Friday, July 24, 2009

End o' week musings

I spent last night tossing and turning in bed because it was too hot and sticky and my fan wasn't cutting it. The alarm chimed and I tried to reset it for later and find another cool spot on my pillow, but it wasn't to be. I was awake. Wide awake. And it was Friday, the start to a weekend of craziness! But I regress....

Last Saturday Zaynah and I danced at the Tex Mex Grill in Glendora for Mark Moran's Up the Trail From Texas Showcase. The stage was small and filled with two pianos, so we danced on the floor in front of it. We did five numbers, some with swords, and the crowd seemed to enjoy us.

We stayed to watch the other acts-- all singer/songwriters. They were all very good. The food at the place was very reasonably priced and quite yummy, plus they make a mean margarita.

The next showcase is set for August 15. For more information visit and drop Mark an e-mail. Also, I should post show info on my blog when I receive the lineup from Mark.
Sunday morning I took my mother to see the "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince." She loved it. I can take or leave Harry Potter, I just don't get into some of those fantasy things. I have never been able to make it through "Lord of the Rings" and believe that Hobbits are best when used to check caves for dragons.... Yeah, that may be mean, but then I did some time as an anti-paladin in a Dugeons and Dragons game....

The Harry Potter film was OK. The cinematography and acting was very good, the action moved, it was just the plot that didn't bite me. But then, like I said, I'm not a fan. And perhaps I'm weird, but what's with the owl? I know that Harry's owl is like a familiar, in that she goes wherever he does, so naturally I paid attention the two times characters pointed her out. The problem was that after a big event in the film you never saw her again.

I don't think the owl died because Harry would have had to react. But where did she go? And why do they make it a point to show her very obviously TWICE early in the film and never mention or show her again?
So guess what happened? I spent the last three-quarters of the film watching fruitlessly for that stupid owl and wondering where the heck she was. And I'll tell you where she was-- on the cutting room floor! Darn these filmmakers who do this stuff to me!!

When I came into work on Monday I asked several co-workers what happened to the owl and they didn't know and - more importantly - they said it didn't matter, as one could assume she had safely returned to school with Harry. They even became a little frustrated and tiffed with me because I had "needlessly" worried.

So what is to be learned by this lesson? Don't trust owls? Don't trust filmmakers who edit owls out? Don't trust your co-workers?

None of the above: Chalk it up as just shy of three hours spent in air conditioning and a comfy chair for only $6! (yeah, I took in the matinee).

I spent the rest of my week interviewing singer/songwriter Scott Warren and Varnsi Tadepalli of Who's Bad, an awesome Michael Jackson tribute band. I also got in a dance practice and started relearning how to do a decent pull-up.

Tonight I'm going to the Glass House in Pomona to see Enter Shikari. The headliner is August Burns Red, so it's going to be a good show. Saturday I'm off to the Hollywood Bowl for Jewel and Michael Feinstein. Sunday will find me at the movies again for "G-Force" and then in the evening watching Colin Hay (Men at Work) in Burbank.

I'm off Monday, so no blogging.... try to make it through, OK?? lol!

In rotation this week: Supagroup, Static Thought, John Oates, Chris and Thomas, Chimaira, Lacuna Coil, Jewel, August Burns Red and Joe Walla.
Photos we got 'em: Cute pet pix from and enjoy!
Also *** SPECIAL BONUS *** My friend and photographer extraordinare Walt Mancini shared a link to his web pages about the trip he and his wife took to Mexico. These are sooo fantastic that I had to share them (with his permission) with you.
Take an armchair trip by visiting:

Thought o' the week: Center yourself. Lately my schedule has been getting hectic and I feel like I can barely turn around and I have something else that needs to be done. On top of that I've been getting lots of invitations for fun. It can be hard to balance all this stuff... Laundry can wait, trash and dishes can't, that phone call can be returned the next day, my story deadline must be met now... you get the idea. So what's a grrrl to do?

I try to make a little time for myself every day. In the mornings I do a little workout and after work I go for a walk, followed by another workout or dancing. While exercising I try to clear my mind, breathe deep and have a little "me time." After I workout I always pause for a minute to center myself and just be. This translates to sitting comfortably and quietly and not thinking about anything, just enjoying a ray of sun crossing my back, a cool breeze from my fan, a bird's song outside or any other special little gift the day brings. This little break gives me a boost of new energy and I'm ready to take on the world again.

When was the last time you took a minute for just you? You need it and you deserve it. It will make you happier and kinder and more positive. Try it!

Keep on rockin'

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