Monday, September 2, 2013

Hotel Horrors Esotouric bus tour Sept. 7

WHAT: Esotouric presents Hotel Horrors and Main Street Vice, a Downtown
double-feature bus and walking tour
WHEN: Saturday, September 7, 12pm-4pm
COST: $58/person
WHERE: Departs from The Daily Dose, 1820 Industrial Street, Los Angeles, CA
90021. Tour covers downtown LA's historic core
INFO: or call 213-373-1947
RELATED TOURS: Esotouric's crime bus rolls through September with Weird West
Adams (9/14), Eastside Babylon (9/21) and Pasadena Confidential (9/28).

Upcoming Esotouric bus tour and special event schedule (free events starred)
Sat. September 7 - Hotel Horrors & Main Street Vice crime bus tour
Sat. September 14 - Weird West Adams crime bus tour
Sat. September 21 - Eastside Babylon crime bus tour
Sat. September 28 - Pasadena Confidential crime bus tour
* Sun. September 29 - LAVA's Sunday Salon (info at
* Sun. September 29 - Broadway on My Mind walking tour #3
* Thurs October 10 - Union Rescue Mission Walking Tour (info at
* Thurs October 10 - Of Scrap & Steel screening  (info at
Sat. October 12 - Blood & Dumplings crime bus tour
Sat. October 19 - The Real Black Dahlia crime bus tour
Sun. Oct 20 - Crime lab seminar: Los Angeles 1920-1947: The Birth of
Forensic Science (info at
Sat. October 26 - Raymond Chandler's Los Angeles
Sat. October 26 ­ LAVA Literary Salon: A Charles Bukowski Evening (info at
* Sun. October 27 - LAVA's Sunday Salon (info at
* Sun. October 27 - Broadway on My Mind walking tour #4
Sat. November 2 - The Birth of Noir: James M. Cain's Southern California
Sat. November 9 - Charles Bukowski's Los Angeles
Sat. November 16 - East Side Babylon crime bus tour
Sat. November 23 -Weird West Adams crime bus tour
* Sun. November 24 - LAVA's Sunday Salon (info at
* Sun. November 24 - Broadway on My Mind walking tour #5
Sat. November 30 ­ Special Event: Richard's 45th Birthday Bus Tour

For more info on Esotouric, visit

Esotouric's Richard Schave and Kim Cooper are proud members of LAVA - The
Los Angeles Visionaries Association.

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