Friday, June 7, 2013

End o' week musings

It's been long and short, thrilling and boring... it's been a week for sure!

Saturday I danced almost all day or so it seemed. The first stop for SaberSong was the Relay for Life at Make Music Pasadena in Pasadena. It was hot. Even the stage was hot. The stage floor was black astroturf, which looked misleadingly inviting, but actually was hot enough to burn the bottom of your feet. I learned this when I stepped out to do some veil work. I ended up dancing further back in the shade of the stage and then putting on my sandals for the rest of the set.

The walkers and the small, but mighty audience seemed to enjoy our music. My band mates played some relaxing Native American styled tunes and some upbeat English country dance numbers.

Then we packed up and, after a short and wonderful break for pizza at our friend Marlyn's house, we were ready to go again. We played more than an hour at Colonnade Art Gallery and Studio in Pasadena for an interested group. We always like it there because the crowd is friendly and there's lots of nice art to enjoy. It's a challenge for me because the space is very narrow and they want the swords. I always tease people to stand back and sit down!

Sunday I met with Greg Richardson, the Strategic Monk, for a mini lesson on craft beer. We did a beer tasting at the Haven in Pasadena, as he explained to me the differences in the brews, including how they were made. I also got a little history lesson and found a few beers I liked.

There was a point to our beering, not just an excuse to sip suds-- we'll be doing a live webchat Thursday, June 13

Finally I was off to see Bjork at the Hollywood Paladium. Her "Biophilia" show was amazing. You can read my review here

I had a busy week of interviews, including Wally of Hey Dudes, comedian Robby Ravenwood and the stars of the musical "ModRock." Plus last night I was at the Gibson Amphitheatre for Marilyn Manson and Alice Cooper. The concert was terrific and you could easily see how Manson has been influenced by Cooper and how he has added his own style and approach to theatrical over-the-top performances. As for Cooper, he may be in the older rockers club now, but he still had tons of energy and looked and sounded great.

Tomorrow I will be playing percussion with Ad Hoc Consort at the Getty Museum:

 Family Festival
Saturday June 8, 2013
10 am - 5:30 pm
Museum Courtyard, Getty Center

Celebrate the gardens of the Renaissance in this free daylong family festival. Create a garden of your very own or fashion a floral wreath at one of the interactive workshops. Delight in the sounds of madrigals from the 15th and 16th centuries or listen to tales of distant kingdoms with renowned storytellers. Complements the exhibition Gardens of the Renaissance.

Now going back in time...  You may recall I went to Knott's to check out the new attractions: 

And here's my interview with Bill Cosby 

Next week I'm going to attend E3, the big electronic (video) game trade show in Los Angeles and find out what's new in the industry. Boy, I sound totally geeky now!! Yes, video games AND Ren Faire.. and no, I do not sew my name on my undies  (*Weird Al reference lol!)

In rotation this week: Rob Zombie, Alice Cooper, Marilyn Manson, Bjork and the Hula Monsters.

Photos we got 'em:  A peek at part of the stage setup for Bjork, a shot of me dancing at the Colonnade taken by my friend Dean and a cute animal photo from the web.

Thought o' the week: Sleep is not overrated. Over the past year or so I have noticed that I need a little more sleep than in the past. Since I was a teen, I usually was good on around 6 hours a night. If I felt less than perky, a short nap would do the trick. And occasionally I'd go on a bender of 8 hours if I really needed to catch up. (Yes, I know you really can never catch up on your sleep, but you know how good it feels to lounge longer in the pillows!) I'm discovering that my body is happier now at around 8 hours of sleep. I can get by with 7, but 8, well that's become my new magic number. 

I was feeling a bit guilty. I mean, I am the rocker chick who proudly declares that I'll sleep when I'm dead-- there's just too much good stuff to miss a thing! Then I read in Reader's Digest that a study was done and it was found that women's sleep needs change over their lifetime. Usually if you didn't sleep much, you will need about 2 hours more and if you slept a lot, you need about 2 hours less. Hmmmm..... OK, so I fit right into their study group evidently.

Now if you're reading this, don't say, "Geez, she's getting soft." This is just for "optimum performance." If I have an opportunity for fun that means I'll miss some zzzzs, you'll still find me there. Good example today- I didn't hit the pillows until around 2 a.m. and I was up and raring to go by 7 a.m. and I'm feeling great... yawn!  Just kidding. I'm fine... but that's probably because I've been getting my 8 for the past few days.

The moral here is listen to your body and realize that it may change and have different needs from time to time as you age and depending what else you're going through or doing. Try to eat healthy, exercise and snooze... sleep is nor overa...zzzzzzzz...

Keep on rockin'


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