the Glass House in Pomona to see Enter Shikari. They were surprisingly good, as their performance was filled with all kinds of weird problems. August Burns Red, Bless the Fall and Destory the Runner also performed. Visit this weekend to read my review, as well as my reviews on the shows I attended Saturday and Sunday. I would definitely catch Enter Shikari again!

Jewel and Michael Feinstein joined the Hollywood Bowl Orchestra for a big concert Saturday. The music and vocals were inspiring, moving and just plain fun. My friend Carin preferred Feinstein to Jewel, but enjoyed the show overall. I found both vocalists very appealing. I must admit that I'm a fan of Jewel and was delighted to hear the reinterpretations of her hits, they became almost like new songs. Plus she was lovely to look at and sweet as ever. It was a perfect way to spend a warm, summer evening.

Sunday I caught the film, "G-Force," in the morning with my mother and my friend, Vernor. It was a good romp with really good animation. I used to show guinea pigs (you can stop laughing any time), so of course I had to check it out. I was amazed at the realism of the pigs-- every detail from their little teeth and nails to the number of toes they have (four on the front feet, three on the back ones) was right! Yeah, it wasn't a thinker, but the movie was well worth the matinee price... and like I've said before-- there's air conditioning and comfy seats!

In the evening I went with my friend Roc and a group of his friends to the Starlight Bowl in Burbank to see Colin Hay. Cecelia Noel opened the show with a super high energy set of Latin dance numbers. Her show was fun because she had a great band.

Colin Hay was the lead singer for the '80s group Men At Work and has continued on as a solo artist. His songs were pleasant, albeit a little quirky, and he also offered up some of the old stuff fans wanted to hear with slightly different arrangements. Very nice.

Monday I was off from work and had the joy of going to the dentist. I followed that by going to my former residence with my friend Louise to pick up a file cabinet and a few other things that I had left there. Well, the few other things were stacks of books that filled up Louise's jeep! My living room now looks like the back room of a library lol! I guess I have the rest of my week... year... life planned-- sorting out books...

Wednesday night I went to Juanita's ( ) in Highland Park to see Brian Kenney Fresno. Breech, Rademacher and Harvey Sid Fisher also played. I'm a Brian Kenney Fresno fan, as this guy plays the Warr guitar with aplomb and offers up songs that range from sorta silly to statements on current issues with a twist of humor. He may look strange and do things his own way, but he's definitely entertaining and always worth catching live.

This week I also interviewed the modern old-time band Crooked Jades, who will be coming to the Fret House in Covina in a couple of weeks, and rockers The Drive Now. The Drive Now plays songs from the whole history of rock, throwing in many unexpected numbers, as well as originals. They play at the Cask 'n Cleaver in San Dimas regularly.

Tonight I may head back to Juanita's to catch the Soul Shakers, as a friend of mine plays in their horn section. Saturday I am going to the Laserium show and on Sunday Judas Priest-- I can't wait to hear "British Steel" in it's entirety!! Warning: Monday I will be out again, so you won't get an update until late Tuesday... hope you can hang.

In rotation this week: Judas Priest, Jewel, Orange Sky, Joe Walla, August Burns Red, Scott Warren and Darkest Hour.

Photos we got 'em: Just a couple of pet pics from the usual places, plus a wallpaper shot of the Biltmore in North Carolina-- one of my most favorite spots on earth.

Thought o' the week: Be thankful for the little things. I am a believer in prayer, not only to ask for guidance or something I or someone in my life needs, but also to thank for the things I have, as well as the things I've learned and experienced each day.

I'll share a secret~ when I was younger I had a very bad temper problem. I think a lot of it was the result of my childhood, but we won't go there. I got mad at the littlest thing, I was very touchy, sensitive and it got to a point where I was angry at the world all the time.

One day I realized that not only was I hurting everyone around me, but I was hurting myself. It took a lot of work, but I changed my attitude. I found ways to relax and let my anger go and became more positive and learned to laugh easily.

I'll admit that I still get mad over things, but not the small stuff. I also get over my anger very quickly-- why waste time on it when there's lots of other important stuff going on?

And another thing that went hand-in-hand with my new view was learning to be thankful. I appreciate my co-worker's compliment on my new blouse, I look forward to the tailwagging greeting from my neighbor's dog when I take my daily walk which passes their yard, I relish my yoga stretches at home every evening. Are you getting the idea?

Perhaps you should reevaluate your attitude and how it affects others and most importantly how it affects you. You can never be thankful enough, it makes you feel good and the world a more beautiful place.
Keep on rockin'

Shimmy Showcase Sunday

August 2: Xandra is excited to be hosting this showcase where she will be introducing Sonia, and Bella for their first Shimmyshowcase performances; as well as always delightful Shimmyshowcase dancers Jannah, Reina and Cynthia.


August 30 and September 20 feature LIVE MUSIC with Ansuz, AND we have openings for dancers! Plus we had a spot open up for August 23. PLEASE contact us at if you’d like to perform!

Everyone is invited to this cozy haven for a relaxing evening among friends. Select your favorite beverage, hot or cold, from an assortment of coffees, teas, smoothies or juice; add to that a tasty sandwich or pastry; and then seat yourself alongside our magic carpet to enjoy some really great dancing at NO cover charge!

The SHIMMY SHOWCASE begins at 7 p.m. at the COFFEE HAVEN in Long Beach (1708 E. Broadway -- 562-437-3785).

Below is our upcoming schedule for the next several Sundays at the Coffee Haven in Long Beach. If you are a dancer interested in performing at an upcoming showcase, please check out the schedule below for open dates and then email us at
with the dates on which you'd like to perform.


August 9: A fantastic combination of live music and theme as Shimmyshowcase proudly presents our favorite band, Ansuz for another Goth night. So get out your finest black attire and join us for a gothic-inspired evening of belly dancing to live music. Coordinator Saviya has stellar dancers Katerina, Taji, Najma, Richie, Meryem Vani, and Eve lined up to perform, so this should be an awesome program you won’t want to miss!

August 16: Shimmyshowcase coordinator Alexiis is thrilled to present another evening of live music played by Marguerite and Rico of Elan. Guest dancers include Jannah, Mariyah Basimah, and Madrid. You can check out Elan at
and Marguerite at:

August 23: Abraiha will be your coordinator for this fine evening featuring new dancer Jilly, plus a “sister act” featuring Nichole and Sonia. We just had a cancellation, meaning a spot has opened up, so if you are a dancer interested in performing, please contact us at

August 30: Saviya will be coordinator for another evening of live music with ANSUZ. The always delightful and exquisite Kamar, Samia, and Devon will be performing, and we have space for just one more dancer who would like to perform to the great tunes of Ansuz. If that would be you, please contact us at for your spot!

September 6: DARK (Labor Day weekend)

September 13: Shimmyshowcase coordinator Abraiha welcomes May and Ana and newcomers Constance, Sabrina Moyes, and Nazi to Coffee Haven’s magic carpet.

September 20: Alexiis will be coordinating another Live Music evening with ANSUZ. If you enjoy the energy and spontaneity of dancing to live music, please contact us at for a performance spot.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Please allow time for parking to avoid missing any of the fun. Since street parking around Coffee Haven is scarce, we recommend you try the perimeter of the park located two blocks west of Coffee Haven at Broadway and Cherry. Please try to arrive before 7:00 PM (earlier if you’re a performer!) as we try not to start the show until everyone has settled with a tasty beverage.
for additional information, please visit our website at:

Upcoming concerts around California from Live Nation

On Sale Saturday August 1 at 10 AM:
94.7 The Wave-- WAVEFEST 2009
Two Nights!

Friday – September 25

Saturday – September 26
The Greek Theatre

Discover Hafez Nazeri

30-yr-old Iranian musician Hafez Nazeri is Iran's most influential young composer. Here's why:

€Hafez Nazeri is the son of Shahram Nezari, the internationally acclaimed "Pavarotti of Iran," who was the first musician to set Rumi's poetry to music. Hafez describes his compositions as “a musical discourse to promote world peace” that incorporate both Western and Iranian traditions while transcending political and ideological boundaries. He will present his music in LA October 3rd at 7:30 PM at the Pantages Theatre and NYC November 14th at 8 pm at Carnegie Hall (marking the first Iranian headline concert at Carnegie Hall).

€Given the turmoil in Iran, Hafez feels very strongly about representing his country with his music: "At a time when all that we hear about Iran is filtered through headlines of intolerance, chaos and violence, it is important to portray a 7,000 year cultural history with its deeply poetic and artistic mystical traditions," explains Nazeri.

€Hafez Nazeri’s lauded 2007 album, ‘The Passion of Rumi,’ was called one of the best world music albums of the year by Los Angeles Times and the Boston Globe.

€Hafez Nazeri recently invented a modified version of a setar called the "Hafez." Named in honor of his namesake - the great 13th century mystic poet - the “Hafez” extends the range of the setar by incorporating two additional low strings to craft greater melodic and harmonic range.

€Hafez Nazeri's music is the sound of a free and borderless generation that preserves the essence and elemental structures of Persian music, while embracing new ideas developed out of Western Classical music such as orchestration, harmony, rhythmic patterns and melodic forms.

€Watch Hafez Nazeri's interview with ABC news at:

€Watch performance footage of Hafez and Shahram Nazeri at:

Cheap Trick offers limited edition of "The Latest" and helps Prostate Cancer Foundation with new DVD and CD

Cheap Trick’s new self-released album- The Latest - continues to impress listeners as it takes the honor of the #1 selling 8-track in the world. The limited edition format is available exclusively through the band’s website.

“In the format, it makes sense,” proclaims Idolator. “The riffs crackle, Robin Zander’s voice sounds nearly curdled, and the whole enterprise brings the words ‘kick ass’ to mind over and over again. (I know, I know, not the most erudite assessment, but when one gets bludgeoned, it’s often hard to sound smart in the immediate aftermath.)”

On September 1st, Cheap Trick heads to LA to perform the new single “Sick Man of Europe” on The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien. A big fan of the band, you may remember Conan sprinting across the United States during his premiere episode opening while the Cheap Trick classic “Surrender” played (watch here:

On December 12th, 2007, Cheap Trick performed Sgt. Pepper Live at the The Waldorf Astoria in New York City for the Prostate Cancer Foundation Charity Concert & Auction. A live DVD and CD of this performance are scheduled for release on August 25th with all artist proceeds from sales to benefit the Prostate Cancer Foundation.

The New York Philharmonic and special guests Joan Osborne, Ian Bell of Gomez, singer-songwriter Rob Laufer and an Indian instrumental ensemble, lend their talents to the cause. Geoff Emerick, who engineered the original album in 1967 and engineered Cheap Trick's All Shook Up with George Martin for Epic in 1980, oversaw all elements of the recording and mixing.

Sgt. Pepper Live featuring Cheap Trick originated in 2007 when the band was invited to be special guests of the Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra’s performance of the 40th Anniversary of Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band record release. The concert was reprised the following year and the shows sold over 50,000 tickets combined.

