Monday, December 27, 2010

Snotty Scotty farewell performance Tuesday in Sierra Madre

Dear Music Lovers,

Last January, Snotty Scotty rocked the music world with his announcement, that upon his sixtieth birthday (coming up this Jan) he would hang up his crescent tambourine and kiss show biz good bye.

This Tues’ show at Café 322 could be the last public appearance for the Snotty one. I urge you attendance for this pivotal show. If we can pack to house and show Snotty the love, I think we stand a chance he’ll change his mind, and not bring to a close a stellar career that has spanned decades, bringing joy and happiness to our hearts with his caustic and sarcastic spin of all you favorite, sorry ass, played to death, tunes.

Tues, Dec 28, Café 322 in Sierra Madre. We go on right after Trivia with Quiz Mistress, Deanna...9ish.


Billy Booger
(Snotty’s lil bro)

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