Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Brian Kenney Fresno coming to L.A. this week

hello LA!

this message was written a while ago, butt my computer is all Microsoffed up.it is late. the next weak i reefer to is tommorrow and Wednsday. Sorry It's been so long- it's not that i don't like you- it's more of a waryness i feel toward you... I am Playin some shows next week in LA that i hope some of you will attend.

tues night July 28th i'm Doin a Kid / family friendly show at
Grow kid Grow
4310 west sunset blvd
LA900296- 8 pm
this is a 2nd hand Kids store- I'm not sure how this works, but i think they may sell kids their, ages 0 - 9.

wed July 29th I'm at Juanita's
5930 York Blvd
Highland Park CA 90042
This is with my deer friends, and you should see every band on the bill- i set it up cause i love them all.
1st Harvey Sid Fisher- This man was on "I dream of Jeannie" do i have to say more? well, i shoold, but my Tendons are inflamed, see below.
2nd up is my long time LA pals "Breech", who Introduced me to many of you, and are simply lovely.
I'm on 3rd and
4th is Rademacher, my friends from Fresno that will steal your heart. take a nap, drink lots of coffee- take whatever kind of drugs the kids are taking these days to catch everything and stay awake forever.

i just got back from the NW leg of my "Believe the Hype, Smell the Magic Tour 2009", which was on the heels of my 12 hour marathon concert June 21st, so I'm in top form, though a little injured from that. I'll be fine thanks, don't cry for me, I'm Brian Kenney Fresno! we have so much to catch up on, can't wait to see you! I'll have backup, and metal detectors will be in use at the club entrance, so don't try any funny bizness. i call Truce.

Lots of love,
Brian Kenney Fresno

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