At these shows, as at The Waldorf, the band performed a track-by-track rendition with the orchestra, an Indian ensemble and an array of very special guests. Michael Milken, founder and chairman of the Prostate Cancer Foundation, was at one of the Los Angeles shows and invited the band to re-create the event for his legendary holiday fundraiser in New York City.

For more information on the foundation, please visit

Cheap Trick Official Website

David Hodges touring with Chris Daughtry in support of new album

Newly signed singer-songwriter and Reprise recording artist David Hodges is set to embark on a national promotional tour with Chris Daughtry beginning August 2nd in Orlando. David is teaming up with Daughtry, one of his many song-writing partners, to play a series of intimate live shows in major cities. He will be performing songs from his new “The Rising” EP, including the single “Hard to Believe.” The EP will be released August 11th.

As one-third of Evanescence, Hodges co-wrote such hits as “Bring Me to Life” and “My Immortal” from the band’s debut Fallen, which has sold more than 15 million copies worldwide. He also won two Grammy Awards — for “Best New Artist” and “Best Hard Rock Performance” — in 2004 for his work with the band. After leaving Evanescence in 2002, Hodges went on to write and produce mega-hits for other artists including Kelly Clarkson (“Because of You”), Daughtry (“What About Now”), and David Archuleta (“Crush”).

Hodges is the first artist signed to Reprise by multi-platinum songwriter and American Idol judge Kara DioGuardi, who is a Senior Vice President of A&R at Warner Bros. Records. The pair originally met as songwriters, penning a number of tunes together in 2007. DioGuardi called Hodges shortly after hearing some new songs Hodges had been writing.

“She said, ‘You should be the one singing these songs,’” Hodges recalls. “I definitely have scars from other artist projects that haven't turned out the way I had hoped, but there's something that keeps drawing me back to being an artist and not just a writer.”

Hodges desire to communicate and connect permeates the songs that make up his forthcoming debut album for Reprise, which he co-wrote with a number of collaborators and co-produced in his home studio and L.A.’s famed NRG studio. Nowhere is that spirit more evident than on “Hard to Believe.”

“The song doesn’t say that there’s light at the end of the tunnel or that there's a guarantee it’s going to get better, it’s just that you don't have to walk through this alone,” Hodges says.

Confirmed dates are as follows:
Sun Aug 2 H.O.B. Orlando, FL
Tue Aug 4 Showcase Live Boston, MA
Fri Aug 7 LC Pavilion Columbus, OH
Sat Aug 8 Vic Theater Chicago, IL
Sun Aug 9 The Cabooze Minneapolis, MN
Tue Aug 11 Cannery Nashville, TN
Wed Aug 12 Minglewood Memphis, TN
Fri Aug 14 Warehouse Live Houston, TX
Sun Aug 16 Gothic Theater Denver, CO
Tue Aug 18 The Marquee Phoenix, AZ.
Wed Aug 19 Fonda Theater Hollywood, CA
Thur Aug 20 The Fillmore San Francisco, CA

Sat Aug 22 Pure Las Vegas, NV

To coincide with the tour, “The Rising EP” will be available for sale at shows, while the digital version will become available beginning August 11th via iTunes and all participating digital retailers.

Track-listing for the EP is as follows:
“The Rising”
“When It All Goes Away”
“Hard To Believe”
“Another Red Light”

More details about David Hodges will be announced shortly. For other news, please visit: or

Green Day's Mike Dirnt designs shoe to benefit Soles4Souls

Walking a thin line between style and edge, Macbeth Footwear is proud to announce the birth of its newest "Studio Project" collaboration, the "45 RPM." Designed to the likings and style of none other than Green Day bassist Mike Dirnt, this innovative shoe brings a unique new look that is ready to hit the ground running. Even more impressive, Mike is donating all royalties from sales to shoe charity Soles4Souls, the international shoe charity dedicated to providing free shoes to people in need.

The "45 RPM" Studio Project shoe hit the streets worldwide in June 2009, on the tail of Green Day’s highly anticipated album release, "21st Century Breakdown." The shoe, just like the band, is turning heads around the world.

The "45 RPM" comes in the lax low top or aggressive high top, so choose your statement and rock it fully; either way, both options are 100 percent vegan-crafted, containing zero animal products in the construction and distribution. The shoe comes in black, but is highlighted with distressed gold lining and eyelets, and even showcases custom "45 RPM" record artwork. If that's not enough, the shoe's boot-like construction is sure to fit Mike's unique style.

Macbeth Footwear is excited to get these shoes onto your feet so you can check out "21st Century Breakdown" in the utmost appropriate style. Dirnt's decision to personally contribute all the royalties from this shoe towards Soles4Souls has energized the charity.

"We are so excited to be a part of this incredible promotion," said Wayne Elsey, Founder and CEO of Soles4Souls. "We are very grateful for Mike Dirnt's generosity and encourage everyone to check out the 45 RPM," he said.

About Soles4Souls:

Nashville-based Soles4Souls™ facilitates the donations of both new and used shoes, which are used to aid the hurting worldwide. Soles4Souls has distributed more than 5 million pairs (currently donating one pair every 13 seconds) to people in over 125 countries, including Honduras, Uganda, Romania, and the United States. The charity has been featured in Runner's World and the Green Guide by National Geographic. It has also appeared on CNN, NBC, ABC, FOX, CBS, BBC and hundreds of regional outlets around North America. Soles4Souls is a 501(c)(3) recognized by the IRS; donating parties are eligible for tax advantages. To learn more about how you can make a difference in people’s lives the way Mike is visit or

The Fall of Troy to tour with Thursday

The Fall of Troy, one of the hottest bands in the post hardcore genre, will tour this fall as direct support with Thursday, playing twenty-nine shows over a five-week period. The tour kicks off September 18 in Philadelphia, PA and will criss-cross the U.S., wrapping up in Raleigh, NC on October 24 (full itinerary below).

The Fall of Troy - guitarist/vocalist Thomas Erak, drummer Andrew Forsman, and bassist Frank Ene - are touring in support of their upcoming album, In the Unlikely Event, due out October 6. The album was produced by Terry Date (Deftones, Slipknot, Smashing Pumpkins) and recorded in Seattle earlier this year. In The Unlikely Event is Ene's first album with the band, and they are expected to debut new material on these dates.

Live in concert, The Fall of Troy has become known for its blazing and relentless, full-on interactive set; one major Southern California daily called one of their shows "the best performance I've ever seen at this venue."

As with the band's previous albums, the new music on In the Unlikely Event remains unpredictable and notoriously hard to pigeonhole. From jaw-droppingly technical rock anthems like "Battleship Graveyard" and blazing punk tracks like "Straight-Jacket Keelhauled," to mathematical melodic rockers such as "A Classic Case of Transference" and the laid-back love song "Nobody's Perfect," In The Unlikely Event is an album that will satisfy long-time fans of the band - but in typical The Fall of Troy fashion, continue to challenge them as well.

Dates for The Fall of Troy and Thursday are as follows:
18 First Unitarian Church, Philadelphia, PA
19 Toad's Place, New Haven, CT
20 Bowery Ballroom, New York, NY
22 Headliner's Music Hall, Louisville, KY
23 Bottom Lounge, Chicago, IL
25 Beachland Ballroom, Cleveland, OH
26 Turner Hall Ballroom, Milwaukee, WI
28 Varsity Theatre, Minneapolis, MN
29 Slowdown, Omaha, NE
30 The Flytrap, Tulsa, OK
1 Granada, Lawrence, KS
2 Marquis Theatre, Denver, CO
3 In The Venue, Salt Lake City, UT
5 Neumo's, Seattle, WA
6 Wonder Ballroom, Portland, OR
8 The Boardwalk, Orangevale, CA
9 Knitting Factory, Hollywood, CA
11 Slim's San Francisco, CA
12 Glasshouse, Pomona, CA
13 The Clubhouse, Tempe, AZ
15 The Door, Dallas, TX
16 Emo's - Outside, Austin, TX
17 Meridian, Houston, TX
19 Edge 17, Jacksonville, FL
20 Revolution, Ft. Lauderdale, FL
21 State Theatre, St. Petersburg, FL
22 The Social, Orlando, FL
23 The Masquerade, Atlanta, GA
24 Lincoln Theatre, Raleigh, NC

Ex-Korn guitarist Brian "Head" Welch on tour with stop at the Whisky Aug. 14

Ex-Korn guitarist Brian “Head” Welch is heading out on the second leg of his first-ever solo tour in support of his critically acclaimed debut album, SAVE ME FROM MYSELF, which was released September 9, 2008 on his Driven Music Group label (distribution by Ryko/Warner Music Group).

He lands in Los Angeles at the Whisky on Friday, August 14.

At the time of his resignation from Korn, Head made it clear that although he had retired from Korn, he had not retired from the music and entertainment industry. With his new calling, Head has committed to changing the youth of America through his music and other entertainment ventures, including his autobiography, Save Me From Myself, which was released in July 2007 by HarperCollins.

It quickly landed on the New York Times “Best Seller” list (non-fiction) and has sold over 70,000 copies. Head’s team at HarperCollins was so impressed by the book’s success, they quickly exercised the publisher’s option for a second book, Washed By Blood, which was released June 24, 2008. It’s an edited paperback version of Save Me From Myself aimed at a younger audience and doesn’t contain the profanity and gory details of the original version. A paperback of the original Save Me From Myself was also released in June 24, 2008.

SAVE ME FROM MYSELF was produced by Head, who recorded the music off and on for the past two years in Phoenix, AZ. It features renowned musicians Tony Levin (Peter Gabriel, David Bowie) and Josh Freese (A Perfect Circle, Nine Inch Nails), and was mixed by Ralph Patlan and Bob Clearmountain. It’s a testimony of Head’s life as he battled with drug addiction and leaving Korn, and finding spirituality. It will leave no doubt in everyone’s mind that Head, as a founding member of Korn, has not lost his passion for the heavy sound that originally helped make his former band famous.

The album will remind listeners of Head’s dominant influence in the nu-metal sound that projected Korn to the top of the music charts for over a decade. SAVE ME FROM MYSELF can only be described as a heavy metal epic, with a positive message.

“Flush” is the album’s first single, a video for which can be seen on his website and Myspace page found at and

Tiesto has released new single and going on tour

The world’s biggest DJ and critically-acclaimed producer, Tiësto, joins forces with Australian electro pop-stars Sneaky Sound System for the new single, ‘I Will Be Here’. This original Tiësto production debuted on Pete Tong’s Essential Selection on BBC’s Radio 1 on July 17th and released this Tuesday July 28th on Ultra Records.

In celebration of the release of the new single, Sneaky Sound System will join Calvin Harris as support for Tiësto’s massive Victoria Park headlining concert on 31st July, a first for any DJ to play this large scale London concert site on their own.

