Tuesday, July 28, 2009

"Footsteps in Africa" soundtrack to be released

KiahKeya, an innovative New York-based production company that focuses on promoting cross-cultural relationships through multi-media collaborations, is pleased to announce the soundtrack of their most recent feature film Footsteps in Africa, is scheduled for release on September 18, 2009 through BFM Digital. The DVD is currently available for purchase on the project’s website at www.footstepsafrica.com.

The film will also be screened four times at the Downtown Independent Theater at 8pm on August 5th, 6th, 8th and at 1pm on August 9th. The Downtown Independent Theater is located at 251 S. Main Street, Los Angeles, California, 90012. Footsteps in Africa Director Kathi von Koeber will do a Q&A after the screening on August 5th. Footsteps in Africa is handled by 7th Art Releasing for North American Theatrical and Broadcast distribution.

Footsteps in Africa, which has won acclaim at festivals such as the Ashland Film Festival and the San Francisco Black Film Festival, is an intimate journey into the music and culture of the Taureg/Kel Tamashek nomads of Mali. A full-length visual masterpiece, the documentary witnesses the colorful music of the daily life and rituals of the Saharan desert nomads. The soundtrack features acclaimed Malian artists Tinariwen and Habib Koite along with Iranian composer Jamshied Sharifi and Moroccan superstar Hassan Hakmoun, as well as live field-recordings and interviews.

A percentage of profits from the DVD and soundtrack’s sales will go directly to the Tuareg families and representatives featured in the film. More specifically, the money will go towards maintaining clean and accessible water wells, the most delicate resource in the desert. Part of the intention behind Footsteps in Africa is to expose the world to the struggles these nomads face daily; any monetary support will be the practical solution to the issues voiced in the film.

Kathi von Koerber, the founder of KiahKeya and director of Footsteps in Africa, believes “the wisdom that nomadic life entails in the harsh climates of the Sahara, gives deep insight into humans' relationship to the earth, on a transcendental frequency. The Taureg/Kel Tamashek, being keepers of ancient music and dance, allow the frequency to speak through their lifestyles, hearts, music, and melody. Footsteps in Africa is a musical voyage that allows its essence to speak for itself.”

Von Koerber who has worked for years with many indigenous cultures adds that she “believes it is in this spirit that all of the musicians involved with Footsteps in Africa soundtrack have generously donated their art and time in deference to a greater cause.”

Footsteps in Africa is the first film in a series of similar documentaries von Koerber and KiahKeya are producing. The next two will focus on Pygmy culture in Gabon, Africa and the Yanomami of the Amazon. In these films the people are not reported upon in the traditional western sense, but are recorded as they live, playing an integral role in telling their own story. These films are designed to be in line with the ancient, deep rooted, tribal traditions of these people and outside of the strictly linear style of typical documentaries.

About KiahKeya:
KiahKeya is a global production company and platform that aims to serve as an enabler for artists who burn to share and disseminate their diverse cultural influences. KiahKeya seeks to navigate that cultural space between “modern” societies and tribal traditions where our common humanity allows interchanges in performing, socio-environmental and healing arts. KiahKeya extends its spirit of community internationally through performance events, organized workshops, film and video productions.

The mission of KiahKeya is to empower creative artists to cross-pollinate their ideas and step beyond mastering technique to engage cultural osmosis, in turn, using their skills to inspire that collective wisdom and common humanity in others. www.kiahkeya.com

About Kathi von Koerber:
Kathi von Koerber has had an extensive experience planning and curating multi-media events in the US, Europe, Latin America and Africa, and has traveled and performed internationally as a dancer and multi-media artist, working with such diverse communities as Jao Hansi Bushmen and Zulu tribes of Southern Africa, the Xawante of Brazil, the Lakota tribe of the United States and more.

The KiahKeya community mirrors her personal odyssey, from when she lived in China studying calligraphy to her years living in South Africa, Europe, New York City and in recent years, her travels to both urban and rural areas of Central and South America. Von Koerber has a background in film and video production and continues to produce her own films under the umbrella of KiahKeya, often collaborating with artists and innovators on projects with a greater altruistic cause or message, be it artistically, environmentally, or culturally.

About BFM
BFM Digital is a global digital music company committed to serving the independent music community and delivering quality music, spoken word and video content to leading online retailers worldwide. Representing a diverse catalog of indie labels, artists and publishers, BFM distributes to all of the major music services including iTunes, Amazon, Rhapsody, eMusic, Napster, Walmart, Nokia and many more. With an unparalleled commitment to personalized service, BFM works closely with its content providers from around the world to ensure maximum exposure of its catalog by customizing marketing efforts and building strong relationships with BFM's digital store partners. www.bfmdigital.com

About 7th Art Releasing
Seventh Art Releasing (SAR) is an independent distribution and foreign sales company that also provides marketing and theatrical releasing services for studios, music labels and independent producers. Our films have received numerous awards including an Oscar and seven Academy Award nominations. We have handled over 200 films to date including: Jonestown: The Life and Death of Peoples Temple (Academy shortlist 2007), Balseros (Academy nominee 2004), Word Wars (Official selection, 2004 Sundance Film Festival), American Pimp (Official selection, 1999 Sundance Film Festival) and Long Way Home (Academy Award winner, Best Documentary Feature 1997). Companies we have provided theatrical services for include Warner Home Video, MGM, MCA Universal, HBO, A&E, Columbia Tri-Star, and EMI.

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