Friday, September 23, 2011

End o' Week Musings

This week was kinda long, but overall satisfying. I'm ahead in my work and ready for a pleasant weekend.

I managed to sneak out last Friday for a couple hours to catch Gallows Humor performing a late night show at DBA 256 in Pomona. It's a cool venue with wine, beer and art. Gallows Humor plays gypsy folk with a smudgen of rock and all four of the guys are pretty talented. I'll try to let you know when they land another gig.

Saturday I went to the fashion district in downtown Los Angeles with my friend Mary. We were in search of material to make costumes and adventure and found both. We discovered a terrific store for trim and other accessory and embellishment items. Mary bought just about every grommet they had! I found some tassels, cording and applique for my next costume.

We both also found all the fabric we needed for our projects. There was a lot to choose from too- just about any color we wanted in some of the hard-to-find material that we like to use for the Renaissance Faire. You have to wear things that "breathe" because it gets so hot out there, but you also want good coverage to protect yourself from the sun. I have a big hat, but I can't wear it when I'm dancing so I'm the sunscreen queen.

I went to Carin and Tom's on Sunday. We spent the afternoon in the Flamingo Lounge in their backyard. Tom's cousin and his wife came by to join the party. We sipped martinis, smoked cigars and nibbled on all kinds of yummy stuff that Carin had set out. Good conversation too!

Yesterday was a really good day. I interviewed Ali, one of the singers from zebrahead, and we had a great chat. He's a really nice guy with a terrific sense of humor- the kind of guy you'd like to meet for a beer and know it would be a good time.

In the evening it was finally back to my Hawaiian/Polynesian dance class! I haven't been to class in ages because of my back, so it was pure joy, plus a tough workout. I was pretty tired last night, but surprisingly I wasn't sore when I got up this morning. I guess my other workouts and walking are paying off.

We're going to learn two dances this session-- one really slow Hawaiian number about the Mauna Loa mountain and one quick Tahitian number from the Paea area. I think we will be able to learn both without a problem, smoothing them out to perform might be another thing though...

I haven't firmed up my plans for the weekend, but I wanted to let you know about the free Swing Festival at Covina Park 3-9 p.m. Saturday (Sept. 24). There will be five bands, children's activities, food and more. Covina Park is bounded by Badillo, San Bernardino, Valencia and Fourth. Come out for one band or make a day of it.

In rotation this week: Orange Sky, Tom Petty, Jewel and Arjen Luccassen.

Photos we got 'em: Just some animal photos from the web that made me grin.

Thought o' the week: This too shall pass. My mantra this week has been "let it go." I've been stressing out about a lot of things I can't control, which is really a waste of time. So every time an icky thought pops into my head or I feel myself getting worried, I've been taking a deep breath and telling myself to let it go.

We already have enough stress in our lives that we don't need to add more. If you cannot control something, you shouldn't dwell on it and let it eat at you. And yes, I have to remind myself of this occasionally.

I'm also big on lists... for the things I can control. I need to go to the grocery store, do laundry and have all kinds of other errands and chores waiting for me. Last night, I grabbed a pad of paper and a pen and made a list, including what I need to do or buy at each stop and you know what? I slept really well. By putting my immediate concerns (those worries I can fix) on paper, they were out of my brain. .. Now if I could only do that for the big, crazy stuff that I can't control!

Got something bugging you that you really can't do anything about? Let it go and it too shall pass.

Keep on rockin'


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