Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Hidden Hospitals to release EP

Hidden Hospitals will be self releasing their EP 002 Oct. 30 . Recorded in Nashville and mixed and produced by J. Hall, EP 002 is the Chicago band’s deepest dive into music yet. As front man David Raymond explains, “After absorbing the experience of our first EP (001) we discovered all of these new sounds that I feel are unique to us as a group. In other words, they wouldn't have surfaced had we not been exposed to each other. EP 002 is parallel to this exploration, discovery, and mindful application.” 

It’s not often that a project of any variety comes out of the gate with a clear brand, vision, purpose and identity. But Hidden Hospitals, a four-piece alternative rock band from Chicago, IL, has accomplished just that. Most bands spend years and many album cycles sifting through ideas to define a sound. Hidden Hospitals’ singular focus has been forged from many collective years within the music industry in previous projects, including Damiera [Equal Vision Records] and Kiss Kiss [Eyeball Records].

“Places revealed to those seeking resuscitation, rejuvenation, decompression, atonement.” Their website defines where this band derives its moniker. Their iconic mark embodies this foundational vision. Obscured within a double “H” is the universal symbol for aid.

Amid 5 years of continuous touring, former Damiera frontman, Raymond and Nashville-based producer J. Hall formed a bond of mutual respect and purpose. This relationship made the band’s first release EP 001 possible, and led to a reteaming with Hall for their new release, EP 002. Recorded with no outside funding, Hidden Hospitals has once again chosen to self-release the new EP. They intend to forge new paths, leaving a trail that inspires others to follow.

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