Friday, September 26, 2008

Monrovia church to offer extreme home makeover

Getting a fresh start and having new beginnings for families in need are certainly welcomed during economically strapped times. New Beginnings Family Church in Monrovia is seeking to give three families an extreme home makeover. Families wishing to apply must live in Monrovia, Irwindale or Duarte, have a home improvement need, and own their home.

New Beginnings Family Church is looking to make a difference for families whose stories are compelling and demonstrate a need. The deadline to submit the application is Friday, October 3.

As part of the church’s Season of Giving for the upcoming holidays, this program demonstrates the love people have towards one another, the willingness to give to others, and the courage to step up and make a difference in the lives of families in need.

“In our mission, we strive to meet people in their comfort zone, with messages that deal with their everyday challenges, hopes and heartbreaks, and in ways they can relate—through movies, books, music and drama,” said Pastor Rob Spina of New Beginnings Family Church. “Our Season of Giving literally opens the door to God’s will. We want to make a difference in the lives of families struggling to get by. Comforting them in their own home by giving them a home remodel is an exciting way to get a fresh start and have a new beginning, a new beginning of hope, faith, and love.”

Businesses willing to be part of the Season of Giving can call the church too and open their doors. Contributing lumber, appliances, home d├ęcor, among other things are items welcomed by the church as well as the families who will benefit.

To download the Season of Giving application or to learn more about the Monrovia church, visit or call New Beginnings Family Church at 626-480-1390.

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