Friday, April 29, 2011

End o' Week Musings

I'm finally feeling caught up on my sleep and I know I'm going to be exhausting again by Monday! But then, who needs sleep when there's so many cool things to do?!

Last Friday, my friends Kady, Jessica and Keith invited me to join them for the Prince concert at the L.A. Forum. I have long been a fan, as his musicianship is very impressive. Did you know that Prince can play more than 30 different instruments and played a lot of the music himself on his albums? He also is very versatile and not just a pop phenom, but can hold his own in the blues, rock and more.

Jessica had gone out earlier in the day and bought each of us grrrls a purple boa to wear to the concert and Kady bought each of us a Prince symbol necklace when we arrived at the venue. We were ready for fun! Kady said the seats were quite high up, but they turned out to be in a good spot, as the "front" of the stage faced us, as did Prince for most of the show.

Prince was fantastic. He did an assortment of tunes, along with a medley of most of his hits. The audience whined as he kept stopping to go to the next tune and finally Prince stopped-- "I have too many hits," he laughed and went on.

Alicia Keys joined him on stage for a wonderful duet. Also, his backup singers were fantastic. One did a gorgeous blues number while he was changing and she held out a note so long that I felt like I need to breathe! It was a terrific concert. Thanks again my friends!

Saturday morning I made it out to the Renaissance Faire- tired, but ready to perform. We had a good day and then in the evening, Ad Hoc Consort played for an Easter service at an Episcopalian church in Ontario. We were in the choir balcony by the pipe organ, so I got to see our director as he played the organ-- he was quite amazing.

Just before midnight we went out on the roof and watched fireworks (fireworks for Jesus-- how cool is that?!) while our director rang the huge church bell. After the service we were invited to the Parish Hall for refreshments, which turned out to be a huge buffet complete with desserts and good coffee. We also toasted Easter with mugs of imported German beer. I had just a little bit because I was tired and still had to drive home.

Sunday, tired still, I trudged back to the Faire for more. It was a quiet day, as the crowd was down, but still fun. My friend John turned up, so when we finished performing for the day, I wandered around with him until we had enough. I got home, changed and then went to Millie's with my mom for dinner, after which I went straight to bed.

This week I interviewed Louis Posen, owner of Hopeless Records and the founder of Sub City and its Take Action Tour and recordings. He was very interesting and pleasant. It's so refreshing to hear from someone who actively seeks ways to help others-- over the past 10 years, Sub City has given more than $2 million to more than 50 non-profit organizations!

I also visited the Clayton Brothers Studio to speak with them about their upcoming exhibit at the Pasadena Museum of California Art. Nice guys, interesting work. I found some of their pieces quite beautiful with one glance, but most of them made me want to return to look at them again to see what more I could discover. I want to go to the exhibit too because I was able to see one of their installation/sculptures that will be set up in the museum. It's a replica of a laundromat with sound and everything, which will be smaller than it really is, but still big enough to walk into. Look up the Clayton boyz on the Web to get a peek at what you else you might see.

Today finds me in my tiara and royal jewels toasting Kate and William's nuptials. Some of the ladies in my department are also dressed up-- we have too much fun here, don't tell! I will be joining Carin and Tom at Maggie's Pub tonight for dinner and more royal revelry.

Speaking of revelry, tomorrow is the 34.5th Occasional Pasadena Doo Dah Parade. I will be working as an announcer for an Internet and cable television broadcast-- I'm sooo excited! Please come say hello if you see me. And here's the best spot for all the info:

I will be going from the parade to the Renaissance Faire to attend the wedding of two of my musician friends, Fred and Joyce. It's actually more romantic than the royal wedding, as they truly make beautiful music together.

Later, I'm planning to go to Bogfest, a free concert featuring the Poxy Boggers at 8 p.m. near the pool at the Doubletree Hotel in Monrovia. Everyone is welcome, come out and join the fun. And then back to the Faire Sunday. If I'm not pooped and get out early, I will trundle out to the Coffee Gallery in Altadena for the opening of Richard Davies' art show. His work is wonderful and he's a sweetie!

Next week I have lots of little things to do, plus I'm planning to catch Anchored and Black Label Society at the House of Blues in West Hollywood on the 6th.

In rotation this week: Meatloaf, Carbon 9, Britney Spears, Otis Taylor and Silverstein.

Photos we got 'em: Two photos of my friend Joanne's talented Westie Colonel in his agility class at the Pasadena Humane Society. He loves showing off and has a lovely personality. Also two pics from the Web that made me smile.

Thought o' the Week: Celebrate. Maybe you're not into the royal wedding or attending a parade, but there's lots of other things to toast. I'm happy to have a decent place to live, a job that I love and wonderful friends and that's something I celebrate every day. So give it a little thought, pick up your cup of coffee, glass of juice or whatever and cheers! to life! and

Keep on rockin'


Reader shares vintage Chevrolet story

I just love it when my readers send me mail! Here's a little nostalgia and a lot of coolness from one of the most interesting music - and train - writers I know. Thank you, Bobby! ~ M

Hi Mickie,

Here's a photo with several things that are long gone, inspired by the band (Los Fabulocos featuring Kid Ramos' shot for their new album, "Dos") photo taken from inside a vintage Chevrolet.

The car-- a 1941 Chevy Special Deluxe sedan, bought new by my parents at Frank D. Clay Chevrolet in Lamanda Park (an area soon to have the Doo Dah parade livening things up). Finally sold in 1972 when finding parts became too much of a hassle.

The building-- the former PE Pasadena carbarn, by then used for RTD buses. Damaged beyond repair by an earthquake in 1971. Not a trace remains, although some manhole covers with "PE" cast into them wound up at OERM.

The intersection of Pacific and Electric--now covered by new construction.

The streetlight--an old incandescent model with a "radial wave" shade. There's a similar fixture in front of the meeting hall at OERM.

We now return you to the 21st Century....

Bobby Boy

Watch the Pasadena Doo Dah Parade live

Can't make it out to the 34.5th Occasional Pasadena Doo Dah Parade tomorrow? Rather stay home in your jammies? You can still catch the action live at:

Benefits for kidney patient in Covina and Rosemead in May

Rosemead Moose Lodge To Host
“Benefit Dinner”
For “Kidney Transplant”
May 28, 2011
Rosemead Moose Lodge
9304 Mission Dr
Rosemead, CA
Doors Open at 5:00pm for Cocktails
Dinner Starts at 6:00pm
Live Music by “Frader”
Donated Items to be Raffled off
Proceeds to be donated to the
“Phillip Castaneda Kidney Fund”
Your Host and Hostess are
Roland Rodriguez & Diana Stark
Chef “Roland Rodriguez” to prepare
“Chicken bill of Fare”
With special Dessert by
“Diana Stark”
RSVP on “FaceBook” under “Benefit Dinner”
Or By E-Mail to “

The English Beat in SoCal May 13-28 and Aug. 20

THE ENGLISH BEAT have quite a few shows coming up...

May 13 @ House of Blues - Anaheim, CA
May 14 & 20 @ T. Boyle Tavern - Pasadena, CA
May 21 @ Brixton - Redondo Beach, CA
May 28 @ Lake Arrowhead Resort & Spa (FREE Show) - Lake Arrowhead, CA
August 20 @ Pershing Square - Los Angeles, CA

Recent News:

Folk Tree Pasadena offers Oaxacan folk art tour June 28-July 9

June 28 – July 9, 2011

Rocky Behr, the world traveling owner of The Folk Tree in Pasadena, is now accepting inscriptions for her summer Mexican adventure into the world of Oaxacan Folk Art. Participants will be treated to the best that Oaxaca has to offer, including private visits with famous and collectable artists; woodcarvers, potters, tinsmiths, weavers, and paper artists.

The tour continues with visits to the important pre-Columbian sites of Dainzu, the ruins of Lambityeco, fascinating Monte Alban and Mitla; world class archeology sites with a presentation by the archeologist who has been studying them for years; a cooking class with the renowned Susanna Trilling; visits to off the track local markets, a sixteenth century monastery, and the various small villages famous for their artists.

Rocky has been leading respected tours in Oaxaca for more than twenty-five years. Her knowledge is extensive, and she shares if freely. Folk Tree Tours offer culture, shopping and gastronomic delights and fun for participants.

Oaxaca is a beautiful colonial city and is free of the violence one hears about in the press. The tour is limited to a small group, so reservations are a must. To find out more, request the tour brochure, and join the tour, call or email us.

WHEN: June 28 – July 9, 2011


WHO: Folk Tree Tours, Inc.
217 South Fair Oaks Avenue
Pasadena, CA 91105
Rocky Behr

PHONE: (626) 795-8733


Country Mice to release album

Twister Out June 7th On Wao Wao Records

What does Country Mice front-man Jason Rueger have in common with less than 300 people in the US? Growing up in Beattie, that’s ruralest of rural Kansas. On a farm of course, that was passed down through three generations of his family and old enough to be on the Pony Express route. “Family, friends, and working the land gave us a good wholesome life”.

Walking dirt road paths, working and living off the land, squinting his eyes at the sun, but with headphones on, it is not the bucolic atmosphere but music that most inspires him. At an early age, Rueger sets his sights for something different than the surrounding dirt and milo that stung his eyes and cut his hands.

Breaking away from the close-knit ties of friends and family, Rueger moves east, not to Nashville, where you might expect a country boy to venture, but to Brooklyn. It doesn’t take long to hook up with fellow Midwest transplants Ben Bullington (guitar) and Kurt Kuehn (drums) as they all quickly band together, finding comfort in their shared sense of displacement. Eventually, as the trio becomes more assimilated to their new surroundings, they recruit upstate New Yorker Mike Feldman (bass).

