Monday, August 12, 2013

LUSH event in Santa Monica Aug. 17


              August 17, 2013

Local LA nonprofit organization HoneyLove and LUSH Cosmetics (retailer with 11 stores in the LA-area) honor nature’s hardest little worker and share in a love of bees by celebrating National Honeybee Day!

All LUSH stores nationwide will be hosting fun and educational Honeybee Day Parties, perfect for the whole family! Staff will be dressed up in bee costumes or other buzz-worthy attire and the public is encouraged to follow suit. The following activities will be taking place in-store:
·         Displays of LUSH products that contain honey (great for fall!) and HoneyLove Charity Pot Hand and Body lotions for sale
·         Bee-autiful coloring books for kids
·         Honeybee temporary tattoos
·         Waggle dance parties! Learn the dance here and buzz over to LUSH to bust your sweet moves or do so in the comfort of your own home.
·         Santa Monica residents: the waggle dance will be performed live at 2PM at the LUSH store on the Third St. Promenade.

Can’t stop by the store? You can still participate and lend support online all with a chance to win a year-long membership to HoneyLove and a selection of honey-based products from LUSH. On Twitter or Instagram, users can snap a picture of the impact of bees in their lives (Honey? Bee costume? Pollinated flowers? Yes, please!) and tag it with @iheartbees (Twitter) and @honeyloveorg (Instagram) and @lushcosmetics, along with the hashtag #yaybees. 

Your local LUSH shop, click here to find the shop closet to you:

Saturday, August 17th from 10AM – 4PM

Since 2006, up to 50 percent of honeybee colonies have collapsed nationwide largely as a result of industrial beekeeping and so the future of honeybees lies within the urban environment; cities provide a safer habitat than farms and rural areas traditionally associated with beekeeping. This is not only a “bee” issue – at the core it’s a human issue, as collapsing colonies is one of the broadest environmental and food security challenges of our time. LUSH teamed up with HoneyLove, whose mission is to protect the honeybees and inspire and educate new urban beekeepers, to support their work and spread awareness for this cause.

LUSH uses honey in many products for its moisturizing and antiseptic properties. In fact, without bees many of our best-selling products wouldn’t exist! The hope is that National Honeybee Day celebrates the bees and recognizes their contribution to our everyday lives, while also paying homage to beekeepers, who ensure we have bees to pollinate our crops. 

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