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Support local music with Sin City Social Club

From Sin City Social Club:

Greetings from Austin,

I started putting together a gratitude list to share with you all for Thanksgiving but to be honest, I'm a lucky girl and that list is way too long. I wanted you to know though, that you're all on that list and I thank you all for being a part of our community! I wish you joy, health & happiness and hope that you're bellies get fed with delicious food and your hearts are nourished by the love of family and friends - and then you go out and feed your soul with the music that you love!
On with the show!
* * * * *

We've found our home in Austin!

Sin City Social Club officially gathers in Austin the last Saturday of every month at The Scoot Inn (East Austin) - mark your calendars and tell your friends! We're working on our bookings now but in the coming months we're working on performances from: Jesse Dayton, Heybale!, Dave Insley, Shurman, Shiny Ribs, Shawn Nelson, Austin Collins, Mother Truckers and many more! If you're interested in playing one of our shindigs - give me a shout!

To kick things off...
Saturday, November 29th
Sin City Social Club
The Scoot Inn
1308 E. 4th Street
9pm doors
** only $5 **

We'll give you one day to digest your meal and then we'll meet you for adult beverages and an evening of
... come shake yer possum and hang out with yer buddies

Featuring :
The incomparable Pehr Smith on the national ...
He's been playing with his inner goth lately - consider yourselves warned!
10 pm
Charlie Terrell
My all time favorite Southern gothic songwriter/playwright makes his Austin debut with The Sin City Social Club
Madelyn Cascio
* * * * *

Mike Ness know how to book a damn tour!
West Coast shows in December have some "Sin City All Stars" in tow...
Ok - so not only do our boys Chris Lawrence and Dave Raven play in his band but...
Check out some of the artists Mike has comin' to open the shows!
It looks like one of our Social Club samplers ;)

12/2 - Dead Rock West - Bakersfield @ Buck Owens Crystal Palace
12/5 - Jesse Dayton - LA @ The El Rey Theater
12/10 - James Intveld - San Juan Capistrano - The Coach House
12/12 - Ryan Bingham - LA @ The El Rey Theater
12/13 - Mike Stinson - LA @ The El Rey Theater
12/14 & 12/16 - The Mother Truckers - San Juan Capistrano - Coach House /Solana Beach - Belly Up
12/17 & 12/19 - Lonesome Spurs - Solana Beach - Belly UP/San Juan Capistrano - Coach House
12/20 - Dave Gleason Band - San Juan Capistrano - Coach House

AND more...Many shows are SOLD OUT but check out Mike Ness' website for details
* * * * *

An American, a Canadian, and an Alaskan walk out of a bar...
It's no secret...

I'm a big fan of Tim Easton's, and have been shouting from the tops of mountains about his talent for years now. Earlier this year, Tim turned me onto The Whipsaws as they were touring together and he "knew" this was a band that was right up my alley. They played our SXSW party in March and I was mesmerized. It came as no surprise that these troubadours would collaborate and come up with something this warm and beautiful.

Those of you lucky enough to live on the West Coast will have an opportunity to catch them live in January. The rest of you will have to wait.

For now, I wanted to share their story - you can go check them out on their myspace page.


Part time troubadours will come and go. For Tim Easton (JOSHUA TREE, CALIFORNIA), Leeroy Stagger (VICTORIA, CANADA) and Evan Phillips (ANCHORAGE, ALASKA), traveling the world and singing songs isn't just a diversion. It's a way of life. It is how they survive in this world, and it is what caused them to cross each others paths.

The three singer/songwriters first came together at Easton's Joshua Tree desert home in 2007. They had mutual respect for each others work but the thought of forming a band was the last thing on their minds. Fast forward to January 2008 where Easton and Stagger are the support acts for Phillips' band The Whipsaws on their Alaskan CD release tour and the three start to collaborate. With the assistance of Anchorage resident and recording engineer Greg Benolkin, the three musicians found themselves laying down tracks during a winter storm in a cabin in Girdwood, Alaska. The snow was falling and the tape was rolling and what came out of that three day session was a lifelong friendship plus a beautiful record of songs the three had been stockpiling.

The majority of ONE FOR THE DITCH was recorded at that session, and on the third evening, their first performance as Easton, Stagger, Phillips took place at Vagabond Blues in Palmer, Alaska. The trio later reconvened in the lower 48 in March 2008 for a cross country drive from Austin to Joshua Tree in order to add the finishing touches on the primarily acoustic recordings. Hunkering down at Easton's home cabin studio as well as Victoria Williams' Chapparal Bottoms studio, ESP recruited Bobby Furgo (Leonard Cohen band)on violin, and took turns overdubbing organ bass pedals on some of the songs, using a vintage Gulbransen Pacemaker organ that Easton had scored for $50 at a local thrift store, to finish what was to be ESP's debut album "One For The Ditch."

ONE FOR THE DITCH is being released by REBELTONE RECORDS, and this introduction to the band showcases the kind of song writing tradition that brought the three together in the first place. From the classic, Townes Van Zandt inspired storytelling of Leeroy Stagger in the opening track "Hell of A Life," which chronicles the life and times of the wayward troubadour, to the mountain stream vocals of Evan Phillips in northern life inspired songs such as "Highway 395" or "Walk Away," to the optimistic sing along "Festival Song," which has all three members of the band taking turns at verses written by Tim Easton, with the three voices blending as one generation for the chorus shout out "It feels like the world is gonna be alright."

This acoustic debut album is the begining of a life long collaborative effort and dedication to making music and traveling the world together as Easton, Stagger, Phillips.

"These three troubadours have been playing and writing songs on their own and with others long enough to know what counts. They write what they know, record how they see fit on the hardware at hand, and play the chords that they like best. Upon first listen to their joint effort, One For the Ditch, it's easy to tell that this album isn't about attaining the widest possible audience, it's about winning hearts." - ESTER REPUBLIC


* * * * *

Callin' all friends...there's a really cool auction running and you should know about it!

From Jed Hilly at The AMA

Dear Friends,

I start this note to say thank you for all your efforts to support the
Americana Music Association. As you know, we are a non profit organization
dedicated to advocate for Americana music and to promote the public
awareness of the genre. We rely heavily on the generous support of
volunteers and the kind and varied contributions so many.

Starting today, Thursday November 20th, we have launched an Americana
Auction site that we plan to offer opportunities and memorabilia donated by
friends... items like an autographed hatch print from Levon Helm's Ramble at
the Ryman and a pair of tickets to experience Levon's Ramble at his home in
Woodstock, NY; an Hatch Print signed by Alison Krauss and Robert Plant; a
seven day 'Americana Cruise" presented by Cayamo and featuring artist
performances by Lyle Lovett, Patty Griffin, Buddy Miller and so many other
amazing artists. This auction will be continuous and we will be adding new
items every two to four weeks.

Please visit the Auction page at

Thank you to our friends who have donated some really cool items (Tim Easton will have one of his guitar paintings up there soon along with some other items generously donated by some of our Sin City folk)

It's a great place to shop for that special someone!

Shilah Morrow
Sin City Social Club
LA * Austin * Nashville
7800 Indian Ridge Dr.
Austin, TX 78737

For more info. on events & projects please visit:

The Sin City Social Club is a renegade collective of musicians, fans, artists and industry executives brought together by shared appreciation of the art and culture that blur the lines between classic, outlaw & alt. country, punk rock, americana and indie singer songwriters. We turn fans around the globe onto the music and art we love thru our Sin City Social Club cd Samplers, live events, In flight audio programming and thru our home away from home on the internet.

** Wherever you are, Sin City is a state of mind! **

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