As Country Mice, they rally together to craft apocalyptic ballads through amplifier hazes that thicken into funnel clouds, drums that stomp-clap sedately before the storm peaks, and bass tones that thicken the bloodstream. Rueger draws on his small town rearing with sophistication beyond the ordinarily romantic and reductive Americana troubadour, and his songwriting is anything but dime a dozen.

Strong traces of Neil Young and Wilco are mixed into modern experimental guitar sounds that any fan of mid-90’s Sonic Youth and Dinosaur Jr. will love. Living and gigging in Brooklyn, Country Mice begin to fully develop their sound, which becomes by influenced the other hardworking bands of Brooklyn's fast-paced scene. With the release of two 7” singles and a limited edition cassette on Brooklyn-based indie labels, Country Mice embarked on several national US tours, recorded and recently released a Daytrotter Session, played CMJ and is heading to and touring around SXSW.

For the spring, they will unleash a new single “Festival” on March 28 and their debut album Twister on June 7th, a record that sonically chisels through the calloused shell of glossy rock & roll to find the dissonant live wire beneath and play it for all its worth. It tells a tale of strained memory: the hardships, joys, and love of growing up in a small town in the Midwest, with the hopes and dreams of traveling the world – a record for every kid seeing the big world from his small bedroom window.

1. Ghost
2. Festival
3. Morning Son
4. Rabbit On A Leash
5. Close Behind
6. Clover
7. Worn Hearts
8. Bullet of a Gun
9. Shasta

Rhino Records pop up store May 27-June 12 in LA

Rhino Records, the legendary Westwood storefront that provided music lovers with a place to commune, find great deals, and hear rising music stars from 1973 to 2005, is popping up again just blocks from the original location from May 27 to June 12, 2011 at 10952 Santa Monica Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90025, to raise funds for The Recording Academy’s popular music community services charity MusicCares.

Last year Rhino founder Richard Foos resurrected his legendary store for a blow out pop up sale to raise money for jobs creation charity Chrysalis. The 2011 event will prove a worthy successor as Richard is teaming up with Gary Stewart, an original Rhino store employee and former Senior Vice President of A&R for the Rhino label.

Stocked with the usual, the unusual and the even more unusual from the record collections of record geeks, nerds and fanatics, plus generous donations from top record labels and studios, the two-week plus event will raise money and reunite a community of music lovers, vinyl aficionados, and die hard record store fans. Customers will enjoy terrific bargains and an eclectic program of in-store performances. While this year’s lineup is still firming up, fans can expect performances from the sort legendary local icons that participated in 2010 such as Richard Thompson, The Blasters, Little Willie G., Bob Forrest, Mike Watt, and a long list of other charity-minded players.

Stewart noted, “Last year’s pop up store really brought me back to the experience of the LA music scene and the sense of community that it fosters. MusicCares has become an integral part of that, often coming to the rescue of music folk who find themselves on the wrong end of health issues and financial issues at the same time. They help so many people who inspired us to work in this industry and without whom our careers wouldn’t even be possible.”

Foo’s adds, “Rhino wasn’t just a store it was a community, we tried to be a place where the eccentric and eclectic music lover had a home, and with the Rhino Pop Up, we’re out to prove that ‘you can go home again.’”

MusiCares provides a safety net of critical assistance for music people in times of need. Their services and resources cover a wide range of financial, medical, and personal emergencies. MusiCares also focuses the resources and attention of the music industry on human service issues that directly impact the health and welfare of the music community.

The pop up store will be open from May 27 through June 12, 2011. For 2010 highlights and updates for 2011 visit

. Those who are interested in donating vinyl, CDs, DVDs, pop culture collectibles, signed items, photographs or art, or participating in any way should contact Rhino Pop Up Coordinator, Cinnamon Muhlbauer at 310-457-6512 or

Amazon launches 69-cent MP3s

Amazon has opened the Amazon MP3 $0.69 Store which lets customers instantly purchase the hottest songs from today’s bestselling artists for less than one dollar - $0.69 to be exact. Also, with Amazon Cloud Drive and Amazon Cloud Player customers can now upload their newly purchased $0.69 songs, without counting against their current Cloud storage capacity, and listen anytime, anywhere.

Artists currently available at the Amazon $0.69 MP3 Store include:
· Katy Perry
· Rihanna
· Lady Gaga
· Rascal Flatts
· Taylor Swift
· Jessie J
· Bruno Mars
· The Black Keys

Big Head Todd & the Monsters to tour

Longtime Colorado favorites Big Head Todd and The Monsters have mapped out their summer tour plans. In addition to a handful of theatres in the midwest, the band headlines their annual Red Rocks Amphitheatre gig on June 11, where Guster will be on hand to open the show. The band also returns to Chicago’s famed Ravinia Festival and to the idyllic Colorado mountain town of Telluride for the Telluride Blues & Brews Festival, later this summer. The complete list of summer tour dates is listed below.

Earlier this year, in celebration of influential bluesman Robert Johnson (who would be celebrating his 100 birthday on May 8, 2011), Big Head Todd and The Monsters assembled the Big Head Blues Club. The ad-hoc collaboration featuring Big Head Todd and The Monsters and special guests B.B. King, Hubert Sumlin, Honeyboy Edwards, Charlie Musselwhite, Ruthie Foster, Cedric Burnside and Lightnin’ Malcolm toured earlier this year and recently released a studio recording of the project, titled 100 Years of Robert Johnson.

Big Head Todd frontman Todd Park Mohr will be at the 32nd Annual Blues Music Awards on May 5th at the Cook Convention Center in Memphis, Tennessee. Todd will lead a Robert Johnson tribute. This year’s event also features performances by honorees Buddy Guy, Denise LaSalle and John Hammond, among others. Visit for more information.

The list of Big Head Todd and The Monsters summer tour dates are as follows:
Friday, April 29 The Windjammer Isle of Palms SC
Sunday, May 22 Doheny Blues Festival Dana Point CA
Thursday, June 2 Cotillion Ballroom Wichita KS
Friday, June 3 Fantle Memorial Park Yankton SD
Saturday, June 4 Crossroads Kansas City MO with Langhorne Slim supporting
Thursday, June 9 Simon Estes Amphitheater Des Moines IA co-headline with Toots & the Maytals
Friday, June 10 Stir Cove Council Bluffs IA co-headline with Toots & the Maytals
Saturday, June 11 Red Rocks Amphitheatre Morrison CO with Guster supporting
Sunday, June 12 Red Butte Garden Salt Lake City UT co-headline with Toots & the Maytals
Tuesday, June 14 Knitting Factory Concert House Reno NV co-headline with Toots & the Maytals
Thursday, June 16 Mountain Winery Saratoga CA co-headline with Toots & the Maytals
Friday, June 17 Uptown Theatre Napa CA
Thursday, August 4 Minnesota Zoo - Weesner Amphitheatre Apple Valley MN with Cedar Avenue supporting
Friday, August 5 Mankato RibFest Mankato MN
Sunday, August 7 Nateva Music & Arts Festival - Oxford Fairgrounds Oxford ME
Saturday, September 3 Big Sky Resort Big Sky MT
Tuesday, September 6 Wolf Trap Vienna VA co-headline with John Hiatt
Sunday, September 11 Ravinia Festival Highland Park IL
Saturday, September 17 Telluride Blues & Brews Festival Telluride CO
Sunday, October 23 Legendary Rhythm and Blues Cruise San Diego CA

Additional dates to be announced, Visit for more information

Matisyahu in LA Aug. 3

Matisyahu Live at Club Nokia in Los Angeles, CA – August 3, 2011 at 6:30pm.

The Deal also includes a Digital Download of “Live at Stubbs Volume 2.”

Presale Ticket and Download is $35 and there are only 5 days to purchase tickets. So hurry up and get them!!!

Kara Clark in West Hollywood May 20

Nashville Alt-Country/Rock artist, Kara Clark will be making her Los Angeles debut at The House of Blues Foundation Room (Sunset Strip) on Friday, May 20th (details below). With influences as varied as Hank3 to Shelby Lynne to Uncle Tupelo, Kara Clark was once described by a fan as"a twisted orgy of Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings, Janis Joplin, and Guns and Roses."

Unconventional and unconstrained by other's opinions, Kara Clark refuses to try to fit a mold.

"...People love me for who I am," says Clark, "I've been an indie all my life!"

The raven-haired, tattooed beauty is someone who is in full control of her music and when her tough brand of alt-country takes the stage, people listen. She has an attention-grabbing voice and the character to back it up while her West Virginia storytelling style delivers by weaving together elements of troubled times, hidden passion, haunting ghosts, hyposcrisy, empowerment and the gritty storied truth. Kara Clark's first album, Sinnin' was released in 2009 and gets the audience wanting more.

After touring California and the southeast this spring/summer, Clark will head into studio with Kenny Olson (Kid Rock) producing her next project, "Southern Hospitality" due out this fall. Toby Wright (s Alice in Chains, Metallica, Sevendust, Korn) will act as a consultant.

"I think people are ready to hear a different type of country music", says Clark. We couldn't agree with her more.

Catch Kara Clark Live!
House of Blues - Foundation Room
8430 Sunset Blvd., West Hollywood
Friday, May 20th, 2011
Doors 7:30 p.m.
Concert Starts 9:00 p.m.
W/ Merle Jagger
General Admission Tickets - $6.50
Admission to show, plus signed EP

VIP Admission - $9.50
Admission to show, plus signed EP and exclusive Meet and Greet with Kara Clark

Sinner's Club - $17.50
Admission to show, plus signed EP, T-shirt, and exclusive Meet and Greet with Kara Clark

Butch Hancock in Altadena May 19

Rolling Stone magazine describes Butch Hancock as "a raspy-voiced West Texas mystic with an equal affinity for romantic border balladry and Zen paradox." A world traveling troubadour with a long string of recorded songs and albums, Butch has been called "one of the finest songwriters of our time" and is acknowledged by his peers and critics alike as one of the premiere singer-songwriters Texas has ever produced. His tunes evoke mystical visions of wind-swept dry-plains and his lyrics are profoundly imaginative, often displaying for his listeners the miracles that occur in the ordinary through creative irony and metaphors. His lyrical style has often been compared to that of Bob Dylan and Woody Guthrie and his record Own and Own, released in '91, contains his "If I Were a Bluebird" a song later covered by Emmylou Harris.

