Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Paige & Pamlermo release EP

ake room on your playlists for the new dynamic duo of Paige & Palermo, as today, June 4th, marks their official debut EP release, Stay. Paige & Palermo, comprised of "Crush" star Jennifer Paige and singer-songwriter Coury Palermo, break new ground with debut EP, Stay, that's already been hailed as, "a bit mystical, mysterious, atmospheric and electronic all at once, recalling a bit of the spiritual awakening of Madonna's Ray Of Light."

Further praise for Paige & Palermo includes MTV's Buzzworthy "The two croon, resembling a more electronica-tinged Lady Antebellum, or even shades of Fleetwood Mac."

With an artistic introduction that came after the death of both Jennifer's parents within weeks of one another, music proved to be the healing force uniting these artistic soul mates. The two became fast friends upon their first songwriting collaboration. "It's like finding your twin, separated at birth", says Palermo. "Yeah, we are practically the same person", agrees Paige, with a grin.  It's fair to say that Paige & Palermo know first hand about the ups and downs of everyday life - from heartbreak to joy and everything in between.

Stay with Paige & Palermo as their transparent approach to storytelling and pop sensibilities come together to create a fresh new sound and music that speaks to the soul.


For the next 24 hours, fans can download "Belong" for FREE to celebrate the release of Stay. Soundcloud:

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