Monday, August 12, 2013

Naama Kates in Eagle Rock Aug. 24

Naama Kates

It's a brand new day, ahhhh....

I like that song.  One of my favorite Beatles.  Makes me want to write a song for my cat. 

Then I realize:

All my songs are, in part, for my cat.

Lots of exciting news on the Western front, but as of right now, I cannot divulge, I can merely invite you to watch us effin' PLAY!!!!

At the Eagle Rock Live Arts LA Center.  With some amazing artists.  In good company.  Oh and grab your LA Weekly this week or next... ::devilish grin:: onSaturday, August 24th, to find out more go to (or just hit up the link :-D)

Love you always-


Sat Aug 24 13Los Angeles, CALive Arts Los Angeles (LALA)Tickets


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