Thursday, March 21, 2013

Paul McCartney's stepmum releases memoir

ROK Books Releases Angie McCartney's (Paul McCartney's Step Mum) Memoir
'My Long And Winding Road 'The First 82.9 Years

Read how Angie sets the story straight on many aspects of the Beatles story, including the true origins of the song Blackbird.

ROK Books, a division of ROK Records Ltd, has announced the release of the official memoir of Angie McCartney. Liverpool-born Angie McCartney has enjoyed a life of amazing ups and downs, tempered by a breathtaking blend of optimism and determination to succeed, no matter what. Angie is best known for her Organic Tea business, Mrs., her naughty sense of humor and her famous Beatles stories.

She married Paul McCartney's father, Jim, in November 1964, at the height of The Beatles phenomenon that powered much of the music of the Swinging Sixties. But even before then her life was remarkable. She survived not only serious childhood illness, but the bombing of Liverpool in World War II, learning the skills that would help shape a career that continues to this day. The book is a chronological journey through Angie's life including the hectic, star-studded Beatle Years until Jim's passing.

Throughout her life, having finished her formal schooling at the age of 11, Angie has pursued writing, and now this determined octogenarian has finally collected many terrific memories, from the first time she met with John Lennon to travelling the world with her daughter Ruth, and setting up her own thriving online organic tea business, with a percentage of the profits going to the Linda McCartney Centre and their breast cancer research team in Liverpool.

Priced at $24.99 and packed with insights and anecdotes including 12 pages of fascinating photographs - many of which have never been published before - Angie McCartney's 'My Long and Winding Road' is a celebration of an extraordinary life.

Jonathan Kendrick, Chairman of ROK said "Here's a unique chance to find out more about the REAL stories from the swinging 60's and the Fab Four from the indefatigable First Lady of Tea -Angie McCartney."

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