Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Circe Kid to release new album

Circe Link announces the release of her 6th album titled California Kid. The album is being released through Blackwings Multimedia label and will available for sales through CD Baby, iTunes and Amazon.com on September 14th 2010.

Genre hopping and prolific songstress Circe Link marshaled her Discount Candy Family Band into to Stagg Street Studios to record California Kid, a collection of songs that are at once charming and familiarly quirky. This album was influenced in part by the tones and style of Sheryl Crow, Derek Trucks, Margo Guryan, Tom Petty and The Band, drawing from a distinctly earthy approach and leans toward the guitar-driven melodies of Christian Nesmith and Bart Ryan. Throw Circe’s vocal into the mix with some lovely harmonies and see why California Kid will captivate fans ranging from country, pop and rock audiences.

With 6 studio records to date and over 70 songs in her catalog, Circe Link has proven her strengths and success as one of L.A.’s most loved independent artists.

“…Circe Link has an incredible voice, and a sound that has perfected what Norah Jones started. She has a definite future in several markets, including AAA, Easy Listening and Americana. You should definitely give a listen to this artist. Regardless of personal musical preference, she has something for everyone.” – Bob Leggett

California Kid was produced, engineered, and mixed by Christian Nesmith at Stagg Street Studio. Mastered by Brant Biles at Mi Casa Multimedia, Los Angeles CA. Singer / songwriter Circe Link is joined by The Discount Candy Family Band, guitarist/ songwriter Christian Nesmith, drummer Christopher Allis, bassist Jason Chesney, backing vocalists Laura Drew and Debra Tala, guitarist Bart Ryan, and keyboardist Michael Sherwood.

The eleven tracks on California Kid are 1. “Salvation”, 2. “Random Acts of Kindness”, 3. “Getting High (On Your Own Supply”, 4. “Home Isn’t Home Without You”, 5. “Taking It Light”, 6. “California Kid”, 7. “What Goes Around”, 8. “Little Hobo”, 9. “Shangriladeeda Farm”, 10. “Tiger Swami”, 11. “Traffic Jam””.

For additional information on Circe Link and The Discount Candy Family Band please visit: http://www.circelink.com

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