Hancock is also one third of the renowned alt country super-group, The Flatlanders, along with his lifelong friends, Joe Ely and Jimmie Dale Gilmore, a band they formed in 1972.

During his acclaimed career, Hancock has written and recorded several landmark albums, some of them sparse and simple, others as big as the West Texas sky. After moving to the progressive country hotbed of Austin in the mid 70s, he started his own label (Rainlight) and released the quintessential West Texas Waltzes and Dust-Blown Tractor Tunes in 1978. In the years that followed he continued to release albums steeped with meaning and memory, a foundation that cemented his world-wide reputation as a master wordsmith. In 1990, Hancock and more than two dozen musician friends staged a Guinness Book of World Records worthy event entitled No Two Alike and played six straight nights of live performances in Austin's famed Cactus Café, recording 140 of his original songs without repeating a single song. He released the staggering output later in the year as the No Two Alike Tape of the Month club. In 2010, Butch reprised the event, this time entitling it No Two More Alike. Fans from as far as Tokyo represented a measure of the devotion Hancock’s singular compositions inspire.

Butch will be performing on Thursday, May 19th at The Coffee Gallery in Altadena.

The Twilight Singers to tour

The Twilight Singers will begin their US tour in support of their new album Dynamite Steps next Wednesday in Oxford, MS. The 23-city tour will conclude in New Orleans, LA on June 3rd. Tickets for all shows are on sale now. For the most up to date information on ticket sales visit

Special guests Margot and the Nuclear So and So's will open all shows on the US run. The band is currently recording their fourth album and will be taking a break to join The Twilight Singers on tour.

The Twilight Singers performed their latest single “On The Corner” on the Late Show With David Letterman this past Tuesday.

Clearly the next chapter in an already long and stellar career for Greg Dulli, Dynamite Steps reaches a whole new level of catharsis and progression, evocatively cramming all the highs and lows of the maverick singer-songwriter’s past half-decade into unexpected sonic trapdoors. Various guests make contributions to the album including: Ani DiFranco, Joseph Arthur, Petra Haden, Nick McCabe (The Verve), and Mark Lanegan.

Rising to fame as the magnetic leader of the Afghan Whigs during the 80’s & 90’s; Greg Dulli followed his muse and began to innovatively fuse indie, soul and electronic sounds in his post-Whigs collective The Twilight Singers, who released their first album, Twilight As Played By The Twilight Singers, in 2000. Their beloved second album Blackberry Belle followed in 2003, followed by a covers album She Loves You in 2004. 2006’s Powder Burns made many critics “Best Of” year end lists. In 2008 he teamed up with long time friend Mark Lanegan to form The Gutter Twins who released the critically acclaimed album Saturnalia the same year.

May 4 Oxford MS Proud Larry’s
May 5 Atlanta GA Masquerade
May 6 Nashville TN Mercy Lounge
May 7 Carrboro NC Cat’s Cradle
May 9 Washington D.C. 9:30 Club
May 10 Philadelphia PA Trocodero
May 11 Boston MA Paradise
May 13 New York NY Webster Hall
May 14 Pittsburgh PA Mr. Small’s Theatre
May 15 Detroit MI St. Andrews Hall
May 16 Newport KY Southgate House
May 17 Chicago IL Metro
May 18 Minneapolis MN Varsity Theatre
May 21 Portland OR Wonder Ballroom
May 22 Seattle WA Showbox
May 24 San Francisco CA The Fillmore
May 25 Los Angeles CA The Music Box
May 27 San Diego CA Belly Up
May 28 Phoenix AZ The Clubhouse
May 30 Dallas TX Granada Theatre
May 31 Austin TX The Parish
June 1 Houston TX Warehouse Live Studio
June 3 New Orleans LA Tipitina’s

For more information please visit:

Music of the Civil Rights Movement on PBS May 9

Monday, May 9, 9 p.m. - “Soundtrack For A Revolution”: American Experience - PREMIERE
The story of the American civil rights movement as heard through the powerful music that protesters sang on picket lines, in mass meetings, in paddy wagons and in jail cells, as they fought for justice and equality.

PBS SoCal, formerly KOCE-TV, is Southern California’s PBS station dedicated to interactively educating, entertaining, and enlightening the greater Los Angeles area. With its three unique broadcast channels. PBS SoCal HD, the OC Channel, and WORLD TV, PBS SoCal provides award-winning programs like Frontline, NewsHour, NOVA, Nature, and Masterpiece, as well as local productions Real Orange, Inside OC With Rick Reiff, and Bookmark With Maria Hall-Brown. Through community outreach initiatives including PBS SoCal Education, PBS SoCal provides local schools access to new media materials that engage students in 21st century learning. Explore the future of PBS in Southern California at

Sofia Gubaidulina in LA May 15-17

SOFIA GUBAIDULINA'S WORKS will be performed Sunday, May 15, 2011 through Tuesday, May 17, 2011 at REDCAT. Curtain for the performances are Sunday, May 15, 2011 at 3:00 pm and 7:00 pm, Monday, May 16, 2011 at 8:30 pm and Tuesday, May 17, 2011 at 8:30 pm. Tickets are $20 ($16 for students with current I.D.).

Tickets and more information for these upcoming performances at REDCAT is available at or by calling 213 237-2800. REDCAT is located at the corner of W. 2nd and Hope Streets, inside the Walt Disney Concert Hall complex (631 West 2nd Street, Los Angeles, CA 90012).

These performances are funded with a generous grant from the Trust for Mutual Understanding.

Tom Morello to release new album to benefit American Votes Labor Unity Fund

See Video for "Union Town" Here!

Tom Morello is set to release Union Town via New West Records digitally on May 17th with a physical CD and Vinyl release to follow on July 19th. All profits from Union Town will benefit The America Votes Labor Unity Fund via The studio recording consists of 8 pro-union songs featuring three Tom Morello originals, as well as the Woody Guthrie classic “This Land Is Your Land” (including the more radical, often censored verses).

On February 21st of this year, Tom Morello performed at the Capitol Square in Madison, WI in protest to ananti-union bill put forward by Governor Scott Walker. To read Morello’s editorial about his experience, “Frostbite and Freedom: Tom Morello on the Battle of Madison,” please visit

The title track from the Union Town EP (full track listing below) is available now at On the heels of Union Town, Tom Morello, as The Nightwatchman, will release his third full length solo album, World Wide Rebel Songs, late Summer via New West Records.

Morello stated, "Performing in Madison, Wisconsin and seeing 100,000 people in the streets demanding justice inspired me to record an album of union fighting songs. I've been a proud union man for 22 years and my mom was a union public high school teacher, so for me this fight is very personal. Unions are a crucial counterweight to the raw corporate greed that torpedoed our economy, threatens our environment and wants to strip away decades of social progress. From Cairo to Madison, workers are pushing back and tyrants are falling. Here's a soundtrack for our fight."

The America Votes Labor Unity Fund supports the unified efforts of a broad coalition of national labor organizations to defend workers and their unions against state legislation, ballot measures and executive orders that will undermine or destroy their rights. The America Votes Labor Unity Fund accepts donations from labor organizations and individuals who donate on their own behalf. Please visit for more details and to make a donation.

Tom Morello is an original member of the rock bands Rage Against the Machine and Audioslave, two artists responsible for multiple Grammy Awards and a combined 30 million albums sold worldwide. He released his first album as The Nightwatchman in 2007. In 2009, Morello formed the band Street Sweeper Social Club with Boots Riley of The Coup. Morello was also recognized by Rolling Stone as one of the “100 Greatest Guitar Players of All-Time (#26).”

Tom Morello graduated from Harvard University with honors as a Political Science major and has been a widely recognized political activist throughout his career. In 2006, he was the recipient of the Eleanor Roosevelt Human Rights Award. Morello’s family has been a constant source of political and social inspiration as his great-uncle, Jomo Kenyatta, was the first President of Kenya, and his mother, Mary Morello, founded Parents for Rock and Rap, an anti-censorship counterweight to Tipper Gore’s PMRC (Parents Music Resource Center).

With System of A Down’s Serj Tankian, Morello formed Axis of Justice, an organization whose purpose is to bring together musicians, music fans, and grassroots political organizations to fight for social justice. In the spring of 2008, Morello launched The Justice Tour, a recurring nationwide concert tour. Tour stops, which have featured members of Guns and Roses, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, Jane’s Addiction, MC5, Alice in Chains, Cypress Hill and many more, have visited cities with a day dedicated to a local charity and a rock show to benefit that charity at each stop.

Tom Morello : The Nightwatchman Union Town Track Listing:
1. Union Town
2. Solidarity Forever
3. Which Side Are You On?
4. A Wall Against The Wind
5. 16 Tons
6. This Land Is Your Land
7. I Dreamed I Saw Joe Hill Last Night
8. Union Song (Live - Capitol Square, Madison, Wisconsin Feb. 21st, 2011)

David Byrne and Brian Eno documentary to be released

On May 31 Eagle Rock Entertainment releases Ride Rise Roar, a documentary film detailing the unique creative process of David Byrne shot over the course of his `08/`09 “Songs of David Byrne & Brian Eno” tour (pre-book order date April 29, MSRP $14.98 for DVD, $19.98 for Blu-ray).