This will be another proud moment for Tiësto, whose milestones include performing at the opening ceremonies at the 2004 Olympic games in Athens, earning a Grammy nominee for his last artist record “Elements of Life” (Ultra Records, 2007) and closing the mainstage at the Coachella festival in California after the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

The single is in line with the recent remixes Tiësto has been doing with artists such as Bloc Party, Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Calvin Harris.

When asked about the new song, Tiësto said, “After hearing Miss Connie's vocals I immediately wanted to work with her and the band. The song is uplifting, while being a bit haunting at the same time. I like songs that are inspirational and make you think. At the same time, it’s a great dance track with some epic builds and breaks and is going off at the shows every night, which is the most important thing to me.”

The Sydney based trio of Miss Connie, Black Angus and MC Double D make deliciously addictive electro-pop that has been sought after by some of the hottest names in indie, pop and hip hop including Kanye West (with Connie appearing on his “Graduation” album), Empire of the Sun and Stuart Price (Madonna, The Killers).

About the ingle, Sneaky Sound System says, "it might sound crazy, but all we could think about when coming up with an idea for this song was how it would sound with fireworks going off in the background. I mean Tiësto is 'big' and his music is 'big'. We thought fireworks... now that is 'really big'. Not long after we sent off our first draft of vocals we got a version back from Tiësto - it was on steroids! It's a proper collaboration where you get Connie's soaring vocals and Tiësto's anthemic production. It's pretty different to any other Sneaky track and we think it's amazing!"

On 31th July, fans will have the opportunity to purchase pre-sale tickets for the newly announced North American performances (*) exclusively throughTiësto’s brand new, members only fan site InTheBooth (http:// ), with regular on sale tickets for the newly announced (*) North American dates starting August 7th. All dates without (*) are on sale right now.

North American Tour
Thu 9/24 New York, NY - Hammerstein Ballroom
Fri 9/25 New York, NY - Hammerstein Ballroom
Sat 9/26 New York, NY - Hammerstein Ballroom
Thu 10/1 Boston, MA - Tsongas Arena*
Fri 10/2 Montreal, Canada - Bell Center
Sat 10/3 Toronto, Canada - Arrow Hall
Sat 10/10 Atlanta, GA - North Atlanta Trade Center
Sun 10/11 Washington, DC - Fur
Mon 10/12 Cleveland, OH - Aura
Tues 10/13 Columbus, OH - Boma
Weds 10/14 Philadelphia, PA - Electric Factory*
Thurs 10/15 Charlotte, NC - The Forum
Fri 10/16 Orlando, FL - UCF Arena *
Sat 10/17 Miami, FL - Liv*
Sun 10/18 Tampa, FL - The Ritz
Fri 10/23 Houston, TX - Reliant Arena*
Sat 10/24 Dallas, TX - the Palladium
Sun 10/25 San Antonio, TX - Cowboys
Mon 10/26 OK City, OK - City Walk
Tues 10/27 Nashville, TN - Limelight
Weds 10/28 St Louis, MO - Home
Thurs 10/29 Kansas City, MO - Uptown Theater*
Fri 10/30 Minneapolis, MN - Myth
Sat 10/31 Chicago, IL - The Congress
Sun 11/1 Milwaukee, WI - The Rave
Tue 11/10 Edmonton, Canada - Shaw Conference Center
Thu 11/12 Calgary, Canada - Big Four Building (Stampede Grounds)
Sat 11/14 Vancouver, Canada - PNE

(Dates subject to change. More dates and venues to be announced.)
*These dates will go on pre-sale on Friday July 31st at

Stay tuned for more information on Tiësto’s forthcoming artist album and other news!

More information on Tiësto:

More information on Sneaky Sound System:

Skeletonwitch to tour in support of upcoming album

Athens, Ohio’s SKELETONWITCH has unveiled the cover art of their new full length, Breathing the Fire, due out October 13th on Prosthetic Records. The cover, designed by Andrei Bouzikov, who has previously done art for Municipal Waste and many others, can be viewed HERE:

Scott Hedrick, the band's guitarist said about the cover, “The art really sums up the new album and what drew me to heavy metal in the first place: it’s brutal, evil, and in a sadistic way, it’s f#$king fun! Breathing the Fire is meaner, faster, and far more sickening than Beyond the Permafrost, and the art reflects that. We went for the jugular, and so does Andrei’s art. He did an amazing job. It’s f#$king killer when the artist and band share a similar approach: organic. Blood and sweat, ink and paint, tubes in amps, and non-triggered drums. A set of balls. Not gym shorts, sterile computer generated art, effects pedals and redundant arpeggios."

The band will be touring with Black Dahlia Murder in support of Children of Bodom in September and October.

September 18 - Lupo's Heartbreak Hotel, Providence, RI
September 19 - Starland Ballroom, Sayreville, NJ
September 20 - Northern Lights, Clifton Park, NY
September 22 - Theatre Capitole, Quebec City, QC
September 23 - Metropolis, Montreal, QC
September 25 - Elements Night Club, Kitchener, ON
September 26 - Sound Academy, Toronto, ON
September 27 - House of Blues, Chicago, IL
September 28 - Epic, Minneapolis, MN
September 30 - The Garrick Centre, Winnipeg, MB
October 01 - Odeon Events Centre, Saskatoon, SK
October 02 - MacEwan Hall Ballroom, Calgary, AB
October 03 - Edmonton Events Centre, Edmonton, AB
October 05 - Commodore Ballroom, Vancouver, BC
October 06 - Showbox at the Market, Seattle, WA
October 07 - Roseland Theatre, Portland, OR
October 09 - Regency Center @ The Grand, San Francisco, CA
October 10 - The Glass House, Pomona, CA
October 12 - Marquee Theatre, Phoenix, AZ

Be on the lookout for more dates to follow these, and where and when to preview tracks from, Breathing the Fire!

Breathing the Fire is the follow-up to 2007’s critically acclaimed Beyond The Permafrost. The album was produced by Jack Endino (Nirvana, Soundgarden, High On Fire) and mastered by Scott Hull of Pig Destroyer.

BoA releases new single

BoA, one of the biggest pop stars in Korea and Japan, releases her new single, Energetic, from her self-titled American debut album, “BoA,” on August 4th. Having sold over 20 million records worldwide, she is the first Korean artist to enter the American mainstream market. Energetic was written and produced by music heavyweight Sean Garrett (Usher, Chris Brown, Beyonce, Ciara). BoA teamed with noted director Erik White (Chris Brown) on the video. A streaming version of the Energetic video debuted exclusively on the Entertainment Weekly ( website this week.

BoA Quote: “Energetic is so electric – it makes you want to hit the dance floor,” said BoA. “The video choreographer’s were dancers from Michael Jackson’s This Is It Tour. I enjoyed the dance battle scenes with them and hope my fans can see and enjoy the ‘Energetic’ moves.”

BoA is continuing to infiltrate the U.S. market with radio tours, an online presence, and television appearances. She has recently completed interviews for Extra, CNN, Associated Press Television and Access Hollywood. She made a splash at last month’s San Francisco Pride Celebration where she made her first-ever live performance in Northern California. BoA rocked the crowd and had the audience of more than 40,000 on their feet!

The beautiful and talented BoA released her first album in Korea at the age of 13. It debuted in the Top 10 of the Korean charts. A slew of successful albums followed. BoA then moved to Japan, learned the language, and quickly soared to stardom. Inspired by Michael and Janet Jackson, her pop sensibilities and superior dance skills were embraced by the Japanese fans. She has been compared to Britney Spears, but has a fresh contemporary edge and voice all her own. Now, at the age of 22, the dancing and singing marvel looks forward to winning over U.S. audiences.

BoA is represented in North America by CAA in music, film and merchandising.

Dappled Cities to release new album in September

Dappled Cities
Sophomore Record Zounds Out On Dangerbird Records September 15th

When you listen to Dappled Cities you actually see things. Vivid colours, strange animals, story-book characters. It’s as if a world that you didn’t know existed, and all it’s possibilities, is now within your grasp. Dappled Cities can take you there, as one respected reviewer put it, ”by weaving between grandiose indie-rock, oddly bent pop and big-emotion, big-gesture music that seems refracted through a vaguely hallucinogenic mirror."

After 2 years of ludicrously intense international touring and songwriting, Dappled Cities prepare for the release of their 3rd album, the art pop opus, Zounds. The work is the highest achievement of a ten year career traced back from their current home on US indie label Dangerbird Records (also home of Silversun Pickups, Sea Wolf and Darker My Love) to the teenagers first playing music together in their Australian childhood suburbs.

The band, originally called Periwinkle, formed in 1997 when 15 year-olds David Rennick and Hugh Boyce were joined by Alex Moore and English born Tim Derricourt. Their first album, A Smile (released in 2004 under the new moniker - Dappled Cities Fly), was a home-recorded, independent hit in Australia, and its tracks were later remixed as A Crooked Smile EP by the likes of an emerging Wolfmother and Spod.

The band’s sophomore effort Granddance was a grandiose record full of oldeworld ideas and cutting-edge sonics (& their first platter on the Dangerbird label), which was uncoiled to mass acclaim in 2006. The following two years were spent touring the US with the likes of The Fratellis and Tokyo Police Club, with fiery forays home riding shotgun to silverchair, Modest Mouse and LCD Soundsystem.

Not many Australian bands attempt to face the US beast as head-on as Dappled Cities over this period, and almost inevitably the band experienced their first line-up change in a decade.

Founding member Hugh Boyce retired and was replaced by Allan Kumpulainen on drums, while touring keyboardist Ned Cooke was instated as a full-time member.

“After Granddance, there were great expectations for Zounds – from us and also from the US label. That pressure turned this into the longest and most intense episode of our life. We didn’t cut corners and we went to great lengths to keep chaos developing.”

Brimming with vim, road-fit and on the brink of something special, the band uprooted from their home of Sydney and got States-side. They shot videos in Wyoming gas stations, played impromptu gigs in South Dakota sound factories, partied with Hugh Jackman and Steve Malkmus and even managed to film a 26-episode children’s odyssey for Disney called ‘Alphabreaks’.

New York was both Poison Apple and Forbidden Fruit, says Dave. “We made the most of the $10-per-day budget, wall of Zounds we were on but there were five of us sleeping in a one-bedroom bed-sit in East Village and we finally turned to cash in hand street jobs to survive.”

Under the expert A&R guidance of Justin Meldal-Johnsen (music director and bassist for Beck, Ladytron and Nine Inch Nails) and respected American co-producer Chris Coady (TV on the Radio), Dappled Cities got busy making mayhem and magic.Every song was laid down live to harness the energy. Dappled Cities have never been a band to replicate vintage sounds – they’ve always been art in motion – but Zounds has powers they’ve never dealt in before. In their own words, “It’s as daggy and classy, cunning and futuristic, as us!”

The band spared no expense, using new-fangled electric guitars and importing a Gakken – a $40 build-it-yourself cardboard synthesiser from Japan – used on all 12 songs. Their drive to succeed saw them hire and conspire with no less than three mixers for Zounds – Coady, Scott Horscroft and Wayne Connolly – in the quest for perfection.

