Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Jita's new single making waves

If music has one true purpose, it is surely to inspire people to be the best that they can be. That is what Jita’s life-affirming songs do.

While many may only use their talent to make money and achieve fame, Jita has always used it to help people, and to inspire them to be better. At the age of three, her parents first took notice of their daughter’s gift. Since then she has always desired to use music as a force for good. “Ever since I can remember, I have always had the feeling that I was supposed to be singing for God,” says the 26-year-old.

Jita is a young woman with a remarkable voice, a tremendous talent and a soul stirring passion. Her passion is evident in her music and inherent in her love for God

So what about the music? Jita follows in the footsteps of the greats of soul, gospel, jazz and Motown. From the sounds of the likes of Aretha Franklin which filled her childhood home to the more modern greats like Whitney Houston, Jita has learnt from the very best. The influences combine into the smooth, sweet sound that has become Jita.

Her new single, drawn from her debut album Sweet Lyric, is called ‘Give Me God’ and it showcases all the qualities that make Jita unique: her beautifully clear and resonant voice, her lyrical mastery and her servitude to God.

The single has already propelled Jita on to the musical scene. ‘Give Me God’ is getting more and more radio play through the services of CRW, debuting on Christian Radio Weekly Global Inspo at a more than respectable number 77. But after a week’s airplay, the single shot up over 50 places to #26, proving its popular appeal beyond any doubt.

With interest building amongst the movers and shakers of the music industry. The album has aroused the attention of the Tate Music Group, and is now distributed through them.

Jita truly is singing for God, and in return God is singing through her. The Spanish version of the single is as inspiring as the original, thus enabling the message to reach yet more eager ears.
While having a management company, record label and publishing company all to her name, along with the passion and drive to put her positive stamp on the music industry, anyone can see that this is surely only the beginning of the Jita story.

About Jita
To learn more about Jita and her music, feel free to visit her at http://www.jitamusic.com

About BeatSquad
Founded in 2000, BeatSquad, Inc. has grown conceptually into one of Florida's innovative music companies, with a strong focus on expanding the urban sound within the Christian and Gospel formats, establishing an overall appreciation for inspirational music with a purpose. As is a privately held gospel label and music production company, Beat Squad produces, publishes and distributes music through online and terrestrial outlets.


Anonymous said...

I've gotta check her out. I have been hearing alot about her online. Great article..

Mickie said...

Thank you. I didn't write the article, just sharing something that came across my desk. But I encourage everyone to check out Jita.

Keep on rockin'