Monday, August 23, 2010

Dale Rage Resteghini tapped for metal band documentary

World renowned music video director DALE RAGE RESTEGHINI who has worked with everyone from P DIDDY to MUDVAYNE is on the fast track for his major Hollywood feature film and who recently spent 6 weeks in South America with AXL ROSE and GUNS & ROSES shooting footage for a highly anticipated Documentary will be shooting upcoming videos for Rock heavyweights SEVENDUST, CHILDREN OF BODOM, HATEBREED and others.

RESTEGHINI also manages the band STRAIGHT LINE STITCH and recently brought on ROCK and METAL management heavyweights GOODFIGHT ENTERTAINMENT to help manage them to the top. SLS managed to sell 20,000 units on their debut with no promotion.

At present SLS is in the studio with super producer JOHNNY K of DISTURBED, FINGER ELEVEN, STAINED fame for a couple of songs and a full album mix. The band recently left producer BEN SCHIGEL (CHIMAIRA) and are expected to release their follow up album titled ‘THE GOOD FIGHT’ in the first quarter of 2011.

DALE RESTEGHINI AKA RAGE was born in Boston, MA and raised by blue collar parents from whom RAGE attributes his workaholic attitude to. RAGE is a man of many skills, as he is a sought after director, runs his own management company called RAGING NATION MANAGEMENT with his wife and partner Kim, as well as runs his own production company. RAGE also has his own record label imprint called RAGING NATION RECORDS which is also run with his wife and partner Kim.

After helping bands like TRIVIUM and others get their respective careers going simply by being passionate about music and using his existing network RAGE finally was asked by VP at E1 (formerly KOCH) John Franck and VP of Metal Scott Givens if he had knew of any hot bands that deserved a shot at being stars and he had recently accidentally found out about STRAIGHT LINE STITCH, the kick ass female fronted band from Knoxville who have up until then just spent the last several years being road warriors touring with anyone and everyone they could to the tune of some 250 shows per year. The label flew down to Richmond, VA where SLS opened for FLAW and blew them and the audience away…they signed a deal the next day and then were on their way. STRAIGHT LINE STITCH (the best selling new metal band of 2009, shifting over 16,000 copies) are currently in the studio with producer Ben Schigel working on their new album entitled “The Good Fight”.

Since 2003 RAGE has directed over 550 music videos and is the only director in the history of music videos to have directed over 100 Rock videos and over 100 Hip Hop videos. He has worked with metal bands such as Mudvayne, Hatebreed, Anthrax, and Shadows Fall just to name a few. RAGE has also directed videos for some of the biggest names in the Hip Hop world including Lil Wayne, Diddy, Snoop Dog, and Ice Cube. In addition to the metal and hip hop videos, RAGE has also worked with international superstars Sizzla, Mister Hudson, Alexandra Burke for Simon Cowel of American Idol, and NDUBZ. Obviously these names just scratch the surface of all of the artists that RAGE has worked with so far during his illustrious career. For a look at some recent videos go to

RAGE'S ability to do what he does stems from his youthful competitive nature and where he grew up. He does this with a chip on his shoulder with always something to prove. He says "I was not supposed to be here. I should have been dead at least 10 different times in my life. I was arrested and in trouble a lot as a kid and not just the ‘regular’ little stuff and spent some real time locked up. For me to be here at this point in my life at the level of success I work in and being married to an amazing wife as well as being blessed to live where we live is an absolute dream. I did not go film school, I fight the politics of the business every day as well as break a lot of the rules and I do things my way which is always coming from a place of wanting to do the very best job for my clients and it's that approach that has brought me all of my success.

RAGE again has another banner year on deck… The feature film and TV representatives at ICM and IMPRINT ENTERTAINMENT (the people behind the ‘Twilight’ film franchise) signed him over other directors because they feel he is the next big music video director turned feature film director in Los Angeles. 2010 is truly shaping up to be one of the best years yet for RAGE and his wife Kim who are celebrating their 5th consecutive year of doing 3M or more in annual revenue. Asked when he will retire from music videos, RAGE said that when he’s officially on set for his first Studio feature film…he will announce his retirement and then only make occasional videos where the main title track is featuring his band STRAIGHT LINE STITCH!!!

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