Tuesday, September 23, 2008

John Ridley launches thatminoritything.com

Novelist, screenwriter, and socio-political commentator John Ridley has announced the official launch of thatminoritything.com, a free website he founded to provide news and opinions in support of the minority community.

As a blog and news aggregator, That Minority Thing showcases ideas and stories that are often overlooked or buried by mainstream media. Underrepresented voices from across the spectrum - including ethnic, racial, religious, disabled, gender, and sexual minorities - are the focus of the conversation at That Minority Thing.

That Minority Thing features both original content and stories culled from news sources across the globe that are of special interest to minorities. The original content includes blogs by featured writers as well as “The Week in Color,” a wrap-up of the week’s minority news.

Known for his captivating and often challenging storytelling, John Ridley has increasingly taken on the role of socio-political observer, as evidenced by his frequent appearances on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” and CNN’s “Election Center” with Campbell Brown. His commentaries on National Public Radio, essays and articles for Esquire and Time, as well as weekly columns at The Huffington Post and NPR.org have drawn admiration and ire from all sides of the political spectrum.

As Editor-in-Chief, Ridley oversees the daily content of That Minority Thing, ensuring that the full range of the minority community is represented fairly and that a wide variety of opinions are given coverage.


Anonymous said...

Great idea John. Much love and best wishes. What might I need to do to publicize my 100% minority owned logistic company on this site ?

Mickie said...


I suggest that you visit John's site and go from there.

Good luck to you both,

Samuel Patterson said...

I am extatic over this new site i think that theres really noy enough of your drive and awareness in the mainstream media.If you had a radio show i wuld ask you for a political show for a job in the struggle.