Having screened at the prestigious Silverdocs, SXSW and Seattle International Film Festivals, Ride Rise Roar is called “a visceral experience” by The Hollywood Reporter while Time Out Chicago notes that “What makes this doc work—besides the fact that Byrne gives a really great show on this tour and uses dancers to liven things up a bit—is the interviews with Byrne, the various noted choreographers…and with the dancers and back-up singers. The doc looks and sounds great.”

Ride Rise Roar combines exclusive behind-the-scenes footage with onstage action from Byrne’s recent world tour. Including band audition footage, rehearsals and interviews with Byrne and the key players in his group, the film explores the inner workings of a complex and theatrical live presentation along with the creative process behind the creation of the live show. Ride Rise Roar demonstrates the eclectic artist’s idiosyncratic vision with live performance footage displaying Byrne’s trademark fusion of pop, soul, funk, world, rock and modern dance. The track list spans Byrne’s illustrious career, from his early CBGB days to his pioneering work with Brian Eno. Byrne’s performances during the tour were hailed as “brilliant” by the Boston Globe and “the most open-hearted singing of his career” by The Washington Post.

Known as the force behind Talking Heads and later as creator of the highly-regarded record-label Luaka Bop, Rock & Roll Hall of Fame member David Byrne also works as a photographer, film director, author, and solo artist; he has published and exhibited visual art for more than a decade. Recent works include Playing the Building, an interactive sound installation at New York’s Battery Maritime Building and London’s Roundhouse; Everything That Happens Will Happen Today, Byrne’s first collaboration with co-writer Brian Eno since 1981’s My Life in the Bush of Ghosts; Big Love: Hymnal, music from the second season of the HBO series; a series of unique bike racks installed throughout New York City in conjunction with the New York City Department of Transportation; Bicycle Diaries, a chronicle of David’s travels on his bicycle published by Viking Press and available as an audio book featuring narration and original music by Byrne; the official soundtrack from Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps; Here Lies Love, a 22-song cycle about the life of Imelda Marcos in collaboration with Fatboy Slim; and a collaboration with Will Oldham for the soundtrack to the upcoming Sean Penn film This Must be the Place.

DVD Track Listing:
Once in a Lifetime
Life Is Long
I Zimbra
Road To Nowhere
One Fine Day
The Great Curve
My Big Nurse
Burning Down The House
Houses In Motion
Life During Wartime
I Feel My Stuff
Everything That Happens Will Happen Today

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Museums of the Arroyo Day May 15

Join us for the 22nd anniversary of Museums of the Arroyo Day, where five museums located along the Arroyo Seco in Los Angeles and Pasadena open their doors free of charge from noon to 5 p.m. on May 15, 2011.

Each year, thousands of Angelinos have experienced the diverse mix of art, architecture and history of the Arroyo Seco area found in the five unique history-based museums that preserve and perpetuate early Los Angeles life. The public can visit the MOTA museums during the day at no charge. This year’s MOTA Day theme is “Hats” and guests are encouraged to wear crazy, fashionable and sporty hats as they tour all five museums.This year, MOTA Day is sponsored by YELP, the online review website that 45 million people visit monthly. If you've been to MOTA Day in the past, you can let others know about your experiences here.

As always, we expect great interest in MOTA Day, so visitors are advised to arrive early. We've added additional parking and you can easily use the Gold Line to get to MOTA Day, so click here for more information.

We look forward to seeing you.

Visit MOTA museums FREE from noon to 5 p.m. onMay 15, 2011!

Download our walking map

Doo Dah Parade and parties in East Pasadena Saturday

Doo Dah Parade Romps through East Pasadena
Saturday, April 30th!

What: Daring to go where no parade has gone before, this year’s Pasadena Doo Dah Parade will again bring its own brand of raucous eccentricity East, after its successful relocation last year.

When: The 2011 Doo Dah Parade takes place on Saturday, April 30th, stepping off at 11am. 10:00am parade route is sealed and various conveyances circle the route.

Where: The Parade takes place in East Pasadena, along Colorado Boulevard, Between Altadena Drive and San Gabriel Blvd.

Cost: Always FREE-of-charge!! Plenty of free street parking is also available ~ Parade route is also just west of the Sierra Madre Villa Gold Line Station (at Colorado Blvd. and Sierra Madre Villa). City busses go directly to the area.

Spectators are encouraged to come early! Bring a lawn chair! Visit the local eateries and shops, and attend the after parties all within walking distance.

More Info: Last year, dozens of inventive, if zany, art cars and floats accompanied a legion of frolickers past the mom-n-pop shops along East Pasadena’s shady tree-lined streets. They will be joined this year by Grand Marshal Ron Stivers, of Poo Bah Records in Pasadena, and many first-time entries including the League of Steam, Conehead Rocket Sled, Hippie Cream, The Iceland Queen, combined bands of the 35th Dragoon Guards, Mile High Bed, Cheesus Chrust Pizza Company, 2011 Doo Dah Queen Red Rosie of Sierra Madre, Free Range Orkestar, and the Ladies Auxiliary for Cultural Enrichment,

This year’s spectacle will see the return of such wildly diverse entries as a fleet of motorized Kinetic Pastry Science Mobile Muffins, Captain McHogwash’s Amazing Chundra, a humungous robotic spitting cat named Boo-Boo Kitty, oddly-attired sound inventors known as The Highland Park Thursday Evening Gentlemen’s Society Circuit Bending Marching Band & Ladies’ Auxiliary, Amnesty International, and the crowd favorite Disco Drill Team, real American Bandstanders.

Last year’s Parade incorporated over1,000 marchers, including Dr. Steel’s Army of Toy Soldiers, Cheap Sax Addicted to Love, Her Royal Highness Queen Erica Valentine, The Martini Kings & Swing-o-matic, Linoleum Bonaparte, the World Champion Whistling Diva, Goddess of Democracy, The Pink-Slipped Pissed off Teachers, Friends and their Pissed-off Kids, Million Marijuana March, FireBrain, Evotrope, Motorized Couch, The Bra-Ettes Dancing Bras, ArtStorm, Thwop!, What Happened in Vegas Should Have Stayed, Gallery at the End of the World, Girls Who Draw Girls on Roller Skates, Classic and scary clowns, and such perennial favorites as the Men of Leisure, BBQ & Hibachi Marching Grill Team, the immortal Doo Dah house band Snotty Scotty & the Hankies, and many more!

History: Known as the twisted sister of the conventional Rose Parade, the Pasadena Doo Dah Parade began as a grassroots event in 1978 to gain national attention for its eccentric and, often, irreverent satire. The parade which has spawned numerous off-beat replicants across the country was named by Readers Digest as “America’s Best Parade,” and was recently featured in the book 50 Places You Must Visit Before You Die!

OFFICIAL DOO DAH AFTER-PARTY (immediately following parade!)

American Legion Hall & Bar
179 N. Vinedo Street
East Pasadena (between Colorado Blvd. & Walnut Street)
(626) 792-9938
· Featuring the legendary Doo Dah house band Snotty Scotty & the Hankies, along with Horses on Astroturf, and assorted Doo Dah Glitterati. Prizes, full bar, cheap drinks, cheap food, smoking patio, big-screen TV, pool and more!

UNOFFICIAL DOO DAH AFTER-PARTIES (immediately following the parade!)

Colorado Bar, 2640 E. Colorado Blvd., (626) 449-3485
Many of the Former Doo Dah Queens and Doo Dah parade watchers will be dressed up and watching the parade from a 'review stand' of decorated tables outside this Bar before the parade (starting at 9:30-10am) and through the duration.
· After Parade Featuring Drunk in the Garage, the best jukebox in the world, pool, darts, cheap drinks and fun people!

Poo Bah Records, 2636 E. Colorado Blvd., 626-449-3359
· Bands Ace & Duce, Mourning Ring, dj set by Professor Cantaloupe, & records!! And 2011 Doo Dah Grand Marshal Ron Stivers, owner.

Plate 38, 2361 E. Colorado Blvd (near Sierra Madre Blvd.), 626-793-7100
· Join Her Royal Majesty Queen Red Rosie for your post-parade lunch! (@1:30pm)
American eats, including sexy mac’n’cheese, gourmet burgers, live music, $2.50
Coronas, family friendly!

For more information go:

Folk Tree deadline for artists' entries extended to May 1

The deadline for submitting work to The Folk Tree's exhibition "PASADENA: A Cultural Mosaic" has been extended through the weekend, at the end of the day on Sunday, May 1.

Los Fabulocos in Arcadia May 6

$15 at the door, $10 in advance by clicking on link below

For reserved seating for dining in parties of 6 or more call:

Doors open at 7 PM.

"Jack & the Beanstalk" in La Mirada May 15

Jack and the Beanstalk, an interactive, musical telling of the famous tale. Part of La Mirada Theatre’s Programs for Young Audiences Series.

2 shows only: 1:30 p.m. and 3:30 p.m., Sunday, May 15, 2011

at La Mirada Theatre, 14900 La Mirada Boulevard, La Mirada, CA.

Tickets: $8 - $12 online at or call the box office at (562) 944-9801 or (714) 994-6310.

