Thursday, December 30, 2010

End o' Week Musings

The end of the holiday season is drawing near, but that doesn't mean I'll be any less busy...

Friday (Christmas Eve) I took my mom to Westminster church in Pasadena for the 10:45 p.m. service. It's a huge gothic styled structure that is so beautiful and amazing, I say if you don't like the music or the sermon, just enjoy the scenery. But we did enjoy the music.

The evening began with a bell choir and continued with the church choir, a string ensemble and more. Just before midnight, the minister asked everyone to make a big circle around the pews and we took turns lighting a candle from our "neighbor" and then helping our neighbor on the other side light theirs until the church glowed. A bell rang 12 times and then we all sang "Silent Night." It was really nice.

Christmas day I slept in a bit and spent most of my time in my red satin pajamas. I did a bit of writing, some television watching and basically took it easy. I even had dinner cooking in my crockpot. My friends Andrew and Byron stopped by for a visit and gift exchange and in the evening my mother came over and hung out for a while. Now, I wasn't completely lazy, as it was a nice day so I took two long walks.

Tuesday I met my special guy and his son for lunch and a couple rounds of mini-golf. The kid and I were paired up against my guy and we beat him soundly. The kiddie got a hole in one and I managed many of the tees with only two strokes. The loser bought us ice cream and yesterday was still moaning about his bad game. Hey, it's about time we showed you how to play! ha ha ha!

I have a fairly quiet weekend planned. Tomorrow I will be going with my friends Linda and Vernor to the Autry museum. I haven't been there in forever, so it will be interesting. In the evening, my mom and I are planning to go to a Chinese restaurant for dinner-- an old tradition of mine. I'll probably watch the Rose Parade from home, curled in my warm bed with a cup of hot chocolate.

My big excitement is that on Monday I will be interviewing Paul Zaloom of "Beakman's World." For the unfamiliar, "Beakman's World" is a crazy, fast-paced show that teaches children about science. It's fun to watch and encourages learning. Zaloom will be bringing a stage version of the show to Caltech in Pasadena in late January. I'm jazzed to speak with Paul, as I am a big fan. Yeah, yeah, it's a kids' show, but it's one of the best things I've seen on TV in a long time.

The rest of my week will be filled out with interviews with artists and musicians. I'm also going with my friend Jules to see "Hair" at the Pantages.

In rotation: I felt like keeping the holiday season going, so I've been listening to the same music as last week....

Photos we got 'em: Some cute animal pictures from the Web and a photo by Keith Durflinger of Rob Halford and his bass player (and my friend) Mike Davis in concert last week. You will be able to see more concert photos and read my review at this weekend.

Thought o' the week: Two things. As the new year rolls in, many of us make resolutions, which are often left in the dust after a week or so. I think most of this is because we make goals that are too big or too demanding, instead of taking the challenge on in little steps. That is why I am asking you to resolve to do two things-- two small things.

One: Pick one bad behavior or habit that you would like to fix. Make it attainable, such as remembering to say thank you to the waitress at your favorite restaurant when she brings you your meal or giving a credit where it is due like when your boss praises you for a job well done and the truth is a co-worker helped out, tell your boss about your helper instead of mutely accepting all the praise.

Two: Pick one nice thing you would like to add to your life. Here, also keep it simple, such as greeting the receptionist at the office every morning when you come in with a big smile instead of a grumbled hello or nothing at all. Or opening the door at places where people have too much in their arms so they can go in or out easily.

There's tons more things you can change and add, I'm sure you can think of several already. As I've said before, a little kindness goes a long way to making the world a better place~ start with two things.

Happy New Year and keep on rockin'

Loafer's Glory in Santa Monica Jan. 9

On Sunday, January 9. LOAFER'S GLORY will be performing at McCABE'S GUITAR SHOP in Santa Monica. McCabe's is at 3101Pico Blvd. 91405. Showtime is 7:00 p.m. Tickets are $15 and may be obtained by phone (310-828-4497) or at their website,

Anjani Dance Theatre in Cerritos Feb. 4

Anjani Dance Theatre/Anjani*s Kathak Dance ofIndia
Made in Mumbai II

Theater: Cerritos Center for the Performing Arts
12700 Center Court Drive, Cerritos

Date: Friday, February 4, 2011, 8:00 PM

Ticket Prices: $60/$45/$30

Ticket Information: Tickets are available only atthe Cerritos Center for the Performing Arts* Ticket Office, at , or by calling (562) 467-8818.

Old Californio, Gaucho Gil and Sin City All Stars in LA Jan. 8

Old Californio, Gaucho Gil and the Sin City All Stars ride again at Molly Malone's on Saturday, Jan. 8, 2011

For those of you that have been missing Sin City’s Sweethearts of the Rodeo series, the Sin City All Stars are coming back to Molly Malone's, which originally housed the famous monthly club night. Spawning a resurgence of the SoCal country-rock tradition, the Sweethearts of the Rodeo run also led to the epic Gram Parsons: Return to Sin City concerts that saw the band opening for and backing up artists including Keith Richards, Norah Jones and Steve Earle. The Sin City All Stars will be headlining the Jan. 8 show at Molly Malone's, which also sees the return of renowned roots-rock band Gaucho Gil while the dusty psychedelic rock of Old Californio will open the evening.

"These guys are hillbillies alright but they're Muswell Hillbillies and those crazy complex melodies are pointing forward, away from the ghost of Gram Parsons, and towards a brave new world of their own making."-Mark Huddle, Trotsky's Cranium / Verbicide

"Wearing the rootsy, organic heart of California on their sleeves, from bucolic harmonies to the traditional country song lines as aired on album opener “Mother Road”, a sense of freedom, one quite possibly inborn in bands of this geographical ilk, has allowed them to faithfully blend a definite sense of time and place (circa ’71 should do it) with a unique approach to what the music of that era means to them personally.” – Richard S. Jones, Shindig!

Old Californio took everyone by surprise with their 2009 release "Westering Again". Recorded in their old chicken coop garage turned recording studio in Pasadena, CA, Old Californio set out to mix a gritty soup of bucolic rock and roll influenced as much by Moby Grape, Crazy Horse and The Grateful Dead as by the chaparral canyons and ungovernable San Gabriel mountains themselves. The album feeds from bright guitar-driven melodies with complicated and earthy arrangements, mixed in with a little down-home countrytwang and dovetailing instrumental jams venturing to the psychedelic/ philosophic.

For this show at Molly Malones, they'll be pulling out tunes from their highly anticipated upcoming 2011 release "Sundrunk Angels".

"In the tradition of Joe Ely, Los Lobos and the protest songs of Woody Gutherie comes the group Gaucho Gill. The legend of Gaucho Gill the man was/is a half-truth, a myth and a historical uncertainity much like our (the west's) legend Robin Hood. But for the people of Argentina his legend lives on as thousands visit his shrine every year..."--Songs Illinois On The Ballad of Gaucho Gil"

A new project featuring notables from Los Angeles’ roots rock underground, Gaucho Gil presents good old-fashioned tunesmithery on The Ballad of Gaucho Gil. Singer/songwriters Jerry Giddens (erstwhile leader of the long-suffering Walking Wounded) and Michael Packard, instrumentalists Chris Lawrence, Luis Ruiz and Dale Daniels and producer Dusty Wakeman don’t fool around here—crap gets cut in favor of just presenting the songs in all their melodic and heartfelt glory."--Michael Toland, High Bias

Jerry Giddens, the singing, songwriting former Baptist youth minister from North Louisiana and former Austin denizen, has been calling the Hollywood area home for a couple of years. With fellow folk rockers Michael Packard, Luis Ruiz, Dale Daniels and young steel guitar ace Chris Lawrence, Giddens formed a band called Gaucho Gil, named for an iconic gaucho outlaw-turned-saint from Argentina.

“The home of mosh pits and fake tits has become America’s unlikely twang Arcadia. “There’s more country music in L.A. now than there is in Nashville.” Said Lucinda Williams from the stage at Sweethearts Of The Rodeo, one of a growing number of monthly club nights populated by musicians, scenesters and celebs. But don’t look for Shania and Garth – this is firey, old-school, good country. Line dancers will be shot.” --Details Magazine

What happens when a couple of veteran LA-based musicians from Arkansas and Texas get together with some friends to play some of the Willie and Waylon music they grew up with? Throw in some Stones, Gram Parsons and a little ZZ Top and you’ve got the Sin City All Stars! The Sin City All Stars are a revolving collective of seasoned musicians who came to be the core, unofficial house band at former Los Angeles club night Sweethearts of the Rodeo.

The ringmaster in this circus of mayhem is Bryson Jones (The Snakehandlers), whose Southern wit, sarcasm and charm “give the night’s proceedings a profane rock edge” (Details, December 2002). The rhythm section is comprised of den father/bassist/producer/engineer Dusty Wakeman (whose credits include Dwight Yoakam, Lucinda Williams and Jim Lauderdale, among others) and drummer Dave Raven (who’s played on hundreds of records but spends most of his live time fronting the Mojo Monkeys and playing with the Snakehandlers). The Sin City All Stars are rounded out by featured vocalist/acoustic guitarist extraordinaire Jonny Kaplan, pedal steel player Chris Lawrence (Mike Ness Band, Gary Allan), and hot guitar slingers Joel &quotEasy Pickin’s" Siegerson (The Snakehandlers) and Keith Gattis (who not only fronts his own band but lends his chops to Dwight Yoakam as well).

