Friday, March 22, 2013

End o' week musings

Sooo glad this is almost over... I am more than ready for a new week! Not that the past one was bad, but I'm exhausted....

Last Friday I went to see "One Night With Janis Joplin" at the Pasadena Playhouse ( and it was amazing! Mary Bridget Davies, as Janis, was spot on, not only vocally, but in her entire portrayal and Sabrina Elayne Carten, as the Blues Singer, was stunning. The terrific backup singers, the live band on stage, the costumes, the set-- everything was exceptional. The show dates have been extended and I encourage you to go see it if you like Janis and/or the blues and soul.

Saturday I danced at Catharae's hafla (belly dance party). My drummer's car died so I was on my own, but I still brought it as they say. I danced with four swords for my finale and the audience seemed to enjoy my performance. I will post a video soon... so keep visiting here on Fridays to see it.

There was also some good shopping at the party and I managed to snag a vest perfect for the Renaissance Faire and a big copper flower hair clip. The vest fit OK over my dance costume and was cheap enough, so I bought it with hopes of using it at Faire. When I got home, I tried it on and it fit like it was made for me and looked great~ yay!

I spent the bulk of Sunday in Renaissance Faire workshops... two weeks to go! I have to get my act together and make my new underskirt and extra chemise. Oh and my troupe director approved my new vest - he actually really liked it - so I'm extra jazzed. That makes another item to vary up my attire. I hate wearing stuff that looks the same every day of the seven-week event...

Tuesday I caught the film, "Lincoln." Some of my friends said it was too long, but I didn't find it boring at all... my seat got a little uncomfortable though. I thought it was very well done and I can see why it was an Oscar contender. It made me think too. I realized that if Lincoln and the other supporters of freedom for slaves hadn't fought so hard, I might not have met some of the special people in my life. Even more important, I probably wouldn't have my beautiful and wonderful sister-in-law and my brother wouldn't be as happy.  And yes, I know that many minorities (including women) are still struggling and underserved in this country, but we are making strides to a better future. One day, my friends, one day, there will be peace and understanding....

In between fun this week, I had, well, more fun. I interviewed some cool people like actress Eden Riegel (in "American Misfit" at Boston Court, playwright Ken Ludwig (the Beaux' Strategem at A Noise Within, jewelry artist Martha Wilson (at Colonnade Art Gallery and guitarist Mike Orlando of Adrenaline Mob (

And my story on Janis Ian published in our papers today

It's more Ren Faire band practices and interviews for stories this week, plus the Warped Tour Pre-Party on Thursday- woo hoo!

In rotation this week: Throncraft Cobra, Tarkan, Owl City, Ana Moura, Chris Wollard & the Ship Thieves and Grabass Charlestons.

Photos we got 'em: Just some cute stuff from the web and a photo of Fred, the friendly flower on my desk this week.

Thought o' the week: Speaking of posting... I'm going to interrupt your regularly scheduled thought o' the week reading to clarify something again.  I don't write all the millions of things I post on my blog every day. I do write some, but many are press releases from a range of entities and arrive in my email that I copy in part or entirety and post.

 I started Mickie's Zoo when the newspapers I write for began cutting back pages and I felt that some of our readers were being left out of all the fun things happening out there. My mission is to use this space to disseminate information and to bring attention to things I feel are interesting and/or important.

You'll notice that the postings' original authors usually are not indicated. That's because they arrive to me from the public relations representatives that way. The goal for the PR people is to get the word out and I just forward their messages.

To date, I have had no complaints about my postings and in fact people often ask me to include their press release on my blog. So I hope I've helped everyone by acting as a liason for things to do and know about. And perhaps in doing so, I've brighten your world. And now I return you to your regularly schedule world... Have a good week, be nice and cherish the little things.

Keep on rockin'

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