Mumbo Gumbo Fest in Pasadena June 18

Asobi Seksu to release EP and tour

Asobi Seksu's Perfectly Crystal EP Is Out May 10th On Polyvinyl Records

1. Perfectly Crystal
2. Vicious Bears
3. Perfectly Crystal (Beach Fossils / Spirit Animal Remix)
4. Perfectly Crystal (Mirrors' Un Autre Monde Remix)
5. Perfectly Crystal (Xiu Xiu Remix)

05/13 - Caradura - Mexico City
05/17 - Paradise Rock Club - Boston, MA *&
05/20 - 9:30 Club - Washington, D.C. *&
05/21 - Variety Playhouse - Atlanta, GA *&
05/24 - Antone's - Austin, TX *
05/25 - Fitzgerald's (Upstairs) - Houston, TX *
05/27 - Plush - Tuscon, AZ ^
05/28 - Satellite - Los Angeles, CA
05/29 - The New Parish - Oakland, CA %
05/30 - Bottom of the Hill - San Francisco, CA
05/31 - Blue Lamp - Sacramento, CA
06/01 - Tonic Lounge - Reno, NV
06/02 - Urban Lounge - Salt Lake City, UT %
06/03 - Hi Dive - Denver, CO
06/04 - South Beach - Athens, OH
06/06 - Bourbon Theater - Lincoln, NE @
06/07 - The Riot Room - Kansas City, MO $
06/08 - Firebird - St. Louis, MO %
06/09 - Outland Live - Columbus, OH %
06/24 - Midpoint Music Fest Indie Summer Series - Cincinnati, OH #
07/15 - Pier 17 - New York, NY !

* w/ White Lies
& w/ Sun Airway
^ w/ Dead Western Plains
% w/ Neon Indian
@ w/ Conduits
$ w/ Capybara
# w/ Prussia
! w/ Radio Dept

Paddy's Pig in Pasadena Friday

Paddy's Pig tomorrow in Pasadena!

Just a reminder…

FRIDAY, APRIL 29 - 9 pm
At: T. Boyle’s Tavern
37 N. Catalina Ave., Pasadena, CA
Free peanuts! Happy to come back to Pasadena (this time with Jon O’Hara on bass), we had a great time at T. Boyle’s last time, nice big sound there. Did we mention the free peanuts? Come beat the post-royal-wedding blues.

Also coming up:
May 4 / Muldoon’s, Newport Beach, CA (part of Irish Spotlight event for Newport Beach Film Fest)
May 13 / O’Sullivan’s, Carlsbad, CA
May 21 / Tam O’Shanter, Los Angeles, CA (CD RELEASE SHOW [we hope!])
June 4 / Carlsbad Beach Fest 1 pm, O’Sullivan’s 9 pm, Carlsbad, CA

Thanks so much for listening!

Missy, Mike, Damon, Marty (& Jon)
Paddy’s Pig

John Shannon to release album

Song-seeker” John Shannon to release album of mystic acoustics, “Songs of The Desert River.”

Ethereal finger-picked guitars, hushed vocals draw comparisons to Iron & Wine, Jose Gonzalez.

“Hurricane” from “Songs of The Desert River by John Shannon & Wings of Sound


(Live at Pete’s Candy Store)

About John Shannon & Wings of Sound

Many musicians say that music is their life. For Pittsburgh-born singer-songwriter, John Shannon, music is life itself. Identifying himself as a “song seeker,” Shannon’s spirituality guides his songwriting with results that play as if they are as much a part of nature as the man himself.

Shannon has sought and discovered eleven new songs comprising his second album of delicate guitars and hushed vocals, Songs of The Desert River (June 14th, Creek Valley/ObliqSound), a collection that envelops the listener with its own sense of time and space. On songs such as the album’s first single “Hurricane”, Shannon and his band Wings of Sound float weightlessly above Shannon’s delicately finger-picked acoustic guitar, a term deemed “too crude… to do justice to his technique” by the UK’s Sunday Times.

Drawing comparisons to Iron & Wine and Jose Gonzalez, Shannon views his work as less a part of contemporary tradition. He describes himself as a “song-seeker,” explaining, “There are songs in the winds and sunrise that, if perceived openly, will synthesize inside you. There is a spiritual quality in a song that comes from looking for it through the beauty of nature. Honoring this process for me keeps the music connected to the spirit.”

Now, with Songs of The Desert River completed both physically and metaphysically, Shannon is ready to give it to the world, especially through his live performance, a near-shamanistic experience which he hopes will be as spiritually cleansing for his audience as he has come to know it to be for himself.

John Shannon & Wings of Sound
Songs of The Desert River
(Creek Valley/ObliqSound – 6/14/2011)

Track Listing:

01. Darkness
02. Wave To The River
03. Desert River
04. Hurricane
5. Forever Is When
06. Spirits
07. Dawn Breaks
08. Days Gone By
09. Tell The Morning
10. New Winter
11. Into The Unknown

Win a chance to meet Lady Antebellum at the Opry

The Grand Ole Opry is the show that made country music famous. To celebrate all things country music, the Opry is giving fans the chance to fly to Nashville for CMA Music Fest and meet Lady Antebellum at the Opry.

There is still time for fans of the Opry’s Facebook page to enter to win a prize package including a trip for two to Nashville in June. The trip will include a six-night stay at the Gaylord Opryland Resort, airfare on Southwest Airlines, a pair of tickets to attend the Grand Ole Opry on June 7, a backstage tour of the Opry, and a meet-and-greet with Lady Antebellum! The winner will also receive a pair of four-day passes to CMA Music Fest, a picnic dinner during the Opry Plaza Party, a pair of tickets to attend the City of Hope Celebrity Softball Challenge, Guitar Auction “bucks” to be used at the Guitar of the Stars Auction, and a pair of tickets to the Opry Fan Fair matinee show at the Ryman.

The "Win a Trip to Meet Lady Antebellum" sweepstakes will end on Monday, May 2. Please visit the Grand Ole Opry’s Facebook page for more information on how to enter to win.

Festival of Books offers apps to make the most of your weekend in LA

The Times has launched its first mobile interactive guide to help attendees explore this weekend’s Festival of Books. Now available for free download for iPhone, iPod Touch and Android users, it includes the following features:

· Customizable schedule of events

· Detailed “search” by activity, author, book title or genre and descriptions of all panels, participants, performers and exhibitors

· Maps of the Festival grounds, including information about dining options, parking and public transportation

· Integration with users’ Facebook and Twitter accounts for posting photos, status updates and tweets

· Easy access to up-to-the-minute news from the Festival’s Facebook and Twitter feeds as well as USC traffic updates

All attractions, including the Festival’s eight outdoor stages, hundreds of panels, exhibitors, book sellers and live entertainment, will be comfortably located around the USC campus’ central Trousdale Parkway. Other conveniences added this year include additional information booths, sit-down dining and more concession stands, a shaded rest area, an increased number of parking spaces and valet parking option for panel pass purchasers. Triangular shuttle service between Union Station, Los Angeles Convention Center and USC will also supplement existing public transportation.

The Los Angeles Times Festival of Books is presented in association with USC, presenting sponsor Target, major sponsors Buick and GMC and official ticketing provider Eventbrite.

Cat Party to release CD

Split Brand, the innovative board-sport lifestyle brand that takes inspiration from its skate and surf team, is proud to announce the release of Cat Party’s second full length LP “Rhapsody in Black.” The CD release party will be celebrated in mid-May with the venue to be announced closer to the date.

In addition to the CD launch party, the Orange County-based band will be available for in-store promotions at Split Brand retailers. Split Brand plans on introducing Cat Party’s new LP to the public by offering free samples of their music on Split’s official website. Limited edition Cat Party and Split Brand T-shirts will available online in May and throughout their tour in Los Angeles and Orange County.

“Rhapsody in Black,” scheduled to release May 16 in the States will also have a vinyl album released by Sabotage records in Germany. The album, recorded entirely by Ryan Nichols (Guitar, Bass, Vocals) and Roger Fowler (Drums), doesn’t stray far from the indie sounds that Cat Party fans are already used to, according to Nichols, who is looking forward to the release of the album.

“We are very proud of this record. There are some typical Cat Party tunes on here as well as some songs that took on a new direction and approach. I hope everyone enjoys the record, we worked extremely hard on this one,” said Nichols.

The Split Brand began its sponsorship of Cat Party at the end of 2010 for the start of the brands official re-launch. As strong supporters of Indie/Punk musicians, Split felt Cat Party was an obvious choice.

“Cat Party was chosen to represent Split because of their honest raw vibe. They bring a revitalizing approach to their music and stage presence,” said Split Brand’s Marketing Director, Brian Young. “Our connection with Cat Party will introduce our brand to a new audience outside of our standard skate and surf crowd. Our hope is to get Cat Party to the next level in the band’s career so it can continue to tour and deliver new music.”

For more information about Split Brand, please visit their website:

Music Web sites to check out is the collector’s go-to site for classic rock boxed sets and memorabilia at deeply-discounted members-only prices. Introduced in late 2010 by Sony Music Entertainment, it has quickly become a buzzed-about site for incredible deals that often sell out within hours. Deals change each day at 12 noon Eastern and contain a mix of premium music and collectible albums that make great gifts. Some of the past ones have been: Miles Davis ‘Kind of Blue’ deluxe 50th anniversary collectors’ set in a trumpet case; AC/DC ‘Backtracks’ anniversary collection in a guitar amp case; Lamb of God ‘Hourglass’ collectible set in a custom coffin case.

GroopEase is the indie-music fan’s best friend. As a member, you will receive emails featuring the “Groop of the Day,” an independent artist or band you probably haven’t heard of before. You’ll have the opportunity to purchase the Groop of the Day’s album for a very low price or have the option to download one song from the album absolutely free.

1band1brand is the perfect daily deal site for the hipster. To put it simply, 1band 1brand introduces one band and one brand each week by serving up unique offers to subscribers of its free email newsletter. It’s for those who want to experience something unique and cutting edge before it gets mainstream support. This week, hear Eastern Conference Champions and wear Supremebeing.

HelloMusic lets the musician join in too with serious discounts on instruments, recording equipment and gear. Instead of saving up for that electric guitar or microphone, now you can let the deals come to you.

