Thursday, March 21, 2013

ScienceNV to release album

Sharing a name with one of the moons of Saturn, “Titan” is set to be the second digital single from ScienceNV’s forthcoming new album. That connection is quite appropriate since all four members of ScienceNV are scientists of one type or another. The new single, set for March 26th release, follows “Curved Space,” which came out earlier this month. Both songs will be included on the new ScienceNV album, Last Album Before the End of Time, to be released in April.

Headquartered in San Francisco, California, ScienceNV was formed in 2005 by Larry Davis (guitar and bass guitar), David Graves (keyboards), Jim Henriques (guitar and keyboards) and Rich Kallet (drums). ScienceNV released their debut album, Really Loud Noises in 2008. They followed that up with Pacific Circumstances in 2010. While progressive rock is often considered to be lacking in humor, ScienceNV have a funny side to them. In fact, saying the name out loud reveals both the true meaning of the acronym and their sense of humor.

In a user submitted review at Larry Toering said of “Titan,” “ScienceNV go harder on this digital single and it works in every way, with all of the spacey synth to perfectly contrast a searing guitar bite. I really like this band, as they orchestrate everything so well it has a seamless effect. It comes highly recommended because it has everything from a hard rock edge to a prog groove and even a slight jazz fusion vibe.” In a review in the soon to be published issue of Music Street Journal, Scott Prinzing had this to say about “Titan”: “The four members of the band are releasing their third full-length album, Last Album Before the End of Time, and if this single is representative of the overall sound and quality of musicianship, I will be searching out more of their material.  The instrumentation of guitar, bass, drums and keyboards seems straight-forward, but manages to achieve symphonic levels without synthesizing strings and horns.  There aren’t too many solely instrumental bands that can hold my attention for long, but this three-and-a-half minute work really packs a punch…I have listened to it three or four times and now it’s stuck in my head.  This is a good sign for a single – especially one that doesn’t have a real commercial hook. I’m most reminded of UK, but ELP also comes to mind… I could see this being an alternative theme for Darth Vader, the Death Star, or some other galactic master villain…I can’t wait to hear the full album.”
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