Then there are some honorary All Stars — friends who turn up when they’re in town: guitarist Doug Pettibone (Lucinda Williams, Jewel, Tracy Chapman) and keyboardist/former Flying Burrito Brother Skip Edwards (Dwight Yoakam, Dave Alvin, Johnny Rivers) As well as special guests that have included Lucinda Williams, Kasey Chambers, Jim Lauderdale, Albert Lee, Blasters drummer Bill Bateman, Rosie Flores, James Intveld, Jessi Colter, Nadine, eastmountainsouth, Waylon Payne, Mike Stinson, Randy Weeks, Shooter Jennings, Shurman, Grey DeLisle, Minibar ... the list goes on and on!

So with buddies like that dropping by, how did The Sin City All Stars get to be the star attraction? By creating a fun, exciting vibe that appeals to a diverse audience of musicians and music lovers alike.

Saturday, Jan. 8, 2011/ 21+/ $10
8:00 Old Californio
9:00 Gaucho Gil
10:00 Sin City All Stars
@ Molly Malone's, 575 S. Fairfax Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90048
(323) 935-1577

Joe Bonamassa in "Guitar Center Sessions" on cable Saturday

Don't miss an all new episode of Guitar Center Sessions featuring Joe Bonamassa, Saturday, January 1st at 9PM on DIRECTV, channel 101, and in 3D on n3D powered by Panasonic.

Joe Bonamassa performs songs So It's Like That, When the Fire Hits the Sea, Lonesome Road Blues, Slow Train, and Woke Up Dreamin', and discusses his song writing process including his influences and inspirations, as well as taking risks in his career.

To see exclusive clips and performances visit and check out Joe Bonamassa's latest album, "Black Rock", available now on

Autism Society and AMC to offer sensory-friendly screening of "Yogi Bear" Jan. 8

AMC Theatres (AMC) and the Autism Society have teamed up to bring families affected by autism and other disabilities and sensory issues a special opportunity to enjoy their favorite films in a safe and accepting environment on a monthly basis. Sensory Friendly Films® will continue with a showing of Yogi Bear on January 8.

Autism is a complex neurodevelopmental disability that affects a person’s ability to communicate and interact with others. It often comes with sensory challenges, such as hypersensitivity to light or sound, and children or adults affected by autism may not understand the social boundaries of movie theatre etiquette, such as not talking during the film or sitting still through most of the show.

In order to provide a more accepting and comfortable setting for children with autism or other special needs, AMC movie auditoriums will have their lights brought up and the sound turned down, families will be able to bring in their own gluten-free, casein-free snacks, and no previews or advertisements will be shown before the movie. Additionally, audience members are welcome to get up and dance, walk, shout or sing - in other words, AMC’s “Silence is Golden®” policy will not be enforced unless the safety of the audience is questioned.

Tickets are $6 and can be purchased on the day of the event.

Yogi Bear
Saturday, January 8
10 a.m.

AMC Promenade 16, 21801 Oxnard St., Woodland Hills, Calif. 91367
AMC Covina 30, 1414 N. Azusa Ave., Covina, Calif. 91722
AMC Del Amo 18, 3525 Carson St., Torrance, Calif. 90503
AMC Block 30, 20 City Blvd. W., Ste. 1, Orange, Calif. 92868
AMC Ontario Mills 30, 4549 Mills Cir., Ontario, Calif. 91764
AMC Downtown Disney 12, 1565 Disneyland Dr., Anaheim, CA 92802

A list and map of participating theatres is available at

This nationwide event has 131 theatres in 62 markets across the U.S.

An estimated 30 million people in the world have an autism spectrum disorder, 1.5 million in America alone. In America, 1 in every 110 children has an autism spectrum disorder.
These families face challenges of care, support, education, financial hardship and medical and health care issues that make autism a national public health issue, costing the U.S. economy $60 billion a year. Though there is no cure, autism is treatable and individuals with autism have tremendous potential.

The Autism Society, the nation’s leading grassroots autism organization, exists to improve the lives of all affected by autism. We do this by increasing public awareness about the day-to-day issues faced by people on the spectrum, advocating for appropriate services for individuals across the lifespan, and providing the latest information regarding treatment, education, research and advocacy. For more information, visit

LA Yoga to offer New Year's Eve benefit event

LA Yoga Magazine Presents: A New Year's Eve Community Extravaganza Benefiting YOGA For Youth

Featuring ROCKY DAWUNI, Luminaries, Donna De Lory, The Makepeace Brothers, Seane Corn, Bryan Kest, DJ Fabian Alsultany, Kia Miller, & Aykanna.

Enjoy a celebration worth supporting, as LA Yoga Magazine host a special benefit event, raising capital & consciousness for the YOGA For Youth Foundation. This event begins Friday, December 31st at 2pm, with Yoga Instruction from some of LA's finest teachers, and rolls into live music at 7:30pm all the way till 3am in the morning. (Rocky Dawuni will hit the stage at 12:15am sharp!)

Food vendors include raw & vegan cuisine by Euphoria Loves Rawvolution, & The Samosa House. Plus organic elixirs & drinks at the bar. There will be eco/green booths, and beautiful lounge space for all to enjoy!

Fresh off his amazing performances at the 18,000 strong “We Day” in Toronto, Canada with Somalian Hip Hop star K’Naan, the highlight of the Hawaii Spirit Music Festival, and his headlining performance with Jazon Mraz at the Freedom Awards; ROCKY DAWUNI will be performing with an amazing international band at the LA Yoga’s New Year’s Eve Extravaganza for his last show in the US for 2010!!


Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Barry Big B Brenner New Year's Eve in South Pasadena

Firefly Bistro
Reservations (626) 441-2443
LIVE MUSIC with Guitar Maestro; Barry Big B Brenner
Chef Paul’s Prix Fix NYE MENU on-line at

Barry Big B Brenner
this week . . .

DECEMBER 30th from 6-9pm

JANUARY 2nd from 11am-2pm

Firefly Bistro
1009 El Centro Street
(626) 441-2443

For a Complete List of Big B’s Upcoming Blues Shows, Go to..

Christmas tree disposal for Pasadena residents

Pasadena residents have several options for disposing of their Christmas trees, compliments of the Pasadena Public Works Department and Los Angeles County Sanitation Districts.

All stands, ornaments and lights must be removed so the trunks and branches can be recycled as compost.

Trees can be dropped off for recycling Monday, Dec. 27, through Friday, Dec. 31, from 7 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the following locations:

· Eaton Blanche Park, 3100 E. Del Mar Blvd. (parking lot on Millicent Way)

· Robinson Park, 1081 N. Fair Oaks Ave. (parking lot on Morton Street).

Residents with trash pickup services from the city of Pasadena may place their trees curbside to be picked up on their regular trash pickup days between Jan. 3 and 14.

For more information call the Street Maintenance and Integrated Waste Management Division of the Pasadena Public Works Department at (626) 744-4087.

"A Chorus Line" in Cerritos Jan. 28-30

A Chorus Line

Theater: Cerritos Center for the Performing Arts
12700 Center Court Drive,

Friday, January 28, 2011 8:00 PM
Saturday, January 29, 2011 2:00 PM & 8:00 PM
Sunday, January 30, 2011 2:00 PM

Ticket Prices:
$52/$40/$28 Friday
$67/$54/$41 Saturday Matinee & Sunday
$61/$49/$36 Saturday Evening

Ticket Information: Tickets are available only at the Cerritos Center for the Performing Arts* Ticket Office, at , or by calling (562) 467-8818

Rick Shea & the Losin' End in Sierra Madre tonight

Rick Shea
Wed Dec 29th
8pm - with The Losin End
Cafe 322
322 W Sierra Madre Bl
Sierra Madre 91024

Jeremiah & the Red Eyes and Earl Flores & Holy Toledo! Band at the Mint Jan. 4

Jeremiah & The Red Eyes followed by Earl Flores & Holy Toledo! Band @ The Mint, Tuesday, January 4th

Jeremiah & The Red Eyes*
Los Angeles based artist Jeremiah (Sammartano) and the Red Eyes started in the Southern California coffeehouses and bars, picking up sounds and ideas along the way and later mixed them up with the song ideas in his head. What came out was a blend of the Delta Blues and old folk songs, Tom Waits and the Replacements, some Willie Nelson twang and some good old garage rock and roll - and a whole lot of other things - Delta blues and twangy grooves, one reporter called it.

2004 saw the release of Red Eyed and Restless on Bull Stud Records which had songs that were played on various U.S. stations including the syndicated show, "Altville," and across Europe.

They have been well supported by the Americana scene in Los Angeles and have shared the stage with Dead Rock West, Bob Woodruff, and Mike Stinson – to name a few - and also with David Olney and Tommy Womack in Nashville. After spending a year in Nashville, Jeremiah is back in Los Angeles, and spent the summer and fall racking up thousands of miles, touring all over the USA in anticipation of his new recording titled, Under Your Spell.