The band also didn’t always see eye-to-hi fi with Coady. Dave explains, “He’s the biggest name we’ve worked with and he knew it, so a lot of the recording process was injected with clashes.”

Artistic differences?

“Perhaps. But maybe we just knew, and expressed, what we wanted so strongly that it may have been tough for others around us to take at the time. Who knows?”.

But smoke speaks of fire and the five-headed phoenix Zounds is Dappled Cities’ masterpiece, a sophisticated, grown-up opus epic. Lyrically it’s introspective, full of the unusual, but wonderous, Dappled metaphors. But it’s also a big, deep muscular album.Zounds opening salvo ‘Hold Your Back’ is the most adventurous track of the band’s career – a deep, brooding magnificent bastard anthem which is “barely even a song, more a collection of ideas.” It’s parting shot is ‘Stepshadows’, a Derricourt acoustic lament more akin to an Ennio Morricone spaghetti western soundtrack than a conventional rock song.In between lies a lyrical tinderbox and wall of Zounds asylum full of Dappled Cities trademark live energy.

An energy captured on disc for the first time.

First single ‘The Price’ is a political song forged in a disco inferno while ‘The Night is Young At Heart’, at an epic six minutes, is the band’s longest ever track and the song Dave’s most proud of. “Big, long, aggressive, weird: an in-ya-face sound people are either going to love or hate – and that’s the mark of a great song, isn’t it?”

Having broken every hygiene law New York holds dear and come to know each other better than they dared, Dappled Cities are now home and ready to unveil the wall of Zounds.

Hold Your Back
Answer Is Zero
The Price
Wooden Ships
Slow For Me, My Island
The Night Is Young At Heart
Miniature Alas
Don't Stop There
Middle People

Foreigner to release new three-disc effort

Foreigner, one of the world’s most popular and enduring rock bands, will release a new three-disc collection, including a CD album of all new music, a CD album of the band’s original hit recordings, and a DVD of the band in concert and beyond. Foreigner’s latest will be available from Rhino Entertainment September 29, exclusively through Walmart, for $12.00.

Twelve tracks on the new album are produced by Mick Jones and Marti Frederiksen (Aerosmith and Buckcherry), with celebrated Grammy®-winning producer Mark Ronson (Amy Winehouse) contributing the Mick Jones-penned “Fool For You Anyway.” The title track, CAN’T SLOW DOWN, was written by Mick Jones, Kelly Hansen, and Marti Frederiksen as a tribute to NASCAR in celebration of Foreigner’s appearance at the Samsung 500 at the Texas Motor Speedway earlier this year. NASCAR fans bought so many CDs that day that Foreigner’s 2008 release No End In Sight: The Very Best Of Foreigner was propelled back into the Billboard Top 200.

The collection’s second disc contains 10 remixes by Marti Frederiksen and Anthony Focx of some of the band’s most well known songs, including “Feels Like The First Time,” “Cold As Ice,” “Urgent,” “Hot Blooded,” and “I Want To Know What Love Is.” The remixes bring a new energy and sound definition to these classic songs.

The DVD captures the band performing many of its hits live in 5.1 surround sound. The DVD also contains performances filmed during the band’s recently completed European tour. Also featured is a behind-the-scenes look at the creation of CAN’T SLOW DOWN, from writing sessions in New York, Nashville, and Los Angeles to the Walmart shareholders meeting where the exclusive partnership behind this project was finalized.

Foreigner has sold more than 70 million albums worldwide. The band will commence a 45-show headline trek across North America today.

Track Listing

Disc 1 – New Album
1. “Can’t Slow Down”
2. “In Pieces”
3. “Lonely”
4. “Give Me a Sign”
5. “Living in a Dream”
6. “When It Comes To Love” (Could Have Been You)
7. “I Can’t Give Up”
8. “As Long As I Live”
9. “I’ll Be Home Tonight”
10. “When I’m Ready”
11. “Angel Tonight”
12. “Fool For You Anyway”
13. “Too Late”

Disc 2 – Remixes
1. “Feels Like the First time”
2. “Cold as Ice”
3. “Urgent”
4. “Jukebox Hero”
5. “Blue Morning Blue Day”
6. “Dirty White Boy”
7. “Double Vision”
8. “Head Games”
9. “Hot Blooded”
10. “I Want To Know What Love Is”

Disc 3 – DVD

30 Morristown, New Jersey
31 Atlantic City, New Jersey

1 Williamsburg, Virginia
2 Williamsburg, Virginia
4 Eaton, Ohio (Dayton)
5 Columbus, Ohio
6 West Allis, Wisconsin (Milwaukee)
8 Maumee, Ohio (Toledo)
9 Quapaw, Oklahoma
12 Sterling Heights, Michigan (Detroit)
14 Biloxi, Mississippi
15 Valdosta, Georgia
16 Orlando, Florida
19 Eugene, Oregon (Portland)
20 Lynden, Washington (Vancouver)
21 Chehalis, Washington
22 Redmond, Washington (Seattle)
25 Boise, Idaho
26 Lancaster, California (Los Angeles)
28 Lodi, California (Sacramento)
29 Cabazon, California (Palm Springs)
30 Thousand Oaks, California (Los Angeles)
31 Saratoga, California

3 Pueblo, Colorado (Colorado Springs)
4 Loveland, Colorado (Denver)
5 Huron, South Dakota (Sioux Falls)
6 Norfolk, Nebraska (Omaha)
17 Phoenix, Arizona
18 Prescott Valley, Arizona
19 Santa Fe, New Mexico
20 Mescalero, New Mexico (El Paso)
24 Frederick, Maryland (Washington DC)
25 Charleston, West Virginia
26 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
27 Jim Thorpe, Pennsylvania (Allentown)
29 Indiana, Pennsylvania

1 Westbury, New York (Long Island)
2 New York City
3 Lakewood, NJ
4 Torrington, Connecticut (Hartford)
6 Englewood, New Jersey
8 San Francisco, CA
10 Irvine, California (Orange County)

Green Day and Pink to perform at MTV Video Music Awards

MTV is taking over New York City and breaking down the walls as Green Day and P!nk are set to perform at the “2009 MTV Video Music Awards.” Grammy Award® winning rockers Green Day return to the VMAs stage to perform a hit off their latest album, 21st Century Breakdown. After an explosive performance at last year’s show, P!nk is determined to top herself this time around with a song from her multi-platinum selling album Funhouse.

In addition, Katy Perry, Ne-Yo and Gossip Girl’s Chace Crawford are the first presenters confirmed for the show. As previously announced, Russell Brand will host and Taylor Swift and Muse are set to perform. The “2009 MTV Video Music Awards” will air live on Sunday, September 13, 2009 at 9PM (Live ET/Tape delayed PT). Additional performers, nominees and presenters will be announced at a later date.

“Last year I got to jump out of a window at the VMAs in LA,” said P!nk. “This year I can't wait to blow the roof off Radio City in New York.”

"We are excited to be performing at the Video Music Awards," says Green Day's Billie Joe Armstrong. "You never know what's going to happen, and it's always a memorable experience for us."

Three songs from 21st Century Breakdown – including “21 Guns,” “Know Your Enemy” and “East Jesus Nowhere” – are currently available to Rock Band™ owners for download. The Green Day tracks are the first in an exclusive partnership between MTV Games, Harmonix and Warner Music Group’s Green Day to bring the band’s songs to the Rock Band™ platform as downloadable content.

From performer announcements to rehearsal details, fans will be the first to know all the VMA news by following the “insideMTV” twitter account at There will be exclusive tweets, videos and photos posted leading up to and throughout the big show. Viewers will also have access to all things VMAs by logging on to

Additionally, Verizon Wireless customers will be able to sign up for VMA text alerts by texting VIP to 8911 to receive VMA news and behind-the-scenes action delivered directly to their Verizon Wireless phones.

MTV has once again tapped Jesse Ignjatovic/Den of Thieves to executive produce this year’s “MTV Video Music Awards.” Jesse and Den of Thieves, which he launched in 2007, have a slate of shows debuting this year including “The T.O. Show” on VH1 and “Peak Season” on CTV/MTV Canada. Ignjatovic spent many years as Vice President of Music & Talent Development, creating, executive producing shows like the GRAMMY® award winning “MTV Ultimate Mash-Ups” featuring Jay-Z/Linkin Park, J Lo’s “Dancelife,” Snoop Dogg’s “Doggy Fizzle Televizzle,” Meet The Barkers,” and “MTV Icon.” Jesse recently executive produced Russell Brand's first U.S. comedy special, “Russell Brand in New York City,” for Comedy Central.

Jesse Ignjatovic/Den of Thieves is the Executive Producer, for the “2009 MTV Video Music Awards.” Dave Sirulnick is Executive Producer. Garrett English is co-Executive Producer/Executive in Charge of Production. Amy Doyle is co-Executive Producer. Joanna Bomberg is Executive in Charge of Music and Talent. Jen Jones is Producer. Hamish Hamilton is Director. Robin Reinhardt-Locke is Celebrity Talent Executive.

Official sponsors of the “2009 MTV Video Music Awards” are 5 ® Gum, Febreze, Pepsi, Rhapsody ®, Sears, Taco Bell ®, U.S. Army and Verizon Wireless.

The “2009 MTV Video Music Awards” will be available to a potential viewing audience of more than 1.2 billion people via MTV's global network of 68 channels reaching 577 million households around the world as well as through syndication. In addition, its convergent programming & content will reach the entire interactive community, via MTV's more than 200 digital media properties around the world.

Brian Eno coming to Carpenter Performing Arts Center

What: An Evening with Brian Eno

When: Sunday, September 20, 7:00pm

Where: Carpenter Performing Arts Center
6200 Atherton Street
Long Beach, CA 90815

Tickets: $100; $75 students/ seniors

Ticket Office: (562) 985-7000,

Box Office Hours are Monday-Friday, 11am-6pm;
Saturday, noon-4pm.

In Brief: Brian Eno is one of the most prolific and diverse artistic innovators of our time. Creator of modern ambient music, producer for a wide range of artists—including David Bowie, Talking Heads, U2 and Coldplay—Brian Eno’s artistic influence continues to be a world-wide inspiration. One of his latest innovations is 77 Million Paintings, a monitor-based exhibition that slowly evolves into endless combinations of color and shape. It receives its exclusive Southern California installation at CSULB’s University Art Museum. See the exhibition then join us for a rare lecture by Brian himself.

Additional information and tickets available at the Carpenter Center’s website:

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Knott's holding monster auditions Monday


Knott’s Halloween Haunt is just around the corner and Knott’s is looking for a few good monsters to fill their 13 terrifying mazes and fog laden Ghost Town streets. Hundreds of monsters will be hired to fill mazes and for the most coveted of positions, street monsters, 79 positions will need to be filled. Street monster applicants will be given a scenario and character and a panel of judges will rate them on motion, vocal skills, and body language.

