Friday, August 9, 2013

Marina V music video wins ETOM award

Hi guys! I'm very excited to share with you that my "Hello" music video just won the big EOTM (Enterpreneurs On The Move) Award!!!!!

Nick and I went to the Awards on Sunday in Hollywood (see photo below) and even did the whole red carpet thing:) I felt like one of the cool kids for a moment there:)

 If you haven't seen the music video: 
We filmed "Hello" in Moscow in January at the beautiful Novodevichiy Monastery, next door to where I grew up. And although I was running a fever and the outside temperatures were way below freezing, Katya (the awesome director/editor), my brother (crew) and I had an awesome time shooting the video!!
CONGRATULATIONS to all of us on this win - all of you who sponsored the new album INNER SUPERHERO thus allowing this song to be recorded (and thanks to Ryan Franks for producing it!!).

If you haven't gotten INNER SUPERHERO yet, here is the link:
"Hello" is the first song, it's about going through darkness yet hoping to see the light in the end of the tunnel.
And I know I say that a lot, but THANK YOU so much for supporting my music!
Every time you buy an album or a download, you help an artist make a living.

Big hug and lots of love to every one of you reading this far,
Silly note: the purse I'm holding in the photo below was one of the very first things I bought in the US when I came here at 15.
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