Friday, July 31, 2009

Discover Hafez Nazeri

30-yr-old Iranian musician Hafez Nazeri is Iran's most influential young composer. Here's why:

€Hafez Nazeri is the son of Shahram Nezari, the internationally acclaimed "Pavarotti of Iran," who was the first musician to set Rumi's poetry to music. Hafez describes his compositions as “a musical discourse to promote world peace” that incorporate both Western and Iranian traditions while transcending political and ideological boundaries. He will present his music in LA October 3rd at 7:30 PM at the Pantages Theatre and NYC November 14th at 8 pm at Carnegie Hall (marking the first Iranian headline concert at Carnegie Hall).

€Given the turmoil in Iran, Hafez feels very strongly about representing his country with his music: "At a time when all that we hear about Iran is filtered through headlines of intolerance, chaos and violence, it is important to portray a 7,000 year cultural history with its deeply poetic and artistic mystical traditions," explains Nazeri.

€Hafez Nazeri’s lauded 2007 album, ‘The Passion of Rumi,’ was called one of the best world music albums of the year by Los Angeles Times and the Boston Globe.

€Hafez Nazeri recently invented a modified version of a setar called the "Hafez." Named in honor of his namesake - the great 13th century mystic poet - the “Hafez” extends the range of the setar by incorporating two additional low strings to craft greater melodic and harmonic range.

€Hafez Nazeri's music is the sound of a free and borderless generation that preserves the essence and elemental structures of Persian music, while embracing new ideas developed out of Western Classical music such as orchestration, harmony, rhythmic patterns and melodic forms.

€Watch Hafez Nazeri's interview with ABC news at:

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