WHEN: Monster Auditions
Monday, August 3
9:00 am to 6:00 pm

WHERE: Knott’s Scary Farm in Buena Park

Fishtank Ensemble to perform in Claremont

This Saturday, August 1st 7:30pm
tickets $12

The LA Weekly calls them “cross pollinated gypsy music….one of the most thrilling young acts on the planet.” musical saw, flamenco and gypsy jazz guitar, trombone, opera, jazz and gypsy vocals, accordion and one little banjolele. Tackling everything from French hot jazz to wild Serbian and Transylvanian gypsy anthems, Flamenco, and oddball originals, the band is a not to be missed event for world music lovers...and everyone will love this intoxicating mix of music!!


T.I. to appear on Platinum Life video game

Heatwave Interactive, game studio and online publisher, announced today that Grammy Award-winning artist, T.I and his company, Grand Hustle Records have signed on to appear in Platinum Life. A new online game set in the world of music and hip-hop, Platinum Life will provide the ultimate interactive entertainment platform for artists to connect with their fans.

Platinum Life allows players to enter the music world where they start as an unsigned musician and ultimately reach superstar celebrity status. Users start with little more than talent and a dream. But the dream is enough – players work their way up, perform tasks for iconic hip-hop stars, do shows at local dive bars and clubs, clawing their way up in the music industry by being around the best and the brightest artists, allowing them to upgrade every aspect of their life. In Platinum Life, T.I. will guide players in their adventure from struggling musician to successful artist.

Platinum Life represents a new business model for artists that empowers them to truly engage their fans that is equally beneficial as an entertainment experience and sustainable revenue generator.

"Our online game experience allows top-level artists to share their music, video and lifestyle with their huge fan bases in a personal and innovative way,” said Anthony Castoro, co-founder and chief creative officer, Heatwave Interactive. “We feel that T.I.’s music, message and deeply engaged fan base make him ideal as an icon within the game.”

“Heatwave Interactive understood the love T.I. has for his millions of fans and his need to establish a stronger connection with them in a way that is interactive and real,” said Jason Geter, CEO of Grand Hustle, LLC.

T.I., co-CEO and founder of Grand Hustle Records, is a successful recording artist, producer and actor. Once called “the Jay Z of the South,” T.I. has gained notoriety for his #1 albums, T.I. vs. T.I.P. and Paper Trail and chart-topping singles, “Live Your Life” featuring Rihanna, “My Love” with Justin Timberlake and “Whatever You Like.” In 2006, T.I. broke into the acting world with his debut in ATL, later staring in blockbuster film, American Gangster. He will also be featured in the upcoming movie, Takers, alongside Zoe Saldana and Matt Dillion.

The game is currently in the early stages of development with Heatwave Interactive exploring relationships with some of today’s iconic artists in hip-hop, R&B and pop music to be part of the Platinum Life experience. The company has designed a business model that provides a revenue stream for artists while also creating a new way for gamers who love music to express themselves, develop and deepen their relationship with their favorite artists.

3 Inches of Blood to tour in support of new album

In support of their upcoming, punishing new album, Here Waits Thy Doom, Vancouver’s 3 INCHES OF BLOOD have announced a string of headlining dates before heading out this fall with melodic death metal icons In Flames, and prog metallers Between The Buried and Me and The Faceless. The tour starts September 7 in Seattle, WA and runs through October.

Sirius XM Radio will be debuting the new 3 INCHES OF BLOOD track, “Battles and Brotherhood,” on their Liquid Metal channel (Sirius 27/XM 42) today, July 29, at 7:40PM EST.

3 INCHES OF BLOOD will release Here Waits Thy Doom September 8 on Century Media. The album, which will set the new standard for new heavy metal, was tracked in Seattle’s Sound House Recordings with renowned producer Jack Endino (Soundgarden, High On Fire) and is soon to be hailed as the gospel of all things heavy. For an early taste of the sonic brutality, visit the band’s official MySpace,, where the new song, “Call of The Hammer” is streaming NOW.

Born out of a love for pure metal and weaned on a diet of fantasy and mythology, 3 INCHES OF BLOOD have been slaying the infidel for nearly a decade. In that time, they’ve released three albums and splattered the ground with crimson streaks while on tour with such acclaimed acts as Slipknot, Satyricon, The Black Dahlia Murder, Motorhead and Cradle of Filth. These are mighty accomplishments for dedicated warriors from Vancouver, British Columbia, a region that’s not exactly the Camelot of heavy metal. With their last album, Fire Up the Blades, they have surpassed even their own manly exploits, crafting a number of undeniable anthems that crash, rip and roar like a Medieval skirmish.In 2009, 3 INCHES OF BLOOD raises the chalice another notch leaving their definitive mark on the metal genre.

3 INCHES OF BLOOD tour dates:
September 7 - Bumbershoot Festival – Seattle, WA
September 9 - Knitting Factory – Los Angeles, CA
September 11 - The Commodore Ballroom – Vancouver, BC
September 12 - Sugar Nightclub – Victoria, BC
September 13 – Cavallottui DLodge – Nanaimo, BC
September 16 - The Warehouse – Calgary, AB

w/ In Flames, Between The Buried & Me, The Faceless
September 18 - Knitting Factory – Spokane, WA
September 19 - Knitting Factory – Boise, ID
September 20 - New Oasis – Sparks, NV
September 21 - Regency Center at The Grand Ballroom – San Francisco, CA
September 22 - The Fox Theater – Pomona, CA
September 23 - Rialto Theatre – Tucson, AZ
September 25 - Concrete Street Amphitheatre – Corpus Christi, TX
September 26 - White Rabbit – San Antonio, TX
September 27 - House of Blues – New Orleans, LA
September 29 - Valarium – Knoxville, TN
September 30 - Expo Five – Louisville, KY
October 1 - Mr. Small’s Theater – Millvale, PA
October 2 - Starland Ballroom – Sayreville, NJ
October 3 - House of Blues – Boston, MA
October 4 - Trocadero – Philadelphia, PA
October 5 - 9:30 Club – Washington, DC
October 6 - Amo’s Southland – Charlotte, NC

Echo Movement joins Warped Tour

Surf ~ Reggae ~ Soca band ECHO MOVEMENT is set to begin the first of a string of performances as part of the 15th Anniversary lineup of acts on the 2009 Vans Warped Tour. The ECHO MOVEMENT Warped performances begin August 2nd in Minneapolis, MN and continue through August 19 in Fresno, CA. Other artists on the bill include Bad Religion, Less Than Jake and Senses Fail. In what has now become a regular summer event, the Warped Tour winds its way through the U.S. and Canada from June to August each year.

The band is proud to announce newly formed sponsorship alliances. The ECHO MOVEMENT TOUR Title Sponsor is Fukitt Clothing, a New Jersey-based clothing company with an emphasis on surf-culture designs. Clothing for both men and women, Fukitt and Risky.

The band’s Co-Sponsor is Belle by Ally Amblu, a custom apparel company.

Contributing Sponsors include Trilogy Arts Board Company, a Cali-based surfboard/skateboard/snowboard and apparel company. Hemp-Eaze known in surf circles for developing and producing hemp-based therapy cream for a variety of sports-related joint and muscle ailments and Jay Alders Studios, close friend to the band and well-known surf artist. Jay painted the front cover of Echo Movement's In The Ocean album.

Current CD In The Ocean offers an expanded menu of reggae influence. This is a vibe album, casually intense at points, created to comfort your soul. Fans agree ECHO MOVEMENT is a sprawling heat wave of original performance. The music is packed with energy, the lyrics are universal, and the hooks are infectious.


Aug 2 – Vans Warped Tour – Canterbury Park - Minneapolis, Minnesota
Aug 3 – Vans Warped Tour – Verizon Wireless Amphitheater - St. Louis, Missouri
Aug 4 – Vans Warped Tour – Capitol Federal Park - Kansas City, Missouri
Aug 7 – Vans Warped Tour – Idaho Center Amphitheater - Boise, Idaho
Aug 8 – Vans Warped Tour – Utah State Fairgrounds - Salt Lake City, Utah
Aug 9 – Vans Warped Tour – Invesco Field - Denver, Colorado
Aug 12 – Vans Warped Tour – Race City Speedway - Calgary, Alberta
Aug 14 – Vans Warped Tour – Thunderbird Stadium - Vancouver, British Columbia
Aug 15 – Vans Warped Tour – The Gorge Amphitheater - Seattle, Washington
Aug 16 – Vans Warped Tour – Wash. County Fairgrounds - Portland, Oregon
Aug 19 – Vans Warped Tour – Save Mart Center - Fresno, California

Additional US Headlining dates include Montebello, CA, Newhall, CA, and Augusta, NJ plus others soon TBA

Recording and Touring Band members include:
Stephen – lead vocals
Dave – keyboards, vocals
Colin – drums
Eddie – stunt guitar
Dan – bass, vocals
Matt – sax
Justin – trumpet
Rob – trombone

About Echo Movement:
ECHO MOVEMENT is about love. It’s about a passion to learn, communicate and appreciate life’s opportunities. It’s recognition of the ability to choose your level of involvement in humanity. It’s respect for the earth and our global community and an honor to the pursuit of happiness. It’s a shrine to the human range of emotions. It’s an expression of music, culture and freedom. Echo Movement is about love, and that is all you need.

Brothers Steve and Dave grew Echo Movement from their Jersey Shore roots. They merged local beach culture with island and world music to create a unique blend they call “surf, reggae, soca.“ They set out to represent the rapidly–growing global mindset of the current “Echo Generation“ from which they took their name.

Echo Movement proves the new generation is built on independent accomplishments. Their songs are often about the integrity of the individual and their ability to take on any challenge while still remaining a part of the community. With fans across the world, Echo Movement stands as a living, breathing manifestation of its own honor.

The music is packed with energy, the lyrics are universal and the hooks are infectious.

MTV to premiere Shakira's new video tonight

Shakira fans are about to get bitten by the “She Wolf” this week. On Thursday, July 30th at 8PM, MTV is giving the world the first look of Shakira’s video, “She Wolf,” the first single from her upcoming album of the same name. Viewers will be able to watch “She Wolf” across MTV, MTV Tr3s, mtvU, MTV Hits, as well as and at that time.

In the 2 weeks since its release, “She Wolf” has been streamed more than 3 million times. It exploded on to the pop radio chart at #25, and saw the greatest increase in airplay of all songs on pop radio this week.

“Time goes by and I just feel a little bit more in touch with my own freedom, in a way, and I think “She Wolf” is about that. It’s about the woman who knows what she wants, a woman who is in touch with her subconscious desires and fights for them with teeth and claws like a wild beast," said Shakira about the Jake Nava-directed video. The video’s concept and signature dance moves were created by Shakira herself.

