Friday, June 24, 2011

Freaky Pets release first single

Freaky Pets just released the first single called 'I Feel Good' featuring
the Black Eyed Puffs, from the album 'New Pets on The Block' which is
filled with 5 kid friendly tunes! 'I Feel Good' is a fun, pop dance
tune which celebrates feeling good, feeling positive, and knowing that
even when things get a little rough, they will get better! The first
5,000 people get a free download by visiting The
full album filled with fun music for kids will be released on July 12th
and will be sold on iTunes and

Freaky Pets are the first-of-its-kind line of transformable plush
creatures that come to life in an online virtual world. The cute
creatures turn into creepy critters just by turning the animals inside
out, two toys in one!

Kids will love to collect and play Freaky Pets with friends! Freak Pets
can be purchased at select Hallmark stores and after purchasing you
receive a code which allows you access into the fun online virtual 3-D
world where your stuffed animals come to life! Kids can let their
imagination run wild while caring and training their Freaky Pet. After
their pet learns enough tricks, kids can put them into a competition
with other users. They can also play mini-games winning coins which can
be used to personalize their pet.

The plush pets and 3-D game combine the timeless fun of collecting
stuffed animals with age-appropriate content online.

For a free download please go to,

Freaky Pets are also offering a monthly giveaway of a pet on their Facebook

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