AM2 promises extra fun July 1-3 in Anaheim

Ready to get your grub on and enjoysome amazing entertainment? This summer's most anticipated anime, music and manga event, AM2 will be bringing more fun to its attendees with the announcement of some of the upcoming acts and activities that will appear on the Summer Festival stage as well as some of the food vendors and trucks attending this year's event! More info can be found at

Some current activities on the Summer Festival stage include (but are notlimited to):
§ Cosplay Chess
§ Iron Cosplay
§ Rum Party Pirates
§ Sumo Wrestling Demonstration

Some current performers on the Summer Festival stage include (but are notlimited to):
§ Akai SKY

Some current Food/Truck vendors include (but not limited to):
§ AhnJoo Truck
§ Kokoro
§ Lomoarigato
§ Tapa Boy
§ Temaki Truck
§ Waffles de Liege Truck

Entrance to the event is free, but attendees can avoid the huge lines by obtaining a Passport fast pass for the event. The Passport fast pass will also provide holders with premier seating options at Main Events and atConcert events as well as major discounts with theme parks, retailers andlocal restaurants. Bypass the lines and get your Passport today and experience the difference!

Interested food trucks/vendors and stage acts/performers can contact SummerFestival organizers at

Current Guests of Honors include Kanon Wakeshima, kanon x kanon, heidi.,Gashicon, IBI and MINT.

AM2 current activities include Exhibit Hall, AMV's, Arcade, Summer Festival, World Cosplay Summit, Behind the Voice Actors Studio, Rum Party Pirates, Masquerade, Cosplay Chess, Dances, Fashion Shows, Table Top, Console Gaming, AniMaid Café, Workshops, Panels, Concerts and more!

Partnerships include Ani.ME.

Prize sponsors include Atlas Games, Cosplay Wigs USA, FUNimation and GaiaOnline.

Follow us on Facebook at:

Follow us on Twitter at:

Also, 25% of all official Passport sales will be donated directly to Japanese Disaster Relief efforts.

Willie Nelson to tour

Billy Bob’s Texas and 4Fini announce the return of Willie Nelson's 4th of July Picnic to Fort Worth. The Fort Worth Stockyards hosted the iconic “Willie's Picnic” in 2004, 2005 and 2006. Willie is currently on the Country Throwdown Tour 2011 which will wrap up with the always-anticipated Willie Nelson’s annual 4th of July Picnic. The long-standing Texas tradition will break new ground as it will be held outside and inside of the famed Billy Bob's Texas. Headliners at Willie Nelson’s 4th of July Picnic & Throwdown will perform on the venue's main stage outside with many artists taking the stage indoors for a full complement of multi-talented entertainers.

Willie Nelson’s 4th of July Picnic & Throwdown is designed to provide guests a not-to-be-missed afternoon and evening of exceptional performances by artists from all musical genres, along with some unexpected jam sessions. Country Throwdown tour artists include Willie Nelson, Jamey Johnson, Randy Houser, Lee Brice, Craig Campbell, Lukas Nelson & Promise of the Real, plus recent tour addition, Drake White, an Alabama native known for his unique brand of freestyle twists on original country songs, ad-libs and audience participation antics. Willie’s Picnic will feature many artists who are traditionally featured on the Willie’s Picnic lineup, including Ray Price, David Allan Coe, Paula Nelson, and more.

This year's unique setup will feature the air-conditioned comfort of Billy Bob's opening to the landscaped beauty of Rodeo Plaza in the Stockyards. Doors will open at 11:30 a.m. with the first artist taking the stage at 12 p.m. Tickets are $30 in advance, available through, and tickets through Billy Bob’s box office will go on sale May 2 at 10 a.m. Because of the unique inside/outside nature of this year's event, it will be the first time that “Willie’s Picnic” in Fort Worth will set a ticket and headcount limit, and organizers are expecting a quick sellout.

"Willie Nelson's 4th of July Picnic is a long-standing tradition, and we’re thrilled to be a part of it. We couldn’t think of a better way to end this tour than by bringing together the legendary picnic talent with the big-name artists performing throughout the Country Throwdown Tour,” said Kevin Lyman of 4Fini. “Billy Bob's in Fort Worth is known as the World's Largest Honky Tonk, so I can’t think of a better place to host this year's finale."

The tour also is known for spotlighting emerging singer-songwriters on the Bluebird Cafe Stage. Adam Hood, Caitlyn Smith, Austin Lucas, Brent Cobb, Dani Flowers, and Erin Enderlin have signed on for this special tour attraction, giving fans the opportunity to hear some of Nashville’s best in the “in-the-round”-style sets made famous at Nashville's Bluebird Cafe. This unique singer-songwriter showcase will be a first for Willie’s Picnic in Fort Worth.

4Fini also announced today that Country Weekly has signed on as an official sponsor of the tour. Country Weekly will produce the official souvenir program, which will be distributed free of charge at all Throwdown dates, provide extensive coverage in Country Weekly and on and will host a sponsor tent on the tour where fans can sign up for a special Throwdown subscription offer and get autographs from Throwdown artists.

"Country Weekly is beyond thrilled to be teaming up with Willie Nelson's Country Throwdown Tour," says Editor in Chief Lisa Konicki. "Our two organizations are a perfect fit, and we're happy to be joining together to bring great music and news to the core country music fan." Willie Nelson’s Country Throwdown Tour 2011 sponsors include COUNTRY WEEKLY, HARLEY-DAVIDSON, DICKIES, CMT, NAMM, THE BLUEBIRD CAFE, BMI, Y'ALLWIRE, KEEP A BREAST, SHIRTS FOR A CURE, AZUNIA, WARNER MUSIC NASHVILLE, and U.S. MARINES.

For more information about Willie's Picnic event, visit For more information about 2011 Country Throwdown dates and venues, visit

Confirmed Dates:
5/27 - Philadelphia, PA @ The MANN
5/28 - Gilford, NH @ Meadowbrook US Cellular Pavilion
5/29 - Essex Junction, VT @ Champlain Valley Expo
5/30 - York, PA @ Sovereign Bank Stadium
6/3 - Nashville, TN @ The Woods at Fontanel
6/4 - Little Rock, AR @ North Shore Park at the Arkansas River in North Little Rock
6/5 - Orange Beach, AL @ The Amphitheater at the Wharf
6/9 - Southaven, MS @ Snowden Grove Amphitheater
6/10 - Columbia, MO @ Midway Exposition Center
6/11- Sparta, IL @ World Shooting & Recreation Complex
6/12 - Lawrenceville, GA @ Coolray Field
6/16 - Roanoke Rapids, NC The Rapids Jam Festival*
6/17 - Simpsonville, SC @ Charter Amphitheater at Heritage Park
6/18 - Waldorf, MD @ Regency Stadium
6/19 - Knoxville, TN @ World’s Fair Park
6/21 - Morrison, CO @ Red Rocks Amphitheater
6/23 - Del Mar, CA @ Grandstand
6/24 - Ontario, CA @ Citizens Business Bank Arena
6/25 - Pozo, CA @ Pozo Saloon
6/30 - Mission, TX @ Las Palmas Race Park
7/1 - Corpus Christi, TX @ Concrete Street Amphitheater
7/2 - Eufala, OK @ Eufala Cove Amphitheater
7/3 - Siloam Springs, AR @ Osage Creek Amphitheater, Willie's Throwdown and Picnic
7/4 - Fort Worth, TX @ Billy Bob's, Willie Nelson’s 4th of July Picnic & Throwdown

* Rapids Jam is a three-day country music and camping festival in Roanoke Rapids, North Carolina, June 16, 17, 18. The first day of the festival kicks off with the Willie Nelson's Country Throwdown Tour featuring Willie Nelson, etc. Single day and weekend general admission tickets, plus reserved tickets are available at

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Richard Davies works on display in Altadena during May

The featured artist for May is Richard Davies, a world renown, now retired, astro-physicist. His paintings are stunningly beautiful and will be on exhibit at The Coffee Gallery from April 28th through May 31st. His reception is this Sunday, May 1st from 5 - 8 PM. Free.

If you have time to stop by, you won't be disappointed.

California Art Club exhibit in San Marino May 3-August 28

California Art Club to Present California Dreamin' Exhibition at The Old Mill
Display is One of the Club's “Painting the Golden State” Exhibitions
Celebrating a Century of Landscape Paintings

Exhibition: California Dreamin'
The California Art Club marks its 100th anniversary by paying tribute to a century
of landscape paintings with its “Painting the Golden State” exhibition series,
being presented during 2011 at museums and historic sites throughout the state.
One venue is the Club's gallery at The Old Mill, an architectural landmark in the
San Gabriel Valley, located near The Huntington Library, Art Collections and
Botanical Gardens.

The California Dreamin' exhibition at The Old Mill will feature approximately 40
quintessential California landscapes and seascapes that capture many of the
beloved sites which beckon more travelers to the Golden State than any other
state in the country.

The exhibition will be unveiled following the publication of California Light:
A Century of Landscapes - Paintings of the California Art Club. The 276-page
deluxe book from Skira Rizzoli will feature 300 California landscape paintings
created during the past 100 years by artist members of the Club

Gallery: California Art Club Gallery at The Old Mill
1120 Old Mill Road
San Marino, CA 91108

Dates: Tuesday, May 3, to Sunday, August. 28, 2011
Reception: Thursday, May 5, 5:30 to 7:30 p.m.

Hours: Tuesday - Sunday, 1 to 4 p.m. (except holidays)

Information: 626-449-5458

Support local music at Mr. T's Bowl in Highland Park

Friday, May 6

9pm - Special Guest
10pm - Ghosts of Searchligh
11pm - Insect Surfers
12-2am - Thee Swank Bastards
DJ Empty will be spinning surf and rockabilly vinyl all night between acts.