For more information:

Jeremiah performing @ The Echo:

Dean Thomas (of the Cousin Lovers) introduces the music of Earl Flores and Holy Toledo!
A Mainstay of the local Encinitas, CA scene, the music of Earl Flores and the Holy Toledo! band pulses with a powerful blend of country and classic sounds. From boleros to ballads, country and swing, Earl Flores and the Holy Toledo! band know how to give you the perfect mix that includes music from Elvis to Dean Martin to Country Gospel. Earl is straight to the heart when it comes to a story in a song. Sometimes, known as "The Catholic Cowboy", Earl received the Unity Award Country Gospel Song of the year and The County Gospel CD of the year 2006.

For more information:

The Mint:
6010 West Pico Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90035
(323) 954-9400
9:00 Jeremiah & The Red Eyes/ 10:00 Earl Flores/ 21+/ $10

Cirque du Soleil and member of Los Lobos perform in LA Jan. 5

Cirque du Soleil joins David Hidalgo and Louie Perez of Los Lobos for free lunchtime performance on the Music Center Plaza to kick off LA Arts Month on Jan. 5, 2011

Public invited to celebrate third annual LA Arts Month(Los Angeles, CA—December 27, 2010) LA Arts Month organizers announce that Cirque du Soleil ® will join the kick-off for the Third Annual LA Arts Month at noon on Wednesday, January 5, on the Music Center Plaza.

The free, public performance will also feature David Hidalgo and Louie Perez of Los Lobos with selections from Evangeline, the Queen of Make-Believe, a theaterwork co-written by Perez and produced by About Productions.

The event will feature booths offering information about arts events and special offers, and an opportunity to participate in a free, fun, highly interactive arts activity. A variety of food selections will be available on the Plaza for the lunchtime crowd.

LA Arts Month is a collaborative effort by arts organizations to encourage residents and visitors to seek out cultural experiences throughout the month of January: from visiting a local gallery or museum; enjoying a theatrical, dance, or musical performance; or getting a taste of a multi-cultural festival. Through community outreach, local promotional ticket giveaways, and a viral word-of-mouth campaign, LA Arts Month encourages Angelenos to enjoy the best art the world has to offer, without leaving the city.

LA Arts Month takes place from January 1-31, 2011. For programming information please visit

Eric & Magill to release album

“All Those I Know” is the title track from the debut album by Eric & Magill

About Eric & Magill

“Eric & Magill is Ryan Weber of Decibully along with Eric Osterman, formerly of Camden. How’s that for some Midwest name dropping? We don’t care! A bunch of dudes in all those bands were also in The Promise Ring!” – The Fader

Eric & Magill’s debut album All Those I Know is already popping up on Milwaukee-based “Best of 2010” lists as a locally promoted free Bandcamp release prior to the album’s upcoming national release on January 25th, 2011. The Onion, Express, Inside Milwaukee, and Muzzle of Bees are just a handful of publications that have already called out the record’s brilliance. The album will also see several of its tracks released in EP form in the UK on January 24th via Luau Records.

Written over e-mail with Osterman while Weber was living in Armenia, the initial process of creating All Those I Know was so successful that Weber began to collaborate this way with many more of the musical friends he had made over the years, including artists responsible for creating such bands as: Shearwater, The Dirty Projectors, Joan of Arc, The Promise Ring, Dashboard Confessional, and Decibully, and many more. Mike Kinsella of indie legends Cap’n Jazz is featured as a vocalist on the album’s title track.

Weber and Osterman have been forming the relationships that weave the fabric of All Those I Know for years. Beginning in 1998 as members of the “post-emo-neo-spacepop” band Camden, Weber and Osterman made two records with Death Cab For Cutie’s Chris Walla and toured constantly with The Promise Ring, Pele, and The Gloria Record among others.

Following Camden’s demise, Weber became a member of The Promise Ring for the band’s career defining Wood/Water album recorded for the revered Anti- Records label with legendary producer Stephen Street (The Smiths, Blur, The Cranberries). Weber then went on to co-found the band Decibully and produce four of the band’s albums.

Eric & Magill
All Those I Know
(S/R, 1/25/11)
Track Listing:

01. All Those I Know
02. You Make is So Good
03. Should We All Wake Up
04. Grandpa’s Pink Wine
05. Vegetable Gardeners
06. I Hear Trumpets
07. Pontoon Boats
08. Gentle, Polite
09. Old Man Winter
10. Birthdays are Important

Shunda K to release solo album

“I’m Da Best” is the second single from Shunda K’s upcoming solo album, “The Most Wanted”

Shunda K’s debut solo album The Most Wanted drops worldwide on January 11th, 2011. Shooting on the video for the album’s second single “I’m Da Best” commenced in Florida this week under the direction of Steven Andrew Garcia of The Masses ( who has recently shot clips for Mika Miko and Male Bonding among others. The clip is a direct assault on the Westboro Baptist Church (WIKI) and concerns a young boy who is harassed, called “faggot” by his peers, faces even more tension at home and how with the help of his faith and the support of his role models Shunda K and Shon B, he overcomes these obstacles to stand tall.

The video is Shunda K’s contribution to the ongoing “It Gets Better” Project ( started by famed syndicated sex columnist Dan Savage as a place where young people who are lesbian, gay, bi, or trans can see how love and happiness can be a reality in their future. To date, the project has received submissions from celebrities, organizations, activists, politicians and media personalities, including President Barack Obama, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Rep. Nancy Pelosi, Adam Lambert, Anne Hathaway, Colin Farrell, Matthew Morrison of “Glee”, Joe Jonas, Joel Madden, Ke$ha, Sarah Silverman, Tim Gunn, Ellen DeGeneres, and Suze Orman among many others. The video for “I’m Da Best” will debut in mid-January.

Shunda K’s debut solo album The Most Wanted arrives on the heels of two Shunda K mixtapes downloaded thousands of times each, US and Australian dates opening for electro superstar Peaches, a collab on the track and video for the Peaches song “Billionaire”, and the NME naming Shunda K to its “Cool List” and earmarking The Most Wanted’s first single “Here I Am To Save The World” as one of “10 Tracks You Need To Hear”.

Shunda K
The Most Wanted
(Fanatic Records – Jan. 11th, 2011)
Track Listing:

01. I Am Yo! Majesty
02. I’m Da Best (feat. Shon B)
03. Here I Am To Save The World (feat. Cindy Wonderful)
04. Who’s Gona Stop Us Now (feat. Raspberry Cocaine)
05. My Light (feat. Tan)
06. Chasing Dat Sound (feat. Lady Lash)
07. Art and Music
08. Rock & Roll (feat. Raspberry Cocaine)
09. Deep In The Melody (feat. The Real Fiasco)
10. The Most Wanted
11. DANCING (Deekline & Pure SX Remix) (feat. WeHaveLove)
12. Feel Da’ Bass (feat. Flyy Git)
14. It’s Time To Get Paid (feat. Snax)
15. Action (feat. Shon B and Flyy Git)
16. Luv Hug (feat. Brittany Coney)
17. CONTACT (feat. Ms. Tedra)
18. Oh Baby Girl (feat. Ms. Tedra)
19. Love Me (feat. Pumpsta and Ms. Tedra)
20. HARD!

Academie du Jazz awards Roy Gaines for album of the year

“Tuxedo Blues”
2010 Blues Award Academie du Jazz
Best Blues Album Of The Year

Roy Gaines & His Orchestra recorded their first CD “Tuxedo Blues” (Black Gold Records) in 2009 at Capitol Records, and has performed at local venues and events in 2010 including the Central Ave Jazz Festival, The Typhoon Restaurant and the Catalina Jazz Club. The motto of this 17-piece orchestra is “Dress the blues up”.

Tuxedo Blues has been aired on KKJZ 88.1 FM by Helen Borgers, who also wrote the liner notes. The blues we hear on this disc have been arranged for a swingin’ big band that could be performing at the elegant ballrooms of the most prestigious hotels. The music harkens back to the days when Roy was part of a touring program, on the same bill with Count Basie’s Orchestra and Jimmy Rushing, under the influence of impresario John Hammond. But the music transcends any one era.

Roy puts everything he has into everything he does. And he is a visionary. His plans for the evolution of this music – where it will be heard, played and grown – are exiciting. Today a homage to Count Basie, tomorrow Duke Ellington. Beyond – who knows? One thing is for sure, it will be a class act!

From Tuxedo Blues Liner Notes - Helen Borgers FM 88.1 KKJZ Host: You don’t have to dress him up to take him anywhere. He can play both blues guitar and jazz piano; he’s a versatile vocalist; he’s a songwriter, bandleader and soloist. He even acts on occasion! He has a W.C. Handy Award (and 2 more nominations) and a Living Blues Award. And he always looks dapper. He’s the legendary Roy Gaines.

Ojai offers fun events throughout the year

From great storytelling to creative works of art and even an invasion of pirates, Ojai has many spellbinding events taking place all year long to showcase the community’s spirit, talent and scenic beauty. Visitors can turn an Ojai event into a great getaway by planning an overnight trip. Many of the local inns offer special rates in conjunction with the annual events, creating a wonderful reason to visit the city. While in Ojai, visitors can explore the many unique shops, galleries, and local attractions such as the Olive Oil Farm or Friend’s Ranch that offers agricultural tours and tasty pixies in the spring. Or, perhaps at the end of the day, a spa treatment is in order. Ojai is known as a spa destination with many day spas and destination resorts to choose from.

