Thursday, September 27, 2012

Mike Mictlan of Doomtree releases album

Doomtree’s Mike Mictlan announces the release of SNAXXX.  Musically, SNAXXX takes the traditional everything-plus-the-kitchen-sink Doomtree sound and blows the doors off the hinges. New comer 2% Muck (Tha Clerb, Spyder Baybie Raw Dog) produces 11 of the 15 tracks, and it’s his rapid fire snare patterns, crushing low end, and blown out synth lines that anchor and shape this new sonic direction for Mike.SNAXXX also features a slew of Minnesota’s finest up and coming rappers (Lizzo, Greg Grease, Spyder Baybie Raw Dog, Freez) along with lifelong Doomtree partner-in-crime P.O.S, who shows up on two of the album’s cuts. Mictlan’s million-mile-a-minute delivery, tongue twister patterns, and abstract introspection remain completely intact, but there is a much more playful, ambitiously creative side that now creeps heavily into the mix.
Doomtree is releasing SNAXXX out into the world for absolutely free via Bandcamp (can also be streamed on SoundCloud) while Mike wraps up his next official full length, in order to give people a taste of where he’s at now and where he’s headed. Just think of it as the stepping stone between Hand Over Fist and the future world ofHELLA FRREAL.  Also be sure to catch Mictlan out on tour in November with P.O.S for the first leg of the We Don’t Even Live Here Tour.
Limited Edition Deluxe Package

A limited edition deluxe package, SNAXXX PAXXX, is also available for purchase and includes the following all packaged inside of a special screen printed MIKE'S SNAXXX" pizza box.
- autographed 15 track CD
- multi-colored screen printed t-shirt
- 11x17 3D SNAXXX Poster
- 2 different stickers
- a gummy pizza candy
Only 300 physical PAXXX created, so get on that.
SNAXXX Track Listing
1. Kinder Care (My First Words)
2. Creeper Status
3. Give It To Mikey feat. Lizzo
4. WZRD SCIENCE feat. Greg Grease
5. Spicy Peeñ
6. Flick Tha Bic
7. 85 Low 105 High
8. Dwnsze
9. Tryna Go feat. Freez
11. SYKE! feat. P.O.S & Spyer Baybie Raw Dog
12. Let Me Know feat. Spyder, P.O.S & La Manchita
13. Scottie Pippen feat. Spyder
14. MCAD feat. Spyder
15. Snaxxx Bag (My Last Words)

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