Saturday, May 7
9pm - Dirty Dinosaurs
10pm - Coyote
11pm - The Lonely Wild
12am - Broken Numbers Band
1am - Son Ark

Foundation to tour in support of album

Atlanta GA’s hardcore stalwarts, Foundation, are streaming their new album When The Smoke Clears now over on!

Apr 30 Foundation (w/ Indecision, Backtrack, Fire & Ice)Atlanta, GE @ Archive Gallery
May 06 Foundation (w/ Shai Hulud)Annapolis, MD @ St. Christophers
May 07 Foundation (w/ Shai Hulud)Raleigh, NC @ Breast Fest
May 08 Foundation (w/ Shai Hulud)Savannah, GE @ Sweet Melissa's
May 10 Foundation (w/ Shai Hulud)Nashville, TN @ Rocketown
May 12 Foundation (w/ Shai Hulud)Jacksonville, FL @ Unit 6
May 13 Foundation (w/ Shai Hulud)Charleston, SC @ Oasis
May 14 Foundation (w/ Shai Hulud)Pompano, FL @ Rocketown
May 15 Foundation (w/ Shai Hulud)Tampa, FL @ Transitions Art Gallery
May 16 Foundation (w/ Shai Hulud)Tallahassee, FL @ Trainwreck
May 17 Foundation (w/ Shai Hulud)Augusta, GE @ Sector 7G
May 18 Foundation Little Rock, AR @ DowntownAddress: 215 West Capitol Ave Google Maps
May 20 Foundation, Mother Of Mercy San Antonio, TX @ Ten ElevenAddress: 1011 Avenue B Google Maps
May 22 Foundation, Mother Of Mercy Mesa, AZ @ Nile UndergroundAddress: 105 W Main St. Google Maps
May 23 Foundation, Mother Of Mercy San Diego, CA @ Che CafeAddress: 9500 Gilman Dr. Google Maps
May 24 Foundation, Mother Of Mercy Pomona, CA @ Aladdin'sAddress: 296 W 2nd St. Google Maps
May 25 Foundation, Mother Of Mercy Fresno, CA @ BeltowerAddress: 69 E Belmont Google Maps
May 26 Foundation, Mother Of Mercy Santa Cruz, CA @ 105 PioneerAddress: 105 Pioneer St. Google Maps
May 28 Foundation Seattle, WA @ RAINFEST @ NeumosAddress: 925 East Pike St. Google Maps
May 30 Foundation, Mother Of Mercy Boise, ID @ Grange HallAddress: 11692 President Dr Google Maps
Jun 01 Foundation, Mother Of Mercy Denver, CO @ Blast O MatAddress: 2935 W. 7th Ave Google Maps
Jun 02 Foundation, Mother Of Mercy Omaha, NE @ The CommonsAddress: 1258 S. 13th St. Google Maps
Jun 03 Foundation, Mother Of Mercy St. Louis, MO @ Fubar LoungeAddress: 3108 Locust St. Google Maps
Jun 04 Foundation, Mother Of Mercy Nashville, TN @ RocketownAddress: 522 5th Ave South Google Maps

Younger Brother releases album

Vaccine (released April 26, 2011/ SCI Fidelity Records) is the third album by genre-bending U.K. outfit Younger Brother. And while members Simon Posford, Benji Vaughan and Ruu Campbell remain royalty on the electronic music scene, (the album reached #2 on iTunes’ electronic music chart), Vaccine marks a notable evolution from the band's electronic origins, embracing melodic song structures and organic instrumental sounds. The result is turning heads, and ears.

Vaccine’s nine original songs incorporate elements of catchy uber-pop, early American folk and blues, and vintage prog-rock, with lyrics that balance pointed humor and weighty philosophical matters, giving the album a level of intimacy and emotion that's not normally associated with electronic music. The release continues Younger Brother's evolution from studio project to full-fledged, organic band, with Posford, Vaughan and Campbell joined by Marc Brownstein (Disco Biscuits) on bass, Tom Hamilton (Brothers Past) on guitar and Joe Russo (who also plays in the Grateful Dead spin-off act Furthur) on drums.

The U.S. release of Vaccine coincides with Simon Posford’s other current project: the highly anticipated “Shpongle presents The Shpongletron Experience.” For this massive run of Shpongle “Hybrid” DJ dates, Posford reveals his brand-new "Decks, FX & 101" show made up of an arsenal of turntables, synths, and effects units. The elaborately staged multi-media presentation, which Posford describes as a "maelstrom of beauty and surprise," will raise the bar on Shpongle's longstanding reputation for providing mind-bending, fully immersive multi-dimensional, multi-sensory experiences.

Visit for tour dates and additional information.


Pasadena Playhouse to host High School Theatre Festival May 14

The Pasadena Playhouse (Sheldon Epps, Artistic Director and Stephen Eich, Executive Director) announced that the theatre will host THE FIRST ANNUAL HIGH SCHOOL THEATRE FESTIVAL on Saturday, May 14 beginning at 10:00 a.m. The event will feature eight local high schools, each performing a musical number from their school’s theatre programs repertoire. Admission to the Festival is $1.00 on the day of the event and all proceeds will go towards funding next year’s High School Theatre Festival. This special community price was created so that all friends, family and supporters of the surrounding communities and the local schools may enjoy the talent of the participating students.

"It is an honor for all of us at The Playhouse to be involved in this festival which encourages active participation in the art of the theatre among young people in our community. Nurturing both young artists and young audiences is one of the things that are central to our mission at this theatre,” said Sheldon Epps, Artistic Director of The Pasadena Playhouse. “I am grateful to everyone involved who has given their time and energy to making this valuable event a reality on our stage. Once again, it is our privilege and our pleasure to serve our community in this vitally important way. "

“I wanted to produce this festival because I saw a need. I see theatre departments in high schools as being over-shadowed by sports programs. I wanted to create an opportunity for parents who have children involved in theatre to be able to encourage, support and cheer on their kids the way sports parents get the chance every Friday night when schools play each other,” said Mary Lea Carroll, Producer of The First Annual High School Theatre Festival. “The Playhouse is the symbolic heart of theatre in Pasadena, what teen wouldn’t want to be on its historic stage? We are grateful that The Playhouse is hosting this event, which will help to inspire and educate the next generation of theatre artists and audiences.”

Participating high schools include: Alverno High School, Blair High School, Flintridge Preparatory School, La Salle High School, Maranatha High School, Mayfield Senior School, Polytechnical School and St. Francis High School.

The First Annual High School Theatre Festival is on Saturday, May 14, 2011 at The Pasadena Playhouse (39 S. El Molino Avenue). The event is from 10:00 a.m. – 12:45 p.m. and the doors open at 9:30 a.m. All tickets are $1.00 and are available for purchase the day of the event at the door. Refreshment and festivities follow in the Engemann Family Courtyard. Refreshments are catered by the students of Blair High School. For more information call 626-356-7529 or visit

LA Children's Chorus in concert May 14 in Pasadena

Los Angeles Children's Chorus - 25th Anniversary Spring Concert

Anne Tomlinson, Conductor/Concert Choir/Chamber Singers
Steven Kronauer, Conductor/Young Men's Ensemble
Mandy Brigham, Conductor/Intermediate Choir and Preparatory Choir
Amy Brehm, Conductor/Apprentice Choir
Special Guests:
Calder Quartet
Scott Williams, Hammered Dulcimer
LACC Alumni Chorus, LACC Alumna Allison White and LACC Founding Director Rebecca Thompson, conductors

SATURDAY, May 14, 2011, 7 PM

American folksong Sail Away
CAROLINE PARK Motion - World Premiere
ABBIE BETINIS Songs of Hefez from Behind the Caravan
arr. Keith Hampton Praise His Holy Name
+ works by Bach, Bertaux and Vivaldi and others, and various folks songs

Ambassador Auditorium
131 S. St. John Avenue
Pasadena, CA 91105

$26, $38 and $52; (children _ price)

(626) 793-4231

A Life Once Lost announces new drummer- Jordan Crouse

A LIFE ONCE LOST is pleased to announce their brand new endorsement with Warwick/Framus International. Framus and Warwick are known worldwide for their excellently crafted guitars and basses. Framus guitars and Warwick basses are used by several of today’s biggest artists in hard rock and heavy metal, as well as numerous other genres.

“Framus is a perfect match for our sound,” states guitarist Bobby Carpenter. “We have been playing live and recording with Framus guitars for years and are excited to be working with our friends over at Warwick/Framus.”

“We at Warwick and Framus are thrilled to have A LIFE ONCE LOST on our growing roster of US endorsers,” adds Warwick/Framus US Artist Relations Manager Christopher Kunitz. “ALOL is an extremely talented and hard working band, and we are so glad we are working together with them to bring the message of our sonic quality and European craftsmanship to the world at large. They are a great group of guys and we couldn’t be happier they have chosen Framus and Warwick instruments and amplifiers as their weapons of choice.”

A LIFE ONCE LOST is also pleased to announce the addition of a new drummer to their ranks. After the departure of previous drummer Justin Graves earlier this year, the band auditioned several drummers and landed upon fellow Philadelphia resident Jordan Crouse.

“I’m stoked to be joining up with A LIFE ONCE LOST,” affirms Jordan. “Performing at New England Metal and Hardcore Festival two weeks ago was definitely a great experience and I’m looking forward to touring and working on the new record due out later this year.”