The following lists the major events taking place in Ojai in 2011:

First Annual Ojai WordFest – March 19-27, 2011
A new event for Ojai, WordFest will showcase the best-selling authors as well as screenwriters, playwrights, poets, cookbook authors and more. Highlights include a writer’s conference, book fair, community events, open mic venues, poetry readings, cooking classes, a movie night and workshops at many of Ojai’s historic and well-known venues.

The 111th Annual Ojai Valley Tennis Tournament, April 28-May 1, 2011
Founded by NCAA doubles champion William L. Thatcher more than 110 years ago to promote amateur tennis in California, the Ojai Valley Tennis Tournament takes place at Libbey Park in downtown Ojai. It is home of the annual Pac-10’s men’s, women’s and doubles individual championship matches.

The 12th Annual Ojai Storytelling Festival, May 5-8, 2011
The 12th Annual Ojai Storytelling Festival will feature seven of the nation’s best storytellers. It will be held at a new venue, the Chaparral Graduation Grounds during the renovation of Libbey Bowl. Attendees will enjoy a tales of suspense, humor, adventure, traditional folktales and other original creations

17th Annual Ojai Valley Garden Tour, May 7, 2011
A self-guided tour, featuring five private gardens in springtime bloom around the Ojai Valley. The annual event is presented by the Ojai Valley Chamber of Commerce.

22nd Annual Ojai Renaissance & Pirate Faire, May 22-23, 2011
The picturesque Ojai Valley plays host Renaissance revelers as they re-create a 16th century European village at scenic Lake Casitas. Both the participants and visitors have fun transporting themselves back in time to the glories of Queen Elizabeth’s Court.

34th Annual Art in the Park, May 28-29, 2011
This outdoor juried art show draws artists throughout the state and beyond to Libbey Park in downtown Ojai. Mediums include oil, acrylic, glass, pastel, watercolor, mixed media, graphics, wood, photography, sculpture, ceramics, fine jewelry and even wearable art. The event also includes a variety of musical entertainment.

Libbey Bowl Grand Opening Celebration, June 4-5, 2011
The historic re-opening of the open-air Libbey Bowl includes a Gala & Concert on June 4 with acclaimed soprano Dawn Upshaw, and a Day of Music: Ojai’s Community & Arts Celebration on June 5 presenting Ojai Valley musicians and performing arts groups.

65th Annual Ojai Music Festival, June 9-12, 2011
Renowned musical composers gather in Ojai for the annual prestigious Ojai Music Festival, held for the first time in the newly revamped Libbey Bowl. The festival boasts a tradition of mixing new works with exceptional pieces of classical music over a four-day span. The 2011 festival will be led by Music Director Dawn Upshaw.

25th Annual Ojai Wine Festival, June 12, 2011
Held at Lake Casitas, the Ojai Wine Festival includes wine tasting, musical entertainment, arts & crafts, food booths, and boat rides around the lake. Proceeds benefit local organizations.

8th Annual Ojai Lavender Festival, June 25, 2011
The beauty and benefits of lavender are celebrated at the annual festival, which includes demonstrations, speakers, vendors, live music plus all types of lavender products.

49th Annual Fourth of July Parade & Celebration, July 4, 2011
This old-fashioned 4th of July parade through downtown Ojai is followed by games, live music and spectacular fireworks show at Nordhoff High School.

14th Annual Ojai Playwrights Conference Summer New Works Festival, August 9-14, 2011
Established and emerging playwrights from across the country join together for an intensive two-week, in residence workshop that culminates in the presentation of new play workshops and special performances for the public in the Summer New Works Festival.

18th Annual Gold Coast Pirates Faire, September 17-18 & September 24-25, 2011
The West Coast’s largest gathering of pirates, buccaneers and scoundrels recreate the golden age of piracy on the grounds at Lake Casitas. Highlights include continuous entertainment, street & costumed performers, children’s activities, food court and pirate’s marketplace.

11th Annual Taste of Ojai, September 17, 2011
Presented by the Rotary Club of Ojai, the annual Taste of Ojai serves up samplings from area restaurants and wineries on the golf course at the majestic Ojai Valley Inn & Spa.

28th Annual Ojai Studio Artists Tour, October 8-9, 2011
Artist studios open for visitors to view latest works of art and connect with the artists. Creative activities & exhibitions take place throughout the Ojai Valley. Funds benefit local art students.

20th Annual Ojai Day and Night, October 15, 2011
The annual street fair celebrates the rich artistic, agricultural and cultural heritage of the Ojai Valley. The event features dozens of local artisans, farmers, vendor booths, demonstrations, with music food and arts & crafts.

12th Annual Ojai Film Festival, October 20-23, 2011
The Ojai Film Festival offers non-stop screenings of new, independent films submitted by filmmakers throughout the world at numerous venues in Ojai. Other festival highlights include seminars, film classic screenings and opportunities to mingle with filmmakers, directors and production staff.

9th Annual Yoga Crib, October 27-30, 2011
Yoga sessions, meditations and evening events take place in some of the most historically significant and sacred spots in the Ojai Valley.

15th Annual Ojai Holiday Home Look In, November 18-20, 2011
A tour of several homes in Ojai which showcase stunning architecture and history, all dressed in theme. In addition, the event also features a Holiday Marketplace containing holiday gift and treasures from local artisans and vendors. Proceeds benefit the Ojai Music Festival and music education program.

For more information on Ojai’s calendar of events, visit or call the Ojai Visitors Bureau 1-888-OJAI NOW.

Ojai is an easy 90-minute drive north of Los Angeles and 50 minutes south of Santa Barbara. The closest airports are in Santa Barbara (45 miles), Burbank (70 miles), and Los Angeles (85 miles). Ojai is just a 20-minute drive from U.S. 101 via California Highway 33. Ample, free parking is available throughout the city

Elliott Caine Sextet record release party in Hollywood Jan. 16

The Elliott Caine Sextet will be celebrating the release of its new cd, "Hippie Chicks on Acid", at the Twist Restaurant in the Renaissance Hotel and Spa, 1755 North Highland Ave., Hollywood, CA 90028, on Sunday, January 16, 2011, from 11am until 2pm.

The event is sponsored by radio station, KKJZ/88.1fm, as part of its jazz brunch series, and hosted by announcer, Bubba Jackson.

Knott's offers discount for guests donating cans of food Jan. 3-30

With an ever increasing number of those struggling to make ends meet, food banks everywhere are looking to fill the gap. Recognizing this growing need, Knott’s Berry Farm has once again partnered with the Orange County Food Bank to help fight hunger in Southern California. This year marks Knott’s Berry Farm’s tenth year coordinating the food drive that feeds thousands in the Orange County area.

To adequately serve the growing list of those in need, Knott’s Berry Farm is asking every guest to donate 2 or more cans at the park January 3-30 and in return will offer a Regular adult admission for the price of a Junior ($24.99). This special discount offer saves $32 off of the Regular admission which is $56.99 for adults (over age 11).

The collected food will be used by the Orange County Food Bank to help meet the needs of Southern California’s most destitute families and to collect needed donations beyond the traditional holiday period when the need is great and food supply is low. For more information on assisting those in need throughout the community, please contact the Orange County Food Bank at (714) 897-6670.

For Knott’s Theme Park information, please call (714) 220-5200 or visit

Afro Funke Thursdays in Santa Monica

Afro Funké

Afrobeat, Brazilian, Dub, Reggae, Cumbia, Samba Disco, Batucada, Afro-Latin House, Indian Beats, Makossa & other deep-rooted Funk music from around the world

December 30, 2010
"BEST of 2010"
featuring KCRW DJs...DJ Aaron Byrd
Aaron Byrd, 24, has the distinct honor of being KCRW’s youngest host, but he learned his DJ skills from the best of them – the station’s own Garth Trinidad. After paying his dues as a volunteer at the front desk, Aaron had the opportunity to sit in during Garth's show. As they were leaving thestudio one night, Garth told Aaron he had a great voice and the right taste in music and quicklytook him under his wing. Two years later Aaron brings the KCRW audience his own show, based onthe idea that we were all once part of the same land mass and that music is the way to break down the barriers and social constructs we have built.

resident deejay:

Lonnie Marshall is a bass player, singer and songwriter from Los Angeles. He is best known as the frontman and founder of Weapon of Choice, and is the inventor of the Nutmeg Potty Plunger.

resident deejay:

hosted by:
*NEW album "Hymns for the Rebel Soul" on ITunes!

afro funke' booking, photography & production:

++Plus special surprise guests each week!++
Plus drink specials every Thursday!

Afro Funke' Thursdays
1301 5th Street @ Arizona
Santa Monica, CA 90401
310.451.2221 / 21+ (EVERYONE must have ID)
9pm - 2am / $7 before 10:30pm - $10 after

*AFRO FUNKE' is now on Twitter! Please follow us!!

January 6, 2010
more surprises for the New Year!!

