Monday, April 30, 2012

Adrian Fischer releases album

As wide-eyed children, we learn that skipping a rock off of a pond creates a ripple effect. The further a rock skips, the greater the reach of the waves. As adults, we forget that we are the rocks, and the extent of the waves we create. Adrian Fischer’s full length LP “Always Dreaming” challenges you to think about the rest of the pond.

This message drives the album into a variety of musical genres, simultaneously stopping at all of them and none of them along it’s journey. It oozes this bright outlook through poly-rhythmic bass walks and drum lines, pouring out energetic guitar riffs and atmospheric key arrangements. The project explores a variety of energies, with gutsy percussion and catchy melodies that seep into open, spacey vibes.

Fischer’s musical foundation is built upon his personal view, cemented by his constant trade of pain for positivity. He also solidifies it by drawing on his Venezuelan heritage, a commonthread that lead to his collaboration with Grammy nominee Jose Luis Pardo (Los Amigos Invisibles).

“Rather than bare the troubled soul of ‘the blues,’ I wanted my music focus on the wisdom and joy that we gain from life” said Adrian Fischer, the act’s creator. “It’s easy to lose sight of the impact that even the smallest positive action can make.”

His single, “Orange Crossing,” channels a heavy influence from Jamiroquai, modernly echoing the funk legend’s dancing guitars and pulsing percussion. Lyrically, the track follows the feel-good flow of artists like Bob Marley and Michael Franti. The song will make you move, the lyrics will make you smile, and you’ll stop and consider just how far that smile can go.

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