Friday, October 28, 2011

End o' Week Musings

I hope you'll understand why there wasn't an entry last Friday.. in fact there weren't any last Friday. I wasn't even close to a computer, but then, let me tell the story my way...

I had two cool interviews the week of Oct. 17. First I spoke with songstress Judy Collins. She has released a memoir, "Suite Judy Blue Eyes," an album, "Bohemian," and three songs on a CD to accompany the children's book, "When You Wish Upon a Star." She was gracious and perky. I felt honored to talk with someone that is such a part of music history.

Collins will be visiting Mrs. Nelson's Toy & Book Shop in La Verne 6 p.m. Nov. 3. &

I also spoke with William Dennis Hunt, who will be in A Noise Within's production of "Desire Under the Elms." Wow! He was so passionate about acting and really appreciates that he can make a living from it.

The 20th was a crazy day. My brother, Jason, flew in from Texas, so I had to pick him up at the airport and rush to work. In the late afternoon I went to the Rose Bowl to meet up with KFWB, which was broadcasting from there. The radio station had devoted the day to everything Pasadena and had invited me to talk about all the entertainment the city offers.

When I arrived, the producer told me that he had done some research and discovered that I was a former Doo Dah Parade Queen. He decided that we would discuss a little about entertainment and a lot about me and Doo Dah in the segment. I was surprised, but it was fine, as it's a fun event for a good cause.

By the way, auditions for the next Doo Dah Queen will be April 1 and the parade will be April 28, both in East Pasadena. Visit or

Friday I took a day off from the office. My friend Byron treated my brother and I to a day at Disneyland. Jason had a terrific time and beat me in Astro Blasters. We went on all the rides we wanted and even had time to shop.

In the evening, we had my mother's wedding rehearsal. Yes, sorry boys, my mum is off the market, she married her beau Bob last Saturday. Jason gave her away and I was the maid of honor.

Saturday night, Jason and I went to an Oktoberfest where the German American Brass Band played. We ate German food, drank German beer and some schnapps and even did the "Chicken Dance." It was a nice night.

Sunday, it was to the airport and home for Jason. In the evening, I took Byron to see the Wicked Lit productions in Altadena. The plays were fantastic. The acting was really good, the setting was perfectly creepy and the sound and light people were spot on. The plays will continue Nov. 6, visit

This week was interview city and write my life away time. I spoke with Tony Adolescent of the Adolescents about the punk rockers turned fathers documentary, "The Other F Word," spent time at David Lovejoy's art studio- amazing work! and chatted with opera singer and Off-Vine restaurant owner Greg Fedderly (who would be a great dinner companion!).

Tomorrow I am going with my friend Linda to the Escondido Renaissance Faire. I guess I'll need to dig out a costume so I can get in the spirit. It should be fun.

Monday I will be dressing up for Halloween at work. I'm not telling now, as it would spoil the fun, but I'll share later. The rest of the week- more of the same- interview, write, interview, write, but that's what I love!

In rotation this week: Celtic Thunder, Brantley Gilbert, The Jigsaw Seen, Viva Girls, HorrorPops and Van Helsing's Curse.

Photos we got 'em: Some cute pet photos from the Web and a shot of Jason and me on the Astro Blasters ride at Disneyland.

Thought o' the week: Keep moving. My friend Gary called me this morning (we're working on a story about The Sounds coming out here on tour) and he sounded very tired. Gary said that he really needs to get back to working out because he sleeps better when he does. So do I. I also have less pain and more energy.

Working out doesn't have to be sweating in a stinky gym. It can be a crisp walk after work, yoga in the morning, dancing, swimming or anything you enjoy that gets your body moving. The key to sticking with it is selecting an activity you like... or at least tolerate.

I keep my shoes and workout clothes where I see them every night when I get home. That way I change into them from my office clothes and I'm out the door for my walk. If you keep with things for a couple of weeks, it becomes a habit and you'll actually miss not doing your activity if you can't for some reason.

I know the weather's changing, but there's still lots of things you can do inside. I do yoga, weights and few other things, for example. So turn off the TV, get off the couch and get moving. Your body will thank you.

Keep on rockin'


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