Friday, June 24, 2011

Lush cleans up with 4th of July fun

Here at LUSH, Independence Day calls for a Red, White and Blue bath. Chances are your festivities may also include watching fireworks, grilling outside, having a picnic or some other activity that involves the great outdoors. Being the eco-friendly company we are, we want to help everyone enjoy nature as much as we do which is why we’ve got just what you need to create your own July 4th survival kit. Everything below fits neatly in our reusable Knot Wrap, which can double as a wrap for other summer goodies or worn as a festive hair scarf!

Despite our love for all critters, with the great outdoors inevitably comes those unwanted bug bites. Grease Lightning ($10.95) to the rescue! First intended as a spot treatment, it soon became clear that the aloe, thyme, tea tree and rosemary antibacterial infusion found Grease Lightning soothes those pesky bug bites as well. Face getting hot? Spritz on some Breath of Fresh Air ($8.95/3.3 oz, $18.95/8.4oz) and let fresh sea salt water revitalize your complexion while Irish moss seaweed replenishes moisture. And if you are feeling sweaty all over, try our new Dirty Body Spray ($19.95) to freshen up.

Sandalwood helps to combat unwanted odors while the tarragon, lavender and subtle spearmint blend mask even the smelliest of situations. Last but not least, wrap it all up in one of our Knot Wraps ($6.95) like the Stars and Stripes or new Beach ball pattern!

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