Friday, June 21, 2013

End o' week musings

Last night I was exhausted, but today I'm ready to take on the world!

I had a mix of quiet and fun this past weekend. Sunday I went to the Pasadena Chalk Festival with my friend Dean, who was covering the story for his paper. I loved the old cars and found one I would have like to have taken home. And the art-- what can I say about the AMAZING art?!

The main themes seemed to be Dia de los Muertos, women with octopus bodies and cartoons. And there were lots of animals and portraits too. I just can't get over the beautiful - and often lifelike - images that the artists are able to render on their knees on a hot sidewalk with chalk...

I had Monday off from work so I headed to Huntington Beach. It wasn't very crowded, unless you were one of those little crabs that dig furiously into the sand as the waves come in-- then it was super packed. As I waded, I could easily scoop up a handful of the cute little critters to look over before gently putting them back so they could start digging. The water was cold, but very refreshing.

When I finished at the beach, I went to Carin and Tom's. We were going to toast Tom for Father's Day (he's my adopted dad), so I picked up some strawberries on the way, for the champagne of course! Carin has a mini-feast set out in the patio area she calls the Flamingo Lounge. It's flamingo and beach themed with a wonderful beach scene mural, flamingo lights overhead and a tiki bar.

As much as I love Carin and Tom, I have to admit the highlight of my visit was little Ivan. The Chihuahua/terrier mix wiggled, waggled and jumped with delight when he saw me come in the door and gave me a ton of kisses. Sorry guys, but you just can't beat the humungous enthusiasm of a tiny pup.

Yesterday was one of those really cool days. It began quietly with me getting my work done. I was quite productive. And then I got a surprise- Gordon Ramsay followed me on Twitter. I love his shows on TV because I learn a lot about cooking and restaurants. He yells a lot (but you already know that going in, so no pity here), but he obviously has a big heart. He wants to help people be their best, not only when it comes to cooking, but to also succeed in other parts of their lives. And OK, OK, it sometimes makes me laugh when he yells at people, especially when he swears and they keep bleeping it out. (They signed up for it). I know I couldn't do what the contestants do, so I admire them for stepping up to the challenges.

My other thrill was in my Polynesian/Tahitian dance class-- my teacher asked me to join the group during their performances at the 4th of July event in Irwindale and the Los Angeles County Fair in September. She said I can participate in all or any of the group dances that I feel confident with. At last night's class there was only one I was still feeling awkward about, but we'll see-- I have two more chances to get it together.

If you're interested in my stories, I have two new ones online now:

bluegrass band Hay Dudes

and new solo artist Tumbleweed Rob

This weekend I'll be dancing with my swords. Saturday I have an anniversary party gig with SaberSong and on Sunday we'll be at 



Potluck Food - Bring your favorite dish to share.
Art and Craft Tables, Tarot Readings, Yoga Class, a functioning Model Train Setup running around the premises and the performances of:
Jean Sudbury and Friends
Windsong Canyon and SaberSong 
We will have drinks for purchase in the dining area and patio, live music on the dance floor;
poetry and prose in the library, art in progress everywhere… 
$5 entrance fee benefits the Nature Friends Organization, all ages welcome  

In rotation this week: Owl City, Delayaman, Tumbleweed Rob, Patti Austin and Guns 'n Roses.
Photos we got 'em: Photos from the Chalk Festival and me at E3 with Disney's Infinity castle and a cool light tube at the Playstation exhibit by Dean Lee and a cute pet pic from the web.

Thought o' the week: Expect the unexpected. So often we go through the same routine, same breakfast, same route to work, same spot on the couch... you get the picture. Life can get in a rut. That's why I always jump at almost any opportunity to try something or go somewhere new.  And I believe that it is all my adventures that bring happy surprises.

For me, this week brought Ivan, who was amazingly joyful to see me, Gordon Ramsay following me on Twitter and getting to dance with my hula friends in two shows. I really didn't expect any of these things, which made them all the more fantastic. And today is Friday and a payday at that! (I did expect those two things...).

I guess my point here is to take to heart and savor the little cool things that spark up your usually dull life. It's not all work, eat, sleep, sometimes it's more. But surprises don't happen if you cut yourself off from everything-- reach out to the world, join a class, make new friends. Once you start getting the most you can from life, you will see a change and know to expect the unexpected.. with a big smile of appreciation...
Keep on rockin'

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