Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Frank Gambale and Boca release labum

GRAMMY-winning guitar virtuoso Frank Gambale teams up for the first time with his wife and soul mate, singer/songwriter, BOCA, to create and deliver his first all-vocal, crossover Adult Contemporary album, "Frank Gambale Soulmine featuring BOCA." Luring listeners to “stir their soul,” this release features sexy, strong and evocative vocals, inviting lyrics, R&B jazz-funk stylings, and Frank Gambale’s signature sweep-picking prowess and soulful guitar playing.

“Music is a channel to move people and has the power to heal. I love vocal music and popular music and groove. I’ve had vocals on various solo albums, but I always wanted to record an entire album of well-crafted songs with cool changes, sophisticated vocal harmonies and serious melodic grooves,” said Gambale. “This is the album I’ve wanted to make for 30 years and now, in BOCA, I have the perfect voice, writing partner and performer. We can‘t help but be sexy when we‘re together and I think that magnetism is all over the music.”

Soulmine comprises soulful, contemporary songs appealing to a variety of music genre lovers as well as guitar aficionados and nostalgic 80s music fans who have followed Gambale’s career and rise to fame. The album bridges the musical gap between R&B stylings, jazz and funk overtones. An Adult Contemporary album, Soulmine crosses myriad genres ranging from Jazz-Rock, Smooth Jazz, Funk, Pop and World all the way to Spiritual.

Called by Gambale the “love-child” of two artistic soul mates who believe in the power of love, the album inspires with titles such as “Love Set Me Free,” “Live Your Dream,” “Be The Change,” “Open Your Mind,” “Sun Will Shine” and “Saved Me From Myself.” “Sun Will Shine” sings of optimism, inspiring confidence with the lyrics “… try to start each day knowing who you are… you know what you know, don’t need to be told, go with that…” And “Enchanted Love” sings to newfound joy with grateful confessions “…we lose track of time, lost in the loveliness, the passion I’ve longed for exists…” Gambale and BOCA’s passion for each other and their music comes alive through their lyrics, rhythms and saucy feel-good vibrations heard on this ten-song collaboration.

“Soulmineis a reflection of all the best parts of me,” says BOCA. “It’s always an enormous pleasure for me to record an album. Yet, to record an album with my soul mate and write about the impact of this love and my experiences thus far is exceeding my expectation of ‘love in action.’ My present life is nothing short of being in dreams awake.”

Evidence that the music’s messages are in tune with a new era and mindset now reaching critical mass, Gambale and BOCA are embarking on a world tour commencing in Europe in April 2012 with dates soon to be announced.

Soulmine and more information are available today at , , , and select music stores, priced atUS$20.

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