Friday, April 29, 2011

Reader shares vintage Chevrolet story

I just love it when my readers send me mail! Here's a little nostalgia and a lot of coolness from one of the most interesting music - and train - writers I know. Thank you, Bobby! ~ M

Hi Mickie,

Here's a photo with several things that are long gone, inspired by the band (Los Fabulocos featuring Kid Ramos' shot for their new album, "Dos") photo taken from inside a vintage Chevrolet.

The car-- a 1941 Chevy Special Deluxe sedan, bought new by my parents at Frank D. Clay Chevrolet in Lamanda Park (an area soon to have the Doo Dah parade livening things up). Finally sold in 1972 when finding parts became too much of a hassle.

The building-- the former PE Pasadena carbarn, by then used for RTD buses. Damaged beyond repair by an earthquake in 1971. Not a trace remains, although some manhole covers with "PE" cast into them wound up at OERM.

The intersection of Pacific and Electric--now covered by new construction.

The streetlight--an old incandescent model with a "radial wave" shade. There's a similar fixture in front of the meeting hall at OERM.

We now return you to the 21st Century....

Bobby Boy

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