Friday, June 27, 2008

Upcoming releases from Epitaph and Hellcat

July 8 – Bad Religion – New Maps Of Hell Deluxe Edition (Epitaph) –
· Bad Religion’s 2007 critically heralded album, New Maps of Hell, has been given the “Deluxe” treatment for a limited release (15,000 copies in North America). The new edition will include the album + 7 song acoustic EP and a DVD that will include a making of documentary, live concert from Las Vegas as well as the “New Dark Ages” and “Honest Goodbye” music videos.

July 8 – Street Dogs – State of Grace (Hellcat) –
· Boston based Street Dogs are back with their fourth studio album, State of Grace, which is their most accessible and hardest hitting record to date. Led by former Dropkick Murphys singer/Gulf War vet/Boston fire fighter Mike McColgan, Street Dogs are currently playing the main stage of Warped Tour.

Sept 9 – The Sound of Animals Fighting – The Ocean And The Sun (Epitaph) –
· The Sound of Animals Fighting return with their visionary, highly conceptual third collaboration: The Ocean and the Sun. A tinkering, rewiring and experimentation with modern and traditional music forms, the endlessly inventive album tacks toward a ghostly, natural energy in both its organic production (this is the third piecemeal assembly from the Lynx, the Skunk, the Walrus, and the Nightingale) and its subject: the raw vastness of nature, the Sun, the ocean, and how we fail to recognize its power and mystery. Both a mash-up of decades of musical influences and a visceral, fine-tuned mosaic, The Ocean and the Sun further galvanizes the band's role in the creation and rethinking of what music will and should be.

Sept 9 – Civet – Hell Hath No Fury (Hellcat) –
· The hottest all-girl rock n' roll band (both literally and figuratively) to erupt from the Los Angeles rock scene since Joan Jett and Lita Ford formed The Runaways. Civet brings the power but they also bring the fun, combining the bold confidence of a band like Bikini Kill with the dirty-sexy appeal of trailblazing rock n' rollers like The Rolling Stones and the rollicking bounce of The Clash. The femme fatales upcoming release is already gaining buzz through word of mouth by critics and fans alike.

Sept 9 – Static Thought – The Motive For Movement (Hellcat) –
· East Bay’s rabid punks, Static Thought, have crafted a rocking followup to 2007’s In The Trenches and have their eyes set on bringing back the integrity, originality and voice of the hopeless and angry to punk rock.

Sept 23 – Sing It Loud – Come Around (Epitaph) –
· The electrifying quintet has made a name for themselves in the classic D.I.Y way: touring non-stop across the country, bringing their ridiculously energetic live shows to big cities and small towns like, selling their self-titled EP at shows and on-line, and with the release of Come Around, all that hard work is finally paying off. Produced by Motion City Soundtrack guitarist Josh Cain and mixed by Mark Trombino (Jimmy Eat World, Blink 182), Come Around combines bright catchy melodies, buzzing synths and rocking riffs for one of the year’s most vibrant power-pop albums.

Sept 23 – I Set My Friends On Fire – You Can’t Spell Slaughter Without Laughter (Epitaph) –
· Combining elements of grindcore, pop, hardcore and electronica, the precocious duo, I Set My Friends On Fire, have crafted twelve hard hitting and truly ironic tracks that showcase their unique style of music and hilarious sense of humor. You Can’t Spell Slaughter Without Laughter ambushes listeners from the get-go with the tumultuous track “Beauty Is In The Eyes Of The Beerholder,” which pairs metal riffs and hardcore breakdowns with melodic sing along choruses. A virtual workout, physically and aurally, the album continues its relentless electro-grindfest with tracks like “Ravenous, Ravenous Rhino,” “WTFWJD” and “ASL,” which will have everyone spastically convulsing towards the dance floor.

Oct TBA – I Am Ghost – TBA (Epitaph) –
· The dark rockers return with their sophomore album.

Oct TBA – Escape The Fate – TBA (Epitaph) –
· With new singer, Craig Mabbit (BlessTheFall) on board, there is absolutley no stopping this band from conquering the rock world this fall.

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