The band is currently finishing their follow up to 2007’s Iron Gag. Paul Romano (Mastodon, Trivium, The Red Chord), designer of the album art for previous A LIFE ONCE LOST records Hunter and Iron Gag, is confirmed to illustrate the album art. The band is looking forward to releasing the upcoming record during the fall of 2011 on their new label, Season of Mist. Season of Mist is home to many other impressive international acts such as Atheist, Cynic, Dillinger Escape Plan, Kylesa, Mayhem, Morbid Angel, and Watain.

For more information on A LIFE ONCE LOST please visit:

Upcoming concerts from Goldenvoice

New Date

TV on the Radio with Glasser
May 11th / The Music Box / Doors: 7pm / $25 / all tickets for May 3rd date will be honored

On Sale Now!

2nd show just added!
Matt & Kim with Autobot from Flosstradamus and The Thermals
June 15th & 17th / The Music Box / Doors: 8pm / $25 / on sale now

On Sale Friday!

June 23rd / Staples Center / Doors: 7pm / $59, $105, $110 / on sale 4/29 @ 10am

the Mountain Goats
June 23rd / El Rey Theatre / Doors: 8pm / $22 / on sale 4/29 @ 10am

Dropkick Murphys
July 1st / Fox Theater Pomona / Doors: 7pm / $29.50 / on sale 4/29 @ 10am

Ottmar Liebert & Luna Negra
July 17th / Club Nokia / Doors: 6pm / $27.50, $45 / on sale 4/29 @ 10am

Mega Mini Tour 2011
Demetri Martin
July 24th / Fox Theater Pomona / Doors: 6:30pm / $35 / on sale 4/29 @ 10am

Mint Condition
July 29th / Club Nokia / Doors: 7pm / $19.50, $30, $45 / on sale 4/29 @ 10am

Kyuss Lives! with The Sword
October 8th / Fox Theater Pomona / Doors: 7pm / $28.50 / on sale 4/29 @ 10am

2nd show just added!
Jim Gaffigan
November 5th / Club Nokia / Shows: 7pm & 9:30pm / $32.50, $52.50 / 9:30pm show on sale 4/29 @ 10am

On Sale Saturday!

June 24th / El Rey Theatre / Doors: 8pm / $20 / on sale 4/30 @ 10am

August 11th / El Rey Theatre / Doors: 8pm / $18 / on sale 4/30 @ 10am

Added Support

Leon Russell with special performance by Booker T. Jones
May 3rd / El Rey Theatre / Doors: 7pm / $30 / on sale now

100 Monkeys with Sabrosa Purr, Toy Bombs
May 21st / El Rey Theatre / Doors: 7pm / $17 / on sale now

Usher with AKON and Tinie Tempah
June 1st / STAPLES Center / Doors: 6:30pm / $29.50, $49.50, $85, $125 / on sale now

Sondre Lerche with Nightlands, Kishi Bashi
June 29th / El Rey / Doors: 8pm / $20 / on sale now


Brooke Fraser with Cary Brothers
June 29th / The Music Box / Doors: 7pm / refunds at point of purchase, tour to be rescheduled TBA

Lindsay Lyons
phone: 323-930-7174

The Wronglers release new album

Listeners of Heirloom Music, the new release from The Wronglers with Jimmie Dale Gilmore, might be tempted to label the music “old timey”. But Gilmore says that tag doesn’t really fit.

“There’s something dismissive about the term ‘old-timey’”, he said. “But our point is that the music may be really old, but it’s also really good and really still pertinent.”

Heirloom Music is a collection of songs that were born as early as the 1930s and ‘40s, and includes such classic titles as “Big Rock Candy Mountain,” “Leaving Home,” “Uncle Pen,” “Columbus Stockade Blues,” and “Footprints In The Snow.”

“This is music I discovered because I became interested in where the music that I was in love with as a kid came from,” Gilmore recently told Terry Gross of Fresh Air. “I’m not a folklorist. I’m not a scholar in it. But I did become curious with a lot of it. I’ve been doing these songs for 30 or 40 years now, and never really had the context to record them in.”

That opportunity to record the songs came with Gilmore’s friendship with Warren Hellman, the banjo-playing financier behind the fantastic Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival. Hellman’s band The Wronglers seemed to be the perfect match for the old heirloom tunes.

“Warren and I have a common love of old, old music, and we share a similar absurd sense of humor. We keep each other laughing all the time.”

Jimmie Dale Gilmore is an acclaimed Texas Troubadour known for his heartfelt singing style, and is credited for creating a genre called ‘sagebrush soul.’ And, in addition to his long, distinguished solo career, with its three Grammy nominations, Gilmore is a longtime member of The Flatlanders which also features fellow Lubbock-ites Joe Ely and Butch Hancock.

The Wronglers are Warren Hellman (banjo/vocals), Nate Levine (guitar), Bill (mandolin) & Krista Martin (fiddle), Heidi Clare (fiddle/vocals) and Colleen Browne (bass/vocals), and has built a reputation as an old-time band, born at Hardly Strictly Bluegrass 2006. Over the years they have played around the Bay Area, opening for the likes of Steve Earle and Gillian Welch, as well as nationally at festivals such as South by Southwest, Old Settler's Festival, Strawberry Festival and The Folk Alliance Conference in Memphis.

Upcoming concerts from Live Nation


On Sale Saturday April 30 at 10 AM:
Special Guest: Nicki Minaj
Plus: Jessie and the Toy Boys -- Nervo
Staples Center - June 20
Honda Center - June 24

On Sale Saturday April 30 at 10 AM:
DETHKLOK – Only Live Performance This Year!
Rockstar Metal Mulisha Jump Team
Plus Merch Booths, Festival Elements, & Much More!
San Manuel Amphitheater
Saturday – July 9

On Sale Saturday, April 30 at 10 AM:
Unity Tour 2011
And: Sublime with Rome
Verizon Wireless Amphitheater
Saturday - August 20

On Sale Friday, April 29 at 10 AM:
The Wiltern
July 21

On Sale Now:
Hollywood Palladium
Saturday - June 11

On Sale Friday, April 29 at 10 AM:
Hollywood Palladium
Saturday - October 8

On Sale Friday, April 29 at 10 AM:
Long Beach Terrace Theatre - June 25
Fox Performing Arts Center - June 26


On Sale Now:
Special Guest:
The Mars Volta – Just Added!
The Forum
Friday – July 22

GO TO LIVENATION.COM for tickets, show information and more

Gurf Morlix, Fred Sokolow and Zak Sokolow in Claremont May 7

Tickets on sale for Gurf Morlix & Fred Sokolow w/ Zak Sokolow.
Saturday, May 7th 7:30pm (doors@7)
CALL 909 624 2928 FOR TICKETS & INFO..

Heres Gurf:
Gurf has been a major thread in the fabric of American roots music for over 20 years. But before he became a recognized name on the scene for his work with such reknowned artists as Lucinda Williams, Ray Wylie Hubbard, Slaid Cleaves, Buddy and Julie Miller, and Mary Gauthier, Gurf hung, played and performed with the Austin-based songwriter Blaze Foley.

Heres Fred:
Fred has long been a well-known West Coast multi-string performer and recording artist, whether he's playing Delta bottleneck blues, bluegrass, old-time banjo or 30s swing guitar he does it with authenticity and passion. He may be best known as the author of a library of instructional books and DVDs for guitar, banjo, Dobro, mandolin, lap steel and ukulele.


Billy Collins in Long Beach May 21

An Evening with Billy Collins

When: Saturday, May 21 at 8pm

Where: Carpenter Performing Arts Center
6200 Atherton Street
Long Beach, CA 90815

Tickets: $35; $30 for seniors

Ticket Office: (562) 985-7000,

Box Office Hours are Monday-Friday, 11am-6pm;
Saturday, noon-4pm.

In Brief: Hailed by The New York Times as “the most popular poet in America,” former U.S. Poet Laureate and best-selling author Billy Collins generates fans all over the world with his incomparable talent for capturing subjects of everyday life—love, death, solitude, youth, and one’s triumphs and defeats. Join us for a fascinating and intimate glimpse into the heart and soul of a brilliantly thoughtful man as he reads from his body of work.

Additional information and tickets available at the Carpenter Center’s website:

New Prince biography publishes

Prince: Chaos, Disorder, and Revolution
by Jason Draper
May 2011, $19.99, Paperback 272 pages, 6 x 8.5, B&W photos
ISBN: 978-0-87930-961-9
Published by Backbeat Books, an imprint of Hal Leonard

For more than thirty years Prince has cut a singular path through the heart of popular music. Right from the beginning, he insisted on producing his own albums, directing his own music videos, and continuing to live in his hometown of Minneapolis. After making some of the most inventive albums of the 1980s — including 1999, Purple Rain, and Sign O’ the Times — he turned his attention to redefining his role in the music industry, changed his name to an unpronounceable symbol, declared war on his record label, and became the first artist to release an album online, helping to lead the Internet revolution. As those moves drew headlines, Prince continued to evolve as a songwriter and musician and continued to push musical boundaries. Now, more than three decades into a career that has become synonymous with innovation and controversy, Prince remains as vital and unpredictable as ever.

In 2010, announcing that the Internet was “over,” he released his latest album, 20Ten, as a free cover-mounted CD with several European publications and launched his Welcome 2 America concert tour, including a slate of twenty-one shows in Los Angeles beginning in April 2011.

Prince: Chaos, Disorder, and Revolution ($19.99, Backbeat Books) is an authoritative chronicle of one of music’s true mavericks. Covering every album, every movie, and every tour, it includes profiles of key collaborators, assesses the artist’s business dealings, and details his many and varied side projects — on stage, on record, on screen, and beyond. About the author: Jason Draper is the author of Led Zeppelin: Revealed and A Brief History of Album Covers. He is reviews editor of Record Collector magazine and a regular contributor to New Musical Express, Uncut, Metal Hammer, and Dance Today.