Monday, December 27, 2010

Esotouric offers Charles Bukowski bus tour Jan. 15

WHAT: Esotouric's "Haunts of A Dirty Old Man: Charles Bukowski's L.A." bus tour

WHEN: Saturday, January 15, 12pm-4pm, departs from Philippe The Original, 1001 N Alameda, Downtown LA

COST: $58/person, includes coffee and donuts served at Bukowski's favorite Pink Elephant Liquor Store.

MORE INFO: visit or call 323-223-2767

RELATED EVENTS: The Huntington Library's long-awaited exhibit BUKOWSKI, POET ON THE EDGE continues through February 14, 2011

Esotouric, L.A.'s most compelling tour company, starts the new year with three of its most popular bus adventures: THE REAL BLACK DAHLIA (January 8), RAYMOND CHANDLER'S LOS ANGELES (January 9) and the Charles Bukowski tour HAUNTS OF A DIRTY OLD MAN (January 15). The Bukowski tour departs from Philippe The Original, the legendary downtown sandwich shop where postal worker Bukowski often ate while employed across the street at the brutal Terminal Annex sorting facility.

HAUNTS OF A DIRTY OLD MAN is hosted by Richard Schave, one of the forces behind the recent successful campaign to have Bukowski's one-time bungalow on De Longpre Avenue in East Hollywood declared an historic-cultural monument. HAUNTS OF A DIRTY OLD MAN spans Bukowski's personal city, from the Skid Rowbars where he tuned his young writer's ear to the voices of old rummies to the once-genteel Crown Hill apartments where he fought with his first love Jane, favorite bars and liquor stores, "Barfly" locations to the downtown library, where he discovered his "God," novelist John Fante (recently honored with a Square in his name outside that library, a designation that was initially proposed to City Council by tour host Richard Schave).

German born, Charles Bukowski spent most of his life in L.A., working for the US Postal Service, as "Notes of a Dirty Old Man" columnist for the underground press and writing the screenplay for the autobiographica l"Barfly." The city and its characters are everywhere in the work, so this tour celebrates the artist within his city with visits to places that were important to him and to his work. The tour includes a stop at Pink Elephant Liquor in East Hollywood for complementary coffee and donuts, though many riders also pick up a little something stronger for the road.

Esotouric has made its name with true crime bus tours (Black Dahlia, Pasadena Confidential) and explorations of literary LA (Raymond Chandler, John Fante, James M. Cain). Here they'll turn their creative attentions to Bukowski, the prolific poet, novelist and screenwriter whose rough-hewn tales of boozing, wild women and rotten jobs never obscure the deep vein of sweetness and hope that runs through all his work.

Upcoming Esotouric bus tour and special event schedule
Sat Jan 8 - The Real Black Dahlia (weekend package available)
Sun Jan 9 - Raymond Chandler's Los Angeles (weekend package available)
Sat Jan 15 - Haunts of a Dirty Old Man: Charles Bukowski's L.A.
Sat Jan 22 - The Birth of Noir: James M. Cain's So. Cal. Nightmare
Sun Jan 30 - LAVA's Sunday Salon at Clifton's Cafeteria (free, info at
Sat Jan 30 - The Science and Art of Forensic Investigations: Criminalistics from Test Tube to Testimony (info at
Sat Feb 5 - Reyner Banham Loves LA: The New Chinatowns (weekend package available)
Sun Feb 6 - Reyner Banham Loves LA: South LA (weekend package available)
Sun Feb 13 - The Science and Art of Forensic Investigations: Criminalistics from Test Tube to Testimony (info at
Sat Feb 19 - Reyner Banham Loves Los Angeles: Route 66 (weekend package available)
Sat Feb 20 - Reyner Banham Loves Los Angeles: Boyle Heights (debut, weekend package available)
Sat Feb 26 - Reyner Banham Loves Los Angeles: The Lowdown on Downtown-The Secret History of Los Angeles
Sat March 5 - Hotel Horrors & Main Street Vice crime bus tour
Sat March 12 - Eastside Babylon crime bus tour (weekend package available)
Sun March 13 - Blood & Dumplings crime bus tour (weekend package available)
Sat March 19 - Pasadena Confidential crime bus tour

For more info on Esotouric, visit

Esotouric's Richard Schave and Kim Cooper are proud members of LAVA - The Los Angeles Visionaries Association.

Snotty Scotty farewell performance Tuesday in Sierra Madre

Dear Music Lovers,

Last January, Snotty Scotty rocked the music world with his announcement, that upon his sixtieth birthday (coming up this Jan) he would hang up his crescent tambourine and kiss show biz good bye.

This Tues’ show at Café 322 could be the last public appearance for the Snotty one. I urge you attendance for this pivotal show. If we can pack to house and show Snotty the love, I think we stand a chance he’ll change his mind, and not bring to a close a stellar career that has spanned decades, bringing joy and happiness to our hearts with his caustic and sarcastic spin of all you favorite, sorry ass, played to death, tunes.

Tues, Dec 28, Café 322 in Sierra Madre. We go on right after Trivia with Quiz Mistress, Deanna...9ish.


Billy Booger
(Snotty’s lil bro)

Cornell Glee Club with Pasadena Master Chorale Jan. 16

Over the past 15 years, the Cornell Glee Club, whose singing was described by legendary conductor Eugene Ormandy as “superb” and “virtuosic” by the Washington Post, has left the university campus in Ithaca, New York to share its artistry with music lovers in China, Brazil, England and Venezuela. Audiences in Southern California will now have a chance, however, to hear the renowned ensemble, when the Pasadena Master Chorale (PMC) hosts the Club at a performance on Sunday, January 16 at 4 p.m. at La Crescenta Presbyterian Church in La Crescenta.

“The Cornell Glee Club has long been considered one of the finest male choruses in the country,” says PMC’s Artistic Director Jeffrey Bernstein, whose ties to the University run deep, considering that his father, mother and brother all studied and taught at Cornell.

“Under the direction of Scott Tucker the Glee Club has developed a stunning sound, supple and intense, and they sing with great musicality,” Bernstein continues. “I'm delighted that PMC can host Cornell on its California Tour and thrilled that PMC audiences will get a chance to hear an ensemble like the Cornell Glee Club. It will be an unforgettable concert experience.”

The performance will be an equally ‘unforgettable experience’ for Bernstein, the composer and conductor confesses. “Scott Tucker and I have been friends for over 20 years, since we met in the Harvard Glee Club,” he explains. “We were both students of Jim Marvin, so in a way that makes us musical brothers. Over the years we've spoken often of ways to bring our choruses together. In January, it will finally happen.”

The concert will open with a performance by the Pasadena Master Chorale of the “Introit” and “Kyrie” from Mozart’s Requiem, K. 626. Soloists will include soprano Lauren Buckley and pianist Renee Gilormini. Bernstein will conduct. The Cornell Glee Club will then present all-male choral music from a variety of cultures, ranging from compositions from the European Renaissance to folk music of the Americas.

“The Glee Club looks forward to sharing its unique repertoire and the Cornell musical tradition with alumni, current students and members of the communities we visit,” says Tucker. “We’re especially excited to perform pieces by Cornell alumni who now live and work in California, including Byron Adams and Joseph Gregorio. The tour will also feature premieres of works by Cornell-California composers David Conte and David Lefkowitz as well as selections from the Glee Club’s 1960-61 tour of the USSR, to celebrate the 50th anniversary of that historic event.”

“It’ll be a reunion of sorts for me and David Lefkowitz,” Bernstein reveals. “David teaches at UCLA, where he was my composition teacher during my doctoral studies.”

Southern California music lovers will have an opportunity as well to meet the Hangovers, the a cappella subset of the Glee Club, which will perform several original arrangements of popular music. Alumni, meanwhile, will find themselves humming along to traditional Cornell school songs, including the Song of the Classes, the Evening Song and the Cornell Alma Mater.

“Contrary to what you might expect, the Cornell Glee Club is not made up simply of music majors but rather 50 to 60 students from all seven undergraduate schools and the graduate school at Cornell who pass a very rigorous round of auditions,” Bernstein adds. “In that way, just as Scott and I are ‘musical brothers,’ so the Glee Club and PMC are kindred spirits. We both have a deep commitment to encouraging members of our communities from a wide spectrum of disciplines and interests – but who share our love of choral music – to join us and sing for the sheer joy of singing.”

Tickets for the performance of the Cornell Glee Club and Pasadena Master Chorale are available at the door, for a suggested donation of $20. La Crescenta Community Church is located at 2902 Montrose Avenue in La Crescenta California, 91214.

For more information about the Pasadena Master Chorale, visit Recorded information is available by phone at 626.208.0009.

Kenny G and Michael Bolton at the Gibson Feb. 14

Grammy Award®-winning and multi-platinum selling music artists, Kenny G and Michael Bolton, announced today they will co-headline 94.7 The Wave’s Valentines Date Concert on February 14, 2011 at The Gibson Amphitheatre in Los Angeles, CA.

Fans will be provided an opportunity to purchase tickets to 94.7 The Wave’s Valentines Date with Kenny G and Michael Bolton before they go on sale to the general public by signing up for free to become a Wave VIP Member at anytime before Tuesday, December 28 at 10 AM PST when their pre-sale begins.

A pre-sale for Live Nation subscribers will begin on December 29 at 10 AM PST.

