Thursday, June 6, 2013

Reptile Rally at Petco June 15

Pet dragons aren’t just for the movies. Fantasy fans can add a mythical creature to the family with the bearded dragon. Thankfully, this dragon does not breathe fire but it does change color and bear spikes. To learn more about the bearded dragon and a variety of other incredible reptiles, Petco™ invites families to attend their fourth annual Reptile Rally taking place Saturday, June 15 from noon - 4 p.m.

Family-friendly Reptile Rally activities include a Meet and Greet where guests will be able to interact with not only the bearded dragon but various reptiles such as the Russian tortoise and ball python. Current pet parents who want to show off the beautiful colors reptiles are known for can do so during the Raddest Reptile Contest. For those unsure of which reptile is right for their family, Petco staff will host fun reptile matchmaking games that will help kids become acquainted with a new forever friend that is just right for them. Although classic “Dating Game” TV host, Jim Lange, won’t be present, Petco staff will help guests find their perfect match while showing attendees how to care for the reptiles’ complete health, including their physical, mental, social and emotional health. Fun facts that attendees will learn during Reptile Rally include:

•    Tortoises are one of the oldest creatures on Earth and they have very long lifespans. Russian tortoises can live up to 50 years with proper care!
•    A cuddly snake? Ball pythons, once comfortable with their pet parents, are known to gently curl themselves up around their pet parent’s arm when happy. They are extremely gentle, docile and graceful animals.
•    Bearded dragons get their name from its scaly throat, or “beard,” that it will puff out if feeling threatened. 
•    Bearded dragons are relatively new to America. They were first introduced to the country from Australia in 1990.

Reptile appearances and in-store selection may vary by location. For more information on the Reptile Rally event, please visit

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