Shakira has sold more than 50 million albums worldwide and has won 10 Grammy’s, including 2 American and 8 Latin. Her last album, “Oral Fixation,” featured the hit singles "Hips Don't Lie" and "La Tortura," and sold over 8 million albums and 10 million singles worldwide. Shakira’s newest English album is set for worldwide release in October 2009. The album, her 6th studio effort, was written and produced by Shakira, and features guest writers and producers that include Wyclef Jean, John Hill, and Pharrell Williams.

The Rescues coming to the Troubadour to help friend with health care costs

Comprised of four successful and critically acclaimed solo singer-songwriters in their own right, THE RESCUES--KYLER ENGLAND (vocals, acoustic guitar, ukulele, bass), GABRIEL MANN (vocals, Wurlitzer, piano, celeste), ADRIANNE GONZALEZ (vocals, acoustic guitar, percussion, bass) and ROB GILES (vocals, acoustic guitars, bass, drums)--have more than 15 albums, dozens of songwriting awards, and thousands of miles on the road between them.

Coming off their recent sold-out residency at the Hotel Café and a packed debut last week at LA’s famed Troubadour, THE RESCUES will launch their first-ever East Coast tour August 19 in Boston, MA with recording artist AM (on Filter Records) supporting. The two-week trek will hit New York City’s Canal Room on Friday, August 21.

Before heading east, the group will return to the Troubadour on August 12 for a special cause. A longtime friend of the band, Kelly Buchanan--a New York-based singer/songwriter--suffered a traumatic brain injury during a street hockey game in March 2008. THE RESCUES will join Glen Phillips (ex-Toad the Wet Sprocket), Sara Bareilles, Maria Taylor, Paris Carney and more to be announced for a benefit concert to raise funds for Kelly’s health care. Three of the four members of THE RESCUES attended Berklee College of Music alongside Kelly Buchanan.

"We’ve known Kelly for a long time, and we’re thrilled for this opportunity to bring the L.A. music community together to celebrate the music of one of our own,“ notes singer/guitarist KYLER ENGLAND.

For tickets to the August 12 show, visit: Fans who cannot attend the show but still wish to contribute may donate via Paypal at

What started as a lark at a party in the Hollywood Hills has turned into a burgeoning force on the local Los Angeles music scene with the city’s Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa becoming a fixture at the group’s shows and recently introducing them onstage. The group’s chemistry is evident at their explosive, emotional live shows, highlighting a new, compelling indie-pop sound with multi-instrumental, four-part harmonies which have earned the group rave reviews in their hometown of Los Angeles.

“It’s hard to believe they’ve only been playing together for about a year,” noted the LA Weekly. “Their voices take flight on the soaring opener, ‘Lost Along the Way,’ and rarely land again.” Elsewhere, Music Connection added, “Historic. A new band composed of four of L.A.’s finest singer-songwriters. It was as if these four had been born for this moment, such was the chemistry emanating from the stage. The Rescues have everything they need to become the leaders in a musical revolution.”

THE RESCUES’ new song “Break Me Out” is currently featured in the TV and radio promotional spots for the Lifetime TV series “Drop Dead Diva” with Margaret Cho. To view the clip, click:

Four of their songs have been featured on the current season of "Grey's Anatomy.” In addition, the group’s songs have been featured on the TV series “Army Wives,” and in the films The Lucky Ones and Superhero Movie. The group performed live on NPR’s “Mountain Stage” program. THE RESCUES music can already be heard on the following stations including influential Los Angeles taste-making station KCRW 89.9 Los Angeles, KTAO (New Mexico), KSLU (St. Louis, MO) KRVS (Louisiana) WRUV (Vermont), WSFX/WRRW (North Carolina), WHFC (Maryland), WUTC (Chattanooga, TN), KDNK/ KVNF (Colorado), WAER (New York), WCRX-A KAXE (Minnesota) KSMF (Sacramento, CA) KNBA (Alaska), KCLC (St. Charles, MO) and WJCU (Cleveland, OH).

Catch THE RESCUES on the road in the following cities:

Kelly Buchanan benefit w/ Glen Phillips, Sara Bareilles, Maria Taylor, Paris Carney and more.
Wed 8/12 Los Angeles, CA The Troubadour
With AM opening
Wed 8/19 Boston, MA Club Passim (7:00pm)
Thu 8/20 Philadelphia, PA World Café (7:30pm)
Fri 8/21 New York, NY Canal Room (8:00pm)
With AM and Ellen Cherry opening
Sat 8/22 Annapolis, MD Rams Head Tavern (8:00 pm)
With AM opening
Sun 8/26 Atlanta, GA Eddie’s Attic (8:00pm)
Mon 8/27 Silk Hope, NC Merry Band Farm (7:00pm)
Tue 8/28 Charlotte, NC Evening Muse
Wed 8/29 Raleigh, NC Pour House (7:00pm)
Thu 8/30 Arlington, VA IOTA Club and Café (7:00pm)

Portugal. The Man headlining tour

Portugal. The Man, the experimental/alt-indie-band from Wasilla, Alaska, may not have quite as many people talking about them as fellow Wasillian Sarah Palin, but the band has developed a hell of a buzz since their stand-out performance at this year's Bonnaroo. If you missed that acclaimed show, their first-ever at a major U.S. festival, you can catch them on their North American headline tour that kicks off with two New York shows, August 4 and 5 (already sold out), and includes a stop at this year's Lollapalooza (August 9) in Chicago and Outside Lands Festival (August 29) in San Francisco (complete itinerary below).

The tour is in support of the band's brand-new album, their fourth, The Satanic Satanist (produced by Paul Q. Kolderie/Radiohead, the Pixies) which hit stores, July 21.

Touring in support of The Satanic Satanist, Portugal. The Man - guitarist/vocalist John Baldwin Gourley, bassist/singer Zachary Scott Carothers, keyboardist/singer Ryan Neighbors, and drummer Jason Sechrist - will perform some 40 shows in North America between August and October, culminating on October 23 back in New York at the CMJ Music Marathon & Film Festival.

The band will incorporate a number of the new songs into their set, and, according to Gourley, "There may be a little less jamming than we've done before, but there will be some new takes on some of the older songs."

The Satanic Satanist and this upcoming headline tour may put an end to Portugal. The Man's relative obscurity. The new album is not about the worship of Satan, but instead an 11-track, densely-layered blend of indie rock/Motown/soul/prog-ish synths/70s classic rock'n'roll serving as a bed to a very personal look at the childhood experiences of front man John Baldwin Gourley, who grew up in the wilds of the Alaskan frontier.

An album chockfull of standouts, The Satanic Satanist's lead-off track, "People Say," finds Gourley speaking out against the human cost of war, "Lovers in Love" sees the band working the groove like Isaac Hayes or Curtis Mayfield in their blaxploitation days, while "Work All Day" could pass for ?uestlove slowing down the beat to "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (Reprise)."

And then there's the packaging for The Satanic Satanist, a true throw-back to the innovative album packaging of the 60s and 70s. The package features Gourley's trademark surreal, psychedelic-era drawings, and folds out, Origami-like, into different shapes and sizes - one fan was so taken by the packaging, he posted an "unfolding" of it on the internet -

Certainly something one might expect from a Platinum-plus, major label-funded package, and not a totally DIY, breaking band.Portugal. The Man has been steadily building a devoted fan bass and garnered an strong under-the-mainstream buzz with the release of three full-length CDs, 2006's Waiter: "You Vultures!", 2007's Church Mouth (the latter of which debuted on the Billboard Top Alternative New Artists chart at lucky #13), and 2008's Censored Colors, and three EPs, The Pines, the Devil (2006), Devil Say I, I Say Air (digital EP, 2006), and It's Complicated Being a Wizard (2007).

Portugal. The Man will welcome Hockey* on the second portion of the tour and Drug Rug** as support on many of their summer/fall dates.

Dates for Portugal. The Man's Summer/Fall North American tour are as follows:

4 Union Pool, Brooklyn, NY
5 Mercury Lounge, New York, NY
7 Grog Shop, Cleveland, OH
9 Lollapalooza, Grant Park, Chicago IL (1:30PM, Playstation Stage)
11 Vaudeville Mews, Des Moines, IA
12 The Waiting Room, Omaha, NE
14 Hi-Dive, Denver, CO
27 Crepe Place, Santa Cruz, CA
29 Outside Lands Music & Arts Festival, Golden Gate Park Polo Field, San Francisco, CA(3:10PM, Panhandle Stage)

3 Fred Meyer Lounge, Linfield College, McMinnville, OR
16 The Union, LTD, Vancouver, BC CANADA
17 Chop Suey, Seattle, WA
18 WOW Hall, Eugene, OR
19 NXNW Festival/Roseland Theatre, Portland, OR
22 Harlow's San Francisco, CA
23 Independent, San Francisco, CA
25 Troubadour, Los Angeles, CA
26 Glass House, Pomona, CA
28 Belly Up, San Diego, CA
29 The Clubhouse, Tucson, AZ

1 Sante Fe Brewing Company, Santa Fe, NM
2 B-Side Lounge, Boulder, CO
3 B-Side Lounge, Boulder, CO
8 Majestic Theatre, Madison, WI
9 Turner Hall, Milwaukee, WI
10 Schubas, Chicago, IL
11 Schubas, Chicago, IL
13 Magic Bag, Detroit, MI
14 Horseshoe Tavern, Toronto, ONT CANADA
16 Maxwell's, Hoboken, NJ
18 Paradise Rock Club, Boston, MA
20 Higher Ground, Burlington, VT
21 Pearl Street, Northampton, MA
22 Johnny Brenda's Philadelphia, PA
23 Bowery Ballroom, New York, NY (CMJ)

Steely Dan to reunite with Larry Carlton for shows

Iconic Rock & Roll Hall of Famers Steely Dan have announced that they will reunite with famed session guitarist and Grammy award-winner Larry Carlton for select performances on the group’s U.S. "Rent Party ‘09 Tour." Carlton will reprise his role as the expert axe-slinger on Steely Dan’s classic 1976 album The Royal Scam, as the band performs that album in its entirety, as well as subsequent "Internet Request Nights" on the tour.

Carlton, whose legendary solo on The Royal Scam’s hit single "Kid Charlemagne" was named on Rolling Stone’s list of 100 Greatest Guitar Songs of All Time, will appear live on stage with Steely Dan at New York’s Beacon Theatre (July 31st, August 1st), L.A.’s Gibson Amphitheatre (August 24th & 25th) and the Chicago Theatre (September 3rd & 4th). The shows will also feature opening act Sam Yahel Trio.

Steely Dan masterminds Walter Becker and Donald Fagen are giving audiences an unprecedented opportunity to hear their classic albums in their entirety, as well as fan-selected sets. For multi-night stands of "Classic Album (Plus)" Nights in New York, Boston, Los Angeles and Chicago, the group will stage live versions of landmark albums Aja, Gaucho and The Royal Scam in full, along with additional select favorites.