Tickets for the general public will be on sale Thursday, December 30 at 10 AM PST at and

Grammy Award®-winning artist, Kenny G, has been on an epic journey unprecedented in the world of popular and instrumental music selling an astonishing 75 million+ albums worldwide. Easily the world’s most renowned saxophonist, he has become the only artist ever to achieve the most #1 Albums, 14 in total, on the Billboard Top Contemporary Jazz Chart and holds the record for having the most cumulative weeks at #1, spending an astounding 314 weeks at the top spot – a total of almost 6 years! 23 releases in all, his “Breathless” album remains a classic and is the best selling instrumental album in history, remaining on the Billboard Top 200 chart for over 213 weeks – almost 4 years. His holiday album, “Miracles” is the best selling holiday album in history, topping 4 charts simultaneously at #1.

But, with all the commercial landmarks, international chart records, 16 Grammy® nominations, American Music Awards, Soul Train Awards, loads of Gold & Platinum albums and global stardom, Kenny G remains true to his fans and to his love of music. His latest album, HEART AND SOUL, on Concord Records, features 12 original songs including duets with R&B stars Robin Thicke and Babyface and was nominated for a Grammy® Award this year as the Best Pop Instrumental Album.

Michael Bolton is currently on a 115-city world tour spanning several continents. Throughout the course of his career, Michael Bolton has sold over 53 million records. He has been the recipient of multiple Grammy trophies for Best Pop Male Vocal Performance, 6 American Music Awards, and a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. As a songwriter, he has earned over 24 BMI & ASCAP Awards, including Songwriter of the Year, 9 Million-Air awards, and the Hitmakers Award from the Songwriters Hall of Fame. Bolton has performed with music legends such as Luciano Pavarotti and Ray Charles, written songs with Bob Dylan, and penned hits for the likes of Barbra Streisand, Cher and KISS. Recently, Michael performed duets with both Seal and Lara Fabian to standing ovations for a PBS special airing in March of 2011. He was also included in this year’s People Magazine’s “Sexiest Man” issue for “Sexiest Men in their 50s.”

For the latest updates on Kenny G, visit and for Michael Bolton, visit

Madame Pamita appearances this week

It's the end of one year and the beginning of another and The World Card represents that perfection in completion. Take a moment to light a candle to celebrate the triumphs and accomplishments and to appreciate all that you have experienced in 2010. Look forward to beginning the journey of a new year and all that it holds. Positive expectation will lead to a fulfilling journey. Your bright and beautiful path shines ahead of you!

Being a big fan of the hardboiled detective genre, Madame Pamita is thrilled to have her gift certificates featured on a new blog called "Film Noir Blonde" which is a celebration of all things supremely stylish, retro, feminine and noir: film reviews, must-haves for your makeup bag, fabulous fashion finds, advice, horoscopes, spots for swanky dining, red-carpet rumors, movie news and interviewsCheck out Film Noir Blonde and subscribe to the Film Noir Blonde's updates. Tell her the fortune teller sentcha.
Upcoming Events
Dec. 29
Santa Monica
Dec. 30
Echo Park
Dec. 3
Private Party
Madame Pamita can bring fortune telling fun to your party or event too!
Dec. 31
Marina Del Rey
For information on these and other events, go to

Violinist Tim Fain in Rolling Hills Estates Jan. 16

“Second Sundays At Two” concert series presents
Violinist Tim Fain

When Sunday, January 16, 2011 at 2:00 p.m.
(Please note: this concert is on the 3rd Sunday of January to accommodate Mr. Fain's schedule)

Where Rolling Hills United Methodist Church
26438 Crenshaw Blvd.
Rolling Hills Estates, CA 90274
(NE corner of Crenshaw & PV Drive North)

Admission Free, donations appreciated

Michael Shapiro: Peace Variations
Philip Glass: Knee 2 from Einstein on the Beach
Philip Glass: I Enjoyed the Laughter from Book of Longing (2007)
J.S. Bach: Chaconne from Violin Partita No.2 in D Minor, BWV1004

Thursday, December 23, 2010

End o' Week Musings

It's been the slowest quick week ever!

I wasn't feeling well Friday, so I went home from work early and spent the bulk of my weekend in bed resting. I was determined to make the Philm and Halford concert at the Grove in Anaheim Sunday night and I did!

The show was great. Philm was very interesting, as they draw from a wide range of genres to produce a unique metal sound. And Halford, well, Rob's still got the voice and his band is full of energy. There will be a review of the show with photos by Keith Durflinger at after the 1st, plus an interview with Jerry Nestler of Philm.

The rest of the week, I took it easy. My back has been acting up a bit, so I focused on doing exercises and stretches for it, as well as hot and cold treatments like in physical therapy. I'm feeling quite a bit better today.

It was fun this morning, as I breezed in with a bundle of gifts for my co-workers and went to work playing Santa's elf. I love to surprise people with presents and give them a smile!

I'm off work tomorrow, but I'll be sticking close to home. My brother, mom and I may meet up for breakfast or lunch and later, I'm taking mom to Westminster church in Pasadena for the late service, which will be filled with a music program. There is going to be bell/chime players and my mom and I both love that.

Christmas I'm sleeping in, unless Santa's reindeers make too much noise on my roof! I plan to stay quiet at home and mostly alone, although I do have a few visitors who plan to stop by.

Next week is wide open and waiting for adventure-- can you believe I don't even have plans for New Year's Eve?! Aw, but the week is young!!

Now to get you in the mood for caroling Christmas Eve, I'd like to share a video with you that my friend Manny sent me: "MERRY CHRISTMAS from an unlikely source.......... GWAR!!!"

In rotation this week: "A Very Metal Christmas," "Santa and Satan: One and the Same?," Annie Lennox's "A Christmas Cornucopia," 38 Special's "A Wild Eyed Christmas Night," "A Wilderness Christmas" and "Voices: Chant from Avignon."

Photos we got 'em: Pet photos from the Internet, a card my friend DJ Ken sent and a shot of me and Santa at Arcadia Blues Club last week from my friend Mike (I never did get my pony!)

Thought o' the week: The best gift of all is you. It's a wild rush of shopping madness for many of us during the holidays, but sometimes the present most appreciated is the easiest to give.

This really came home to me last night when I called one of my friends to chat. She was very down and stressed out. She talked and I listened. Her biggest gripe was that everyone was trying to cheer her up or tell her what they thought she needed to make her happy and what she wanted was time to herself to cry, yell or do whatever she needed to cope with her feelings- alone.

The only thing I told her was you don't have to give in to what everyone wants you to do and don't let them guilt you into it either. We all go through times when we need to be alone with our feelings. Other than that, I listened and, by the time she was ready to say good bye, she was sounding much better.

I could go buy her some fancy gift, but instead I offered to be "on standby" if she wanted to talk and, if she wanted a visit, I would come armed with a bottle of her favorite wine.

So remember, it doesn't need a designer label or have to be lavish, the gifts we charish most usually come from the deeds and words of others. Now go one step further and think beyond the holidays to sharing the gift of yourself - a smile, an ear, a kind word - the whole year through.

Keep on rockin'

Dog Haus to help Union Station Homeless Adult Center in Pasadena Monday

Dog Haus, the recently opened family friendly hot spot for Gourmet Hot Dogs, Sausages and Burgers, is heading over to Union Station Homeless Services Adult Center located at 412 S. Raymond Avenue on Monday December 27, 2010 to grill up a special post-Christmas, pre-New Year’s treat for hundreds of homeless people in Pasadena. The free lunch will feature three signature Haus Dogs.

“We are really looking forward to the special Dog Haus lunch at Union Station. It is fun and something different for our homeless community members,” said, Rabbi Marv Gross, Union Station CEO. “It is this kind of generosity from the people and businesses of Pasadena that expresses to those in need in our community that others care about them and their wellbeing.”

Dog Haus is donating everything from the Hot Dogs to the King's Hawaiian Bread that it uses in place of traditional buns. French Fries are also on the menu as well as numerous toppings…and manpower. The Dog Haus team led by owners Hagop Giragossian, Quasim Riaz, André C. Vener and Robert and Denise Zeilstra will be out in force to tend to their special guests at Union Station.

“Union Station does extraordinary work on behalf of the homeless in Pasadena on a daily basis,” said Giragossian who along with Riaz also owns NEOMEZĒ, recognized as Old Pasadena's best Mediterranean Cafe, Bar and Lounge. “Dog Haus is proud to be affiliated with such an important organization and to be able to give back by serving a free lunch for the homeless during this holiday season.”

“The positive response to Dog Haus has been overwhelming and we are thrilled to share this experience and some of the best food in town with the deserving people that Union Station helps feed,” continued Riaz. “We will be grilling hundreds of our specialty Haus Dogs right there at Union Station. No one should ever go hungry.”

Located at 105 North Hill Avenue in Pasadena at the corner of Union and Hill, Dog Haus is living up to its reputation as the Best of the Würst quickly becoming the go to place for an exciting and delicious variety of gourmet hot dogs, sausages, burgers and more.

