Friday, June 7, 2013

Rise At Night to release album

FIREPOWER continues the bass onslaught with the release of the LADY KILLA EP from electronic duo Rise At Night, out June 11. Rise At NightFiorella, a.k.a. drum 'n' bass producer/vocalist Messinian, and Lliam Taylor, a.k.a. producer Kezwik—makes music for when the stars are out, the speakers are on and the crowds are gyrating. They stir up a tornado of electro, dubstep, house, hip-hop, rock, ragga, moombahcore, trap, drum 'n' bass and everything else under the sun for a sound that's as malleable as it is magnificent.

The four-track LADY KILLA EP bounces from aggressive dubstep bombast to sexy, sweaty, hip-hop-influenced electro. You can feel that razor's edge on “Armed and Dangerous,” a potent salvo featuringMC Zulu. The track is also paired with a remix from none other thanFIREPOWER label head Datsik for a whirlwind remake. Elsewhere, title track “Lady Killa” speaks directly to the girls in the audience with a seductive synth swell and panty-dropping bass. The blip-heavy track also comes fully loaded with a remix from Los Angeles-based producerWhiiite. “Catfight” closes the LADY KILLA EP with a slowed-down, but equally menacing burner featuring Ze on vocal duties.

“From the moment we met, it felt like collaborating was meant to be,” says Fiorella of forming Rise At Night. "He’s like my brother. We can practically read each other's minds. Our vision is to produce music in all genres while remaining true to our bass music roots. We want to exist in any lane we choose while wearing our musical influences on our sleeves and constantly evolving. That's the long-term vision."
Keep an eye out for Rise At Night, who will prove to be one of the fastest rising EDM stars of 2013 on the back of the LADY KILLA EPand their forthcoming tour dates (TBD).

The complete track listing for Rise At Night LADY KILLA EP is as follows:
1. Lady Killa
2. Lady Killa (Whiiite Remix)

3. Armed and Dangerous Feat. MC Zulu

4. Armed and Dangerous Feat. MC Zulu (Datsik Remix)

5. Catfight Feat. Ze

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