For "Takin' It to the Seats" Internet Request Nights, the setlist will be determined by online votes from ticket-holders. In addition, Steely Dan will perform standard single-night concerts across the country, featuring setlists that will draw from their extensive repertoire of hits and favorites from throughout their career. Visit for updates, mandates, templates, reactions, redactions, retractions and miscellaneous further developments – including news of additional special guests.

Larry Carlton has garnered widespread acclaim for his unmistakable and often-imitated guitar sound, with a career spanning more than 3,000 sessions, 200 hits, 100 gold albums and 33 solo recording projects, while earning three Ad Lib awards, 18 Grammy nominations, 3 Grammy wins and Guitar Player’s prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award. Larry’s fiery and fluid solo style, utilizing sinuous lines, soulful bends, expressive vibrato, presented with impeccable phrasing and a distinctive singing tone – combined with his suave and nuanced comping style – have made him one of the most distinctive and appealing guitarists of the jazz rock era. His inspired fretwork on the Steely Dan’s Royal Scam, Aja and Gaucho albums continued the Steely tradition of guitaristic excellence well into the late middle seventies and beyond.

Steely Dan has sold more than 30 million albums worldwide, and helped define the soundtrack of the '70s with hits including "F.M.," "Bodhisattva," "Reelin’ in the Years," "Rikki Don't Lose That Number," "Deacon Blues," "Peg," "Babylon Sisters," and "Hey Nineteen," culled from their seven platinum albums issued between 1972 and 1980. They reunited in the early '90s and have toured throughout the decade and beyond, releasing multi-Grammy winner Two Against Nature in 2000 and its acclaimed follow-up Everything Must Go in 2003. They were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2001.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Support local music with Sierra Madre Sue

The FRET HOUSE in Covina boasts the longest running Open Mic Night in Los Angeles, the first Saturday of every month. Current host, RICH SEYMOUR (pictured here) invites performers to take the stage for ten minutes each, and play to an audience made up mostly of other musicians. The intimate setting offers a chance for singer/songwriters to hone their craft, and only $1 admission for all.
This Saturday afternoon, 8/1 Rich will also conduct a demonstration and discussion of acoustic guitar pickups and pickup systems, at 1:00pm. See below for details...

7/29 - "WEDNESDAY NIGHT PLATTER PARTY" @ THE BUCCANEER LOUNGE IN SIERRA MADRE, 9pm. Bring your favorite LP records and Dan Besocke will play entire sides on his turntable, commercial free! 70 W. Sierra Madre Blvd. 626-355-9045. Featuring albums from 1973, in honor of Andrea B's Birthday!!!
WED. 7/29 - JIMMY AND THE MIRCATS @ FIRST CABIN IN ARCADIA, 9pm. 46 E. Huntington Dr. 626-446-2575. No cover, full bar. 80s Rock. Wednesday nights.
WED. 7/29 - 3 FAT GUYS & SOME PUNKS @ KATIE JAKE'S IN COVINA, 9:15pm. Corner of Citrus & Workman. 626-967-2765. Full bar, no cover. Blues, Rock from Jimmy McGrew, Drake, Mike Leasure, Jamie Hunting and Gratz Arias. Most Wednesdays - call to confirm.

EVERY THURS., FRI. and SAT. - PAT O'BRIEN & THE PRIESTS OF LOVE @ FIRST CABIN IN ARCADIA, 9pm. 46 E Huntington Dr. 626-446-2575. No cover, full bar. Blues.

FRI. 7/31 - "FRIDAY NIGHTS LIVE" IN CLAREMONT, with DAFNI @ THE LAEMMLE THEATRE COURTYARD, 6 - 9pm. 450 W. 2nd St. FREE! Acoustic Folk/Country.

FRI. 7/31 - The MELLOW D'z (DAVE OSTI AND DEANNA COGAN) @ THE MAYAN BAR (inside the Aztec Hotel) in MONROVIA, 6 - 9pm Happy Hour. 311 W. Foothill Blvd. 626-358-3231. NO COVER. Full bar, coldest beer in town! Acoustic Guitar, vocals. "Hot Chick, Cool Dude & Music to suit your mood!"

7/31 - "FRIDAY NIGHT LIVE" IN KERSTING COURT, SIERRA MADRE featuring the GEM CITY JAZZ CATS, 6:30 - 9pm. At Baldwin & Sierra Madre Blvd. FREE. Stores open late, sidewalk sales, giveaways. Jazz/Swing.

FRI. 7/31 - "THE SUBS" (Better Than Blue's acoustic alter ego) @ the DOCKSIDE in WEST COVINA, 8pm - Midnight. 3057 E. Garvey Ave. North. In the bar area, but you order food there too. 626-915-3474. Danny Hesse, Felicia Bright, Robert Gonzalez. Acoustic Rock, Soul & Blues.

FRI. 7/31 - THE DRIVE NOW @ GALLI'S IN ALTA LOMA, 8pm - Midnight. 6620 Carnelian St. 909-941-1100. Full bar & kitchen. Classic Rock from Buggs and Co.

FRI. 7/31 - "SWING DANCE PARTY" with FLAT TOP TOM & HIS JUMPCATS @ CAFE 322 IN SIERRA MADRE, 8 - 11pm. 322 W. Sierra Madre Blvd. 626-836-5414. Full bar and great Italian food. "Pizza, Martinis and dancing the night away to great swing and blues!!!"

FRI. 7/31 - HORSES ON ASTROTURF @ THE BUCCANEER LOUNGE IN SIERRA MADRE, 9ish*. 70 W. Sierra Madre Blvd. 626-355-9045. Full bar, no cover, chaep drinks! Hillbilly Hippie Rock. These guys used to be one of the only bands that actually started at 9:00*.... we shall see!

FRI. 7/31 - SOUL SHAKERS, MDB (Matt Davis Band) and BEAUTIFUL DECAY @ JUANITA'S RESTAURANT & BAR IN HIGHLAND PARK, 9pm. $5 cover,I believe Blvd. 323-254-4200. MDB goes on first and features Sierra Madre Book's co-owner Jeff Ingwalson on Bass. Rock.

SAT. 8/1 - BARRY "BIG B" BRENNER @ FIREFLY BISTRO IN SOUTH PASADENA, 11am - 2pm. 1009 El Centro. 626-441-2443 . All ages. Saturday BLUES Brunch under a big breezy tent. The Mission St. Gold Line station is just a short walk away, and makes for a nice outing.

SAT. 8/1 - ACOUSTIC PICK-UPS IN-STORE DEMONSTRATION @ THE FRET HOUSE IN COVINA, 1pm. 309 N. Citrus Ave. (626) 339-7020. FREE. "Rich Seymour will be giving a demonstration of our acoustic guitar pickups and pickup systems. Come hear and talk about the differences, as well as which system is best for your guitar and your playing style."

SAT. 8/1 - AMI MOLINELLI @ CORFU RESTAURANT IN SIERRA MADRE, 6:30 - 9:30pm. 48 W. Sierra Madre Blvd. Reservations recommended. 626-355-5993. Brazilian Bossa Nova/Jazz.

SAT. 8/1 - WRECK 'N' SOW @ ME & ED'S PIZZERIA IN LAKEWOOD, 6 - 10:30pm. 4115 Paramount Blvd. 562-421-8908. Bluegrass & pizza - mmm mmm good!

SAT. 8/1 - Open Mic Night @ the FRETHOUSE in Covina. 309 N. Citrus Ave. (626) 339-7020. Always on the first Saturday of the month, and just one dollar for performers or audience. Sign-up starts at 7:30. If there aren't enough slots for everybody they'll make a list for the next month, and call you. Each act gets two songs or ten minutes, whichever comes first. The show starts at 8:00. They'll have desserts and coffee ready. Bring your friends and family and join the show!

SAT. 8/1 - LISA FINNIE & FRIENDS @ CAFE 322 IN SIERRA MADRE, 8 - 11pm. 322 W. Sierra Madre Blvd. 626-836-5414. Full bar and great Italian food. No cover, all ages. Country/Western/Jazz torch singer and guitar player.

SAT. 8/1 - THE DRIVE NOW @ THE CASK 'N' CLEAVER IN SAN DIMAS, 9pm - Closing. 125 N. Village Court. 909-592-1646. Full bar, restaurant. Classic Rock from Buggs & Co.

SAT. 8/1 - OLD CALIFORNIO and BLAINE CAMPBELL @ THE OLD TOWNE PUB IN PASADENA, 9pm. Corner of Fair Oaks & Union, behind the Container Store. Enter thru alley off of Holly Ave. 626-577-6583. Americana, Folk Rock. I LOVE Old Californio, and Campbell's myspace sounds pretty cool but is extremely hard to read!

SAT. 8/1 - BETTER THAN BLUE @ THE RANCHO BAR IN ALTADENA, 9pm. 2485 N. Lake Ave. 626-798-7634. Full bar, no cover. Rock, Soul, Blues.

SAT. 8/1 - MERCY & THE MERKETTES @ THE BUCCANEER LOUNGE IN SIERRA MADRE, 9:30pm. 70 W. Sierra Madre Blvd. Full bar, no cover, pool table, free parking. 21 & over. Packed house. R&B, Funk, Disco, Motown, Rock.

SUN. 8/2 - BARRY "BIG B" BRENNER @ FIREFLY BISTRO IN SOUTH PASADENA, 11am - 2pm. 1009 El Centro. 626-441-2443. Sunday BLUES Brunch!

SUN. 8/2- THE SILVER BEATLES @ MEMORIAL PARK BANDSHELL IN SIERRA MADRE, 6 - 8pm. Sierra Madre Blvd. at Hermosa Ave. FREE! Seating on the green. Beatles tribute band (duh.)

SUN. 8/2 - "OPERA TO BROADWAY" VOCAL PERFORMANCES @ CAFE 322 IN SIERRA MADRE, 7pm. 322 W. Sierra Madre Blvd. 626-836-5414. Full bar and great Italian food. Every Sunday evening. Get there early - they pack 'em in!

TUES. 8/4 - BORDER RADIO @ LEVITT PAVILION IN PASADENA'S MEMORIAL PARK, 6 - 7pm. Corner of Raymond & Walnut in Old Towne. Gold Line station is Memorial Park - a great way to go. Food/beverages available for purchase. 626-795-4331. Americana/Folk.

8/4 - "BBQ TUESDAY" @ MARY'S MARKET & CANYON CAFE IN SIERRA MADRE CANYON with JOE TORTOMASI ON UKULELE, 6 - 7pm and second act TBA, 7 - 9pm. 561 Woodland Ave. 626-355-4534. Cozy venue, yummy food!

8/4 - "TUESDAY NIGHT TRIVIA" @ CAFE 322 with QUIZMASTER MIDGE, 8pm. $2 per person to play, CASH or gift certificates to the top 3 teams. 322 W. Sierra Madre Blvd. 626-836-5414. Addicting and profitable!