“Dog Haus is committed to giving back to the community,” said Vener, who is also partners with Robert and Denise Zeilstra in Pasadena’s favorite wine bar and restaurant redwhite+bluezz which is also known for raising millions for charitable causes. Vener and the Zeilstras are also partners in the newly opened Jazz and Supper Club Meets Mixology venue point08 that is located behind redwhite+bluezz. “Dog Haus is involved with many local charities such as Union Station and offers incentive programs and discounts to various community organizations.”

The 1,400 square foot, 50-seat restaurant is housed in a brand new building located minutes away from Pasadena City College. For more information about Dog Haus, visit or call 626.577.4287. Dog Haus can also be found on social networking sites including facebook (Dog Haus), Foursquare (Dog Haus) and twitter (dog_haus).

About Union Station
Union Station Homeless Services is the San Gabriel Valley’s largest social service agency assisting homeless and very low-income adults and families. Our mission is to help men, women and children rebuild their lives and end homelessness. Union Station provides comprehensive services to help homeless individuals achieve self-sufficiency, including intake and assessm­­­­­ent, emergency shelter, case management, career counseling, transitional housing, medical and mental health services, women’s and family services, and housing resources,

IK Multimedia releases new version of AmpliTube for iPad

IK Multimedia is pleased to announce the new version of AmpliTube for the mobile guitarist and bassist: AmpliTube 2 for iPad.

This new version of AmpliTube for iPad has many new features designed to streamline and enhance the mobile guitar and bass playing experience: from the creation and naming of guitar signal chain tone presets to importing, recording and exporting audio. Players will hear the difference in the improved sounds of the gear models, and more importantly, record their performances quickly and easily with the new built-in recorder.

Multi-Effects Processor for Guitar & BassAt its core, AmpliTube 2 for iPad is a complete multi-effects processor for guitar and bass, replicating the sounds and tones of some of the most historically significant gear of the audio world. Players can build a complete guitar or bass rig with 4 daisy-chained stompbox effects running into an amplifier, speaker cabinet and microphone. Each component is fully functioning with precise control over all parameters.

5 New StompsAmpliTube 2 for iPad features 5 new stompbox models available a-la-carte as in-app purchases: Compressor, Reverb, Graphic EQ, Parametric EQ and Limiter. Each model is available a-la-carte for $2.99 each.

Recording – Built-In 8-Track Recorder
The standout feature in AmpliTube 2 for iPad is the addition of high quality recording functionality (single track available in the free update), expandable to a full-featured 8-track recorder with a master effects section (via in-app purchase, $14.99). Each individual track features a record enable button, an insert effect (the customizable AmpliTube amp and effects signal chain), volume control, pan control, solo & mute switches, plus 2 send effect level controls for adding ambience and depth with reverb, chorus and delay from the master effects section.

The master effects section also features a global equalizer and compressor for final sound tweaking and polishing. AmpliTube 2 for iPad allows players to record their band, or produce complete multi-track songs and compositions directly in AmpliTube without any additional software. The “bounce” feature frees up track space by “bouncing” all audio tracks down to a single track, freeing up more recording space.

Practice – New SpeedTrainer Function
Backing tracks and other audio can now be imported directly onto a recorder track from the iPod music library on the device, or from a host computer. Players can change the tempo of audio material using IK’s popular “SpeedTrainer” feature for learning complex riffs or working on technical skills. Tempo can be adjusted from -50% to + 200% while the pitch remains unaffected.

Plus, you can use the iRig with line level signal sources such as synthesizers, keyboards or mixing consoles and have an iKlip, the universal microphone stand adapter for iPad, whenever you are on stage, in the studio, at school or in the boardroom.What’s new in AmpliTube 2 for iPad:-5 new stomp effects (available as in-app purchase):

Compressor, Graphic EQ, Parametric EQ, Reverb and Limiter-Improved sound with DSP parts derived from AmpliTube 3 and T-RackS 3 for Mac/PC Apps-Built-in single track recorder with re-amping capabilities-Multi-track recorder with 8 tracks and master FX section with 5 effects (Reverb, Chorus, Delay, Compressor & Parametric EQ (available as in-app purchase)

-2 send effects per channel (selectable between reverb, delay, chorus) and 2 master effects
(3 band parametric equalizer and compressor) in the master section

-Export your recordings and mixes as high quality audio files or send them by email as MP3s

-Import songs as backing tracks directly from your iPod library on your device or your computer using file sharing or Wi-Fi-SpeedTrainer for slow down/speed up of imported songs without affecting the pitch

-Up to 50 songs can now be imported-New preset naming feature

-New Setup panel including input and output level controls

Pricing and Availability
AmpliTube 2 for iPad: $19.99/€15.99Available now from the iTunes Store

Rig Guitar/Bass interface: $39.99/€29.99 (excluding taxes)

For iPhone/iPod Touch/iPadAvailable from IK Retailers worldwide and IK’s Online store

AmpliTube 2 for iPad FREE/ Update
Includes overall enhanced gear model sound, single track recording feature, audio import from device, export function, SpeedTrainer feature, preset naming ability and new setup panel with input/output level control: FREE in the iTunes App store

8-Track Recorder: $14.99/€11.99 Available as an AmpliTube in-app purchase from the iTunes Store

New Stomp Box Effects: $2.99/€2.39 each

Available as an AmpliTube in-app purchase: Compressor, Reverb, Limiter, Graphic EQ, Parametric EQ in the iTunes StoreiKlip: $$39.99/€29.99 (ex taxes)

Universal microphone stand adapter for iPadMulti-angle adjustment allows precise positioning for optimal stage or studio viewing

Available from IK Retailers worldwide and from the IK Online store

For more information:

Pianist Martina Filjak in Cerritos Jan. 26

Martina Filjak, piano

Program: MOZART - Piano Sonata No. 13 inB-flat Major, K. 333
BRAHMS - Ballade No. 1 in d minor, Op. 10
BRAHMS - Ballade No. 3 in b minor, Op. 10
LISZT - Ballade No. 2 in b minor
PROKOFIEV - Sonata No. 4 in c minor, Op. 29 from Old Notebooks
SCRIABIN - Prelude and Nocturne for the Left Hand, Op. 9
BALAKIREV - Islamey, Oriental Fantasy

Theater: Cerritos Center for the Performing Arts
12700 Center Court Drive, Cerritos

Date: Wednesday, January 26, 2011, 7:30 PM

Ticket Prices: $35

Ticket Information: Tickets are available only atthe Cerritos Center for the Performing Arts* Ticket Office, at , or by calling (562) 467-8818.

Upcoming concerts around California

1/15 – MARC RIZZO @ viper room – 8852 w sunset blvd- 8PMD-$10ADV/ SH

2/22-LAZARUS A.D. @ The Key Club
*NEW ALBUM BLACK RIVERS FLOW OUT FEBRUARY 1st on metal blade records

1/20-MADBALL @ Soma Sidestage- 3350 SPORTS ARENA BOULEVARD - 6192267662- 7PMD/7:30PMSH - $13ADV/ $15 SH

2/8-the chariot @ Soma Sidestage- 3350 Sports Arena Blvd.- 6192267662—6:30 pm d/ 6:45 pm show - $13 ADVANCE/ $15 SHOW

2/23-LAZARUS A.D. @ Brick By Brick
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3/25 –CONDITIONS @ HOUSE of Blues-1055 5th Avenue- 6 pm d/ 6:30 pm show –GENERAL ADMISSION $15 ADVANCE/ $17.50 SHOW + BALCONY $25 ADVANCE/ $27.50

1/20- CANCER BATS @ oakland metro- 630 3rd st- 7:30 PM D/8 PM SH - $16 ADV/ $18 SH

1/21-MADBALL @ Cedar Center-44587 CEDAR AVENUE - 6619420693- 6:30 PMD/7PMSH - $15ADV/ SH

1/22 –MADBALL @ Chain Reaction-1652 W LINCOLN AVE - 7146356067- 6:30PMD/7PMSH - $15ADV/ $17 SH

2/7-the chariot @ Chain Reaction- 1652 W Lincoln Avenue-7146356067- 6:30 pm d/ 7 pm show - $13 ADVANCE/ $15 SHOW

2/20-LAZARUS A.D. @ CHAIN REACTION - 1652 W Lincoln Avenue-7146356067
*NEW ALBUM BLACK RIVERS FLOW OUT FEBRUARY 1st on metal blade records

1/22-CANCER BATS @ senator theatre-517 main st- 6:30 pm d/ 7:30 pm sh- $16 adv/ $18 sh

2/25-LAZARUS A.D. @ Lost on Main
*NEW ALBUM BLACK RIVERS FLOW OUT FEBRUARY 1st on metal blade records

1/21- THE CHARIOT @ The Glass House 200 W. Second Street -9098653802- 6PMD/6:30 PMSH - $15ADV/ $17 SH

3/24 –CONDITIONS @ THE Glass house -200 West 2nd Street- 6 pm d/ 6:30 pm show - $15 ADVANCE/ SHOW

1/22- THE CHARIOT @ The Boardwalk 9246 Greenback Lane -916 448 3283- 6:30 PMD/6:45PMSH - $16.50 ADV/ $18 SH

2/24-LAZARUS A.D. @ The Boardwalk- 9246 Greenback Lane -916 448 3283
*NEW ALBUM BLACK RIVERS FLOW OUT FEBRUARY 1st on metal blade records

1/23 –MADBALL @ Thee Parkside -1600 17TH ST @ WISCONSIN-4152521330-$15ADV/ SH

2/26-LAZARUS A.D. @ Slim's
*NEW ALBUM BLACK RIVERS FLOW OUT FEBRUARY 1st on metal blade records


3/23 –CONDITIONS @ HOUSE of Blues-8430 Sunset Boulevard- 5 pm d/ 5:30 pm show - $17.50 ADVANCE/ $20 SHOW

McNally Smith College of Music to open hip-hop for Chinese students

President Richard M. Nixon formally opened China for the Western world in 1972. Will McNally Smith College of Music officially open up Hip-Hop for Chinese music students in 2011?! A nine-member delegation of college leaders and faculty — including performing Hip-Hop artists/faculty Toki Wright and Sean McPherson (see list below) — have been asked by Shenyang Conservatory in Shenyang, located in the northeast province of Liaoning, to explore a partnership with McNally Smith, one of the United States’ leading music colleges and the nation’s only music college or conservatory with a Hip-Hop Diploma Program, a three-semester offering of Hip-Hop Studies. The two-year old program is approved by the National Association of Schools of Music and has received widespread International attention.

