Monday, March 11, 2013

Naama Kates, Albert Garrett & the Bad Romantics, the windsors, LEVEL SE7EN, Harlequin Jones

Silverlake Lounge

Naama Kates



Los Angeles, CA

Believe me-- dear flora, fauna; friends and foes--

I don't want to be a pest...

I expect a slew of unsubscriptions, consequent to this second email of the month.....

But now is the time, now is the Ours is the magic, power

This brew we've been cooking for so long, the pressures dropping and falling, the first clap of thunder is about to roll first bolt of lightning is about to strike and don't you all want the rain to start pouring again pouring over all lost souls?

I do, I do........ I need souls to join me. 

My record is coming out this WEEK.  on TUESDAY.  the 12th.  it's been a long quiet storm and it wants to get loud....

MOO with me.


My release show is on WEDNESDAY the 13th at 9 PM (please get there a bit early cuz we'll be on an egg timer :-p) at the Silverlake Lounge, 2906 Sunset Blvd, 90026.  It's only 6 smackeroos and if you're press or just really don't want to pay let me know and we'll figure it out.  

If you step outside to your nearest newsbox and grab one of these bad boys now!  Open up to the music section and it'll look somewhat like this: 


Honored, for this piece, by the incredible, singularly eloquent and insightful wizard of words, Reverand John Payne, preach!!!!   Photo of course by beauty-capturer-conqueror, Luis Aguirre. 

So yeah, please, please join......... We need love to drink, can't play off no drying well.......

To non-locals:  Join me in spirit??  I WANT to record the show and skypecast it or something but I'm afraid I'm neither savvy nor organized enough, or, just, overworked.... but it's been rare to play a show...... not playing out for a while, ya lose sight of it alll..........

And to all:

"king for the day" will be out and available on Tuesday!!!  And the hardcopy CDs, BRILLIANTLY designed by Visual Sorcerer, Bill Smith, are on their way to my door in just a week's time.... 


Anyway.  Love to you all.  I hope to see you soon.

I need a drink of water......

Love and again,

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