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Old Californio, Gaucho Gil and Sin City All Stars in LA Jan. 8

Old Californio, Gaucho Gil and the Sin City All Stars ride again at Molly Malone's on Saturday, Jan. 8, 2011

For those of you that have been missing Sin City’s Sweethearts of the Rodeo series, the Sin City All Stars are coming back to Molly Malone's, which originally housed the famous monthly club night. Spawning a resurgence of the SoCal country-rock tradition, the Sweethearts of the Rodeo run also led to the epic Gram Parsons: Return to Sin City concerts that saw the band opening for and backing up artists including Keith Richards, Norah Jones and Steve Earle. The Sin City All Stars will be headlining the Jan. 8 show at Molly Malone's, which also sees the return of renowned roots-rock band Gaucho Gil while the dusty psychedelic rock of Old Californio will open the evening.

"These guys are hillbillies alright but they're Muswell Hillbillies and those crazy complex melodies are pointing forward, away from the ghost of Gram Parsons, and towards a brave new world of their own making."-Mark Huddle, Trotsky's Cranium / Verbicide

"Wearing the rootsy, organic heart of California on their sleeves, from bucolic harmonies to the traditional country song lines as aired on album opener “Mother Road”, a sense of freedom, one quite possibly inborn in bands of this geographical ilk, has allowed them to faithfully blend a definite sense of time and place (circa ’71 should do it) with a unique approach to what the music of that era means to them personally.” – Richard S. Jones, Shindig!

Old Californio took everyone by surprise with their 2009 release "Westering Again". Recorded in their old chicken coop garage turned recording studio in Pasadena, CA, Old Californio set out to mix a gritty soup of bucolic rock and roll influenced as much by Moby Grape, Crazy Horse and The Grateful Dead as by the chaparral canyons and ungovernable San Gabriel mountains themselves. The album feeds from bright guitar-driven melodies with complicated and earthy arrangements, mixed in with a little down-home countrytwang and dovetailing instrumental jams venturing to the psychedelic/ philosophic.

For this show at Molly Malones, they'll be pulling out tunes from their highly anticipated upcoming 2011 release "Sundrunk Angels".

"In the tradition of Joe Ely, Los Lobos and the protest songs of Woody Gutherie comes the group Gaucho Gill. The legend of Gaucho Gill the man was/is a half-truth, a myth and a historical uncertainity much like our (the west's) legend Robin Hood. But for the people of Argentina his legend lives on as thousands visit his shrine every year..."--Songs Illinois On The Ballad of Gaucho Gil"

A new project featuring notables from Los Angeles’ roots rock underground, Gaucho Gil presents good old-fashioned tunesmithery on The Ballad of Gaucho Gil. Singer/songwriters Jerry Giddens (erstwhile leader of the long-suffering Walking Wounded) and Michael Packard, instrumentalists Chris Lawrence, Luis Ruiz and Dale Daniels and producer Dusty Wakeman don’t fool around here—crap gets cut in favor of just presenting the songs in all their melodic and heartfelt glory."--Michael Toland, High Bias

Jerry Giddens, the singing, songwriting former Baptist youth minister from North Louisiana and former Austin denizen, has been calling the Hollywood area home for a couple of years. With fellow folk rockers Michael Packard, Luis Ruiz, Dale Daniels and young steel guitar ace Chris Lawrence, Giddens formed a band called Gaucho Gil, named for an iconic gaucho outlaw-turned-saint from Argentina.

“The home of mosh pits and fake tits has become America’s unlikely twang Arcadia. “There’s more country music in L.A. now than there is in Nashville.” Said Lucinda Williams from the stage at Sweethearts Of The Rodeo, one of a growing number of monthly club nights populated by musicians, scenesters and celebs. But don’t look for Shania and Garth – this is firey, old-school, good country. Line dancers will be shot.” --Details Magazine

What happens when a couple of veteran LA-based musicians from Arkansas and Texas get together with some friends to play some of the Willie and Waylon music they grew up with? Throw in some Stones, Gram Parsons and a little ZZ Top and you’ve got the Sin City All Stars! The Sin City All Stars are a revolving collective of seasoned musicians who came to be the core, unofficial house band at former Los Angeles club night Sweethearts of the Rodeo.

The ringmaster in this circus of mayhem is Bryson Jones (The Snakehandlers), whose Southern wit, sarcasm and charm “give the night’s proceedings a profane rock edge” (Details, December 2002). The rhythm section is comprised of den father/bassist/producer/engineer Dusty Wakeman (whose credits include Dwight Yoakam, Lucinda Williams and Jim Lauderdale, among others) and drummer Dave Raven (who’s played on hundreds of records but spends most of his live time fronting the Mojo Monkeys and playing with the Snakehandlers). The Sin City All Stars are rounded out by featured vocalist/acoustic guitarist extraordinaire Jonny Kaplan, pedal steel player Chris Lawrence (Mike Ness Band, Gary Allan), and hot guitar slingers Joel &quotEasy Pickin’s" Siegerson (The Snakehandlers) and Keith Gattis (who not only fronts his own band but lends his chops to Dwight Yoakam as well).

Then there are some honorary All Stars — friends who turn up when they’re in town: guitarist Doug Pettibone (Lucinda Williams, Jewel, Tracy Chapman) and keyboardist/former Flying Burrito Brother Skip Edwards (Dwight Yoakam, Dave Alvin, Johnny Rivers) As well as special guests that have included Lucinda Williams, Kasey Chambers, Jim Lauderdale, Albert Lee, Blasters drummer Bill Bateman, Rosie Flores, James Intveld, Jessi Colter, Nadine, eastmountainsouth, Waylon Payne, Mike Stinson, Randy Weeks, Shooter Jennings, Shurman, Grey DeLisle, Minibar ... the list goes on and on!

So with buddies like that dropping by, how did The Sin City All Stars get to be the star attraction? By creating a fun, exciting vibe that appeals to a diverse audience of musicians and music lovers alike.

Saturday, Jan. 8, 2011/ 21+/ $10
8:00 Old Californio
9:00 Gaucho Gil
10:00 Sin City All Stars
@ Molly Malone's, 575 S. Fairfax Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90048
(323) 935-1577


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