Friday, September 30, 2011

End o' Week Musings

I am sooo relieved to have survived this week and be heading into the weekend!

Friday I went to Knott's Halloween Haunt. It was a lot of fun. I'm a little strange I guess because I was more amused by the mazes and ghouls than scared. I always enjoy looking at all the details put into the decor and costumes. I caught "The Hanging Show" too and it never fails to amaze me how terrific the stunts are- one mistake and someone could get hurt for real!

The only letdown of the evening was the mine ride because we were barely on our way when something was obviously wrong. The lights were turned on and our train slowly made its way back to the station, where we were let off. I decided against going back, as seeing everything in the light ruined the fun... oh, well...

I would highly recommended partaking in the Boo-fet if you go to the Haunt, as it gives you a break from the crowd and a place to sit while you eat. And the food- wow! There's so many yummy things it's hard to choose- Knott's famous chicken, sushi, prime rib, Mexican food, Italian dishes and more. The desserts are not only tasty, but festive. I enjoyed a red velvet cupcake with a Snoopy ring that I wore the rest of the night. If you're of age, you can also have beer, wine or a cocktail- I had my usual vodka tonic and a large glass of water.

For the best admission price, you need to go to the Haunt early in the season. You should also look around for coupons and special offers. For more information visit

Saturday was devoted to errands and shopping with my mom. And on Sunday I took my friend Byron to see "South Street" at the Pasadena Playhouse ( ). I'll be honest and tell you that the play itself is a little weak. It has obvious plot lines and unsurprising characters. Yet, if you like good theater, I can still recommend going to see the musical, as the actors are very good, the dancing is top-notch and the music and singing is great. The cast is almost too good for the production and were able to take a ho-hum script and make it sparkle. It was still a lovely evening and time well spent.

Tuesday, I interviewed Robin Givens, who will be in the Playhouse's next show, "Blues for an Alabama Sky." I was very impressed with Givens, as she is sweet, smart and funny. I could see us hanging out and chatting over a cup of coffee. The play sounds interesting too.

The highlight of my week was Wednesday when I was in a parade at the LA County Fair. My mom spent the day with me there and we checked out Mojo's Jungle, the Flower Pavilion, the Big Red Barn, Jurassic Planet and other exhibits. Then I donned one of my belly dance outfits and made my way to the parade kick-off spot.

I was put on the barn float with the Fair mascots and the community hero for the day. My job was to throw beads to the crowd as we drove along. After the parade, the mascots all gave me a hug. First was Thummer the pig, next Daisy the cow and then Peter Rabbit. Peter Rabbit was extra friendly and didn't want to let go. It was kind of nice because he was soft and furry, but kind of strange because he's really just a person in a bunny suit. Peter Rabbit is one friendly bunny!!

The LA County Fair ends Sunday, so if you're in the mood for fried everything and lots to see and do, make plans now.

Today, I was thrilled to see my story on Glen Campbell noted on the front page of my newspapers- San Gabriel Valley Tribune, Pasadena Star-News and Whittier Daily News. You can also check it out online at

Tomorrow I have a special show with Ad Hoc Consort. We will be playing music for a church's anniversary dinner. I also get to dance with my swords! It should be a nice evening.

In rotation this week: Driftwood Fire, Viva Girls and Dave Morrison.

Photos we got 'em: The usual animal photos from the web.

Thought o' the week: Flow with the change. Change is tough, especially when you have no control over anything. How you react is your choice- you can either resist and fight or go with the flow. What you need to decide is how important your stance is and how it will affect your life.

I have a few things changing in my life right now that I can't control. At first it was stressing me out and I was having trouble sleeping. Finally, I have decided to let go and not worry about things. I know some of the stuff may come back to haunt me later, but since I cannot control what's happening now, I'm not even going to think about the later part unless it happens.

Yes, worrying about what may happen is futile. Your time would be better spent doing just about anything else.

In addition to letting go, I'm also recounting the things in my life for which I'm thankful. It brings me some peace. And if you could send me some good karma, keep me in your prayers or whatever you do to ease other's woes, I would appreciate it. We all go through tough times in our lives and I'm merely facing another one of those times-- it will pass and I will survive. But first I have to flow with the change.

Keep on rockin'


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