Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Patrick Sweany in LA June 16

Nashville artist Patrick Sweany is making up for the nearly three year absence of Los Angeles shows with two performances on Sunday, June 16.

At 5:30pm he is kicking off the monthly Americana series Grand Ole Echo with a special short solo performance. As always, Grand Ole Echo shows are free and held at The Echo;

At 9pm Patrick rejoins his touring band for a full show at Alex's Bar in Long Beach. Tickets are $7.

Sweany is widely known for his association with Dan Auerbach. Auerbach and Sweany were bandmates in Akron before The Black Keys started, and Dan has brought Patrick on Keys' tours as support a handful of times. The Auerbach-produced reissue Every Hour Is A Dollar Gone also garnered a lot of national attention and praise last year, with songs streaming over 1 million times on Pandora and being placed in prominent TV shows and ads.

Sweany has a new record coming out nationally in July - Close To The Floor - that will be available at this show. It's a soulful affair, with Sweany clearly tipping his hat to the Muscle Shoals era giants he admires so much: Eddie Hinton, Dan Penn, Joe Tex, etc.

The songs on Close To The Floor were also inspired by some tragic events in Patrick's life last year - the deaths of two close relatives, battles within the music industry, life on the road. Not all of the songs are overtly dark, but there's a grittiness that pervades the album.


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