An exchange of McNally faculty and students is also on the table for discussion in Shenyang next week, followed most likely by a visit to the McNally Smith campus in St. Paul by a Chinese delegation from Shenyang Conservatory in February. Meetings and a concert next week at the school will take place at the South Campus of the Conservatory, which has more than 7,000 Students who study traditional Chinese music as well as many modern forms of music and media, dance, film scoring, and more.

According to McNally Smith President, Harry Chalmiers who is leading the delegation, representatives from the conservatory contacted McNally Smith after reading about the Hip-Hop program, knowing its students are very interested in the extremely popular music genre. Successful initial discussions over Thanksgiving in Los Angeles between Xin Ma, President of Shenyang Conservatory, and Chalmiers have now set the stage for the cultural and educational exchange to begin in the next few months of the New Year.

“McNally Smith College of Music is deeply honored that the Shenyang Conservatory has selected our school to be its partner in expanding cultural exchange and establishing friendship between our two countries,” says Chalmiers. “While we have many significant differences in our cultural histories, music is always a common point of understanding and communication between diverse people, and we enter this educational adventure with confidence that our work together will create new collaboration and creative excitement between nations.”

Also making the trip is renowned McNally Smith Faculty member and critically acclaimed performer, violin/fiddle virtuoso Randy Sabien, who will also perform for the Chinese hosts while in country. Others making the journey include:

Todd Walker, Senior Director of Communications
Christopher Blood, Dept Head, Music Production
Adam Erickson, Executive Assistant to the President
Kathy Hawks, Admissions Director
Damon Schuler, Vice President of Finance and Operations

Most likely much of the attention abroad, however, will be focused on Hip-Hop artists McPherson and Wright. Wright is McNally Smith’s Hip-Hop Program Coordinator who has been featured on recordings by Atmosphere, C-Rayz Walz. P.O.S. and others. Wright has performed at Scribble Jam, SXSW, Coachella, Bumbershoot, Sons d’Hiver, and Prairie Home Companion and records for the Rhymesayers Entertainment record label, home of Atmosphere, Brother Ali and others.

McPherson, Hip-Hop Faculty member, is the co-founder and bassist of the Twin Cities hip-hop group Heiruspecs and has played numerous national headlining tours, opening for Cake, Ja Rule, Lyrics Born, The White Stripes and many others. Heiruspecs’ music also has been featured on Diddy’s Making His Band and VH1’s “Behind the Music.” McPherson is also the band leader for Dessa, McNally Smith’s Artist in Residence this year who was also a first-year Hip-Hop instructor at the music college in 2009.

“This mission to China could be a wonderful opportunity to enrich our student body with a diverse and talented new pool of students who will bring their cultural influences to our college as well, benefiting our students, our city and region, and potentially even US relations with China,” Chalmiers notes. “Excitement levels are very high at the school among faculty and students.”

Sheptone releases new pickup line for Tele-style guitars

Sheptone, an American manufacturer of guitar pickups today announces the release of their new line of pickups for Tele-style electric guitars. All pickups are manufactured in the Port Orchard facility and are available immediately. The new model is designed to maintain the tones associated with Tele-style guitars but eliminate the problems often experienced by musicians over the years.

The new Sheptone Tele pickups are of vintage construction featuring either staggered pole pieces or flat-pole blackguard on the bridge pickups. The neck pickup is available with a chrome, nickel or gold cover. The bridge pickup is wound using #42 enamel wire with a standard resistance set of 7.6K, and the neck to 7.3K with #43 enamel wire. Alnico 5 magnets are standard on both. Pickups are wound to eliminate the large volume difference between the pickups of a typical telecaster set.

Sheptone does allow custom orders, making Alnico 2 magnets and custom windings available upon request. The neck pickup is reverse wound and reverse polarized to eliminate noise and then is potted upside down to completely eliminate squeal by filling the airspace with wax. To further reduce feedback, the bridge pickup is potted in wax as well.

The Sheptone Tele pickups are based on original designs from the Fender Telecaster guitar, developed by Leo Fender in 1949. The guitar has been in production since its first inception and it has been the influence of many other electric guitars built by many of today’s builders. Being the first major production, solid body, electric guitar; the Telecaster had a major influence on players and music but not without its drawbacks. The original electronics posed certain performance problems when played live. The original pickups were known for creating unwanted squeals and feedback during shows and created challenges for musicians to prevent the noises from occurring during performance. The changes in design and production by Sheptone have solved these issues while maintaining the tone of the originals.

To give insight as to what drives Shep’s pursuit, he states “My philosophy is simple...pickups should be transparent and allow the primary tones of the wood to come through. It is a wooden instrument after all. If you really listen to those classic riffs and tones that we all know, you can hear the wood and that is the key. While some secondary tone is inherent to each pickup’s design, the job of the pickup is to respond to the players' touch (dynamics), enhance the natural harmonics and overtones that accompany each note, and transfer this "voice" to the rest of the signal chain.”

To demonstrate the tones and performance of the new Sheptone Tele pickups, Sheptone has created sound files that customers can listen to online.

For more information, please visit

MSRP start at $90 each or $169 per pair

Laugh Factory to offer free Christmas dinner

The world-famous Laugh Factory will host its 31st annual Christmas dinner on Saturday, December 25th, free of charge – welcoming the underprivileged, the homeless and anyone alone for the holiday – for free food, fun and comedy.

Top comedians including Arsenio Hall, Dane Cook, Tom Arnold, Kevin Nealon, Richard Lewis, Paul Mooney, Paul Rodriguez, Larry Miller, Jamie Kennedy, Dom Irrera and Tony Rock and many more will greet and help serve guests, as well as perform live shows following each of four meals served throughout the day.

“Spending the holidays alone is no laughing matter, especially in today’s economy. Many people have no family here. They come to Hollywood with talent and ambition but often a lack of friends and funds. We create a welcoming atmosphere of family, fun and good cheer,” says owner Jamie Masada.

WHAT: Laugh Factory hosts 31st annual, free Christmas dinner with top comedians serving & entertaining.

WHEN: Saturday, December 25th @ 1PM, 3PM, 5PM & 7PM
A live comedy show will follow each meal service

WHERE: Laugh Factory, 8001 Sunset Blvd., Hollywood
(Between Laurel Canyon & Fairfax)

Using the power of laughter to turn loneliness into joy, the club is transformed into a holiday wonderland where comedians perform at each meal service. While Masada enthusiastically welcomes each visitor at the door and presents each child with a toy, Laugh Factory staff and friends serve generous portions of food.

Celebrated as a comedic icon, the Laugh Factory is proud to continue its tradition of giving back to the community.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Celebrate New Year's in La Jolla with salsa and more

San Diego Marriott La Jolla heats up for New Year’s with an “Some Like It Hot” evening of Salsa, Friday, December 31, 2010, with dancing to Dj Angel Rumbero and Dj Mambo Salsa, Merengue, Bachata, Cha Cha, Cumbia and Reggaeton. The party gets under way at 8:00 p.m. and continues until 2:00 a.m. at Characters Bar & Grill, located at 4240 La Jolla Village Drive in La Jolla, California.

Admission is $20 per person until December 24, $30, until December 30, and $40 at the door. The festive evening will highlight a New Years Eve Party, with Salsa and Bachata dancing lessons, from 8:30 – 9:30 pm; dancing; complimentary hats; noisemakers; party favors; and a champagne toast at midnight.

In addition, a special three-course New Year’s menu will be offered from 5:30-10:00 p.m. in the hotel’s 4240 Restaurant and is priced at $35.00 per person. Reservations are recommended by calling 858/597-6319.

The evening of salsa can be booked online at Rumba Entertainment and receive a special hotel rate of $89.00 plus tax. The party continues after midnight with spectacular dance shows and special dance music mix after midnight’s countdown.

San Diego Marriott La Jolla Hotel Reservations/Information:
For information and reservations about holiday packages, visit San Diego Marriott La Jolla at, 1-858-587-1414 or 1-800-228-9290 in the US. The hotel is located at 4240 La Jolla Village Drive in San Diego, California 92037 USA