Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Elyse Bruce releases new video

Fans of singer/songwriter Elyse Bruce will be familiar with The Mad Hatter Video.


"The Mad Hatter" is a five minute video which couples Elyse Bruce's song "The Mad Hatter" from her "Countdown to Midnight" CD, with information about Autism Spectrum Disorders in an effort to bring attention to ASDs.

Now comes Autoroute:


"Autoroute" is the newest video featuring the song "Autoroute" from the 2007 CD "Countdown To Midnight" by Elyse Bruce.

Look for stunning images of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway in this tourism video.

A percentage from the sale of each “Countdown to Midnight” CD by Elyse Bruce is donated to Autism organizations in Canada and the United States.

Elyse Bruce is the founder of the Midnight In Chicago tourism and culture initiative which raises funds and awareness for autism spectrum disorders and Myasthenia Gravis. Artist Thomas D. Taylor, is the co-creative of the initiative. It is his artwork that appears on the cover of the Bruce’s “Countdown to Midnight” and “Midnight In Chicago” CDs.

In addition to “The Mad Hatter” and “Autoroute,” Bruce has produced “Tell Me What Time It Is”.


"Tell Me What Time It Is" is a nine and a half minute instructional video which chronicles, among other things, what it is like for a 13 year old boy with Asperger Syndrome and Myasthenia Gravis to undergo the IVIG treatment procedure.

She also created “Wonderworks.”


"Wonderworks" tracks one of the adventures of "Codeboy", a 13 year old boy with autism and Myasthenia Gravis as he tours "Wonderworks" an amazing tourist attraction in Pigeon Forge Tennessee. Set to Elyse Bruce's song "I Live My Life", this video proves that kids with autism and MG can do anything.

Information about Midnight In Chicago can be found at the end of this five minute video. Elyse Bruce is working on more video and musical projects. News will soon be forthcoming on those, so stay tuned.

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