Monday, September 24, 2012

One Finger Riot releases album

One Finger Riot releases “Fly By Life,” its second album of 2012. My Old Kentucky Blog debuts “Miles” single.

Lone musician Faris McReynolds to also issue second record under ExDetectives moniker on October 23rd.

“Miles” is the first single from Fly By Life, the second album by One Finger Riot


Los Angeles-based band One Finger Riot has released its second album Fly By Life. The album features the single “Miles” which was recently premiered by popular music discovery website My Old Kentucky Blog here:

Fly By Life is s the second One Finger Riot full-length released in 2012 and is one of four album releases overall this year by lone musician Faris McReynolds, who also records and performs under the name ExDetectives.

Before McReynolds spent most of his time making music, he spent most of his time as a gallery-backed painter.  His success in that field (examples of his work can be viewed at provided fuel for his revitalization of a life-long interest in music that saw him touring in a punk band when he was only 16-years-old.

“All of the time that I spent, unable to invest in music because of painting, is mine again,” McReynolds exclaims. “I’m much happier being able to make music, even if it costs me support in the art world.”

Discussing the new single “Miles,” McReynolds notes that “I wanted to try making something really busy with a really simple vocal. This was one the first tracks I made after the last album, and I think it was pretty much about undoing that clinical aesthetic and giving myself a starting point for the new record. It’s just a simple song about moving forward and not letting the cynics get you down.”

As for his other project, ExDetectives, which also has its second album, titledFarthest Star (Oct. 23rd, Post Planetary) on tap, McReynolds offers an explanation for why he needs to distinguish the two musical personas.

“Growing up in Texas and India is probably why I have two musical projects that are so different,” he says. “I’ve been exposed to so much through the culture that I’ve experienced travelling the world with my art. It’s given me so much that I want to explore musically and it doesn’t all fit into one box.”

Fly By Life by One Finger Riot is out today via the Los Angeles-based Post Planetary label.

One Finger Riot
Fly By Life
(Post Planetary – Out Now)

Track Listing:

01. Miles 
02. In Your Way
03. Fly By Life
04. Then and Now
05. Heartbreaking Tone
06. What I Do
07. Keep You High
08. Dripping Black
09. Perfect Dream
10. The End


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