Monday, June 23, 2008

Daniel Moore to release new effort in July

Daniel Moore is a genuine rock’n’roll survivor. The Oregonian songwriter has played with and written for greats such as Joe Cocker and Jimmy Rogers, and has had no one less than the Everly Brothers record one of his songs, ‘Deliver Me’, in 1967.

Now, Moore has his own record label, DJM Records, and in July 2008 he releases his new album, ‘Limited Parking’.

This collection of spiritual, adult-oriented modern folk songs will show the world that there is more to this 66-year-old son of a preacher man than just song-smithery. He is a talented and engaging performer in his own right.

So, why has this chronicler of Americana only produced five albums before in a career spanning nearly five decades? The answer is surely that his talent as a songwriter has kept him working for others. It is a selfless pursuit and one that his given the musical world many of its most endearing moments.

His best known work includes Three Dog Night’s ‘Shambala’ and Brooks & Dunn’s classic ‘My Maria’. He also worked on Joe Cocker’s ‘Mad Dogs & Englishmen’ tour as a vocal conductor and has had over 75 songs recorded by major artists. That is not a bad batting average, especially for the boy born in Walla Walla.

The songwriting process is a straightforward one for Moore.

“First comes the piano or guitar part, then the melody, then the lyrics and finally the title,” he says. “For me, it’s fail safe to go at it that way.”

But he knows that not every song is a winner.

“The burden is on the music,” he continues. “In the long run, if a song really knocks people out they go for it; if it doesn’t, they don’t. “I think it’s pretty fair that way. When I show songs to artists and if it doesn’t do anything for them, it’s the music’s fault.”

Such rare honesty in this industry has seen Moore flourish and survive all these years. And now he finally has the opportunity to play and release his songs himself. Take a listen to ‘Limited Parking’ and you’ll know the wait was worth it.

‘Limited Parking’ is available on DJM Records from July 15 2008.

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