Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Afro Funke Thursdays at Zanzibar

Afro Funke' Thursdays
Zanzibar 1301 5th Street @ Arizona
Santa Monica, CA 90401
310.451.2221 / 21+ / 9pm - 2am / $10

THIS WEEK! October 2, 2008

guest deejay:
RHETTMATIC (Beat Junkies)
A major force behind the creation of Southern California's first turntable band, the Beat Junkies, is a multi-faceted musician known to the world as DJ Rhettmatic. Born Nazareth Nirza,his artistic contributions to the music industry have placed him, along with his fellow members of the Beat Junkie crew, at the top of the DJ universe. Possessing unstoppable visions of excelling in this art form, Rhettmatic unites music enthusiasts around the world by sharing his unparalleled skills and talent. His personal discography of musical achievements presents a host of successful accomplishments, and by applying his creativity and dedication, his record of ingenious masterworks will continue to grow.

Rhettmatic began his DJ career in 1983, with Double Platinum, a DJ group based out of Cerritos, CA. As one of the original members of the Beat Junkie crew, he played a major role in introducing Southern California's first turntable band to global audiences. Rhettmatic's unique style encompasses the many elements of a multifaceted Hip Hop DJ. As an accomplished scratch musician, as well as an explosive party/club DJ, Rhettmatic demonstrates his versatility by using the turntable as his musical instrument. His talent and musical expertise also extends into the realm of producing beats that helped him earn recognition and rewards well deserved. www.myspace.com/rhettmatic


JBB will be in the house! Plus lots of giveaways! AMPLIFY, the sixth studio album from progressive reggae band John Brown’s Body, is an explosive release, featuring 12 tracks of drum & bass-heavy, dub-inflected electro-grooves that exemplify JBB’s sound. AMPLIFY has a forward-thinking, fearless approach to tempos, beats and feel that expands the genre of reggae as a whole. JBB went through tumultuous times following the release of their last album on Easy Star, including the death of bassist Scott Palmerand an overhaul of the band’s line up. Emerging out of these changes, the new unit is an astonishingly focused and more experimental outfit ready to rock their fans like never before.

October 9, 2008

guest deejay: DJ PHOREYZ (The Get Back, Las Vegas)

9-10pm + giveaways!

For more information please contact:
Cary Sullivan

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