WED. 8/5 thru SUN. 8/9 - the GOIN' SOUTH BAND @ ORANGE COUNTY FAIRGROUNDS IN COSTA MESA, 2 shows daily, 3pm and 5pm. Fair admission required. California Roots super group with JOHN ZERETZKE, RICK CUNHA, VIC KOLER, RICK SHEA, CODY BRYANT, PAUL LACQUES, and FRED SOKOLOW.

8/5 - "WEDNESDAY NIGHT PLATTER PARTY" @ THE BUCCANEER LOUNGE IN SIERRA MADRE, 9pm. Bring your favorite LP records and Dan Besocke will play entire sides on his turntable, commercial free! 70 W. Sierra Madre Blvd. 626-355-9045.
WED. 8/5 - JIMMY AND THE MIRCATS @ FIRST CABIN IN ARCADIA, 9pm. 46 E. Huntington Dr. 626-446-2575. No cover, full bar. 80s Rock. Wednesday nights.
WED. 8/5 - 3 FAT GUYS & SOME PUNKS @ KATIE JAKE'S IN COVINA, 9:15pm. Corner of Citrus & Workman. 626-967-2765. Full bar, no cover. Blues, Rock from Jimmy McGrew, Drake, Mike Leasure, Jamie Hunting and Gratz Arias. Most Wednesdays - call to confirm.

THURS. 8/6 - DAVE ALVIN & THE GUILTY WOMEN @ THE SANTA MONICA PIER, 7 - 10pm. FREE! Americana Rock. Sorry I'm gonna miss this one.

THURS. 8/6 - COW BOP @ CAFE 322 IN SIERRA MADRE, 8 - 11pm. 322 W. Sierra Madre Blvd. 626-836-5414. Full bar & great Italian food. Cowboy Jazz, Western Bebop. PintoPammy on vocals.

EVERY THURS., FRI. and SAT. - PAT O'BRIEN & THE PRIESTS OF LOVE @ FIRST CABIN IN ARCADIA, 9pm. 46 E Huntington Dr. 626-446-2575. No cover, full bar. Blues.

FRI. 8/7 - The MELLOW D'z (DAVE OSTI AND DEANNA COGAN) @ THE MAYAN BAR (inside the Aztec Hotel) in MONROVIA, 6 - 9pm Happy Hour. 311 W. Foothill Blvd. 626-358-3231. NO COVER. Full bar, coldest beer in town! Acoustic Guitar, vocals. "Hot Chick, Cool Dude & Music to suit your mood!"

8/7 - "FRIDAY NIGHT LIVE" IN KERSTING COURT, SIERRA MADRE featuring TIMMIE DOWN, 6:30 - 9pm. At Baldwin & Sierra Madre Blvd. FREE. Stores open late, sidewalk sales, giveaways. Rock favorites. Spnosored by the S.M. Chamber of Commerce.

FRI. 8/7 - "THE SUBS" (Better Than Blue's acoustic alter ego) @ the DOCKSIDE in WEST COVINA, 8pm - Midnight. 3057 E. Garvey Ave. North. In the bar area, but you order food there too. 626-915-3474. Danny Hesse, Felicia Bright, Robert Gonzalez. Acoustic Rock, Soul & Blues.

FRI. 8/7 - LESLIE & THE NEILSONS @ THE AMERICAN LEGION IN HIGHLAND PARK, 8:30pm. $2 cover, I believe. 227 N. Avenue 55. 323-254-5646. Along with 4 other bands. Punk, Rock. Leslie, Raghead, etc.

FRI. 8/7 - THE RUNNING KIND @ THE BUCCANEER LOUNGE IN SIERRA MADRE, 9:30pm. 2 sets. 70 W. Sierra Madre Blvd. 626-355-9045. No cover, full bar, 21 & over. Traditional Country, great harmonies.

SAT. 8/8 - OPEN MIC AND BBQ @ MARY'S MARKET AND CANYON CAFE IN SIERRA MADRE CANYON, 12 - 3pm. 561 Woodland Ave. 626-355-4534. Small parking lot, but plenty more on Sturtevant. Sign up to play by e-mailing Faithanne at:

SAT. 8/8 - THOSE MANNING BOYS with special guests WRECK 'N' SOW @ FARNSWORTH PARK IN ALTADENA, 7:30pm. FREE. 568 E. Mt. Curve Ave. Sponsored by the Sheriff's Dept. 626-791-3747. Irish song & dance.

SAT. 8/8 - THE B.O. TRIO featuring JEFF STETSON, play "A MIXED BAG AND SOME BLUES" @ ZEPHYR COFFEE HOUSE IN PASADENA, 8:30 - 10pm. 2419 E. Colorado Blvd., just E. of Sierra Madre Blvd. 626-793-7330. Soups, sandwiches, coffee, tea, smoothies, etc.

SAT. 8/8 - SNOTTY SCOTTY & THE HANKIES @ THE BUCCANEER LOUNGE IN SIERRA MADRE, 9:30pm. 70 W. Sierra Madre Blvd. 626-355-9045. No cover, full bar, cheap drinks. My birthday eve. 60's Garage Rock & wacky antics from these Pasadena legends.

SUN. 8/9 - THE MELLOW D'z (Dave Osti & Deanna Cogan) @ CAFE 322 IN SIERRA MADRE, 1:30 - 4:30pm. 322 W. Sierra Madre Blvd. 626-836-5414. Full bar & great Italian food. Acoustic Rock faves. (filling in for New Astroturf, who will be back on 8/23.)

SUN. 8/9- ALUMINUM MARSHMALLOW & THE AGE OF AQUARIUS HORNS @ MEMORIAL PARK BANDSHELL IN SIERRA MADRE, 6 - 8pm. Sierra Madre Blvd. at Hermosa Ave. FREE! Seating on the green. MY BIRTHDAY PARTY, and I don't have to clean up before or after!

SUN. 8/9 - FLAT TOP TOM & HIS JUMPCATS @ HERITAGE PARK IN LA VERNE, 6:30pm. 5001 Via de Mansion (at Wheeler Ave.) 909-513-2862. FREE! Jump/Swing.

SUN. 8/9 - "OPERA TO BROADWAY" VOCAL PERFORMANCES @ CAFE 322 IN SIERRA MADRE, 7pm. 322 W. Sierra Madre Blvd. 626-836-5414. Full bar and great Italian food. Every Sunday evening. Get there early - they pack 'em in!

Please remember to call and verify all info. before making plans. Everything is subject to change. This is show biz, after all...

Hope to see you out & about,

Join Esotouric for Blood & Dumplings... crime bus tour

Explore L.A.'s oddball criminal history on the Blood & Dumplings bus tour

WHAT: Esotouric's Blood & Dumplings crime bus tour of the San Gabriel Valley

WHEN: Saturday August 15, 2009, 12pm-4pm (repeats 12/12)

WHERE: Tour departs from Lincoln Heights/Cypress Gold Line Metro station, 370 W. Ave 26, LA, CA 90031

COST: $63, includes dumplings (vegetarian options available on request)

DISCOUNT TICKETS: New 6-Pack (single user) and 12-Pack (multi-user) tickets make Esotouric's tours much more affordable. Details at

INFO: or call 323-223-2767

On Saturday, August 15, the eclectic bus adventure company Esotouric presents its most bizarre true crime and cultural history tour, BLOOD & DUMPLINGS. The tour celebrates a surprising side of Los Angeles history not found in tour books.

And in a brand new offer, passengers can get deep discounts on the Esotouric bus when using Solo 6-Pack ($40/each) or Shareable 12-Pack ($39/each) discount tickets. (Add $5 dumpling fee for this tour only).

Starting from the premise that the secret heart of Southern California's weirdo pop culture beats strongest in the Eastern San Gabriel Valley, the tour introduces passengers to such fascinating local characters as the costumed Man from Mars Bandit, eccentric record producer and ladykiller Phil Spector, lion farmers Charles and Muriel Gay, and DIY filmmaking icon Timothy Carey, whose notorious "The World's Greatest Sinner" was shot on location in 1960s El Monte.

Heading due East out of downtown, the tour explores several historic communities that reflect the growth and eccentricity that are hallmarks of 20th century Los Angeles. Crime Bus passengers will discover notorious, strange, fascinating and forgotten tales from the past hundred years, each told at the scene of the crime. They'll thrill to the freakish case of the Man from Mars Bandit who stalked area supermarkets for months in 1951 before meeting his match in a police sharpshooter, shock to discover the deadly infighting among El Monte's hippie-era American Nazi Party members, mourn the Case of the Buried Bride dragged beneath her home on her wedding day by her secret lover, gnash teeth at the famous lion farm (home to every MGM lion) that served lion meat BBQ on special occasions, and view scenes of notorious cases including Phil Spector's spooky hilltop castle and James Ellroy's slain mother Geneva (the true-life inspiration for his Black Dahlia novel).

And since no visit to the San Gabriel Valley is complete without a delicious Chinese meal, the Crime Bus will stop at 101 Noodle Express (one of L.A.Weekly critic Jonathan Gold's picks for 99 L.A. restaurants not to be missed) to pick up a dumpling feast, which will be enjoyed picnic-style at Monster Park, a remarkable sea-themed folk art environment recently saved from demolition. There passengers can enjoy their snack in the mouth of a concrete whale, or under a grinning octopus, then pose for photos with the creatures.

All this, plus wild shootouts, dope-dealing druggists, missing Salvador Dali paintings and the original "little girl down a well" 1940s televisionsensation. Don't miss the Crime Bus tour that guide Kim Cooper calls "My personal favorite of all our tours, packed with more offbeat history, horror, roadside architecture and fabulous Route 66 vistas than any other."

For more info on Esotouric, visit

Upcoming Esotouric bus tour schedule
Sat Aug 1 - The Real Black Dahlia
Sat Aug 8 - Pasadena Confidential
Thurs Aug 13 - The Hippodrome (Downtown Art Walk Shuttle, free)
Sat Aug 15 - Blood & Dumplings
Sat Aug 22 - Hotel Horrors & Main Street Vice
Sat Aug 29 - Reyner Banham Loves LA: The Lowdown on Downtown-The Secret History of LA
Thurs Sept 10 - The Hippodrome (Downtown Art Walk Shuttle, free)
Sat Sept 12 - The Birth of Noir: James M. Cain's Southern California Nightmare
Sat Sept 19 - John Buntin's L.A. Noir (debut)
Thurs Oct 8- The Hippodrome (Downtown Art Walk Shuttle, free)
Sat Oct 10 - Wild Wild West Side
Sat Oct 17 ­ Raymond Chandler's Bay City
Sat Oct 31 - Save the date for a Halloween surprise tour!
Sun Nov 1 ­ Reyner Banham Loves LA: South LA
Sat Nov 7 - Charles Bukowski's LA
Thurs Nov 12 - The Hippodrome (Downtown Art Walk Shuttle, free)
Sat Nov 14 - The Real Black Dahlia
Sat December 5 ­ Pasadena Confidential
Thurs Dec 10 - The Hippodrome (Downtown Art Walk Shuttle, free)
Sat December 12 ­ Blood & Dumplings