Monday, September 24, 2012

Sondra Sun-Odeon to release album

Aetherea Due Out November 6th 2012

Collaborators include: Helena Espvall (Espers), Ben McConnell (Beach House, Papercuts), and Leyna Marika Papach (JG Thirwell's Manorexia)
Sondra Sun-Odeon is a New York-based singer & multi-instrumentalist previously known for her work as half the songwriting force behind dark-world-psych band Silver Summit. Aetherea, her debut solo album, is a much more personal affair.  While it takes the same hazy gaze upon the otherworldly, it replaces the abstract ideas and concepts of Silver Summit with intimate songs of love and loss.  It's an intricate album that soars through the ethereal, then dives, pummeling into moments of anxious yet delicate noise, all the while being led by Sun-Odeon's haunting voice. 

Recorded throughout 2011 in the Bushwick studio of engineer/co-producer Jeff Cook, the creation of Aetherea was slow and deliberate, carefully trying to flesh out the bare spirit of each, initially simple, song.  While Sun-Odeon played all of the guitars, slide, and piano, she recruited several friends to add to the record.  Helena Espvall of Espers, added her delicate and earth-moving cello parts to many of the tracks, carefully improvising to fit the mood of each song. Her playing helped nourish many of these songs into the forms they take on the album. Leyna Marika Papach's (JG Thirwell's Manorexia, Geraldine Fibbers) sensitive intuition lent the album violin and viola arrangements that complemented Helena's playing perfectly. Ben McConnell's (Beach House, Brightblack Morning Light, Papercuts) creative percussion and deep feel, were the backbone for many of the songs.


01. Violent Sea
02. Gate
03. Belonging
04. Samarkand
05. Golden Bird
06. Paradise
07. The Apple
08. Lady In The Woods
09. Witches
10. Hair 

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